Farming Simulator 22: Realistic Agricultural Experience

Farming Simulator 22 in-game screenshot

Farming Simulator 22 lets players experience farm life with realistic gameplay. It has detailed graphics and brings crop, livestock, and machine management to life. Players run their own virtual farm using strategy to improve productivity. It’s a top choice for those looking for farming simulations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Farming Simulator 22 offers three difficulty settings in Career Mode: New Farmer (Easy), Farm Manager (Medium), and Start from Scratch (Hard).
  • Players can choose from three different maps in the game: Elm Creek, Haut-Beyleron, and Erlengrat.
  • The HUD in Farming Simulator 22 includes sections for Standard, Vehicle, and Crop Status.
  • Basics of harvesting involve various controls such as X, V, B, and H.
  • The cultivating process requires players to attach rear cultivators and front weights to the tractor.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Sowing basics involve attaching the sower to the rear of the tractor and selecting the correct seed type using the Y key.
  • Income in Farming Simulator 22 is earned by manually selling harvested crops to traders located on the map.
  • The game features a Crop Calendar that shows which crops are suitable for planting during specific periods.
  • Players can buy and sell items in the game, including vehicles, land, and other farming necessities, either by driving to a specific location or using the in-game menu with the P key.
  • Animal husbandry is a part of the game that allows players to care for livestock and increase their farm’s return on investment.

Realistic Gameplay and Details

Farming Simulator 22 pulls you into a true-to-life farming adventure. It’s all about being real, detailed, and authentic. You’ll get to manage a farm from start to finish, skillfully handling every part of it.

The game shows off a wide range of farming tasks. Players can do everything from growing crops and caring for animals to using various machines. It gives a real sense of the challenges and joys of farming today.

One big win for Farming Simulator 22 is its amazing look and feel. You’ll see beautiful countryside views, changing weather, and farm scenes that feel almost real.

For a true challenge, the game has Career Mode difficulty levels. Choose from Easy, Medium, or Hard. This makes sure players of any expertise level can have fun while learning about farming.

There are three different maps to pick from: Elm Creek, Haut-Beyleron, and Erlengrat. Each map is unique, offering different land and problems for you to solve. This keeps the game fresh.

The HUD makes it easy for players to see important info. You can quickly check on your farm’s condition and plan your next steps. This means more time for farming and less time clicking through menus.

Another cool thing is the AI helping out with tasks. It automates things like planting and harvesting. Just press “H” and let the game do some work for you.

Watching prices helps you make more money in the game. The Prices tab shows when to sell crops for the best price. Using this info wisely helps you grow a more profitable farm.

The Crop Calendar is a great planning tool. It shows what crops to plant and when. This can boost your farm’s harvests and profits.

Trading is a big part of the game. You can buy and sell stuff just by hitting the “P” key. This adds a fun way to grow your farm and make smart business choices.

Caring for animals is also important in Farming Simulator 22. You’ll look after cows and build things for them. It’s another part of the game that makes it feel real and complete.

Looks like Farming Simulator 22 is all about a true-to-life, immersive farming adventure. It’s packed with details, features, and fun challenges. Whether you love farming or are just starting, there’s a lot to enjoy here.

Extensive Mod Support

Farming Simulator 22 is more than just a game. It’s a whole world of farming brought to life, especially with its mod support. The game welcomes a dedicated group of modders that create new ways to play.

For example, the Enhanced Vehicle mod makes the farm machinery more real. Cars handle better, look nicer, and sound more authentic. It’s like being right in the middle of a real farm in Farming Simulator 22.

The Realistic Cab View mod is worth mentioning too. It lets players see from the driver’s perspective, making work on the farm even more immersive. This means you can feel like a real farmer, working in the fields from your vehicle’s cab.

“The modding community in Farming Simulator 22 is incredibly talented and dedicated. The mods available for the game allow players to personalize their farming experience to match their desired level of realism and authenticity.” – FarmingSim22Fan

The world of mods in Farming Simulator 22 is vast and varied. You can add new maps, grow different crops, and use more machinery. This gives everyone the chance to make their farm simulation their own.

Mod NameRatingNumber of Users
Massey-Ferguson 600 SeriesN/AN/A
Komatsu PC3004.32021
John Deere Gator Pack4.56362
Szpakowo (Version 1)4.7486
Szpakowo (Version 2)4.8711
Saga Log Shield4.85
Ursus 6 Pack4.81489
WSVS – Slurry Spreader4.442
Lizard NTG South America4.8376
Scania NTG South America4.672
Ford F3504.339

Farming Simulator 22 offers so much more with its mods. Players can change the game to fit their style. It’s a chance to live out your farming dreams in a digital world.

Customization and Difficulty Options

Farming Simulator 22 lets players adjust their game in many ways. They can pick different difficulty settings. There are three modes: New Farmer, Farm-Manager, and Start from Scratch. Each mode has its own challenges and play style.

Are you new to the game or like a chill time? New Farmer mode makes things simple. The economics are basic and tasks aren’t too hard. It’s a great way to learn the game without stress.

Want something not too easy nor too hard? Choose Farm-Manager mode. It’s a good mix of challenge and support. You can really dive into farm management without it being too tough.

Looking for a real challenge? Start from Scratch is for you. It’s as if you’re a real farmer starting with almost nothing. This mode is very rewarding for serious players.

In Farming Simulator 22, you can even tweak more settings. Change the economy, how fast the game moves, and more. Customizing lets players make the game their own.

Farming Simulator 22 is all about making your own farming dream. Whether you want an easy time, a moderate challenge, or to really test your skills, it has something for everyone.

Difficulty ModeDescription
New Farmer (Easy)Designed for players new to the game or prefer a relaxed experience.
Farm-Manager (Medium)A balanced mode that offers a good challenge without feeling overly restrictive.
Start from Scratch (Hard)The ultimate test of farming skills, starting with limited resources and no initial land or equipment.

Real-Life Farming Experience

Farming Simulator 22 is great for everyone. But, knowing real farming can make it even better. It helps you understand crops, animals, and machines better. This means you can run your farm smarter.

The game is very realistic. So, if you’ve farmed before, you might find some parts easier. For example, you’ll know when to plant crops. This can help you earn more money in the game.

You’ll also carry crops to sell. Knowing how to move crops well in real life helps here. This can make you a better player in the game.

“Understanding real-life farming practices can boost your farm’s success in Farming Simulator 22.”

Planting the right crops at the right time is key. The Crop Calendar helps with this. Knowing about seasons and conditions really gives you an edge.

The game also lets you raise animals. If you’ve taken care of animals before, you’re ahead. You’ll make more money and have a better time playing.

Farming Simulator success stories are inspiring. Grant Hilbert bought a farm with money from his channel. So, virtual farming and real farming can connect in cool ways.

Grant Hilbert’s Farming Simulator YouTube Channel
Most Viewed Video“We Bought a NEW Tractor! (John Deere 1026R)” – Nearly 935,000 views
Estimated Crossover AudienceApproximately 40% from his other YouTube channel

Grant Hilbert’s story shows how virtual farming can mix with real farming. While knowing real farming isn’t a must for the game, it sure helps. It makes your gameplay richer.

Farming Simulator 22 Image

Precision Farming and Sustainable Agriculture

Farming Simulator 22 takes farming to new heights by adding precision farming. This lets players use advanced methods and tech to get the most from their crops. It helps the environment too. With this, you can try out sustainable farming and see its benefits.

In Farming Simulator 22, precision farming comes with an environmental score. This score goes from 0 to 100 and looks at things like nitrogen, pH, weed control, soil checks, and how the soil’s worked. A neutral score is 50, and players can get up to 15% better crops if their score is high.

Players can boost their score by using smart tactics. Simply checking the soil adds 15 points. Using less tillage earns you another 10 points. The best use of nitrogen and fertilizer can get you up to 30 points. And keeping the soil’s pH just right brings in 15 points. Lastly, you can get 30 points for being great at killing weeds.

The Precision Farming Free DLC for Farming Simulator 22 gives a deep dive into precision farming. It has everything, from soil types to yield maps and smart ways to seed and fertilize. You’ll also find the best practices for controlling weeds and spreading lime.

Environmental Score FactorsPoints
Nitrogen LevelsUp to 30
pH ValueUp to 15
Weed ControlUp to 30
Soil Sampling15
Tillage10 (Reduced)

The Precision Farming Free DLC is a team effort with top schools and companies. The University of Hohenheim in Germany, the University of Reading in the UK, Grupo AN in Spain, and the Institute of Animal Research in Poland all worked on it. This makes the precision farming in Farming Simulator 22 as real as it gets.

With a focus on precision farming and going green, Farming Simulator 22 teaches players about advanced farming. By trying out precision farming in the game, players learn a lot about eco-friendly farming. They discover both the benefits and the tough parts of sustainable farming.

Farming Simulator 22 vs Previous Versions

Farming Simulator 22 takes the best from its past, like Farming Simulator 15 and 17. It brings enhancements in gameplay, better graphics, and a deeper farm life experience.

Map Selection

Farming Simulator 22 stands out with its map variety. It includes Elmcreek, Erlengrant, and Haut-Beyleron. Players can also get Silverrun Forest through the Platinum Expansion. In comparison, Farming Simulator 23 has two maps: Amberstone and Neubrunn.

Vehicle Brands

Farming Simulator 23 adds 15 new brands, such as Welger and TMC Cancela. It shares some brands with Farming Simulator 22, where players find 100 real brands and over 400 machines. This creates extensive options for players wanting authentic farming gear.

Graphics and Stability

Farming Simulator 22 shines with better stability and visuals compared to 23. While FS23 has had issues with bugs and glitches, FS22 offers a smoother experience. It boasts improved graphics and fewer tech problems.

Gameplay Features

Both games bring something unique to the table. FS23 has auto-load for pellets and logs, and helpful tutorial modes. It’s especially good for starting players. Yet, FS22 scores with more customization, giving players fine control over their farms.

Pricing and Platforms

FS23 is more wallet-friendly at $44.99, below FS22’s $49.99 price tag. It’s also playable on portable devices, including Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. FS22, however, offers a deeper gaming experience on PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC.

In the end, FS22 makes progress from its predecessors, offering better graphics, more features, and a life-like farming world. Your pick between FS22 and FS23 will depend on what features you value most, your budget, and the gaming platform you prefer.

Farming Simulator VersionsRelease DateMapsVehicle BrandsGraphics and StabilityGameplay FeaturesPrice
Farming Simulator 22November 22nd, 20213 primary maps
(Elmcreek, Erlengrant, and Haut-Beyleron)
Additional map: Silverrun Forest
Over 400 machines from 100 real agricultural brandsMore stable and visually appealingHands-on control and customization options$49.99
Farming Simulator 23N/A2 maps (Amberstone and Neubrunn)15 new vehicle brands, including Welger, TMC Cancela, and LandiniReported glitches and bugsAuto-load for pellets and logs, advanced tutorial modes, assistance for new players$44.99

ModHub and User-Generated Content

Farming Simulator 22 gives players access to ModHub. It’s a lively platform full of content made by the community. This content lets players improve their game with new mods and customizations.

If you want new vehicles, equipment, or farm layouts, ModHub is perfect. There’s a lot to choose from, so every player can find what they like. This ensures everyone can change the game to fit their style.

The John Deere Gator Pack by BlackSheep Modding is very popular. It has a high 4.5 rating from 6362 users. This mod adds the well-known John Deere Gator to the game, giving players a useful vehicle to use on their farm.

The Szpakowo Mod is also very liked. It has two versions and lets you visit the Szpakowo village. It’s rated 4.7 from 486 users and 4.8 from 711 users. Players can enjoy the village and its rural beauty thanks to this mod.

Another great addition is the Saga Log Shield Mod by AgrarDesignAustria. It has a 4.8 rating from 5 users. This mod makes logging safer by adding a reliable shield for transporting logs.

The Ursus 6 Pack by Kasztan18 is another player favorite. It has a high rating of 4.8 from 1489 users. This mod adds strong Ursus tractors to the game, giving players more options for their farms.

ModHub doesn’t just have machinery and equipment. It also has prefabs for customizing farm buildings. Headland Management by Glowins Modschmiede is a popular prefab. It has a 4.5 rating and 375 downloads. This prefab helps players manage their farming land better.

While ModHub provides great content, players need to be careful with mods. Some mods can cause problems or change the game in a bad way. Always check if mods work with the latest Farming Simulator 22. Make sure to get mods from trusted sources to keep your game safe and fun.

ModHub aims to build a strong community for modders. It lets players make their Farming Simulator 22 experience unique. There’s so much content to discover on ModHub that you can always find something new to try.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Playing Farming Simulator 22 means knowing its privacy and rule book. These rules help keep gaming safe and fun. Now, let’s dive into what you should know from these policies.

Privacy Policy

The goal of Farming Simulator 22’s privacy policy is to safeguard your personal data. This applies when you buy from the website, including data like your name, email, and payment info. For help when support is needed, your name and contact may also be asked.

You can choose not to share your data. The uses of your data are clear, following strict rules. These include when you agree, need help, or for safety reasons.

Data collected helps in many ways, from letting you use the service to protecting it. It’s only kept as long as needed, or if laws say it must be kept longer.

To keep everything safe, steps are taken to block any unauthorized access to your info on Farming Simulator 22.

Terms of Use

The game’s terms of use set the deal between you and the game’s maker, GIANTS Software GmbH. They explain what you can and can’t do with the game and services.

By hitting “Buy” and agreeing to the terms, you make a buy that binds you legally. GIANTS confirms this buy, making a contract. This deal is based on the terms of use of that buy’s date.

GIANTS can change these terms, but they will let you know about any important changes. Games and apps are protected by copyright and customers get a license for personal use. Fees are paid before accessing the games, including any taxes.

It’s up to you to keep your payment info up to date for a hassle-free experience. You also have the right to cancel with GIANTS within 14 days if you need to. This memo must be sent to GIANTS in Zurich.

Lastly, GIANTS Software GmbH is in Switzerland at Wiesenstrasse 19, 8952 Zürich-Schlieren.

ModHub and User-Generated Content

Farming Simulator 22 also lets you create Mods using the GIANTS Editor at “”

But, there are rules for sharing Mods. Mods must be free to share, and you can’t charge for them without GIANTS’ OK. Always mark these Mods as “Mod for Farming Simulator” when you post them.

While you own the Mods you make, GIANTS can also use and share them inside the game. Take care when making and sharing Mods, because GIANTS doesn’t cover any losses or disputes over their use.

If there are any claims because of your Mods, they are your responsibility, but you promise to cover GIANTS against any third-party issues. Mods might be checked by GIANTS and deleted if they break the rules or the law.

Follow these guidelines to enjoy Farming Simulator 22 safely and fully.


After looking at the Xbox Series X closely, Farming Simulator 22 is shining. It’s an amazing game that lets players really feel like they’re farming. This happens with its beautiful world and changing weather that feels real.

Farming Simulator 22 is the best in its kind because it’s so true to life. It uses real farming tools, moves like real life, and it’s easy to play. Players get to run every part of their farm with care and skill.

Farming Simulator 22 shows why farming is special with its hard work and big rewards. David Cameron says the game is really engaging and brings you into farm life.

The Farm Production Pack makes the game even better with more than 20 new tools, buildings, and places to sell your goods. New features like special sheds, a changing market, and cool machines like the Lely Sphere system and the VDW’s Cleaner Tiger make the game richer.


What is Farming Simulator 22?

Farming Simulator 22 is an agricultural simulation game. It lets players experience virtual farming in a realistic way.

What are the main features of Farming Simulator 22?

It focuses on managing crops, taking care of livestock, and using farm machinery. This gives a detailed view of farming in the modern world.

Does Farming Simulator 22 have realistic gameplay?

Yes, the game aims for an authentic farming experience. It’s detailed and realistic in how farming is played out.

Can I customize my gameplay experience in Farming Simulator 22?

Players can indeed tailor their gameplay. You can change the difficulty and settings to suit your style.

Is prior farming knowledge necessary to enjoy Farming Simulator 22?

Knowing about farming isn’t a must, but it could make the game more enjoyable. It helps you see the depth of its simulation.

What is precision farming in Farming Simulator 22?

It’s about using advanced methods and tech in farming. The goal is to grow more while harming the environment less.

How does Farming Simulator 22 compare to previous versions of the game?

Each new Farming Simulator wants to be fun and true to farming. Farming Simulator 22 stands out with better graphics, gameplay, and immersion.

Can I download user-generated content for Farming Simulator 22?

Yes, the game offers ModHub. It’s a place where players can get and add their custom content to the game.

Are there privacy policies and terms of use for Farming Simulator 22?

Farming Simulator 22 does have privacy policies and terms. These rules cover how the game and its online parts are used.

What can I expect from the gameplay experience in Farming Simulator 22?

Expect a game that brings farming to life. It’s detailed, supports mods, and lets you customize a lot.

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