Grid Auto Sport: Your Ultimate Racing Experience

grid auto sport

Welcome to Grid Auto Sport, where your high-speed racing dreams come true. It’s created by Codemasters and published by Feral Interactive Limited. This AAA racing game mixes simulation and arcade handling. It offers unmatched excitement, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Get ready for console-quality racing with stunning graphics. The realistic visuals make the motorsport world come alive. Grid Auto Sport offers an immersive experience that’s hard to beat.

Choose from 100 high-performance cars and race on 100 circuits. You can enjoy street racing, open-wheel races, and more. Every motorsport fan will find their type of race. You can also expand your racing world for free by downloading extra cars and tracks.

Feel the thrill of winning as you master the controls. Use touch and tilt or connect a gamepad for accuracy. The game’s difficulty adapts to your skill level, from easy to very hard. So, whether you’re a new player or an experienced racer, there’s fun for everyone.

Key Takeaways:

  • Grid Auto Sport delivers an irresistible mix of simulation and arcade handling.
  • The game offers console-quality racing with realistic graphics.
  • Choose from a selection of 100 high-performance cars and 100 different circuits.
  • Download additional cars and tracks for free to expand your racing world.
  • Enjoy intuitive touch and tilt controls or connect a gamepad for a more precise driving experience.

Get set for the ultimate racing adventure. Grid Auto Sport is ready for Android and iOS devices. It promises endless hours of fun and action. So, put on your seatbelt, start your engines, and dive into this thrilling racing game!

Console-Quality Racing

Get into virtual racing with Grid Auto Sport. It feels like you’re really there. Enjoy amazing graphics and realistic visuals. This game makes your racing dreams come true. The cars and environments are so well done, you’ll believe you’re racing for real.

Play solo or against friends. Grid Auto Sport gives you a thrilling, realistic race. Its graphics are as good as PS3 and Xbox 360. You’ll be glued to your screen for hours.

Realism in Every Detail

Grid Auto Sport nails the details. Everything looks real, from cars to tracks. It’s like you’re in a real race. Realistic physics and effects make every race thrilling.

It’s not just pretty; the detail helps you race better. You can see the track clearly to make fast choices. Brace yourself for intense turns, position fights, and pushing your car to its max.

“Grid Auto Sport offers a truly immersive racing experience with its stunning graphics and attention to detail. The realistic visuals make you feel like you’re actually on the track, competing in high-stakes races against skilled opponents.”

Grid Auto Sport is about more than great visuals. Its UI design is top quality. It’s clear and easy to use. You’ll dive deep into the game without any hassle, for the ultimate fun and realism.

Extensive Car and Track Selection

Grid Auto Sport has a huge collection of cars and tracks. You’ll find the car of your dreams among its 100 choices. There are high-performance cars, classics, and more for you to pick from. If you love speed, there are cars ready to meet your needs, whether on open tracks or street circuits.

But it doesn’t stop at cars. Grid Auto Sport gives you an exciting mix of tracks too. Race on 15 real permanent tracks, including well-known spots like Silverstone. You can also challenge yourself on 2 made-up tracks. For street racing fans, there are 7 intense street tracks available. And for those who love a straight race, there are 4 point-to-point tracks. In total, there are over 130 track variations across 28 places.

The folks at Codemasters really poured their hearts into the tracks. Each one offers a different and real-feeling racing experience. You’ll feel every turn on city tracks and speed past on open courses. The detail and realism are hard to beat.

Grid Auto Sport shines in both quality and quantity. Every car and track is carefully made to give you the best experience. From the car’s look to how the tracks feel to drive on, it’s all about making you feel part of the race.

If you love any kind of car racing, Grid Auto Sport is the game for you. It offers a wide variety of cars and tracks for all preferences. Ready to race and feel the thrill like never before? Grid Auto Sport is up for the challenge.

One-Time Purchase, Endless Racing

In the world of racing games, finding the buy once, race forever model is like discovering a rare gem. With Grid Auto Sport, this rare gem is yours to enjoy. Once you get Grid Auto Sport, all its content, including cars and tracks, is yours without extra costs. This means you can enjoy thrilling races and new challenges without worrying about extra charges.

Grid Auto Sport provides a fair and affordable way to enjoy endless racing. With a one-time purchase, the game becomes yours forever. There are no hidden fees or paywalls, just pure racing fun. Step into the game and satisfy your speed cravings without spending too much.

Customizable Controls for Every Player

Grid Auto Sport has a lot of controls that you can change to fit your style. You can go for touch and tilt or stick to a gamepad. This way, everyone can play in a way they like. No matter how good you are, you’ll find the best controls for you.

The three control methods available in Grid Auto Sport are:

  1. Tilt Controls: Accelerate by holding the right side, brake with the left, and steer by tilting your device. It makes you feel like you’re really driving.
  2. Wheel Touch Controls: For this, accelerate on the lower right, brake on the upper right, and steer with an on-screen wheel. It feels like using a real steering wheel.
  3. Arrow Touch Controls: Brake automatically by holding anywhere. You steer with arrow buttons, which are great if you’re new or more experienced.

You can also make the controls your own. Whether you use tilt, wheel touch, or arrow, custom settings are available. This means you’re in total control of how you play.

“Grid Auto Sport lets you set up your own controls, so you play how you want. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or just getting started. This game has the right controls for you.”

There’s even a Throttle Slider for how hard you press the gas. This works for every control except for basic Arrow Touch. You set it up in the “Customize Controls” section for the perfect feel.

For those who need it, there’s a Mirrored Mode, too. It switches the controls around based on how you steer, making it easier for some people to play their way.

With all these options, Grid Auto Sport makes sure everyone can enjoy the game. It doesn’t matter if you love simulators or just want some fast fun.

Grid Auto Sport Customizable Controls

Control MethodKey Features
Tilt ControlsAccelerate and brake by holding down on specific parts of the screen
Tilt your device for steering
Wheel Touch ControlsAccelerate and brake by holding down on specific parts of the screen
Use an on-screen steering wheel for precise control
Arrow Touch ControlsAutomatic acceleration
Brake by holding down anywhere on the screen
Steer using arrow buttons

Scalable Difficulty for Every Skill Level

At Grid Auto Sport, we’re all about making racing fun for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or a newbie. We’ve set up a system where you can tweak the difficulty to match your skills. This way, you get to enjoy the game just the way you like it.

Our game comes with various difficulty settings. If you’re just starting or want an easier time, pick the lower settings. They give you more help and stability. For those who are really good at racing and want a tough challenge, you can turn up the difficulty.

As you get better, you can up the challenge. This keeps the game interesting and helps you improve. With this system, the game fits perfectly for all types of players.

“Grid Auto Sport’s scalable difficulty system is a game-changer for racing enthusiasts. It allows us to fine-tune the challenge level to match our skills, providing an immersive and realistic experience.” – Michael, Grid Auto Sport player

No matter your skill level in racing, Grid Auto Sport delivers a fun, personalized game. So, get ready, get set, and dive into the exciting world of racing. Let the excitement of overcoming challenges begin.

Key Features of Grid Auto Sport’s Scalable Difficulty

Difficulty LevelDescription
EasyAssisted driving, enhanced stability, and moderate opponent difficulty.
MediumPartial assistance, balanced opponent difficulty, suitable for most players.
HardNo assistance, advanced opponent AI, providing a challenge for experienced racers.
ExpertNo assistance, highest opponent difficulty, for the most skilled and competitive players.

Master a Variety of Racing Disciplines

GRID Autosport has many racing events for players to enjoy. It lets you dive into the exciting world of motorsports. You can pick from open-wheel races, tuner events, street races, or longer races that test your stamina and strategy. There’s something for all racing fans.

Each race in the game offers a unique experience. This means there’s something for every type of player. If you like racing in tight spaces, you’ll love touring car events. Or, if you enjoy being precise with your driving, open-wheel car races could be for you.

In GRID Autosport, you can choose from various types of cars to race with. This includes touring cars, hypercars, prototypes, and more. Each car class has its own challenges and rewards, helping you become an expert in your favorite type of racing.

Play GRID Autosport to get better at different racing events. Whether you’re new to racing games or have been playing for a while, there’s always room to improve. This game is full of fun, variety, and chances to learn more about motorsports.

Available Racing Disciplines in GRID Autosport:

Touring CarsBritish GT Championship, Euro V8 Series, World Touring Car Championship, etc.Touring Cars, Muscle Cars, Hot Hatches
Endurance Events24 Hours of Le Mans, Spa-Francorchamps, Nürburgring 24 Hours, etc.Prototypes, GT Cars, Hypercars
Open-Wheel CarsFormula C, Formula B, Formula A, etc.Single-Seaters, Formula Cars
Tuner EventsSuper Modified Cup, Street Tuner Challenge, etc.Tuner Cars, Modified Vehicles
Street RacesChicago Eliminator, San Francisco Grid, etc.Street Legal Cars, Performance Vehicles

As you move through the game, GRID Autosport will push your racing skills. Each discipline challenges your strategy and how well you adapt. You’ll need to master different techniques and fine-tune your car setup to win.

Prepare to enjoy mastering a range of racing events in GRID Autosport. With amazing graphics and detailed gameplay, this game offers an unmatched racing experience. It’s a game that you’ll want to keep playing over and over.

Racing Disciplines

System Requirements for iOS Users

To enjoy the excitement of Grid Auto Sport on iOS, your device must meet some conditions. These steps will make sure the game runs smoothly and looks perfect. Here’s what to check for:

iOS Version: Your device must have iOS 14 or a newer version. This is the key requirement for installing and playing Grid Auto Sport.

Free Space: Aim for at least 8GB of free space on your device. The game itself needs about 6GB. Extra space makes installing easier and avoids problems.

Supported iPhones: Play on iPhone 6S / 6S Plus and newer, and the iPhone SE. The iPod Touch (7th generation, 2019) also supports the game.

Supported iPads: Enjoy the game on iPad mini (5th generation, 2019) and later, iPad Air (3rd generation, 2019) and later, iPad (5th generation, 2017) and newer, plus any iPad Pro. If you have one of these, jump into the fun!

With the right iOS and a suitable device, the thrilling world of Grid Auto Sport is ready for you. Feel the excitement of high-speed racing in your hands.

System RequirementsDescription
iOS VersioniOS 14 or later
Free SpaceAt least 8GB of free space
Supported iPhonesiPhone 6S / 6S Plus and later, iPhone SE, iPod Touch (7th generation, 2019)
Supported iPadsiPad mini (5th generation, 2019) and later, iPad Air (3rd generation, 2019) and later, iPad (5th generation, 2017) and later, and any iPad Pro

System Requirements for Android Users

If you use an Android, your phone must meet certain demands for Grid Auto Sport. You need Android 9.0 or later and 3.9GB of space.

Devices like Asus ROG Phone 2, Google Pixel, HTC U12+, and many more are supported. Even if your device isn’t listed, it might still work.

Make sure you have enough space for the game. Grid Auto Sport’s rich graphics and gameplay demand 3.9GB.

With the right requirements, you’ll race fast and feel the thrill of Grid Auto Sport. Dive into action with this exciting racing game on your Android.


Grid Auto Sport is the top choice for those who love racing and games. It boasts amazing, console-quality graphics. Its gameplay is so immersive that it feels real on both consoles and phones.

It’s full of different cars and tracks. You can pick from fast, modern cars to old classics. There’s a career mode with big sponsors like Razer and Intel. This makes the game more fun and gives it an edge.

The game has many modes for you to try. You can race against others online. Or, you can set your own rules. The difficulty changes according to your skill, making it fun for everyone.

But, it’s not all perfect. Some players found bugs like saving problems and losing progress. You might get bored because there aren’t many cars and tracks. And you can’t add your own without getting in trouble.

Still, Grid Auto Sport is a game to check out. It will keep anyone who loves cars and racing entertained for hours. It’s the best looking game on mobile. And it gives you a real taste of being in a race. So, go ahead. Try this game out.


What is Grid Auto Sport?

Grid Auto Sport is a top-notch racing game. It brings the thrill of racing with amazing graphics and fun play.

What makes Grid Auto Sport different from other racing games?

It stands out with its stunning graphics and huge car and track choices. This game lets you play your way, no matter your skill level.

How many cars and tracks are available in Grid Auto Sport?

You get 100 cars and 100 tracks in Grid Auto Sport. This means endless excitement with different rides and settings.

Do I have to make in-app purchases in Grid Auto Sport?

No, you don’t have to keep buying things in this game. Once you buy it, all cars and tracks are yours to enjoy forever at no extra cost.

Can I customize the controls in Grid Auto Sport?

Yes, you can set up the controls just how you like. You can use touch, tilt, or a gamepad for a personalized gaming experience.

Is Grid Auto Sport suitable for players of all skill levels?

Yes, it is. Grid Auto Sport adjusts to your skill level. It’s perfect for new players and pros alike, offering a great challenge for everyone.

What types of racing disciplines are available in Grid Auto Sport?

There’s a variety of races including open-wheel, tuner, and drift. You’ll find endless excitement with races for every kind of car fan.

What are the system requirements for iOS users to play Grid Auto Sport?

Your iOS device needs iOS 14 or newer to run Grid Auto Sport. Make sure you also have at least 6GB free. It works on iPhone 6S and later, iPhone SE (2016), and more, and on supported iPads.

What are the system requirements for Android users to play Grid Auto Sport?

Android players need Android 9.0 or higher and about 3.9GB free space. It runs on many devices from brands like Google, Samsung, OnePlus, and others.

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