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Welcome to our top-notch Minecraft server hosting platform! Do you aim to dive into exciting quests with friends in the Minecraft universe? You’re in the right spot. We offer a free Minecraft server perfect for all your gaming necessities.

Key Takeaways:Create Your Free Minecraft Server in MinutesEnjoy Reliable and Secure Hosting for Your Minecraft ServerSet up your Minecraft server instantlyWhy Host Your Own Minecraft ServerThe Benefits of Choosing ScalaCube for Free Minecraft Server HostingSecure and ReliableImproved Performance and Fast LoadingEnhanced Gaming Features24/7 Customer SupportInstant Setup with Easy-to-Use Control PanelStep-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Free Minecraft ServerMake the Most of Your Free Minecraft Server Hosting ExperienceFrequently Asked Questions About Minecraft Hosting1. What hardware does SeekaHost use for their Minecraft hosting services?2. Can I use mod packs with SeekaHost Game Servers?3. What is the uptime guarantee for SeekaHost servers?4. Where are SeekaHost Minecraft servers located?5. What features are available in the SeekaHost Client Area?6. What kind of technical support does SeekaHost offer for Minecraft server hosting?7. Can I add multiple servers to my SeekaHost account?8. Does SeekaHost offer a free trial for their Minecraft servers?9. What kind of gaming control panel is provided with SeekaHost Minecraft server hosting packages?10. Can I cancel my SeekaHost Minecraft server hosting service at any time?ConclusionFAQWhat are the benefits of free Minecraft server hosting?How can I create a free Minecraft server?What hosting options are available for free Minecraft servers?Why should I host my own Minecraft server?What are the benefits of choosing ScalaCube for free Minecraft server hosting?Can you provide a step-by-step guide to setting up a free Minecraft server?How can I make the most of my free Minecraft server hosting experience?What are some frequently asked questions about Minecraft hosting?

Our user-friendly control panel makes setting up and managing your server a breeze. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting or have played for years. Our platform is designed to be simple, letting you enjoy Minecraft to the fullest.

  • Enjoy an uptime guarantee of 99.9%, so your server is always ready when you are.
  • Questions or need help? Our support team is here 24/7 to help via email or live chat.
  • Our servers boast SSD storage, ensuring faster load times and better performance.
  • Set up your Minecraft server instantly with our instant setup feature, requiring just a few clicks.
  • With DDoS protection, your server is shielded from potential harm.
  • Create custom worlds and elevate your experience with our mod and plugin friendly servers.

Since 2015, we’ve supported over 150,000 Minecraft servers, earning a 4.5-star rating for customer satisfaction. We rely on the latest server equipment, including AMD Ryzen CPUs, for top-tier performance.

Our data centers are in Europe, North America, and Australia, ensuring minimal lag for global players. Whether you’re in Buffalo, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Paris, Bucharest, or Sydney, we’ve got you covered.

We also provide discount codes, saving you up to 45% on hosting. Our system is without a subscription, giving you the freedom to choose what suits you best.

Your data’s security is a priority with us, offering automatic and manual backups for seven days. And for easier server access, we include free subdomains and domain name options.

Don’t explore Minecraft’s vast world on your own. Begin your adventure today with a complimentary Minecraft server from us. Play, discover, and make lasting memories with friends while we mind your hosting requirements.

So, why wait? Nab your free Minecraft server and kick off the escapades with us!

Key Takeaways:

  • Enjoy a top-quality, hassle-free Minecraft server with our free hosting platform.
  • Get a 99.9% uptime guarantee and round-the-clock support through email or live chat.
  • Benefit from quicker loading times and better server performance with SSD storage.
  • Start your server in no time with just a few clicks and stay safe from DDoS assaults.
  • Customize your experience with unique worlds, auto backups, and support for mods/plugins.

Create Your Free Minecraft Server in Minutes

Are you ready to begin a grand Minecraft adventure with friends? ScalaCube’s free Minecraft server hosting is just what you need. Setting up your server is easy and quick.

Below is a guide to get you started:

  1. Sign up for a free Minecraft server hosting account: Go to ScalaCube’s website and make an account. This gives you access to their top-notch hosting platform.
  2. Access the easy-to-use control panel: After signing up, log in and find the control panel. Here, manage your server’s settings with ease.
  3. Set your server the way you want: Pick your server’s name, set player amounts, and choose a location. Do this to get the best out of your gaming time.
  4. Pick the Minecraft version: Choose which Minecraft version you’d like on your server. ScalaCube offers many versions for you to pick from.
  5. Add plugins, mods, and special features: Make your game more exciting by including your favorite add-ons. You can create unique worlds or fun game modes with these. The choice is yours.
  6. Begin playing on your free Minecraft server soon: With the setup done, your server will be ready quickly. Invite your friends over to play Minecraft together!

If you’re an experienced Minecraft player or just starting, creating a Minecraft server with ScalaCube is fast and simple. Ditch the pricey servers and welcome unlimited hours of fun with friends. Don’t delay, start crafting your free Minecraft server today!

Enjoy Reliable and Secure Hosting for Your Minecraft Server

Hosting your Minecraft server needs to be both reliable and secure. You need a provider that keeps your server running smoothly all the time. ScalaCube offers free hosting where you can be sure of a great experience.

ScalaCube stands out with its DDoS protection. This keeps your server safe from attacks so your game and players are not disturbed. You can relax, knowing your server is well-protected.

ScalaCube ensures fast load times and smooth performance with SSD storage. You won’t face lags while playing. Their quality hardware promotes smooth gaming for everyone.

ScalaCube offers extra features to enhance your server. You can make custom worlds, automate backups, and effortlessly add mods. These features help you make a unique gaming space.

ScalaCube promises 24/7 server uptime. You’re never left worrying if your server is down. They maintain worldwide data centers for a solid connection and less downtime.

If you need help, ScalaCube’s 24/7 support is there. Their skilled team can solve any problems you have. You can count on their help to keep your server working well.

Set up your Minecraft server instantly

ScalaCube’s free hosting makes starting your server simple. You can set it up quickly with easy clicks. Their control panel lets you adjust settings, pick a Minecraft version, and start your server easily.

With ScalaCube, enjoy hosting that’s both reliable and secure. Benefit from DDoS protection, quick load times, and extra features for a great gaming server. Start today for a smooth gaming experience.

Why Host Your Own Minecraft Server

If you love Minecraft, chances are you’ve spent hours exploring and building. Ever thought about hosting your server? Doing this offers many benefits for you and your friends to enjoy. Let’s look at some key perks:

  1. Customize and control your server’s settings: Running your Minecraft server gives you full control. You can change the game rules and add mods or plugins. This lets you create a unique experience just for you and your friends.
  2. Manage user permissions for a safe and secure environment: Having your server lets you control who enters. You can set who can play with you. This makes the game safer and more enjoyable.
  3. Build your own online community: A Minecraft server lets you build your own group. You can play with friends and invite others with the same interest. It’s a fun way to meet new people who love the game like you do.
  4. Expand your server’s capabilities: With your server, you can do more than just play. New features and gameplay can be added through mods or plugins. This can make your game even more exciting.
  5. Enjoy a personalized gaming experience without the expenses of hosting: Having your server means you can do more without big costs. You can set it up on your computer or find free ways to host. This makes your game truly yours without breaking the bank.

Hosting your server lets you be more creative, make friends, and control your game. It’s perfect for playing with friends or starting a community. This way, you get to experience Minecraft in a unique way, full of options.

If you’re into Minecraft, hosting your server is a smart move. It brings a world of new opportunities. So why not get started and build your Minecraft world today?

The Benefits of Choosing ScalaCube for Free Minecraft Server Hosting

ScalaCube is a top pick for free Minecraft server hosting. It’s reliable, trusted, and packed with benefits for all players. You can use it whether you’re new to creating servers or have lots of experience.

Secure and Reliable

Your server’s safety and staying online are key at ScalaCube. We shield your server against DDoS attacks for a safer play area. Plus, we guarantee 99.9% uptime, so your gaming won’t be interrupted.

Improved Performance and Fast Loading

Gaming is smoother thanks to our SSD storage. This means games load quicker and perform better. Leg-free gaming awaits you!

Enhanced Gaming Features

ScalaCube boosts your Minecraft world with custom landscapes and protected game data. You can also tweak your game with mods and plugins for unique fun.

24/7 Customer Support

Getting help right away is essential, and we’re ready to support you all day, every day. Reach out via email or live chat for quick assistance from our expert team. We ensure your Minecraft journey is hurdle-free.

Instant Setup with Easy-to-Use Control Panel

Setting up is easy and quick at ScalaCube. Your server is up and running in moments thanks to our SSD setup. Our control panel is user-friendly, perfect for everyone.

Table: Comparison of Free Minecraft Hosting Providers

ProviderFree Plan FeaturesPremium PlansCustomer Support
ScalaCube3GB RAM, 30GB SSD storageVarious options with increasing resources and player slots24/7 customer support via email and live chat
HostingerN/APricing starts at $8.95/month for 2GB RAM and 2 CPUs24/7 support
MCProHostingN/ACustom plans, hosting and switching between multiple games24/7 support

Choose ScalaCube for a great start in free Minecraft server hosting. Enjoy secure play, fast loading, and cool features. Your Minecraft journey begins better with ScalaCube

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Free Minecraft Server

Setting up a Minecraft server offers a chance for a custom game with friends. ScalaCube’s hosting makes it easy. Just follow our steps to start your Minecraft journey.

  1. Use ScalaCube’s control panel to easily create your free Minecraft server.
  2. Configure your server settings and select the desired Minecraft version. This step ensures compatibility and allows you to enjoy the latest features and updates.
  3. Customize your server with plugins, mods, and additional features to enhance your gameplay. From adding new game modes to tweaking server settings, the possibilities are endless.
  4. Benefit from instant setup, allowing you to start playing on your free Minecraft server within minutes. Say goodbye to long wait times and dive right into the action.

Pro Tip: For a smooth setup process, make sure to prepare the spawn area before inviting friends to join. This may take some time, but it’s worth the effort to create an immersive and exciting Minecraft world.

Did You Know? Server.jar may trigger a Windows Defender Firewall warning. Don’t worry, this is normal. Simply allow the program through the firewall to ensure smooth server operation.

After your server starts, you’ll want friends in your Minecraft world. To play with friends not on your Wi-Fi, set up port forwarding on your router. This lets anyone connect and play.

Critical Setup Step: Don’t forget to convert the ‘eula.txt’ agreement from “false” to “true” in your server folder. Failure to do so will prevent your server from starting.

To change how your server plays, adjust the ‘’ file. Here you can change game settings like difficulty, mode, and more. Find what works for your game.

Wondering how to find your public IP address? Simply search “what is my ipv4 address” on Google, and it will provide you with the necessary information.

The default port for Minecraft servers is 25565. But, check your specific setup for the right port number. This is important when hosting or joining servers.

Setup StepsAdditional Tips
Create a server folder on your desktopOrganize files and resources for easy access
Download and install the Minecraft server.jar fileEnsure you have the correct file for your server version
Customize server settings in the ‘’ fileExperiment with different configurations for unique gameplay experiences
Configure port forwarding on your router for external accessHost friends outside your Wi-Fi network and increase multiplayer options

Now you have a guide to create your Minecraft server. It’s time to be creative and start adventures with friends. Enjoy the freedom of running your own server and make memories in Minecraft.

Make the Most of Your Free Minecraft Server Hosting Experience

ScalaCube offers top-notch free server hosting services for Minecraft. We provide a rich set of features and support. Whether you’re new or experienced, we’ve got you covered. Have fun and create with your own Minecraft server.

Choosing ScalaCube gives you access to cool stuff. Our servers have DDoS protection to keep you safe. They also use SSD storage for quick loading and great performance. This means smoother gaming for you.

At ScalaCube, making your server your own is simple. Use our control panel for easy customization. This lets you add mods and plugins with a click.

You can show off your server with a public page feature. And uploading custom maps or plugins is easy with FTP access.

free minecraft server setup guide

The free MySQL database makes gameplay better with updated plugins. And our control panel makes server management a piece of cake.

Need to share server management duties? Our server sharing feature lets you. Plus, stay in touch with your server via Android or iOS apps.

Expert support at ScalaCube is always ready to help. Our team is available 24/7 to solve any problems. With strong DDoS protection, your server is safe.

We put our servers worldwide for best connection wherever you are. The setup is instant, and managing your server is simple and stress-free.

Key FeaturesBenefits
One-Click Install PluginsEasily add and update plugins with just one click.
Share Your Server Status with FriendsShow off your server and allow friends to join easily.
Easily Create and Restore BackupsSafeguard your Minecraft server by creating backups effortlessly.
FTP Access for Maps and PluginsAdd custom maps and plugins to your server with ease.
Free MySQL DatabaseSupport the latest plugins with our included MySQL database.
Custom Control PanelEfficiently manage your Minecraft server with our user-friendly control panel.
Server Sharing FeatureGrant others access to manage specific aspects of your server without complications.
Android and iOS AppsStay connected to your server with dedicated apps for Android and iOS.
Support for ModsEnhance gameplay by easily adding mods to your Minecraft server.
Expert SupportRely on our skilled support team via tickets to assist with any server issues.
DDoS ProtectionBenefit from powerful protection to keep your server safe from attacks.
High-Performance HardwareEnjoy smooth gameplay with the latest high-performance hardware.
Scalable NetworkExperience a high-quality and reliable server with our scalable network.

Since 2015, ScalaCube has been a top choice for over 150,000 Minecraft servers. Our service has earned a 4.5-star rating from more than 150,000 customers.

After the free trial, keep playing by upgrading. Our servers support unlimited players and have plenty of space. There are no limits to your gaming fun.

With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, your gameplay won’t be interrupted. Need more from your server? You can upgrade anytime, with no extra costs.

For the best Minecraft server experience, ScalaCube is the right choice. Get started and explore Minecraft in a reliable and customizable way. Start your adventure today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Minecraft Hosting

1. What hardware does SeekaHost use for their Minecraft hosting services?

At SeekaHost, we use top-notch AMD Ryzen 5 3600X Processors, fast DDR4 RAM, and quick SSD NVMe Storage. This setup guarantees the best performance for a smooth game session.

2. Can I use mod packs with SeekaHost Game Servers?

Yes, our servers support most mod packs, including well-known ones like Forge, Bukkit, and Tekkit. Adding and tweaking mod packs to spice up your game is simple.

3. What is the uptime guarantee for SeekaHost servers?

At SeekaHost, we promise over 99.9% uptime for all our servers. Keeping your game running without hiccups is our priority, thanks to our stable technology.

4. Where are SeekaHost Minecraft servers located?

Our servers are in London, UK. This spot ensures speedy connections for players across Europe and the globe.

5. What features are available in the SeekaHost Client Area?

The client area lets you fully control your games through a game control panel. Easily manage setups, files, and more with a simple and intuitive layout.

6. What kind of technical support does SeekaHost offer for Minecraft server hosting?

Our extensive support includes help through live chat or support tickets. We’re here to deal with your issues, answer your questions, and help customize your experience.

7. Can I add multiple servers to my SeekaHost account?

Yes, you can easily add more servers to your account. Just go to the client area and select “order new services” to expand your hosting options for your growing community.

8. Does SeekaHost offer a free trial for their Minecraft servers?

Indeed, we give a 7-day free trial. This way you can check out our servers’ performance and features before deciding. It’s our way of ensuring they meet your needs.

9. What kind of gaming control panel is provided with SeekaHost Minecraft server hosting packages?

For every hosting package, you get easy-to-use control. This panel lets you tweak settings, add plugins, and track performance in a breeze.

10. Can I cancel my SeekaHost Minecraft server hosting service at any time?

You can cancel whenever you want. Our team will be there to help if you need any assistance, making the process smooth.

Technical and billing support hours12:00 PM to 8:00 PM (CDT) from Monday to Friday
Response time for support outside of defined hoursVaries depending on team availability

If you need more help or have other questions, feel free to contact our support team. We’re here to make your Minecraft hosting experience great.


In conclusion, free Minecraft server hosting lets players build online worlds and invite friends. ScalaCube and others offer safe hosting with easy controls. They support many mods and have simple designs.

MineHut is known for its fast servers and updates. For those wanting a free, forever option, ATERNOS is a good choice. They both allow for easy starts and keep your world safe with backups.

Free plans might limit how many can play at once. But, you can often move your existing world to a new server easily. Upgrading your plan can unlock more possibilities and space.

By using free Minecraft server hosting, you get to customize your game. You can also grow your online community and make your gameplay better. So jump in and start your own Minecraft story today!


What are the benefits of free Minecraft server hosting?

Free Minecraft server hosting lets you play with friends using top performance for free. You can use a simple control panel, easily adding and updating plugins. Share your server status with your friends. You also get cool features like backup, FTP access for your own stuff, a free MySQL database, and help with security against DDoS attacks.

How can I create a free Minecraft server?

To create a free Minecraft server, start by signing up with a trusted hosting provider. You get a user-friendly control panel where you set up your server. Choose your Minecraft version and any mods you want. This gets you up and running in no time.

What hosting options are available for free Minecraft servers?

For free Minecraft servers, ScalaCube is a good choice. It gives you DDoS protection and fast loading times. Plus, it has SSD storage, always up servers, and customer support around the clock. With ScalaCube, you can easily manage your server’s settings and add mods as you like.

Why should I host my own Minecraft server?

Hosting your Minecraft server means you control everything. Pick your own settings and keep the server safe for everyone with custom permissions. It’s a great way to make an online gaming community. Plus, you can add mods to make the game just right for you.

What are the benefits of choosing ScalaCube for free Minecraft server hosting?

ScalaCube is great for free Minecraft server hosting. They protect against DDoS attacks and offer fast SSD storage. You get special worlds and backups, and support is always there. With ScalaCube, setting up your server is easy, and you get a stable, safe place to play.

Can you provide a step-by-step guide to setting up a free Minecraft server?

Sure! Start by making an account with a provider like ScalaCube. Then, set up your server in their control panel. Pick your Minecraft version and the mods you want. Follow ScalaCube’s setup guide to get your server ready to play on quickly.

How can I make the most of my free Minecraft server hosting experience?

Maximize your free server hosting by customizing your experience. Change your server settings to your liking. Add cool mods for a better game and to make friends online. Don’t forget about the hosting provider’s support; they’re there to help you do more.

What are some frequently asked questions about Minecraft hosting?

Common questions include those about server uptime safety, DDoS protection, and how to store your stuff. People often ask about making backups, getting help from support, and how to set things up. If you have your own questions, check the hosting provider’s website or ask their support team.

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