Gridtm Autosport: Thrilling Race Experience Guide

gridtm autosport

Ready for the ultimate racing experience? Grid™ Autosport is here for you. It’s a super realistic racing game by Feral Interactive. It has next-gen graphics, deep gameplay, and multiplayer fun. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

This game works with many Android phones. It will use about 3.9GB on yours. Make sure your phone has enough space for all the excitement.

Grid™ Autosport speaks many languages like English, Deutsch, and more. Players from every corner of the world can dive into the racing experience. No one’s left out.

Key Takeaways:

  • Grid™ Autosport offers a thrilling race experience with mesmerizing next-gen graphics.
  • Customize your cars and enjoy the immersive gameplay of virtual racing.
  • Play online multiplayer races against fierce competitors, showcasing your skills.
  • Engage in local multiplayer races or 2-player split-screen competitions for added fun.
  • Choose from various game modes, including Career mode, Time Trial, and Custom Cup races.

Career Mode: A Realistic and Intense Racing Experience

In Grid Autosport, you’ll experience realistic and intense racing in the career mode. It’s more than a game; it lets you dive into professional racing. You’ll compete with some of the best drivers worldwide. The aim is to give players a journey towards becoming a true racing champion.

The game lets you pick from five racing disciplines such as Touring, Endurance, Open Wheel, Tuner, and Street. Each one offers its own set of challenges and unique experiences. This mirrors the variety of racing in the real world.

For those who enjoy close racing, consider the Touring discipline. It includes categories from C to A, leading up to Super tourers cars. It requires skillful driving and smart overtaking in dense car fields.

Like long races and endurance tests? The Endurance discipline is for you. These races are similar to the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans. You’ll need to manage your car, tires, and race strategy carefully to win.

The Tuner discipline mixes muscle car racing, drifting, and time trials. It shows off your racing skills in various ways, from power to precision.

Prefer racing in cities? The Street discipline takes you to urban settings. You’ll race categories such as Hot Hatches and Hypercars. Winning is about sharp turns and clever moves.

With any discipline you pick, Grid Autosport’s career mode makes you feel part of the real racing world. You progress through seasons and win championships. You can even work with well-known sponsors like Razer, Intel, and RedBull. It’s your chance to shine and become the best in racing.

22 Main Tracks and Strategic Gameplay

Grid Autosport features 22 tracks for varied racing experiences. Each track uses specific parts for different races. Whether you love fast tracks or tight city streets, there’s something for you.

There are practice and qualifying sessions before events. This adds a strategic layer to the game. It lets you prepare your car and get a good starting position. Winning needs a mix of speed, control, and smart choices.

Realism and Evolution

Launched in 2014, Grid Autosport changed handling from its previous game for a more realistic feel. The game’s graphics aren’t as shown in ads but still help make the racing more real.

Some wished pit stops were part of F1 races in the game, but the focus is on intense racing without too much detail on pit stops. The cockpit view has faced some criticism, but it still offers an exciting look at the race from the driver’s perspective.

Overall, Grid Autosport’s career mode is about authentic and thrilling racing. With its varied disciplines, it offers a chance to fulfill your racing ambitions. Plus, winning at higher difficulty levels brings significant XP bonuses. It’s a great way to challenge yourself and show you’re a master driver.

Extra Championships: Expanded Racing Opportunities

Grid Autosport is not just about great cars and tracks. It goes beyond with Extra Championships. These events come with downloadable content (DLC). They offer players more events and tournaments to join.

DLC adds a special focus on drag racing. This speed-filled motorsport measures the quickness of cars in a straight line. It’s all about speed and sharp timing. With the DLC, players can battle it out in drag races.

In these races, winning means hitting the top speed and timing everything right. As you move forward, it takes smart gear changes, fast reactions, and perfect starts to win.

The DLC makes Grid Autosport more exciting. It’s perfect for fans of fast racing. It also gives a new challenge for those looking to try something different.

With Extra Championships, there’s always something fresh waiting. The DLC makes the game even more exciting. It’s a great addition to an already fun racing game.

Ready for the challenge? Dive into drag racing with Grid Autosport’s Extra Championships DLC. Push your limits and feel the thrill of beating top drag racers.

Custom Cup: Create Your Own Racing Tournaments

In Grid Autosport, the excitement of racing goes beyond great gameplay and visuals. It’s about making your own racing world. This is where Custom Cup shines, letting you build your dream tournaments.

With Custom Cup, you decide everything. Pick the race type, cars, and tracks to craft the perfect event. Want the rush of street racing or the speed of open-wheel cars? You can set it all up your way.

Custom Cup offers a range of race styles. Love traditional circuits or the thrill of street races? You’re in control. You can even adjust how long each race lasts, from quick dashes to long hauls.

Selecting cars is cool in Custom Cup. Pick from a variety, from sports cars to off-road beasts. You can make them unique with special designs. This lets your cars really stand out on the track.

Choosing tracks is important, too. From real spots to made-up challenges, the choice is yours. You set the time and weather, making every race a new test. It’s all about your ideal racing adventure.

Grid Autosport lets you do a lot with Custom Cup. You can make old championships, host races with friends, or dive into a personalized racing world. It’s your invitation to a unique racing journey.

Ready to express your racing passion with Custom Cup in Grid Autosport? Get your engines roaring and start creating!

Player Feedback and Customization Features

“90% of the feedback from players is related to the desire for a custom single-player championship where players can dictate the division of the racing, select AI drivers, assign cars with liveries, and set relative skill ratings for a more accurate experience.” – Player Feedback

Players really want more ways to customize their racing in Grid Autosport. They seek control, whether playing alone or with others.

Making new championships found a big place, with 70% hoping to redo famous races. This trend shows how much players enjoy customizing their experience.

Multiplayer options also have a big following, with 60% wanting to mix old and new racing memories with friends in online races.

Setting up unique race events appeals to half the players. They enjoy picking the details to make every race different and fun.

A qualifying session was suggested by many, 70%, to add realism and challenge before main races.

Other suggestions like picking tracks, laps, and AI settings are important. 60% see these as vital for a full and fun custom cup experience.

By hearing and acting on player suggestions, Grid Autosport gets better at providing a personal and exciting racing adventure.

Total online race distance covered11,476 KM
Endurance Levels completed47
Total XP earned~5,117,000
Time spent driving24 hours, 12 minutes, and 17 seconds
Total winnings earned$38,971,876
Number of races completed online439 (around 200 being boosted)
Total offline races completedAround 600
Estimated total time spent in-game100 hours
Amount spent on DLC expansion pack championships
Additional XP earned by achieving separate medal times in races
Best cars recommended for each racing class
Information on garage slot acquisition
Baseline tuning settings preferences
Driving aids usedOnly ABS
Additional information on upgrades and wheel settings
Guidance on buying and using cars for different racing classes.

Time Trial: Race Against the Clock

In Gridtm Autosport, Time Trial mode is a thrilling challenge. Players aim to beat the clock by setting new lap records. It’s perfect for anyone looking to enhance their racing skills, from seasoned pros to beginners. This mode lets you concentrate on refining your driving abilities.

You start by picking a racing discipline. Each one offers a unique style and strategies. For lovers of speed, the Open Wheel discipline might be your choice. If you enjoy close racing, the Touring discipline is a great fit. There’s something for every racing fan.

Once you choose, a variety of cars within that discipline become available. You can test different cars to see which one helps you achieve faster times. Finding the right balance of speed and handling is essential.

Precision and consistency matter a lot in Time Trial mode. Knowing the best racing line, when to brake, and how to take corners smoothly is crucial. As you get to know the tracks better, you might find shortcuts and flawless ways to navigate the course.

Gridtm Autosport also lets you compare your times with friends and other players worldwide. It adds a layer of friendly competition. You can see where you stand on global leaderboards. Plus, challenge friends to beat your times.

Do you think you have what it takes to excel in Time Trial? Dive into Gridtm Autosport to find out. Try to top the charts with your best lap times. Are you up for aiming at that top spot?

TouringIntense pack racing with touring cars
Open WheelHigh-speed racing thrills with Indycars and Formula cars
EnduranceLong-distance races with tire wear simulation
StreetUrban racing excitement on challenging city tracks
CustomCreate your own custom races with personalized settings

Game Difficulty: Choose Your Challenge

Grid Autosport is thrilling and deep, fitting different players’ skills. It offers a variety of difficulty settings. So, gamers can pick what’s challenging but fun for them.

The game has five levels: Rookie, Professional, Expert, Veteran, and Master. These levels suit everyone, from beginners to experts. They offer unique rewards and challenges for a perfect match.

For a lighter option, there’s the Rookie level. It’s forgiving, letting players focus on race basics without much stress.

More skilled players can try the Professional level. Here, challenges increase with better AI. It’s a great place to hone racing skills and strategy.

Looking for intense competition? The Expert level ramps it up. It tests your control and strategy to win tough races.

Veteran and Master are for the truly skilled. These levels are ultra-hard, demanding perfection in every move.

For more player-controlled difficulty, Grid Autosport has custom settings. Gamers can tweak AI, handling, and more to their liking. This adds a personal touch to the challenge.

Good equipment helps. Consider shock absorbers for your controller for better handling. They give you an edge on the track.

Some races, like the Lamborghini one, could be tougher. But practice and persistence help you beat them.

Ultimately, knowing the tracks and when to brake is key. Balancing aggression and smart moves is vital for high-level wins.

Players find Grid Autosport uniquely challenging. It’s different from series like Gran Turismo. The game’s varied disciplines, from Street to Endurance, offer diverse experiences. Each type requires specific skills for success.

Drifting is a skill that gets better with practice. The game rewards those who master it, adding fun and excitement.

Gameplay favors a bold driving style over precision. It’s about speed, skill, and the occasional calculated risk. Some players enjoy creating dramatic crashes for added excitement.

DLC: Expand Your Game Experience

Grid Autosport has DLC for players to make their game better. These packs add new modes, cars, and items. They make gameplay more fun and challenging.

On June 24, 2014, the Black Edition Pack came out. It was for Linux, Mac, PS3, Windows, and Xbox 360. This pack includes cool stuff like the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupé Black Series. It also has White Ravenwest Liveries, online livery patterns, and premium sponsors.

The Touring Legends Pack launched on September 16, 2014. It’s for Linux, Mac, PS3, Windows, and Xbox 360. It brings in legendary touring cars for a thrilling experience.

For better game visuals, get the free HD Textures pack. It was released on June 24, 2014, for Linux, Mac, Nintendo Switch, and Windows. This pack adds high-res textures for an immersive game look.

Grid Autosport has many DLCs for each player’s liking. You can get new cars, tracks, or better graphics. DLCs offer fresh content to enjoy and explore. They make the game more thrilling. Discover the DLCs and elevate your racing journey.

GT1, Prototype, and F1000 Classes: Thrilling Racing Events

In Grid Autosport, you can join exciting races in various classes. The GT1, Prototype, and F1000 classes each present unique challenges. These classes test the skills of seasoned drivers with their exciting races.

GT1 Class: A Mixed Racing Experience

The GT1 class event is part of the American GT Championship in Grid Autosport. It includes four rounds on different tracks. This variety offers a mix of racetracks with different levels of difficulty. Drivers will find themselves in tough races, maneuvering through challenging circuits.

Prototype Class: Conquer Tight and Twisty Tracks

The Prototype class event kicks off players on the FA World Tour Part 2. It holds three rounds, with one at the famous Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit. Drivers face tight, twisty tracks that need precision. This class provides a true challenge for racers looking to test their skills.

F1000 Class: Precision and Lightness

The F1000 class shows off at the single race invitational on the Okutama Grand Hillclimb. F1000 cars are praised for their precise steering and light builds. However, they can easily spin out. In the F1000 class, racers must balance speed with control to win.

If you love fast GT1 cars, nimble prototypes, or precise F1000 vehicles, Grid Autosport has something for you. Its range of thrilling events will have you at the edge of your seat. Ready your engines for an adrenaline-packed experience in intense races!

GT14American GT Championship
Prototype3FA World Tour Part 2 (including Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit)
F10001Okutama Grand Hillclimb
Note: Each class offers a different racing experience with unique challenges and tracks.

Touring Discipline: Intense Pack Racing

The Touring discipline in GRID Autosport ramps up the excitement with close pack racing. Here, players get to test their skills in touring cars against other drivers. It’s a thrill unlike any other, with races that keep you on the edge of your seat.

In Touring, you get practice and qualifying runs. Practicing lets you get used to the tracks and improve your racing. It’s a chance to find the best way to take each corner and understand every track better.

Next is the qualifying run, a race against time and others. Your performance here sets your spot for the actual race. It’s intense, with every move important to secure the best position.

With qualifying done, it’s race time. Touring races are known for their tight car packs and fierce battles. You have to be sharp, maneuvering around others for a lead. Every overtaking move is key, with positions constantly changing.

GRID Autosport has a variety of touring cars for you to select. Each one offers a genuine, thrilling race experience. You can pick the car that best fits your driving style or preference.

There are over 100 tracks in GRID Autosport spread across 22 locations. You’ll find famous real-world circuits and also new, fictional tracks. Each track presents its own challenge, making every race unique and exciting.

Feel the rush of competing in the Touring discipline in GRID Autosport. It’s where intense pack racing and high-stakes battles for victory await you.

Open Wheel Discipline: High-Speed Racing Thrills

Love fast races and the thrill of high-speed driving? Then you’ll enjoy Open Wheel in GRID Autosport. This exciting racing has Indycars and Formula cars, known for their amazing grip and speeds.

In the Open Wheel discipline, you move through different car categories. With each upgrade from Formula C to Formula B and then Formula A, cars get faster. They also become harder to control, testing your skills more.

Indycars and Formula cars boast sleek designs and advanced aerodynamics. This helps them slice through the air with ease. They have super-fast acceleration and can turn corners tight. All of this together makes an unbeatable racing action.

Controlling these high-speed cars requires pinpoint precision. A small error could make your car spin or leave the track. It’s a challenge for your skill and focus. Quick decisions are key to winning.

The Open Wheel races in GRID Autosport happen on various tracks. You’ll race on famous circuits and city streets. Test your skills on tight turns, long straights, and tricky chicanes against tough competitors.

Feel the thrill of open-wheel racing in GRID Autosport. Challenge the limits of speed and show your racing skills. Enjoy the adrenaline rush of victory in this pulse-pounding discipline.

Open Wheel Discipline

Ready for the speed and challenge of Open Wheel in GRID Autosport? Jump into an Indycar or Formula car’s cockpit. Brace yourself for high-speed thrills that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Endurance Discipline: Long-Distance Challenges

The Endurance discipline in GRID Autosport lets players join in long-distance races. These races are like well-known events such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans. They test racing skills, patience, and how well you handle your car.

In these races, tire wear is a big deal. As you race, you have to keep an eye on your tires. This means planning when to stop for new tires and how to drive so your tires last longer. Managing tire wear is key to doing well in these long races.

If you take care of your tires, you can get faster towards the race’s end. This makes the game more strategic. Players who are good at managing their tires and making smart choices will have an advantage.

The Endurance events happen on tracks that are very challenging. These tracks are like the real places where big endurance races happen. You’ll have to be very precise and skilled to drive through the twists, turns, and straightaways.

GRID Autosport picks some amazing cars for these events. You can race with cars like the Aston Martin N24 V12 Zagato, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3, and McLaren 12C GT3. These cars are set up perfectly to give you a top sports car racing experience.

In the USA, GRID Autosport comes out on June 24th. Europe’s release is on June 27th. It will be ready to play on Xbox 360, Windows PC, and PlayStation 3. This lets players from different places enjoy the excitement of Endurance racing.

GRID Autosport makes Endurance racing feel real, thanks to help from pro drivers and Autosport magazine experts. The game is designed to be true to real racing. It’s for anyone who loves racing and video games.

Key Features of the Endurance Discipline in GRID Autosport
Long-distance races that replicate the challenges of prestigious endurance events like the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
Focus on tire wear management, requiring strategic pit stops and balancing speed with tire conservation.
Faster lap times towards the end of the race for players who effectively manage their tires.
Challenging tracks that demand precision and skill, mirroring real-world endurance race locations.
Stunning prototypes and production cars, including Aston Martin N24 V12 Zagato, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3, and McLaren 12C GT3.
Release date: June 24th in the USA and June 27th in Europe for Xbox 360, Windows PC, and PlayStation 3 systems.

Street Discipline: Urban Racing Excitement

In GRID Autosport, the Street discipline brings the thrill of urban racing to life on tough city tracks. You’ll be racing in various cars, from hot hatches to supercars, through narrow streets and around sharp turns. The excitement will be intense as you test your abilities in these high-pressure situations.

Here, mastering tight city tracks requires precise moves and fast reflexes. You must be agile and know the tracks well to outplay your challengers. Whether it’s a quick sprint or a longer race, the Street discipline keeps the excitement level high with every battle.

Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled experience in top-notch cars such as the McLAREN 12C GT3 and the MAZDA RX-7 (FD3S) DRIFT TUNED. The realism in handling and stunning graphics put you right in the heart of urban racing thrill.

Choosing the Street discipline lets you shine as a racing star in the city streets. It’s where you get to show off your skills in speed, precision, and smart racing. Ready to prove yourself in the toughest urban races out there? The challenge awaits, and you must be ready.


What is Grid Autosport?

Grid Autosport is a top-notch racing game by Feral Interactive. It delivers an exciting feel with amazing graphics. You get to compete with others online.

Can I customize my cars in Grid Autosport?

Yes, in Grid Autosport, you can make your cars your own. This game lets you dive deep into racing. You have a lot of options to tweak your car.

Does Grid Autosport have online multiplayer?

Absolutely, Grid Autosport has an online mode. Here, you can show your skills against players worldwide. It’s a great way to up the challenge.

What kind of gameplay experience does Grid Autosport provide?

Grid Autosport is all about getting you into the action. It has stunning graphics and real racing feel. Anyone who loves racing will enjoy this game.

Are there any additional racing opportunities in Grid Autosport?

Yes, Grid Autosport has even more to offer. You can get Extra Championships through downloadables. This part is specially for fans of drag racing.

Can I create my own racing tournaments in Grid Autosport?

Yes, you can set up your own cups and tournaments in Grid Autosport. In the Custom Cup mode, you choose everything – from the cars to the time of day. This makes your race unique.

Is there a time trial mode in Grid Autosport?

Yes, Grid Autosport includes a Time Trial where you aim for fast laps. You pick what type of race you want before you start. It adds a fun challenge.

Are there different difficulty levels in Grid Autosport?

Indeed, Grid Autosport offers many levels of difficulty. You can pick from Rookie to Master. There’s also a custom mode for those who like to set their own challenge.

Can I expand my Grid Autosport game experience?

Yes, you can make the game bigger with downloadable packs. Stuff like the Boost Pack or Touring Legends Pack brings new things to the game. The HD Textures pack makes it look even better.

What types of racing events are available in Grid Autosport?

Grid Autosport features exciting events in many classes. You can join races from GT1 to F1000. They are set in challenging places, making every race intense.

Tell me more about the Touring discipline in Grid Autosport.

The Touring part in Grid Autosport is about racing in tight groups. It has practice and qualifiers before the race. You’ll need skill and strategy to win against your close rivals.

What can I expect from the Open Wheel discipline in Grid Autosport?

Open Wheel is all about the fast, precise racing of Indycars and Formula cars. The cars get faster as you progress, making it tougher. It’s a thrill you won’t forget.

What do the Endurance races in Grid Autosport involve?

Endurance races in Grid Autosport are long and tough. They’re like the 24 Hours of Le Mans. You have to manage your tires and drive skillfully. It makes winning a real challenge.

Tell me more about the Street discipline in Grid Autosport.

Street in Grid Autosport brings racing to the city. You race on narrow tracks with different cars. It’s all about being precise and quick to beat your opponents.

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