Faraway 2: Jungle Escape – Thrilling Adventure Game

Faraway 2: Jungle Escape game

Faraway 2: Jungle Escape is a thrilling adventure game that takes you into exotic worlds. It involves solving puzzles and discovering ancient artifacts. This game is loved worldwide for its story and tricky puzzles.

Key Takeaways

  • Faraway 2: Jungle Escape is a thrilling adventure game with an immersive experience.
  • The game features exotic locations, ancient artifacts, and challenging puzzle-solving.
  • Faraway 2 has captivated over a million players worldwide with its captivating storyline and mind-bending puzzles.
  • The game offers an escapism and immersive gameplay experience.
  • Faraway 2 is the sequel to one of the best-loved escape games.

Immersive Jungle Escape Adventure

Faraway 2: Jungle Escape plunges players into an exciting adventure. It offers chances to see exotic places and find ancient treasures. The 3D world and sounds make an exciting setting for players. They will collect items and solve puzzles in unique temple mazes.

Exotic Locations to Explore

Faraway 2: Jungle Escape takes players to many special places. They will go through rainforests and ancient ruins. As they move forward, they’ll face new challenges. Players must look around, find clues, and solve problems to go further.

Ancient Artifacts to Uncover

In Faraway 2: Jungle Escape, players can discover ancient treasures. These treasures are hidden in the temples and jungles. They give hints that help players escape the jungle and solve its mysteries.

Captivating Storyline

Faraway 2: Jungle Escape has an intriguing story. It’s about a player who’s searching for their lost father. They solve many tricky puzzles and end up in a new land with mysterious temples. As they find notes from their father, they learn about hidden family secrets.

Searching for Your Lost Father

In Faraway 2: Jungle Escape, the player looks for their dad. They explore temples and solve hard puzzles. Along the way, they discover clues and notes. These discoveries guide them towards finding their father and uncovering family truths.

Uncovering Family Mysteries

The game lets players discover their family’s secrets. By exploring temples and solving puzzles, they learn more. This knowledge isn’t just about their father’s history. It also tells them about their family’s past.

Challenging Puzzle-Solving Experience

Faraway 2: Jungle Escape provides a challenging puzzle-solving experience with 18 new temples to explore. These temples are full of tough escape puzzles. You need to turn, look, and solve mind-bending problems to move forward and discover the secrets.

Escape puzzles in the game test your observation, logic, and problem-solving skills. You have to navigate through detailed areas and use devices to open new places. Doing so helps you advance in the game and learn more of the story.

Key FeaturesDetails
18 New TemplesFaraway 2: Jungle Escape offers 18 temples with unique puzzle-solving experiences. Each one is ready for you to conquer.
Diverse Puzzles and ContraptionsPlayers find many different escape puzzles in the game. From complex machines to finding hidden objects, these challenges push your problem-solving abilities to their limits.
Exploration and ObservationSuccess in Faraway 2: Jungle Escape comes from careful observation, gathering important items, and interacting with the world. This lets you overcome the game’s tough puzzle-solving hurdles.

Faraway 2: Jungle Escape lures in those who love unraveling mysteries and escaping intricate mazes. It has 18 temples with lots of escape puzzles to enjoy. This makes the game a must-play for puzzle adventure fans.

Faraway 2: Jungle Escape game

Faraway 2: Jungle Escape is the follow-up to a well-loved escape game. It has drawn in over a million fans from around the globe. This game takes the original’s success and raises the bar with fresh puzzles and an engaging story.

Sequel to a Beloved Escape Game

As a sequel, Faraway 2: Jungle Escape aims to please its fans. The game’s makers heard what players loved about the first and added more fun. They’ve brought new challenges and settings for players to enjoy.

Over a Million Players Worldwide

With over a million players diving into Faraway 2: Jungle Escape, its fame is sure. This sequel has won over a wide range of audiences. It’s become a top choice for adventure game lovers old and new.

Fascinating Story Progression

Exploring Faraway 2: Jungle Escape leads to constant astonishment. The fascinating story progression captures my interest. Each temple and puzzle unravels a deeper connection to my lost father. The mind-boggling puzzles stretch my thinking. They challenge me to be observant and think creatively. This process helps me move through the game’s intriguing tale.

Mind-Boggling Puzzles

The puzzles in Faraway 2: Jungle Escape are a standout feature. They require me to push my logic and problem-solving abilities. Each temple offers unique obstacles, from tricky locks to elaborate setups. These challenges keep me hooked, eager to solve and move forward in the adventure.

Exploring New Temples

Discovering new temples in Faraway 2: Jungle Escape is rich with excitement. Every temple is a treasure trove, filled with secrets and history. Navigating through them sparks my imagination. Unraveling each temple’s mysteries also sheds light on my father’s story. This quest drives me to keep exploring, aiming to uncover the truth behind his vanishing.

Complex Escape Puzzles

Faraway 2: Jungle Escape offers 18 new temples filled with complex escape puzzles to solve. Players face mind-bending traps and intricate puzzles. They need keen eyes, strategic thinking, and careful actions to move ahead.

18 New Temples to Conquer

In Faraway 2: Jungle Escape, players dive into a vast world. Each of the 18 temples has its own unique escape puzzles. From deciphering ancient mechanisms to finding hidden rooms, players rely on their wit. They need problem-solving skills and attention to detail to uncover the temples’ secrets.

complex escape puzzles

Players have praised the game for its challenging puzzles and contraptions. Some call it the most difficult game they’ve faced. The complexity of the escape puzzles demands brains and effort. But, the feeling of success when moving through the temples is rewarding.

Immersive 3D World

Faraway 2: Jungle Escape takes players on a journey through a 3D world set in an exotic jungle. The game features rich visual details that make its environments come to life. This sets it apart from other escape games. Players truly feel transported to a different place.

Ambient Soundtrack

The game is not just about the looks. It also has an ambient soundtrack that fits perfectly with its journeys and puzzles. This well-chosen audio helps bring the game’s story to life. It makes the experience feel real and immersive.

Easy Navigation

Even though Faraway 2: Jungle Escape is full of complex 3D environments, moving around is simple. Its easy navigation system allows players to explore the mysteries of the temples. They can easily focus on the exciting puzzles without getting lost in the visuals.

Continuing the Mystery

In Faraway 2: Jungle Escape, each temple I explore brings me closer to solving the mystery. By learning to solve challenging puzzles, I find new clues. This helps me understand more about my family’s past and keeps me searching for answers.

Finding Your Father’s Missing Journal

The missing journal is crucial to understanding my father’s story. Every page I find adds a piece to the puzzle of his life. Finding his journal becomes a major goal for me, driving my quest to find father’s missing journal. It’s key to learning the truth about his disappearance.

Unlocking Family’s Past

The temples in Faraway 2 hold the secrets I need to uncover. With each mystery I solve, I learn more about my family. This journey is all about unlock family’s past. It pushes me to keep exploring and finding the truth hidden in the past.

New Features

Faraway 2: Jungle Escape brings a lot of new and fun elements. Players now have an in-game camera. They can take pictures of their game journey. This includes interesting lands and solving puzzles.

In-Game Camera for Snapshots

The in-game camera in Faraway 2: Jungle Escape is a big deal. It lets players remember their game wins and discover 18 new temples. They can snap a hard puzzle or beautiful view. This makes the game even more exciting.

Players can save their best moments using this camera. And they can enjoy their Faraway 2 story even after reaching the end.

Try for Free

Faraway 2: Jungle Escape lets players try the game for free. You can play 6 escape levels at no cost. This way, you can enjoy the captivating storyline and tough puzzles. Then you can buy the remaining levels if you like it.

6 Free Escape Levels

Play the first 6 levels of Faraway 2: Jungle Escape for free. This lets you get a feel for the game and its story. If you enjoy it, you can unlock the other 12 levels by purchasing them in the app.

Experience the Story

Discover the exciting story of Faraway 2: Jungle Escape. You’re searching for clues about your missing father. The free levels let you see the game’s intriguing environments and challenging puzzles. Then, you can choose to dive deeper into the story.

Stunning Graphics

Faraway 2: Jungle Escape has stunning graphics. The 3D world is immersive. It uses super widescreen support. This gives every player an amazing view right from the start of the game.

Super Widescreen Support

Faraway 2: Jungle Escape is made for the newest screens. It brings super widescreen to life. Players feel like they’re really there, thanks to detailed game environments. The game looks great on any high-quality PC or laptop with its wide view.

Compatible with iPhone X

Faraway 2: Jungle Escape works well on iPhone X too. It gives mobile players a top-notch gaming experience. The game’s look and control specially fit the latest phone screens. This makes playing smooth and enjoyable, wherever you are.

Thrilling Escape Game Experience

Faraway 2: Jungle Escape brings a thrilling escape game experience. It challenges players with mind-bending puzzles and contraptions. These test your eyes, gathering items, and working with gadgets. The game’s intriguing environment is filled with secrets and surprises. This keeps players hooked for hours. They explore temples, unlocking the game’s hidden mysteries.

In a 3D jungle, players use their minds to move forward. They must solve tricky puzzles and challenges to get out of each temple. The game details make it feel real. Plus, handling puzzles and devices is fun and immersive.

No matter your experience level, Faraway 2: Jungle Escape will wow you. It tests your skills and sparks your sense of adventure. With tough puzzles, cool devices, and a beautiful world, the game is unforgettable. It’s perfect for anyone looking for a daring challenge.


Faraway 2: Jungle Escape is a game you can’t miss. It pulls you into a thrilling world. You’ll face challenging puzzles and explore amazing 3D environments in this adventure game. Whether you know the first game or not, you’ll love this adventurous escape.

The story is rich with ancient artifacts and exotic locations. It makes you want to keep playing. The puzzle-solving stands out, making each immersive gameplay moment exciting. You won’t want the adventure to end.

Faraway 2: Jungle Escape shines in the adventure game world. It mixes an exciting tale, beautiful places, and smart puzzles. This game is for anyone who loves a good challenge. It takes you on a thrilling journey. Challenge your mind and start discovering the jungle’s secrets today!


What is Faraway 2: Jungle Escape?

Faraway 2: Jungle Escape is a thrilling adventure game set in exotic jungles. You’ll face challenging puzzles and explore ancient artifacts. Millions of players around the world have loved its predecessor.

What makes the gameplay of Faraway 2: Jungle Escape unique?

It puts players in a 3D world full of mysterious temples and jungles. You’ll collect items and solve complex puzzles to escape these temple labyrinths.

What is the story behind Faraway 2: Jungle Escape?

You embark on a quest to find your missing father. Along the journey, you discover secret family mysteries. This is told through notes left by your father, making the story very engaging.

How challenging are the puzzles in Faraway 2: Jungle Escape?

The game has 18 temples with intricate puzzles and gadgets. They test your observation and problem-solving skills. You must collect items and use devices to move forward.

How does Faraway 2: Jungle Escape build upon the success of the previous game?

As a sequel, it continues the legacy of its predecessor with new adventures. It offers more puzzles and an engaging story. This captivates both new and returning players.

What new features does Faraway 2: Jungle Escape introduce?

New features include an in-game camera for taking and saving snapshots. This adds to the gameplay by allowing players to capture memorable moments.

Can I try Faraway 2: Jungle Escape for free?

Absolutely, you can play Faraway 2: Jungle Escape for free. It features 6 levels for free escape. This gives you a taste of the game’s story and challenges without any cost.

What are the technical specifications of Faraway 2: Jungle Escape?

The game has amazing graphics designed for a 3D world. It supports super widescreen displays for an immersive experience. It’s also optimized for iPhone X screens, ensuring top quality play.

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