Exploring Cloud Strife’s Saga in Final Fantasy 7

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Cloud Strife is a key hero in the Final Fantasy VII series. He stars in games like Final Fantasy VII, its Remake, and more. Now a mercenary, he was once part of SOLDIER, a top warrior group. He’s famous for using a big sword, the Buster Sword.

Cloud is famous for his skill in battle and his powerful attacks. His story in Final Fantasy 7 is all about redemption and finding himself. He started in a small town named Nibelheim but now fights villains like Sephiroth. Cloud’s story is loved by fans for its deep themes and engaging plot.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cloud Strife is a central figure in Final Fantasy VII.
  • He fights with big swords, like the iconic Buster Sword.
  • Cloud appears in many games and is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai and Steve Burton.
  • His tale is about redemption, finding who he is, and growing as a person.
  • Final Fantasy 7, released in 1997, is where Cloud began his journey, becoming a genre classic.


Cloud Strife’s story in the Final Fantasy VII series is a rollercoaster. It has grabbed the attention of players worldwide for years. We’ll dive into Cloud Strife’s past and his evolution, shining a light on his journey.

In Nibelheim, Cloud had big dreams of joining SOLDIER. This is an elite group linked to the Shinra Electric Power Company. But, life didn’t go as he planned. He became a Shinra soldier instead of a hero.

His path changed when he joined forces with Avalanche. They were against Shinra’s harmful activities. With his new team, Cloud faces challenges that test him physically and emotionally. This mission also helps him dig into his true identity.

As players, we join Cloud on a search for who he truly is. We uncover secrets from his past and his link to Sephiroth. Throughout the game, we see how Cloud learns to accept himself and works towards making things right.

Cloud goes from a simple background to a key figure in the fight against Shinra and Sephiroth. His story highlights the power of bouncing back, learning about oneself, and changing for the better.

Key DetailsCloud Strife’s History
AgeRanging from 14 to 24 across different installments of the Final Fantasy VII series.
AffiliationShinra Electric Power Company and Avalanche.
OccupationMercenary (Former Shinra Infantryman) and Courier.
WeaponryPrimarily uses broadswords and wields the Ultima Weapon as his ultimate weapon.
Birth DateAugust 11, 1986.
Meeting with Zack FairDepicted during a mission in Midgar in the game Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.
Experiment InvolvementPart of an experiment conducted by Professor Hojo involving Jenova’s cells and mako.


Cloud Strife is the main character in the Final Fantasy VII series. He’s known for his striking looks and special skills. With his blond hair and blue eyes, he always stands out. Even though he’s not really tall, his strength is surprising.

He used to be part of an important military group. So, he’s really good at fighting, especially with big swords. The “Omnislash” move is something his enemies fear because it’s so strong.

Cloud is not just fast and strong. He can change his fighting style too. This means he can be quick and nimble one moment, and then hit hard the next. This mix keeps his battles interesting and makes him very powerful.

The famous game designer Tetsuya Nomura created Cloud. He focused on Cloud’s bright hair and blue eyes. This made Cloud’s look the symbol of the Final Fantasy VII series.

I always strive to bring out the unique traits of Cloud’s character in his design. His spiked blond hair, intense gaze, and iconic Buster Sword all contribute to his distinct and memorable look. – Tetsuya Nomura

In Japan, Cloud’s voice comes from Takahiro Sakurai. For English players, Steve Burton gives Cloud his voice. These actors make Cloud seem real and make players connect with him.

Cloud is loved by many because of his looks and skills. Whether it’s in the original game or newer versions, he leaves a big impact.


Cloud is a powerful character in Final Fantasy VII. He stands out due to his wide range of skills and exceptional abilities. Whether you’re in the original game or the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Cloud’s strength is always noticeable.

His background in SOLDIER gives Cloud more than just boasting rights. It boosts his strength, speed, agility, and reflexes. This advantage lets him surpass many other warriors.

Cloud’s Limit Breaks are true game-changers. They are strong special moves that really shift the battle in his favor. Some of the most powerful are Braver, Cross Slash, Blade Beam, Climhazzard, Meteorain, Finishing Touch, Omnislash, and Omnislash Version 5. They highlight just how much damage Cloud can do to his foes.

Cloud is well equipped for any fight, thanks to his array of weapons. His go-to choice is the broadsword, where he’s known for using weapons like the Buster Sword and the Ultima Weapon. He also doesn’t shy away from using other swords like the Crystal Sword, Force Stealer, and Rune Blade. This lets him be versatile in battle.

As the central figure in Final Fantasy VII, Cloud’s stats are very balanced, showing high values in both strength and magic. He improves as you play, gaining more HP, MP, and other abilities. This reflects his ongoing growth and readiness for harder quests.

Playing as Cloud is truly engaging. It gives gamers a chance to utilize his incredible abilities and discover his full power. With his massive broadsword or his epic Limit Breaks, being Cloud offers a thrilling RPG adventure.


Cloud Strife’s look in the Final Fantasy VII Remake is true to his iconic design. It features updated graphics and more detailed character models. These improvements make both him and the Final Fantasy VII world look truly remarkable.

Cloud is about 173cm tall (which is nearly 5’8″). He has unique blond hair that originally designers planned to be black, but they changed it to blonde. This change was to make Cloud’s look different from Sephiroth, who has silver hair.

His eyes are normally blue, but they shine with a green mako light due to the Mako energy. People often think these glowing eyes are the mark of elite SOLDIER members, known as “Mako eyes”.

Cloud usually wears the gear of a 1st Class SOLDIER. This includes indigo pants, a shirt with no sleeves, gauntlets, and brown boots. He also wears a single pauldron on his left shoulder. This outfit shows his history and ties to the Shinra Electric Power Company.

Cloud’s clothing can change depending on the specific game or media. For example, in Crisis Core, he wears a Shinra guard uniform with blue attire. It has belts, straps, and a gray-green cloth around the collar. In Advent Children, his look has a high collar shirt, and he wears black pants, boots, and a black cloth on his left arm and leg. This is to hide Geostigma symptoms.

HeightHair ColorEye ColorOutfit
173cm (5’8″)BlondBlue with a light green mako glowStandard uniform for 1st Class SOLDIERs

The image spotlights Cloud’s bold look along with his famous Buster Sword. This highlights his unique style and helps define his character.


Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy VII is all about excitement and immersion for the players. He uses his sword skillfully to combine swift movements with strong attacks. This helps players defeat foes and win tough battles. With Cloud, gamers can perform deadly combos using his special powers and skills.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake highlights Cloud’s two key modes. In Operator Mode, he moves with speed and precision, delivering quick strikes. But when he goes into Punisher Mode, Cloud deals huge blows, causing massive damage.

Cloud has an array of Limit Breaks that make his fighting even more awesome. Cross-Slash is one of these, striking a single target with severe damage. Ascension, on the other hand, sends foes airborne, setting up more attacks and combos.

Playing as Cloud isn’t just interactive, it’s a visual delight too. Each move and skill he uses shows off his might and resolve. This makes players feel stronger as they tackle the game’s hurdles, improving their combat with Cloud’s distinct style.

Supporting Characters

Final Fantasy VII is famous for its varied and interesting supporting characters. They bring depth and excitement to the game. Their unique traits, skills, and stories make the player’s journey more engaging.

Tifa Lockhart

Tifa is a childhood friend of Cloud and a key member of Avalanche. This group fights against Shinra, which is destroying the planet. As a martial artist, Tifa uses her fists and acrobatics in battles. She is known for her loyalty and kind heart, making her a vital part of their team.

Barret Wallace

Barret leads the eco-terrorist group, Avalanche, with a zeal for protecting the planet. He opposes Shinra for its harmful actions. In combat, he relies on his powerful machine gun arm. Barret’s strength and deep sense of friendship drive him to defend his loved ones.

Aerith Gainsborough

Aerith, or Aeris, is a gentle flower seller with a mysterious background. She can speak with the planet and is closely linked to its life energy. Aerith’s healing abilities are a significant help in fights. Players are drawn to her by her kind nature.

Other Memorable Characters

Final Fantasy VII also features characters like Red XIII, Yuffie, Cait Sith, and more. Each character has their own story, reasons, and powers. They add layers of intrigue and depth to the game’s world.

The bonds between Cloud and the supporting cast in Final Fantasy VII are strong and emotional. They create memories that last, drawing players into the story. The game’s world is richer thanks to its diverse characters and their part in saving the planet.


In Final Fantasy VII, Cloud Strife starts a heroic mission. He aims to stop Shinra’s evil plans and Sephiroth’s powerful schemes. Gamers follow Cloud as he faces surprising turns, gets involved in power fights, wins personal battles, and takes on grand foes.

Cloud learns about his past and who he truly is. This quest affects his emotions and his relationships deeply. Players watch as Cloud changes from a proud warrior to a kind hero. He fights bravely to save the planet from Shinra and Sephiroth.

Final Fantasy VII’s story digs deep into themes like who we are, friends, sacrifice, and action outcomes. It’s known for its detailed story, amazing characters, and how it keeps players hooked till the end.

Story HighlightsRelease Date
Cloud’s journey to save the world from Shinra and SephirothJanuary 31, 1997
Unexpected twists, political intrigue, and personal redemption
Complex themes of identity, friendship, sacrifice, and consequences

Quote: “The storyline of Final Fantasy VII is a captivating tale of adventure, love, and redemption that has touched the hearts of millions of players worldwide.” – IGN

cloud final fantasy 7

Cloud’s story in Final Fantasy VII is a deep RPG adventure. Its charm lingers with fans old and new, through the original and the Remake. It’s a tale that will keep you engaged from start to finish.

Impact and Legacy

Final Fantasy VII has made a huge mark in the gaming world, especially through the character Cloud. This game is seen as a classic and a model for future video games. It sold over 13 million copies globally and made $16.5 million in North America in just its first weekend. This shows its strong influence and popularity.

The game is more than just numbers. It brought new elements that changed how games were made. For instance, it was one of the first to use 3D graphics widely. It also had a lot of content, with three CDs of gameplay and a vast world to explore. Players found themselves drawn into its story and spent around 36 hours immersed in its world.

Final Fantasy VII pushed the limits on how stories are told in video games. Its deep narrative touched on themes like identity and saving the environment. People loved the characters and the emotional impact they had. Cloud, the star character, is now a legend in gaming.

“Final Fantasy VII created a critical breakthrough in the gaming industry, combining cinematic storytelling with immersive gameplay.”

Its success led to many spin-offs, sequels, and eventually a highly-awaited remake in 2020.

The Remake of Final Fantasy VII wasn’t just a remake. It reimagined the original game as a sequel, bringing Cloud’s story to a new generation. This bold move showed the long-lasting power of Cloud and the game’s universe.

Final Fantasy VII’s influence goes beyond gaming, shaping popular culture too. It inspired spin-offs, mobile games, and a CGI movie – Advent Children, which dove into themes of family, trauma, and decision-making. Cloud remains a celebrated figure, appearing in many games, and further solidifies his impact in the gaming world.

With new games like Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and the announcement of Final Fantasy XVI, Cloud’s story continues to engage gamers worldwide. His influence on gaming and RPGs remains strong, ensuring his place as a memorable character in gaming history.


Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy 7 has won over both fans and critics. His deep personality and role in the story have made him memorable. Players feel a strong connection with him, which has had a lasting impact.

In 2020, the Final Fantasy VII Remake was praised for keeping Cloud’s essence alive. It brought new life to the character with updated graphics. The game’s exciting play style also stood out. It all enhanced the gaming experience.

“The Final Fantasy VII Remake successfully captures the essence of Cloud Strife’s character, combining his iconic design with new levels of depth and emotional nuance.” – Gaming Magazine

Cloud is now a key figure in the gaming world. He represents the beloved Final Fantasy series. Players are drawn to his dark personality, great fighting abilities, and his mysterious background.

Cloud has moved beyond the game into other media and collaborations. His presence in the gaming world is undeniable.

“Cloud Strife has transcended the boundaries of video games, becoming an emblematic representation of the RPG genre and a true icon in the gaming world.” – Gaming Review Blog

However, not everyone agrees on every aspect of Cloud’s story. Take, for example, the dance scene in the Honeybee Inn. It wasn’t loved by all.

“The dance sequence in Final Fantasy 7 Remake sparked mixed reactions among players. Some found it amusing and entertaining, while others criticized it as unnecessary, questioning its contribution to the game’s overall storyline.” – Gaming Forum

These debates show that Cloud’s story means different things to different people. This diversity in opinion is normal and adds depth to his character.

Overall, Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7 has been highly praised. He is a major figure in the gaming world. Fans love his deep character, exciting story, and skills in battle. He is indeed a gaming legend.

Other Appearances

Cloud Strife, the leading character in Final Fantasy VII, appears in many games and media outside the series. He is adored beyond his game, marking a strong influence in gaming and culture.

In games like Dissidia and Theatrhythm, Cloud fights alongside other familiar faces. In Dissidia, a game for PSP, he fights in battles against other Final Fantasy heroes. In Theatrhythm, he aids you in rhythm-based adventures. And in World of Final Fantasy, players can add him to their party for unique quests.

He is also found outside his original game. Cloud appears in Final Fantasy Tactics as a secret character. Kingdom Hearts fans will remember him as both a boss and a special ally in two of the games.

Cloud has made his mark in well-known titles like Super Smash Bros. He was first DLC for the Wii U before joining the main roster for the Switch version. His Amiibo figures underline his fame among fans everywhere.

Cloud’s various looks and weapons are carefully crafted, reflecting his unique character. Games like Theatrhythm and Pictlogica show off his different outfits. Mobile games, like Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade, highlight the skills each look brings.

Throughout the Final Fantasy series and beyond, Cloud’s appearances continue to captivate fans. He is truly an iconic figure in the gaming scene, cherished by many.


Cloud Strife’s story in Final Fantasy VII shows how powerful great stories are. It proves that memorable game characters last a long time. Starting as a Shinra soldier, he becomes a beloved mercenary. His story is about finding himself, redeeming his past, and becoming a hero.

Cloud is a key figure in the Final Fantasy series because he is so unique. He’s known for using huge swords, especially the famous Buster Sword. This symbolizes his amazing combat skills and strength. Adding to his appeal are special abilities like Operator Mode and Punisher Mode. They make him even more amazing in battles.

His influence can be seen in many games, including the Final Fantasy VII Remake. This updated version makes his adventures and the world around him more vivid. Players can truly immerse themselves in a story of political drama, finding inner peace, and grand fights.

As more games and stories featuring Cloud are released, his fame grows. He’s a favorite character among gamers, making a big impact on RPG games. The story of Cloud Strife is also a key part of why Final Fantasy is so popular and well-loved.


Who is Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy VII?

Cloud Strife is a key figure in the Final Fantasy VII stories. He is a standout character in various games like Final Fantasy VII. He was once part of SOLDIER but later became a mercenary.

What is Cloud’s history in the Final Fantasy VII series?

Cloud grew up in the Nibelheim village with a dream to join SOLDIER. He later became a mercenary. During the game, he seeks to learn about his past and the villain Sephiroth.

How would you describe Cloud’s appearance and abilities?

Cloud stands out with his blond hair and blue eyes. He is a master with his enormous swords in battles. He can swap between agility and power with his unique modes.

What is Cloud’s role in the gameplay of Final Fantasy VII?

Cloud is known for his powerful attacks and varied skills. He has high stats and uses powerful weapons. This makes him very strong in fights.

Who are the supporting characters in Final Fantasy VII?

The game features characters like Tifa, Barret, and Aerith. They add depth to the story and bring unique skills to battle.

What is the storyline of Final Fantasy VII?

In the game, Cloud fights to save the world from Shinra and Sephiroth. As he learns more about himself, he faces many challenges. These include political struggles, personal growth, and epic battles.

What is the impact and legacy of Final Fantasy VII and Cloud’s character?

Final Fantasy VII, with Cloud as its main figure, is a standout in the gaming world. It’s viewed as a must-play classic. The recent remake has introduced Cloud to new fans, solidifying his place in gaming history.

How has Cloud’s character been received by fans and critics?

Cloud is praised for his multi-layered personality and growth throughout the story. The remake was widely loved for its modern look and how it handled Cloud’s character.

Where else has Cloud appeared in the Final Fantasy series and beyond?

Cloud has shown up in various games beyond Final Fantasy, like Dissidia and Theatrhythm. He also appears in non-Final Fantasy collaborations, showing his wide appeal.

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