Exploring the Best Roguelike Games for You

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Roguelike games have become really popular. This is because they are tough and full of surprises. There are many different kinds of these games. You can play fast-paced adventures or games that make you think.

In this article, we’ll look at some great roguelike games. These games offer lots of levels and are fun to play again and again. So, whether you’re a big fan already or just starting out, you’ll find something you like on this list.

Key Takeaways:

  • Spelunky 2, Enter The Gungeon, Dead Cells, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, and Rogue Legacy 2 are some of the classic roguelike games mentioned in this article.
  • Each game offers a unique gameplay experience, from hazardous underground worlds to procedurally generated dungeons.
  • Other notable roguelike games mentioned include Hades, PlateUp!, Crawl, Slay the Spire, and Wildfrost.
  • The roguelike genre has seen an increase in popularity with the rise of indie games and the saturation of the market on platforms like Steam.
  • Whether you’re into action, strategy, or immersive storytelling, there is a roguelike game out there for you to enjoy!

Vampire Survivors, Ravenswatch, and Endless Dungeon: Must-Play Roguelike Games

Vampire Survivors, Ravenswatch, and Endless Dungeon are must-try roguelike games. They bring fresh, engaging experiences that appeal to many. If you love horror, fantasy, or dungeons, you’ll find these games both captivating and challenging.

Vampire Survivors: Embrace the Darkness

Vampire Survivors immerses you in the dark world of a vampire. You’ll face tough creatures and gloomy landscapes. Every decision you make shapes your ending in this atmospheric, story-rich game. It’s perfect for those who enjoy the genre.

Ravenswatch: Unleash Your Inner Hero

Ravenswatch offers a fantasy adventure with thrilling battles and puzzles. You face mythical creatures and the challenge of shaping the world. With its rich story, beautiful design, and strategy elements, this game stands out in the roguelike genre.

Endless Dungeon: Descend into the Depths

Endless Dungeon is ideal for fans of dungeon crawling. It features ever-changing dungeons filled with dangers. Gather up to three friends with its multiplayer mode for a unique, cooperative experience.

Vampire Survivors, Ravenswatch, and Endless Dungeon provide hours of excitement. They are perfect choices for gamers interested in vampires, epic fantasies, or dungeons. These games ensure fun and replay value for anyone.

Ready for more exciting roguelike games? Stay with us for the next part, where we introduce more thrilling titles. They are sure to keep you engaged.

The Binding of Isaac: Gory, Grotesque, and Genuinely Fun

The Binding of Isaac is a prime example of a roguelike game with a strong following. It combines tough challenges with eerie graphics. Fans of this game type find it a top choice.

Players control Isaac, the main character, in this game. Isaac moves through levels full of scary monsters. He uses his tears to fight and must get past many hurdles, including bosses, to win powerful skills.

The game stays fresh because it’s fully random each time you play. This constant change gives it infinite replayability. So, it’s always fun to jump back in.

Isaac meets a wide range of monsters and items as he quests. This adds a lot of variety to the game. From creepy beasts to awesome skills, players always find something new.

If dark themes bother you, this game might not be your best choice. The game draws from Biblical stories for its eerie look and feel. But, for fans of shocking and eerie themes, it’s a very engaging game.

The Flash version still sees a lot of action, with about 100 players daily. It includes over 100 items. The newer Rebirth edition, however, offers about 300 items to discover.

The Binding of Isaac FeaturesFlash VersionRebirth Version
Number of ItemsBit over 100Around 300
ContentLess than RebirthAdditional content after Halloween update
DifficultyConsistent from beginning to endVarying levels of challenge
Item SynergiesLimited due to Flash constraintsMore expansive and varied
Final Bosses and FloorsLess compared to other gamesMore expansive and varied
Control SupportRequires Joy2Key or similar programsExpanded control support

The original game offers a difficult but fun experience. Flash’s limits, such as fewer items, add a unique challenge. It tests players’ skills in a different way.

With its dark graphics, immersive play, and endless replay value, The Binding of Isaac stands out. It’s well-loved by fans and considered one of the best in its genre.

Dead Cells: Balancing a Bottle of Nitroglycerin on the End of a Sword

Dead Cells is a visually stunning roguelike game. It has hooked millions across the globe. With over 10 million copies sold, it’s a standout in the gaming world. This game mixes intense combat with jumping challenges, making gameplay exciting.

Players start on a sick island in Dead Cells. They fight through many foes and roam a beautifully made world. Quick fighting needs skill and thought, since any wrong move can end the game.

Dead Cells blends permanent progress with starting from scratch when you die. It lets players find new weapons, skills, and boosts to make their character stronger. But, they lose these benefits after falling and have to begin anew.

Playing Dead Cells is like balancing a bottle of nitroglycerin on the end of a sword. It’s an exhilarating and tense experience that keeps players coming back for more.

Every run in Dead Cells mixes the urge to move forward and the fear of losing it all. By improving strategies, learning from errors, and finding secrets, players get better. They slowly become tougher against the island’s ordeals.

Dead Cells has a range of weapons, skills, and boosts to fit any style of play. Players can pick from swords, bows, bombs, or spells. This freedom lets them shape their hero as they like and play the game in their unique way.

Visually Stunning GraphicsExperience a beautifully designed world with intricate details and stunning art style.
Intense CombatEngage in fast-paced battles against challenging enemies, utilizing a wide range of weapons and abilities.
Platforming ElementsNavigate through complex environments, utilizing your agility and reflexes to overcome obstacles.
Permanent ProgressionUnlock new weapons, abilities, and upgrades to enhance your character’s power and strategy.
Challenging Roguelike MechanicsStart over upon death, facing new challenges and discovering new paths on each playthrough.

Dead Cells hooks players in with its addictive, replayable world. Its incredible looks, tough fights, and unique mix of game elements make it a favorite among gamers. It is among the most loved roguelike games today.

PlateUp!: Never Work with Friends

PlateUp! is a thrilling game that mixes things up in the roguelike genre. It takes players into the hectic life of running a restaurant. They tackle cooking, serving, and beating kitchen challenges.

Each new game in PlateUp! offers something different—new obstacles and places to explore. This keeps players on their toes and always excited. It’s a game that never gets old.

The game’s creator wanted PlateUp! to be friendly for all types of players, not just the experts. This means even if you’re just starting, you can dive right in. The game adjusts its challenge level, making sure everyone has fun.

PlateUp! can be thrilling alone or even more fun with friends. Playing together adds more chaos and challenge. It turns kitchen duties into a fun group activity.

The developer of PlateUp! worked smart to bring the game to consoles. They teamed up with Yogscast Games and a special company to adjust the game for different systems. This effort kept the game’s charm, making it fun for all console players.

While PlateUp! offers fun on many systems, like consoles, there’s something to remember. The Nintendo version doesn’t have special features for the Switch.

Top-rated games based on the latest update:

Cook Fest3.1N/A
Feudal Friends2.9N/A
Keep Keepers2.7N/A

PlateUp! stands out in the genre for its unique and captivating gameplay. Even with stiff competition, games like Overcooked! 2 and Unrailed! keep things interesting, showing off the variety in the genre.

If you’re into checking out new games, you might like NOVA CORE CHAOS, which debuted on 2024-03-04. There are also Feed The Cups (2024-02-20) and Project Bridge (2023-12-18) to consider. They offer fresh gaming experiences.

Looking for more gems in the roguelike genre? Check out Pizza Possum (like Feed The Cups, rated 6.5), and Mobmania (rated 4.7). They’re just a few of the 854 games out there waiting to be played.

Ready for the challenge in PlateUp!? Dive into the fast and crazy world of restaurant life. Master the kitchen chaos and delight your customers. This game guarantees an adventure you won’t be able to put down.

Crawl: Full of Multiplayer Murder

When it comes to multiplayer roguelike games, Crawl is special. It was made by the indie team at Powerhoof in Australia. This game gives a unique, thrilling experience. It will keep you and your friends at the edge of your seats.

In Crawl, four players can join the fun, either nearby or online. It’s perfect for playing with your friends. You all go on an adventure together. Playing with two to four players makes Crawl really intense and fun.

The action in Crawl is where things really get exciting. Players can be the hero or the monsters. The hero wants to get strong enough to kill a god. The monsters work together to stop the hero.

As the hero, you need to get stronger by leveling up and getting gear. For monsters, acquiring gold is key. They get gold by hindering the hero. Balancing power and resources is crucial. This adds strategy to the game.

Be careful! There are ghosts that can mess with the hero, too. As ghosts, they can throw things at the hero or spawn enemies.

Crawl also has different bosses. Non-hero players can join in to help defeat the hero. This makes the gameplay very dynamic. It keeps everyone engaged and excited.

“Crawl is a roguelikelike dungeon-crawling action-RPG that blends cooperative and competitive multiplayer into an unforgettable gaming experience.”

Crawl is loved for its exciting gameplay and special features. It has unique ultimate forms for certain characters. There are also updates that keep the game fresh. The latest is the Crawl v0.3 update.

The team behind Crawl has made an amazing game. It’s a mix of intense action, dark themes, and strategy. This makes Crawl a top game in its genre.

Gather your friends and dive into the chaos of Crawl. It promises a thrilling, competitive experience. Don’t miss out on the fun in Crawl.

Slay the Spire: Combo Cards and Subtle Decisions

Slay the Spire is a prime example of deck-building roguelike games. It is known for its strategic play and captivating mechanics. As you play through levels, you’ll face many choices and challenges. These will test how well you make decisions. Each choice you make and battle you win affects the game’s outcome. This makes every time you play different and exciting.

There are three characters to pick from: the Ironclad, the Silent, and the Defect. Each one has their set of cards. This allows for different ways to play the game. You might like the power of the Ironclad, the sneaky moves of the Silent, or the magic of the Defect. There’s a style of play for everyone.

You move through the game’s map facing enemies in a random order. The game is split into three acts, with the challenge growing as you move forward. The final boss in the fourth act is tough to beat. It can take a long time to defeat, but that victory feels very rewarding.

Slay the Spire gives you time to think. You must choose cards wisely, manage your resources, and plan your next moves. This helps you beat the different monsters and bosses in the game.

An exciting part of the game is the use of Relics. They give you permanent benefits or downsides. You have to think carefully about whether the good of a Relic is worth any bad effects. You get Relics from chests or by beating bosses. They change how you play, making you adjust your strategy as you find more of them.

Another fun part is the Daily Climb mode. This mode changes every day with new rules, giving you a fresh challenge. For the toughest challenges, there are 20 Ascension levels to work through. These levels are sure to test your skills.

The modding community for Slay the Spire is active and creative. They have added custom characters, enemies, and more through the Steam Workshop. Thanks to them, the game’s fun and replayability has been boosted.

Slay the Spire brilliantly mixes deck-building, roguelike features, and dungeon crawling. It has earned a top spot among roguelike games because of its deep gameplay, strategic choices, and its own artistic look. It’s an experience that keeps you hooked for hours.

Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire at a Glance

Gameplay FeaturesCustomizable deck-building
CharactersIronclad, Silent, Defect
Play StylesMultiple viable strategies
Monster DistributionRandomly distributed along three acts
Challenge20 escalating Ascension difficulty levels
RelicsOffer permanent advantages and drawbacks
Daily Climb ModeModifiers and leaderboard for added competition
Modding CommunityCustom characters, enemies, and quality-of-life changes

Hades: Defy the Gods

Hades is a roguelike game that takes you into the Greek underworld. You play Zagreus, Hades’ son, trying to get out. It’s a mix of fast-paced action, stylish art, and a great story in the roguelike world.

It started in early access in December 2018 and became a favorite quickly. It’s got lots of stories and 30 voiced characters, offering a deep game world. The fights are smooth and well-designed, like other top games.

Supergiant, the team behind Hades, also made Bastion and Transistor. Hades brings the best of their past work together. Critics loved it, giving it over 50 Game of the Year awards.

Hades was on the Epic Games Store for 1.5 years before hitting Steam. The team kept updating it with new stuff based on player tips. This made it a smooth, fun game ready for everyone.

Players can use six weapons, each with special features for different styles. They also mix and match gods’ Boons for strong effects. You can make the game harder with Hell Mode or easier with God Mode.

Hades is great for anyone because of its good characters and many settings. It’s loved for its story, play, and how well it’s made. This makes it a top pick for roguelike fans.

Key Features of Hades
Hades blends fast-paced action, stylish art style, and a gripping story
Winner of over 50 Game of the Year awards
Combines the best aspects of Supergiant’s critically acclaimed titles
Offers thousands of unique story events and 30 fully-voiced characters
Provides a seamless gaming experience without crashes or graphical issues
Features a variety of weapons and customizable Aspects for diverse playstyles
Allows players to choose Boons from Olympian Gods for extensive customization
Offers Death Defiance upgrade and optional God Mode for different difficulty levels
Contains a compelling, character-driven story that unfolds through successes and failures

Wildfrost: Ice Cool

Enter the frozen world of Wildfrost, a captivating roguelike game. It takes players to a fantastical place with stunning icy views. There, you’ll face dangerous challenges, have thrilling battles, and solve deep mysteries.

This game’s charming art and engaging play make it perfect for those who love roguelike games.

Wildfrost mixes strategy, deck-building, and exploration. Each journey starts with leaders who have random skills. This brings excitement to your game.

On your journey, find and recruit frozen friends. Discover hidden treasures. Every choice you make shapes your deck differently each time.

In the Snowdwell town, people gather to escape the cold and use Luminice to keep warm. You can make the town thrive by building places like a Pet Shop and Inventors Hut.

Wildfrost is full of catches that keep players engaged. You can collect many cute and strong companion cards, each with special skills. Add wobbly charms to make cards even stronger. Strategy is crucial for winning battles.

“Wildfrost’s charming art style and engaging gameplay make it a must-play for roguelike enthusiasts.” – Average critic review score: 7.8/10

Wildfrost has earned high praise from critics, with 54 reviews praising its magic. The top score is a remarkable 9/10. Yet, 40% of critics say it’s very challenging. However, 60% still highly recommend it for deck-building game lovers.

With more male (70%) than female (30%) critics, Wildfrost attracts a wide range of players. It appeals to people from all walks of life.

The Best Roguelike Games of All Time

Over time, the roguelike genre has birthed some unforgettable gems. These games are known for their tough challenges, rich mechanics, and immersive worlds. Looking to explore roguelikes? Here are the top picks that shouldn’t be missed:

1. Dead Cells

Dead Cells shines by mixing Metroidvania and Souls influences. It’s praised for its tight controls, heart-pounding combat, and ever-changing levels. With over 10 million copies sold, it’s a true legend in the roguelike scene.

2. Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire tasks players with building their deck wisely as they climb a dangerous spire. Every choice shapes their strategy and deck. This game is loved for its addicting play, strategic depth, and diverse characters.

3. Crawl

Crawl stands out as a multiplayer roguelike like no other. In its four-player setup, one player progresses, and the rest become ghosts. Ghosts can hinder the living player’s progress, adding a thrilling competitive edge. This unique take makes Crawl a gem among multiplayer roguelikes.

4. Hades

Hades is a 2020 hit, inviting players to explore the Greek underworld as Zagreus. The game is filled with battles against mythological foes and interactions with Greek gods. Its upcoming sequel, “Hades 2,” solidifies its spot as a genre-defining title.

5. PlateUp!

PlateUp! changes the roguelike formula by casting you as a chef running a restaurant. When the kitchen closes, progress is lost, adding an intense time pressure. This twist on the genre challenges players in new, exciting ways.

These games highlight the pinnacle of roguelike gaming. Whether you’re new or a seasoned player, these choices will deliver excitement and endless hours of fun.


Roguelike games are perfect for anyone who loves a good challenge. These games have become really popular in recent years. There are now more titles to choose from than ever before. No matter what you enjoy – tough battles, tricky choices, or playing with friends – there’s a roguelike game for you.

Roguelike games work on a simple idea – try, fail, and try again. Players have to redo levels until they get better and move forward. The gameplay is easy to pick up, but becoming a master is tough. Every time you fail, you start from the beginning. This can be frustrating but also really exciting because you always want to do better.

What makes roguelike games so fun is that every new game is different. The maps and items change each time you play. That makes the game feel fresh every time. Players love games like The Binding of Isaac, Hades, Enter the Gungeon, and Slay the Spire. These games keep you coming back for more with their deep, immersive play.

So, if you’re looking for something both fun and challenging, give roguelike games a try. There are lots of options, whether you like fighting, making tough choices, or playing with others. You’ll find these games offer hours and hours of enjoyment and surprises.


What are roguelike games?

Roguelike games are known for being tough and full of surprises. They create game worlds each time you play. If you die in the game, you start over from the beginning. They challenge you to make smart choices and explore thoroughly.

What makes a roguelike game the best?

The top roguelike games keep you coming back with fun and complex play. They often put their own twist on the genre. A great story is common and they get good reviews from both gamers and critics.

Are roguelike games available on PC and mobile platforms?

Yes, you can find roguelikes on both PC and mobile. This means you can enjoy your favorites, wherever you are. Many well-liked games are available on these platforms.

What are some must-play roguelike games?

Vampire Survivors, Ravenswatch, and Endless Dungeon are some top picks. Players have loved their unique designs and features. They’re highly recommended by those who’ve played them.

What is The Binding of Isaac?

The Binding of Isaac is a famous roguelike game. It’s set in a scary basement inspired by the bible. You guide Isaac through difficult paths and help him defeat big bosses.

What is Dead Cells?

Dead Cells stands out with its beautiful design and fast combat. You journey through an island infected by disease. The game requires quick thinking to get stronger and explore more.

What is PlateUp!?

In PlateUp!, you run a busy kitchen. This game is a different kind of roguelike with its focus on cooking and serving. You must keep customers happy while avoiding kitchen commotion.

What is Crawl?

Crawl is a unique multiplayer game. One plays as the hero, the others as evil spirits. Spirits can set traps and summon monsters to stop the hero from escaping the dungeon.

What is Slay the Spire?

Slay the Spire combines deck-building with roguelike elements. You climb a tower, fighting enemies along the way. How you build your deck influences your success in battles.

What is Hades?

Hades is a highly praised roguelike set in Greek myth. Playing as Zagreus, you challenge the underworld’s dangers. The game offers a thrilling adventure each time you play.

What is Wildfrost?

Wildfrost takes you to a magical icy world. You meet charming characters and fight tough creatures. The game is about exploring, surviving, and solving the icy realm’s secrets.

Which roguelike games are considered the best of all time?

Some top titles in roguelikes are Enter the Gungeon, Into the Breach, and Nethack. They are classics known for their challenging play and in-depth features. Players still love them today.

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