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bunny garden game

Welcome to a super fun match bunny garden game! It’s a mix of match 3 puzzle game and farming. This game has over 1,000 levels for you to play. You’ll love how it mixes match-3 with virtual farm makeover.

Get ready to have a blast in the vegetable patches. You’ll make colorful combos that explode with beauty. It’s a new kind of fun that’s never been seen before.

This game has a great story. It mixes history, mystery, and the fun of making your own virtual farm. You’ll find lots of levels to play, each one full of color and excitement.

There are awesome boosters and power-ups to use too. So, you can keep playing over and over again. And the best part? It’s all for free!

Key Takeaways

  • Immersive virtual vegetable patch experience with match-3 puzzles
  • Captivating storyline and hundreds of interactive bunny playground levels
  • Endless fun and replayability with over 1,000 carrot cultivation game stages
  • Completely free to play with optional in-app purchases
  • Stunning whimsical garden adventure with high-resolution 3D graphics

Immersive World of Bunny Garden Adventure

The Bunny Garden game takes players to a beautiful world. Here, they can grow their own crops and meet fun bunnies. The game lets you go on a special quest where you grow carrots and make a bunny happy.

Players can also build their own secret bunny home. This place can have rooms, tunnels, and many decorations. You can make it exactly how you want.

The game is perfect for those who love gardening or want to try something new. It’s a fun journey through a magical garden where you can make your own story. Start playing and see what you can do in this unique place.

Addictive Gameplay: Match, Blast, and Swap

The Bunny Garden game is a mix of match-3 puzzles and virtual farming. You connect 3 or more of the same veggies to collect goals. Create combos and use power-ups to get more points. Try different tactics to see what works best. With hundreds of farm levels, the game is always fun and offers a lot to explore.

Connect Veggies for Colorful Combos

Your goal in the game is to match 3 or more veggies to make colorful combos. This lets you advance through the levels. You’ll face different obstacles like Flowers and Wooden Boxes. Use smart moves and power-ups to beat these challenges and reach new scores.

Special Power-Ups and Boosters

The game gives you special tools to help overcome levels. Lightning and bombs are just some of the surprises. Collect these tools to easily beat tough levels and climb the leaderboard.

Game StatisticsValue
Sophisticated Strategic Levels360
Levels to ExploreOver 300
Average Rating4.6 based on 11.8K reviews
Helpful Reviews3,758 | 10 | 3,519
Lives per Play Session5
In-App PurchasesAvailable for extra moves and lives
Offline GameplaySingle-player mode
Puzzle GenreMatch 3

The Bunny Garden game mixes match-3 puzzles with virtual farming. By linking veggies smartly and using boosts, you can conquer levels. This opens up more of the fun rabbit quest for you to enjoy.

Caring for Baby Bunnies and Nurturing Growth

Bunny Garden lets you grow veggies and look after baby bunnies. You hand-feed them as they grow into adult rabbits. It’s a fun way to learn about gardening with bunnies.

Hand-Feed and Watch Them Grow

Baby bunnies need a warm, 100°F place to live for their first 2 weeks. Then, you can give them greens, fruits, and veggies. Rabbits drink lots of water, so make sure they always have some.

What you feed your baby bunnies changes as they grow. For the first few weeks, they need special milk. With time, they start eating like adult rabbits. You get to watch them change from tiny babies to lively bunnies in your garden.

As your bunnies grow, you can make their home better with new things. This makes your bunny garden more exciting. Taking care of them makes the game even more fun.

Design Your Own Underground Bunny Burrow

The Bunny Garden game lets players make their own bunny burrows underground. You can create endless designs and personalize your space. Build tunnels and rooms to grow your rabbit garden, then add toys and furniture. This makes the perfect place for your bunnies to enjoy. You can try different designs and items to discover new things and rabbits, making your garden unique.

Create Tunnels and Chambers

Go deep under the earth to craft a special bunny playground. Make winding tunnels and cozy spaces for your bunnies. Make sure to plan your layout well. Your garden should be a lush space for your rabbits to enjoy.

Decorate with Toys and Furniture

Make your bunny’s world come to life by decorating. Use all sorts of toys, furniture, and fun items. Let your creativity shine as you deck out every room. This will be a lovely space for your bunnies to have fun and grow veggies.

Discover Amazing New Bunny Species

Playing the Bunny Garden game lets you discover many new bunny species. These bunnies come in various colors and have unique features. They are both cute and fun to interact with. This makes the game a peaceful and enjoyable place to be.

Hit the Dance Floor for Bunny Combinations

Want to find rare rabbits? Start by hitting the dance floor in the game. By pairing different bunnies up, you can unlock special ones with unique skills. Try different pairings and moves to see all the bunnies in your collection. As you level up, you might have to wait longer for things. But, the rewards, like baskets that open in 12 hours, are worth it.

bunny garden game

The Bunny Garden game plunges players into a magical world filled with plant life and adorable bunnies. You’ll get to create colorful garden patches and take care of cute baby rabbits. The game combines match-3 puzzles with farming, creating an experience that’s fun and engaging. Players can design their bunny burrows, find special rabbit breeds, and enjoy high-quality 3D graphics. It truly offers a unique adventure in gardening.

bunny garden game

Endlessly Customizable Subterranean Playground

The Bunny Garden game lets you design an underground bunny burrow. This space is always changing, letting players make their own world. You can build tunnels and chambers, then add lots of fun stuff and cute decorations.

Infinite Possibilities for Design

Change up the layouts and add furniture to make a comfy space for bunnies. As you make your garden bigger, you unlock more items and friends. The game has so many things to pick from, making your burrow special and showing off your style.

Zillions of Interactive Items

In the Bunny Garden game, you create a cool world underground. Design tunnels and rooms and choose from lots of cool decorations. Let your imagination run wild. Make a fun botanical rabbit quest world with interactive bunny playgrounds that any bunny would love to call home.

Connect with Friends through Social Features

The Bunny Garden game lets you connect with friends by sharing your garden designs. You can see your friends’ bunny burrows, with all their unique decorations. This lets everyone get new ideas from each other’s gardens.

Visit Friends’ Burrows

In the Bunny Garden game, visiting friends’ burrows is a big feature. You get to explore their gardens, full of clever tunnels and decorations. This sharing helps create a supportive community where everyone inspires and learns from each other.

Show Off Your Creations

You can also show your own garden in the Bunny Garden game. Others can admire your designs and give you advice. Sharing your garden motivates you to keep making it better, so you stand out in the game.

Stunning High-Resolution 3D Graphics

The Bunny Garden game has beautiful, high-resolution 3D graphics. These graphics make players feel like they’re in a stunning, imaginary world. You’ll see bright colors and cute bunnies that move like they’re alive.

The game’s open world is full of amazing places. It looks real and is inspired by the CGI series “Peter Rabbit: Let’s Go!”. This makes the game feel genuine and exciting.

The developers worked hard to make the graphics even better. They significantly improved details like more trees and grass. With these changes, the game looks gorgeous and runs smoothly.

Whether you’re growing veggies or playing with baby bunnies, the game is a joy to look at. The graphics will draw you in, making you feel like you’re part of a beautiful, digital garden.

Play Online or Offline for Ultimate Convenience

The Bunny Garden game lets players enjoy it both online and offline. You need internet the first time you play. After that, you can play whenever, wherever without needing to be online. This makes it easy to fit the game into your daily life, giving you a fun virtual gardening experience.

Game lovers, if you’re into furry gardener’s delight or whimsical garden adventures, you can build your virtual vegetable patch offline. Dive into the carrot cultivation game and rabbit gardening simulator anytime, anywhere. You can keep playing even without the internet, so your botanical rabbit quest never stops.

If you’re often on the move, you don’t have to stop playing. Enjoy the bunny garden game on the way to work, while on a trip, or where the internet is slow. Playing offline makes this veggie growing simulator a great choice for busy people. It keeps the game in the fun zone for players who like to have it all on their terms.

Lovers of garden gnome bunny escapades and relaxing whimsical garden adventures, this game is for you. Its online and offline features make sure your rabbit gardening simulator journey goes on smoothly. In short, it’s the perfect game for anyone who wants to play whenever they can, however they want.

Engaging Bunny-Themed Activities and Challenges

The Bunny Garden game goes beyond the core match-3 and gardening. It brings a fun mix of bunny-themed tasks. Players get to join a botanical rabbit adventure. They grow veggie gardens and find hidden surprises. In this bunny garden game, you can mix different bunnies on the dance floor. This helps find rare rabbit types and make your underground burrow more diverse.

Gardens to Grow and Treasures to Discover

Start in the virtual vegetable patch. Grow your own haven with bright carrots and more veggies. While enjoying your interactive bunny playground, look out for hidden treasures. Every find in the whimsical garden adventure makes your furry gardener’s delight bloom in this botanical rabbit quest.

Breed Elusive Bunny Types

In the veggie growing simulator, mix bunnies on the dance floor to find rare types. Enjoy seeing your garden gnome bunny escapade grow. New bunnies keep your rabbit gardening simulator fresh and interesting. Each new bunny found adds to your underground home. This keeps your carrot cultivation game full of surprise and fun.

Free to Play with Optional In-App Purchases

The Bunny Garden game is free to download, letting players jump into a world of cute, botanical rabbit adventures cost-free. It comes with the option to make in-app purchases. These purchases help enhance the game with more features if you want. But, remember, they are totally up to you.

There’s a lot of fun you can have in the core game without spending money. This means the Bunny Garden is open to players of any age and budget.

Key StatisticsDetails
Developed byRunaway Play, a mobile games studio specializing in creating games inspired by the natural world
Game FeaturesRescuing a diverse array of cute bunnies with unique markings and personalities, styling a sanctuary with furniture and accessories, managing a garden cafe, and matching cafe customers with their perfect bunny companions
Rabbit InspirationEvery rabbit in Bunny Haven is inspired by real-life rabbit species, capturing their quirks and characteristics
Player ReviewsThe game has received a rating of 4.7 out of 5 based on 8.96K reviews, with positive feedback from players like Mackenzie Mitchell, Kyo, and Mars
MultiplayerBunhouse can be enjoyed with up to four friends locally, with online multiplayer through Steam’s Remote Play Together feature
System Requirements

Basic Gameplay:

  • Intel i5 or Ryzen 5 3600 processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • GTX 1050 graphics card
  • 3 GB available space

Optimal Performance:

  • Intel i7 or Ryzen 7 processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • RTX 2060 graphics card
  • 3 GB available space
Platform SupportThe game is optimized for mid-tier gaming computers to maintain good fps and visual fidelity. Starting January 1st, 2024, the Steam Client will only support Windows 10 and later versions.

The free-to-play model of the Bunny Garden game, with optional in-app purchases, is designed to welcome players from anywhere. This is regardless of your age or budget. It’s perfect for anyone who loves gardens or bunnies, offering a charming virtual world experience.


The Bunny Garden game is both rich and fun, mixing match-3 puzzles with the love of botanical rabbit quests. Players can grow vegetable patches and look after baby bunnies. This makes the game a wonderful place to show off creativity.

It features beautiful 3D images, exciting gameplay, and many fun activities. The Bunny Garden is a fantastic virtual gardening adventure for anyone. It welcomes both experts in gardening and those who adore bunnies to a magical world of plants and little furry friends.

The game is easy to control and has lively colors. It lets you decorate and build to your liking. This makes for a really enjoyable experience. Players can go on a thrilling botanical rabbit quest. They can also create their virtual vegetable patch and enjoy playing with interactive bunnies.


What is the Bunny Garden game?

The Bunny Garden game mixes match-3 challenges with gardening and farming. Create your own vegetable patch and explore a bunny playground. You can also design a special bunny burrow, making the game unique.

What are the key features of the Bunny Garden game?

This game is full of surprises with an engaging story and hundreds of levels. The match-3 puzzles are fun and addictive. You get to take care of cute baby bunnies and customize your own burrow.

How does the match-3 gameplay work in the Bunny Garden game?

Connecting three or more veggies lets you collect goals and make combos. Power-ups and boosters help you clear levels and discover new stages. It’s the best way to enjoy a rabbit’s botanical adventure.

Can I care for baby bunnies in the Bunny Garden game?

Yes, you can feed and raise baby bunnies in the Bunny Garden. Watch them grow into adult rabbits with new skills. These bunnies can help you improve your underground area.

How can I customize my underground bunny burrow?

Make your burrow truly yours with tunnels, rooms, and lots of decoration. You can choose from many interactive items to create your dream world. It’s a place just for you.

Can I discover new bunny species in the game?

Definitely! Dance and mix bunnies to find rare rabbit types. Each has unique abilities, adding to your garden’s variety. It’s a fun way to explore in the game.

Is the Bunny Garden game free to play?

Yes, the Bunny Garden game is free. You can download and start playing without paying. But there are things you can buy to make your play even better.

Can I play the Bunny Garden game offline?

Yes, you can play the Bunny Garden game online or offline. You need the internet when you first start. After that, you can play it whenever and wherever you want.

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