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king from tekken

King, also known as Beast Priest and Mysterious Masked Wrestler, is a fan-favorite in Tekken. He hails from Mexico and has a unique journey. This journey takes him from the wrestling ring to being a pro-wrestler, priest, and even an orphanage owner. In this post, we’ll look at King’s interesting moves, his rich background, and how to play him well in Tekken.

King wears a Jaguar mask that hides his face but shows off his sharp eyes. He’s well-built with black hair, giving him a mysterious and powerful look.

King is skilled in US-style wrestling. He uses strong strikes, throws, and holds in fights, making him tough to beat. Some of his signature moves include suplexes and powerbombs.

His story unfolds across the Tekken games, showing his character’s development. In Tekken 8, he’s 31, showing his growth as a fighter and as a person. Starting at 24, he has faced many challenges that shaped him into who he is in the game.

King is not just a fighter; he also manages an orphanage. This shows his deep care for the children’s well-being. His motivation comes from not wanting kids to face the same tough times he did as an orphan.

He is both a strong and caring character. He fights for justice but also shows love and kindness. This mix of emotions makes him a compelling character in Tekken, making players like him even more.

Key Takeaways:

  • King, also known as Beast Priest and Mysterious Masked Wrestler, is a luchador from Mexico, who engages in US-style pro-wrestling.
  • King’s appearance features his iconic Jaguar mask, muscular build, and brown eyes.
  • His moveset includes powerful strikes, throws, and grappling techniques.
  • King’s age progresses throughout the Tekken series, reflecting his growth as a fighter and individual.
  • He works as a pro-wrestler, priest, and manager of an orphanage, displaying his dedication to the well-being of the children in his care.
  • King’s personality is multifaceted, capable of expressing intense emotions ranging from vengeance to selfless love.

Having covered King’s backstory, let’s now focus on his moves. We’ll also share tips to make your Tekken experience with King better.


King, also known as the Beast Priest and the Mysterious Masked Wrestler, has a unique past. This story made him the iconic Tekken series character we all love. King grew up as a street urchin, facing the hard life head-on. His life turned around when the Marquez priests rescued him. Grateful for their help, he left his old ways behind. King chose a new path and became a Catholic priest. He set out on a mission to build an orphanage for kids without homes.

He needed money to build the orphanage. So, he started wrestling professionally. Soon, he was known as the “Beast Priest.” Audiences were amazed by his power and quick moves. With his Jaguar mask, King became a favorite among wrestling and Tekken fans.

Armor King noticed King’s exceptional fighting skills. Armor King, too, wore a Jaguar mask. The two became friends and rivals at the same time. This deepened their bond, adding more twists to their story.

King’s life, moving from a troubled orphan to a caring priest and renowned wrestler, has captivated fans. His dual role of helping kids in need and his combat abilities made him legendary. He stands as a key figure in the Tekken series. His character is both influential and beloved for his actions.

King’s life is an uplifting tale of finding purpose, inner strength, and caring for others. It teaches us that any challenge can be tackled with a supportive heart and the will to make a positive difference.


King might look tough in the ring, but he’s actually a gentle soul. He cares deeply about kids in need. This comes from his own tough childhood as an orphan. King believes in goodness and forgiveness, showing his kind side. But sometimes, being too caring can make things hard when he fights.

King’s best known for helping orphans. He fought in matches to raise money for them. Even when he didn’t win big, he taught orphans how to fight. This helped them protect themselves, showing King’s real big heart.

His caring nature shines in how he treats others. People know him for his kindness, even his fellow fighters. Even when faced with fights, King looks for ways to make peace. For him, friendship beats any grudge.

As the Tekken series goes on, King’s kind nature stays true. He keeps fighting hard but his main goal is always helping those in need. King is all about doing good, no matter how tough the battle is.


King’s look in the Tekken series stands out. He is very tall, 190 cm (6’3″), and weighs 85 kg (188 lbs). King’s big, strong body makes him very noticeable, towering over the other game characters.

His face is hidden behind a special jaguar mask. This mask is a key part of his identity, showing only his powerful eyes. It adds mystery to his character.

He often wears wrestling gear. This includes trunks, wrestling tights, boots, gloves, and knee and elbow pads. It reflects his career as a wrestler and his strong, muscular physique.

Outside the wrestling ring, King dresses more casually. He might wear pants with suspenders, a shirt, and a tie. He keeps his fighting gloves on, showing he’s always ready for action.

King’s look is memorable, thanks to his strong body and the iconic jaguar mask.

Game Appearances

Fans love King since the start. He was in the first two Tekken games as King I. Then, King II appeared in Tekken 3. He’s been part of many games since then.

Sources: Tekken Wiki, Bandai Namco Entertainment

Fighting Style

King’s fighting style is mainly from pro-wrestling, the US style. He is a luchador from Mexico. King mixes the leaps and flips of wrestling with hard hits and throws, making his style special.

King has more than 200 moves, the most in the Tekken series. This huge move set makes him able to handle any situation. It also keeps his rivals unsure about what he might do next.

King’s defense is about quick hits, nimble moves, and making foes pay for their errors. He is great at spotting when enemies slip up. Then, he hits back hard with his own moves.

King is known for his skill in special throws not often seen in Tekken games. He can do chain throws, duck throws, ground throws, and air throws. These moves let him link together strong attacks and keep the other player on edge.

In Tekken 3, King got new wrestling moves. These included the Muscle Buster, Winding Nut, and Stretch Buster. They certainly showed off his power and flexibility in the ring.

By Tekken 8, King added moves inspired by famous wrestlers. He could now do Triple H’s Pedigree and Randy Orton’s RKO. This made the fans of wrestling even more excited to see him in action.

Overall, King mixes top wrestling skills with his own athleticism. This makes him a strong challenger in the Tekken games.


If you want King to rule in Tekken, you must know his over 200 moves. He has the most moves in the whole Tekken game series. King offers moves for various fighting situations, such as powerful strikes or quick grappling.

Now, let’s focus on some of King’s standout moves:


King’s throws are vital in his fighting style. They can cause from 5 to 75 points of damage. This makes his throws a strong part of his moves.


Combo moves are vital for King to connect powerful attacks. His combos range from 5 to 110 in damage. This allows players to vary their strategies and set up strong combo hits.

Throws in the Air

King is impressive in the air with throws that cause 10 to 56 points of damage. This can be a great way to counter opponents trying to attack from above.

Ground Catch

Knowing how to use King’s ground catch moves can change a battle. They can deal out 25 to 60 points of damage. This puts King in a good position against grounded opponents.

Throws during Throw Away

King’s skill shines in throws even when things seem hopeless. His throws can do 8 to 10 points of damage. This move can surprise opponents and set up for a strong follow-up.

Standing Heel Hold Combo

Players like the standing heel hold combo for its damage output. It deals 25 to 45 points of damage, offering a solid way to hurt opponents.

Arm Breaker Combo

The arm breaker combo is great for breaking your opponent’s guard. It starts with 20 points of damage and can end with 50. This can leave your opponent struggling.

Reverse Arm Slam Combo

When a precise and swift hit is needed, the reverse arm slam combo is perfect. It ranges from 15 to 30 points of damage. It’s great for close combat.

Reverse Special Stretch Bomb Combo

The reverse special stretch bomb combo mixes power with quickness. It does 15 to 30 points of damage. This combo lets King quickly take down his foes.

Mexican Magma Drive 1 & 2

King’s Mexican Magma Drive 1 & 2 shows his wrestling skills. The damage can go from 10 to 55, making these moves heavy hitters.

10 Hit Combo Attack

The 10 hit combo attack shows King’s skill in chain attacks. Each hit varies in damage. However, it’s a great way to keep opponents guessing.

King entered Tekken in 1997 and has been growing his moves since. He even learned from famous pro-wrestlers. This makes King unbeatable in the ring.

By mastering King’s moves, strategy, and perfect timing, you can win by turning the fight around. So, start learning his moves, practice well, and get ready to dominate with King’s powerful attacks and combos!


King’s tale in the Tekken series tells the story of a tough yet caring figure. He starts out as an orphan, fighting in the streets to live. Life seemed hard, but it was just the beginning.

The Marquez priests noticed King’s fighting spirit and decided to help him. They showed King a new way, one free of violence. King left fighting behind to help those in need full time.

Wanting to improve the lives of street kids, King used his wrestling skills to make money. He turned into a famous wrestler. The money he made went to support an orphanage.

Known as “The Beast Priest,” King wore a fearsome jaguar mask. It showed he was strong but caring. With his mask and a strong will, King started a journey that helped many orphans.

In the King of Iron Fist Tournament, King not only wrestled but also showed his love for children. He pushed through his own hard times, training orphans to defend themselves. He became a guide and father to them.

One orphan, inspired by King, took up the jaguar mask and became King II. Now, King’s spirit of strength and love lives on.

King’s Journey in Tekken

GameYear of Release
Tekken 21997

Throughout Tekken, King is shown as a caring fighter with big sense of duty. His goal is to help needy kids. This noble aim made him a hero in the eyes of his fans.

Other Appearances

King is not just in the main Tekken games. He’s also in side stories and shows. These let fans see more of what he can do and learn about his story.

Tekken: The Motion Picture is one big moment for King, from 1997. It’s an animated film that tells a deep Tekken story. King is a main part, showing off his fighting and big heart for orphans.

Then, there’s Tekken: Bloodline, a new movie from 2021. It’s also animated. Here, King shows his true fighting spirit, standing up for what’s right and protecting people.

These movies make King even more loved by Tekken fans. They show King as a real hero, fighting for good and caring for kids.

Tekken: The Motion Picture1997
Tekken: Bloodline2021

Tips for Playing as King

In Tekken 8, King stands out with the game’s longest Move List. This might make him seem hard to use, but he’s actually great for those starting out. He’s also a solid option for those who’ve been playing for a while. We’ll share some tips and strategies for making the most of King in the game.

1. Utilize King’s Unique Stances

King has special Stances that not all characters have: Indian Stance and Jaguar Step. These let you mix things up, keeping your opponent guessing. Try using moves from these stances to make your attacks unpredictable. This can give you an advantage in fights.

2. Master King’s Combo Inputs

King has a huge list of moves, including combos that require skill and timing. Practice these combos to deal big damage. The guide has a section on combos, so check it out. It covers everything from basic to advanced combos. Learning these can really up your game.

3. Strike with Precision and Grab with Power

With King, you can pull off some strong hits and throws. Start matches with King’s f 2, 1 for a strong attack. It can surprise your opponent and put you in control.

Another useful move is f 2, d 1. It helps set up big combos off just one successful hit. Using this move can lead to more damage and help you keep the upper hand.

4. Play Mind Games with King’s Grabs

King’s grab moves can really rattle your opponent. Using grabs strategically can open them up for more damage. Your guide suggests the “Snap Suplex” over the “Swinging D.D.T.” because it’s not countered as much.

Mix up your grab moves to stay unpredictable and take advantage of your opponent’s mistakes.

5. Understand Your Opponent and Adapt Your Strategy

In Tekken, every match is different. It’s key to adapt your strategy as you face different opponents. Watch how they play to spot their weaknesses. If you see they’re good at blocking your “Figure Four Leglock,” use it wisely. Also, be ready to change your gameplay as needed.

Finally, King’s true power comes from your creativity and skill. Put in the time to learn and experiment with his moves. Believe in yourself, use King’s full abilities, and become the true king of the Iron Fist Tournament!

Discover a fantastic array of images displaying King from the Tekken series. This collection highlights his Jaguar mask and wrestling gear. You’ll see screenshots, concept art, and promotional pics that really bring King to life.

King Tekken Images
King Tekken Images
  • View King with his iconic Jaguar mask, a symbol of his wrestling passion.
  • Admire the details in King’s wrestling attire, like his colorful tights and protective gear.
  • Step into Tekken’s world with these vibrant visuals, mixing cartoons and urban settings.
  • Feel the thrill of King’s powerful yet agile wrestling moves in these images.

Whether you love Tekken or just enjoy cool designs, this King image set is for you. Get ready to be amazed by this legendary wrestler.


  1. “Street Fighter X Tekken” has characters from both series, including King.
  2. “King of Fighters XIII” features King in its varied character lineup.
  3. “King of Fighters XIV” highlights King’s unique fighting style.
  4. “Capcom vs SNK 2” merges characters from different games, showing off King’s skills.


Our journey through the Tekken series with King has been quite enlightening. We explored his unique traits, learned about his role, and saw how much players love him. Since he first appeared in 1994, King has always stood out with his luchador fighting style and a touching origin story.

After the first King passed away, King II continued his legacy by wrestling to help raise money for an orphanage. At first, he found it tough, but with the help of Armor King, he became a powerful wrestler. By the time he was 28, King II was one of the strongest fighters out there.

King is known for having more than 200 moves, setting a Tekken series record. He’s all about fast punches, smart moves, and special attacks like chain throws and duck throws. In Tekken 8, he even got new moves based on famous pro wrestlers.

He remains a fan-favorite in the fighting game community. The release of Tekken 8 confirms his status as a top wrestler in the game. This makes him especially appealing to those who enjoy a thoughtful and strategic battle style.

In summary, King’s legacy is not only about his wide range of moves. It’s also about the stories and challenges he overcomes. Fans love his engaging gameplay and his memorable look. For anyone who enjoys Tekken, King offers a unique and thrilling experience.


Who is King in Tekken?

King, known as the Beast Priest and Mysterious Masked Wrestler, is from Mexico. He fights in wrestling matches to help orphans. King is a loved character in the Tekken series.

What is King’s backstory in Tekken?

King was an orphan who fought on the streets until the Marquez priests took him in. He left his old life behind and became a priest. His goal was to make an orphanage for kids who needed help.

What is King’s appearance in Tekken?

King always has on his Jaguar mask that hides most of his face, but his brown eyes show. He is big and strong at 190 cm (6’3″) tall. His outfit includes wrestling tights, boots, gloves, and pads.

What is King’s fighting style in Tekken?

King fights like a pro-wrestler, using the US style. He has strong punches, throws, and holds in his fighting moves.

What are some of King’s notable moves in Tekken?

King’s special moves are like those of a real wrestler – he does suplexes, powerbombs, and holds. If you want to see all his moves, look at the Moves part in this article.

What is King’s backstory in Tekken?

King went from fighting on the streets to being a priest and opening an orphanage. He fights in the King of Iron Fist Tournament to raise money. He is a kind and strong fighter.

What are some tips for playing as King in Tekken?

Play to King’s strengths by using his powerful moves and skills in close fighting. Learn about his best combos and moves to really succeed as King.

Has King appeared in any spin-offs or adaptations?

Yes, King is in spin-offs like Tekken: The Motion Picture and Tekken: Bloodline. In these shows, he’s shown as a brave fighter, protecting kids who need help.

Are there any images of King from Tekken available?

Yes, there are many images of King in the Gallery section of this article. You’ll see him in different Tekken games, wearing his Jaguar mask and wrestling gear.

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