Fortnite Discord: The Ultimate Community for Gamers

fortnite discord

Fortnite Discord is where gamers meet to play and level up. It’s great for those who love Fortnite and want to find new friends. Whether you’re just starting or a big fan, you can learn new tips, find team members, and join cool events here.

This article will show you some of the best Discord servers for Fortnite. We’ll also guide you on how to join them. So, let’s dive into the world of Fortnite Discord.

Official Fortnite Discord Server

The official Fortnite Discord server is run by Epic Games. It’s a big community with over 80,000 members. Here, you can find specific groups to play with, based on the game mode, platform, and region.

There are also places to talk about different parts of the game, like Homebase, Battle Royale, and Save the World. By joining, you stay on top of the latest news, chat with the devs, and meet other players.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fortnite Discord is lively and great for gamers.
  • It helps you find friends and learn new things about the game.
  • The official server by Epic Games has many channels to explore.
  • Joining lets you keep up with news and chat with fellow players.

Official Fortnite Discord Server

The Official Fortnite Discord Server is a key place for Fortnite fans. You can connect with players, keep up with the latest news, and team up to win battles. Run by Epic Games, it welcomes over 908,211 members. This makes it one of the top Fortnite communities online.

Inside, the server is well-organized for players’ various interests. There are 78 channels covering game tactics, updates, creative work, and trading. Whatever you’re into in Fortnite, you’ll find a spot to share and chat about it.

Its big collection of emojis, 168 in total, is a cool perk. They add fun to your messages, letting you show how you feel when you chat with others.

Server StatisticsNumbers
Total Members908,211
Roles Available8

Joining the server keeps you in touch with the Fortnite world. You can talk directly with Epic Games’ team. This means you get first access to news, updates, and events. You’re always updated on what’s happening in Fortnite.

Want to make friends or find team members for Fortnite? The official server is a great place. It helps you connect, learn, and get better at the game.

Elite Customs

Looking for intense scrim matches and competition? Elite Customs is the place for you in the Fortnite world. It’s a top server offering daily scrim matches and tournaments with cash prizes.

Scrim matches are great for skilled players to practice. They help you get better by playing against other talented people in a competitive setting.

To join, you need to verify your Epic Games account. Just link it with the Yunite bot. This helps the server stay high-quality and free of spam.

Joining Elite Customs means playing with top Fortnite players. You get to challenge yourself with the best in the game. It’s perfect for those aiming to win tournaments or improve their gameplay. The community is vibrant and full of dedicated players.

Want to boost your Fortnite skills? Join Elite Customs for exciting scrim matches and competitive fun.

G2 Atlantis

G2 Atlantis is a huge Fortnite Discord server with over 250,000 members. It’s one of the game’s top communities. It has servers for North America and the EU. Here, players from anywhere can join to play, compete, and find team members. It’s perfect for both skilled and casual gamers searching for friends to play with.

Scrim matches are key at G2 Atlantis. These are practice games against others, mainly for skilled players. They help you get better at Fortnite and get ready for big matches. They’re also a way to show off your skills to possible teammates or job recruiters.

Before you can join, you need to verify yourself. G2 Atlantis, like Elite Customs, uses the Yunite bot to keep the server safe and spam-free. Instead of verifying with “Yunite 16,” you add the Fortnite account “Yunite 17” as a friend for check. After this step, you can join scrim matches and meet other players looking for a team.

Whether you aim to improve your skills, play in tournaments, or just hang out with fellow Fortnite lovers, G2 Atlantis is an excellent place for you. It’s large, with dedicated servers and many scrim matches. This makes it a great place to advance your Fortnite experience.

East Open

Looking for a top Fortnite Discord server to meet gamers and find buds? East Open is the spot. It boasts over 300,000 members. No matter your way of playing Fortnite, there’s fun waiting for you here.

Joining East Open welcomes you to a big Fortnite fan community. Here, you’ll find channels to chat, pick teammates, and set up scrim matches. It’s ideal for forging new friendships and teams for challenging Fortnite games.

At East Open, verification through the Yunite bot is required. By linking your Fortnite account to “Yunite 17,” you can access all channels and features. This keeps the server safe and promotes a genuine Fortnite player community.

The mix of players at East Open is wide, from newbies to pros. It’s a great spot to learn, share tips, and catch up on Fortnite news.

The Official Fortnite Discord server984,000+
Fortnite Creators Discord server44,000+
DreamHack’s Discord serverVaried
FNPL Console LFG178,000+
FNCS Scrims EU165,000+
West Open193,000+
East Open309,000+
EU Open180,000+
The Fortnite Leaks Discord server23,500+
Official Fortnite Discord server80,000+
Elite CustomsVaried
G2 Atlantis250,000+
Kungarna East Scrims220,000+
TK Fortnite110,000+

Ready to boost your Fortnite game and mingle with a huge community? Join East Open today. Its welcoming vibe, lively member base, and assorted channels make it a top spot for Fortnite lovers. Click the invite link and dive into gaming excitement!

Kungarna East Scrims

Are you a skilled Fortnite player eager to level up? Join the Kungarna East Scrims Discord server. It’s home to over 220,000 players, all looking for competitive gaming.

This server prides itself on high-level gameplay. To be part of it, you need to have battled in over 100 matches. This rule ensures everyone knows the game well and aims to get better.

At Kungarna East Scrims, you will meet other players who love Fortnite as much as you do. Network with them, build teams, and take part in intense matches to improve your strategy.

To enter Kungarna East Scrims, verify your account with Fortnite’s Yunite 16. The server uses the Yunite bot for easy access and to keep gaming fair and secure.

Connecting with Kungarna East Scrims will introduce you to pro players. It also brings chances for competitive play and maybe team offers. Improve your game, make friends, and explore the competitive world of Fortnite with Kungarna East Scrims.

ServerRegionNumber of Members
Kungarna East ScrimsEast220,000+
Official Fortnite ServerN/A80,000+
Elite CustomsNorth America54,000+
G2 AtlantisNorth America, EU54,000+
East OpenEU289,000+
TK FortniteN/A110,000+

Kungarna East Scrims is your key to the big leagues of Fortnite. Be part of a lively crew who loves the game. Together, strive for gaming greatness.

TK Fortnite

TK Fortnite is an active Discord server with over 110,000 members. It stands out on the Fortnite Discord server list. Here, you’ll find many features and channels that make your gaming experience better.

At TK Fortnite, you don’t need the Yunite bot to verify your Epic Games account. But, for tournaments, you must verify by adding the “Yunite 12” account. This step ensures everyone plays fair and keeps the competition high.

After verifying at TK Fortnite, you can join channels for various game modes. These include box fights, build fights, zone wars, and arena matches. It’s a great way to meet players who enjoy the same game activities.

TK Fortnite is full of Fortnite fans from all walks of life. Whether you enjoy casual games, competitive play, or want to make friends, there’s a place for you here. It’s a great platform to find what you’re interested in.

Joining TK Fortnite means entering a lively community that loves Fortnite as much as you do. By meeting other players, forming teams, and joining events, you’ll improve your game, find new doors, and have fun.

TK Fortnite Discord server list

Overview of Fortnite Discord Servers

There are many Fortnite Discord servers for different needs. Here are some popular server types in the Fortnite community:

1. Fortnite LFG servers

Fortnite LFG (Looking For Group) servers help players find others to team up with. They feature channels for posting game modes, platforms, and regions. This helps players connect with others like them.

2. Official Fortnite servers

The Official Fortnite servers are managed by Epic Games. They are the go-to for official news and updates. Here, you can find discussions on Homebase, Battle Royale, Save the World, and more.

3. Fortnite Leaks servers

Fortnite Leaks servers keep players up-to-date with new game content. Members can talk about and guess upcoming releases. This includes new skins, events, and other surprises.

4. Fortnite Trading servers

Even though Fortnite doesn’t support trading, some servers are all about it. They have separate areas where players can trade items. This includes bargaining, offering items, and connecting with other traders.

It’s key to find a server that fits what you’re looking for. Whether you need new teammates, updates, leaks, or want to trade, there’s a Fortnite Discord server just for you.

Joining the Best Fortnite LFG Discord Server –

Looking for great Fortnite teammates? is the place to be with over 20,000 players. It’s a top choice for serious Fortnite gamers to connect easily.

At, you’ll find the perfect squad match with their smart algorithm. They have areas for all types of play – from casual to hardcore. The channels “Play Now Fortnite” and “LFG Fortnite” are set just for you.

Joining is a snap. Just click on the invite URL and register. Then, you’re in the midst of a bustling gaming community. Here, you meet other players, talk strategy and set up games.

Discord ServerMembers
Official Fortnite Discord984,000+
Fortnite Creators44,000+

Unlock Your Fortnite Potential with isn’t just a server; it’s a hub for getting better at Fortnite. It helps you find squad mates and offers tips and tricks for many games. You can even set up game times with friends hassle-free.

With, it’s easy to plan game times with features like Play Now & Play Later. This helps match up with friends and other players more effectively.

No matter if you’re in it for fun or serious competition, is here to help. Join the leading Fortnite LFG Discord server and enhance your gaming journey.

Top Fortnite Discord Servers

Want to make your Fortnite gaming better? Join Discord servers. They connect you with players who share your passion. The best part? Beyond the official server and, you’ll find others that meet every Fortnite fan’s needs.

Fortnite Creators Discord Server

The Fortnite Creators server is a hit with over 44,000 members. It’s a great place to share and see creations. You can also get new map codes and meet fellow creative minds.

DreamHack Discord Server

DreamHack’s Discord keeps you updated on Fortnite events. There, you can find out about the newest tournaments. Though the member count isn’t shown, it’s perfect for those who love esports.

FNPL Console LFG Discord Server

The FNPL Console LFG server is huge with 178,000 members. Console gamers gather here to find teammates. It’s ideal for making new gaming friends across different modes.

FNCS Scrims EU Discord Server

European Fortnite fans, this one’s for you. The FNCS Scrims EU server has 165,000+ members. It lets you join competitive scrims and meet other European players. A great place to boost your skills.

West Open Discord Server

The West Open server is for those competing in Fortnite on NA West. It has over 193,000 members. In this lively community, gamers find teammates, play in scrims, and enjoy the Fortnite scene.

East Open Discord Server

Are you playing Fortnite on NA East? The East Open server welcomes you with over 309,000 members. Here, you can find teammates, join practice matches, and learn the latest strategies.

EU Open Discord Server

Looking to compete in EU? The EU Open server, with 180,000 members, is where you should be. It’s a hotspot for scrims and connecting with other European players. A key to enjoying EU’s Fortnite scene.

Fortnite Leaks Discord Server

For sneak peeks and the latest on Fortnite, there’s the Fortnite Leaks server. It has over 23,500 members. Perfect for those who love to speculate and discuss all things Fortnite.

Get more from your Fortnite journey by joining these servers. They let you connect with players like you. Plus, they offer chances to enhance your Fortnite skills.


Joining a Fortnite Discord server is a great way to make friends and be part of the Fortnite world. You can find people to play with, join competitions, and even trade items. Servers like the official Fortnite one and Elite Customs are good choices. They have lots of options for meeting others who love the game.

These servers have many members, from 54,000 to over 289,000, and come from around the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re really good or just play for fun. You will meet others like you who are into Fortnite from North America, EU, and SA.

Many Fortnite Discord servers use special bots, like Yunite, to keep things safe. These bots stop fake accounts and spam. Some servers also check your Fortnite experience or number of games played before letting you in. This means you’ll be playing with skilled and serious gamers.

Reaching out and joining the top Fortnite Discord servers is a chance to find your gaming community. You can team up, learn from others, and enjoy new aspects of the game. So, go ahead and discover the Fortnite Discord community. It will enhance your Fortnite game in ways you never thought possible.

Discord ServerCurrent Members
Official Fortnite Server80,000+
Elite Customs54,000+
G2 Atlantis54,000+
East Open289,000+
Kungarna East Scrims220,000+
TK Fortnite110,000+
Pro Settings85,000+


Joining a Fortnite Discord server adds a lot to your game. You meet other players, get helpful tips, and join special events. Whether you’re into tough matches or just want to chill, great servers are out there.

The Official Fortnite Discord Server is huge, with over 80,000 members. Here, you can chat about game updates and more. For those who love a challenge, Elite Customs and G2 Atlantis have exciting tournaments. East Open is perfect for EU players, with over 289,000 members waiting to team up.

TK Fortnite is cool for its large, no-verification community of 110,000 users. For finding the best Fortnite partners, try Every server has its vibe, making your Fortnite fun even better.

In short, don’t miss out on joining a Fortnite Discord. Great for making friends, finding teammates, and enjoying the game more. There’s a server out there for everyone. So start exploring, meet new friends, and enjoy Fortnite together!


What is the official Fortnite Discord server?

The official Fortnite Discord server is run by Epic Games. It’s a top spot for players to chat and team up. You can find players for different game modes, platforms, and regions. Plus, you get to talk about the game and keep up with the latest news from the dev team.

How can I join Elite Customs?

To join Elite Customs, link your Epic Games account with the Yunite bot on Discord. This step cuts out spam accounts and makes the server better. Elite Customs is all about scrim matches and has them daily. There are also cash prize tournaments.

How do I join G2 Atlantis?

To join G2 Atlantis, add “Yunite 17” to your Fortnite friends list. This step is for account verification. After that, you can join scrim matches and find a team. G2 Atlantis is big on scrims and has servers for North America and the EU.

What does East Open offer?

East Open is a bustling Fortnite server with 300,000+ members. It’s perfect for talking with other players and finding teammates. You can also join scrim matches to practice. It’s a lively community to be part of if you love Fortnite.

How can I join Kungarna East Scrims?

To join Kungarna East Scrims, add “Yunite 16” to your friends list for account verification. This server is for pros who’ve played a lot. It’s great for anyone looking to up their game with skilled players and competitive matches.

What is required to join TK Fortnite?

Joining TK Fortnite doesn’t need your Epic Games account linked with the Yunite bot. But, for tournaments, you have to be verified. Add “Yunite 12” for the verification. Here, you’ll find teammates for different game modes.

What types of Fortnite Discord servers are available?

There are many types of Fortnite Discord servers. You can find ones for group matchmaking, official Fortnite news, and upcoming content leaks. There are also ones for trading items, even though Fortnite doesn’t officially support trading.

How can I join

To join, just click on this link. There, you can register and find the perfect teammates for Fortnite using an algorithm. It has channels to help you connect based on your gaming needs.

What are some other top Fortnite Discord servers?

Other notable Fortnite Discord servers are Fortnite Creators, DreamHack, and FNPL Console LFG. For those in Europe, there’s FNCS Scrims EU and EU Open. And don’t forget West and East Open for a wide range of activities. Each one serves a different part of the Fortnite community.

How can joining a Fortnite Discord server enhance my gaming experience?

Joining a Fortnite Discord server connects you with fellow players. You can get tips, join events, or even trade. These servers offer a lot, whether you play casually or more competitively.

Why should I join a Fortnite Discord community?

Joining a Fortnite Discord community connects you with others, helps find teammates, and improves your game. It’s a place to learn from each other and have fun. So, join one today and level up with friends.

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