How to Get Free V-Bucks: Legitimate Methods for Fortnite

how to get vbucks

Getting free V-Bucks in Fortnite is possible without scams or hacks. If you play Save the World as a founder, you can earn V-Bucks. Founders receive a large amount of V-Bucks for both Save the World and Battle Royale. It’s good to know that currently, you can’t buy founder packs, and Save the World still isn’t free.

Key Takeaways:

  • Playing Save the World as a founder can earn a lot of V-Bucks.
  • Daily Quests provide around 100 V-Bucks.
  • Battle Royale players in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 can earn 300 V-Bucks.
  • Buying the Battle Pass for 950 V-Bucks can significantly increase the total V-Bucks earned in Battle Royale to 1500.
  • V-Bucks are shared between Save the World and Battle Royale, allowing players to use their earned V-Bucks in either game mode.

All Ways to Get Free V-Bucks in Fortnite

Daily Quests

Completing Daily Quests in Save the World mode is one way to get V-Bucks. You can earn about 100 V-Bucks each day. This is perfect for those who like the game’s PvE part.

Battle Pass

Through the Battle Pass, players can score free V-Bucks in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2. By leveling up, up to 300 V-Bucks can be yours. Buying the Battle Pass adds more, up to 1500 V-Bucks total.

Events, Tournaments, and Promotions

Fortnite has events and tournaments where you can win V-Bucks. Always check for chances to get them for free. Sometimes, Epic Games also releases codes that give free in-game stuff like cosmetics.

Bulk Purchases and Promotional Deals

Buying V-Bucks in bulk can sometimes give you extra V-Bucks. Also, Epic Games teams up with brands for special deals. These might offer V-Bucks codes when you buy specific products or services.

Fortnite Crew Subscription

If you really love Fortnite, think about joining Fortnite Crew. It’s a monthly subscription that gives you V-Bucks, skins, and the Battle Pass. It’s a great way to always have V-Bucks if you play a lot.

Using V-Bucks in Fortnite

V-Bucks are used to buy items like outfits, emotes, and weapon wraps. Costs can vary from 200 to 2000 V-Bucks. This depends on how rare and special the item is.

ItemCost in V-Bucks
Seasonal Battle Pass950 V-Bucks
Outfits, Emotes, Pickaxes, Wraps200 – 2000 V-Bucks
Exclusive CosmeticsVaries

While you can earn some V-Bucks for free, most Fortnite items need you to buy V-Bucks. Be careful of scams offering free V-Bucks. They can put your account at risk.

Beware of Scam “Free V-Bucks” Hacks

When getting V-Bucks in Fortnite, be careful of sites claiming to give them for free. While it’s tempting to get free V-Bucks, it could be a scam. These scams can be very risky.

Epic Games tells players to avoid these sites. They warn against clicking on ads or links that promise free V-Bucks. These sites could steal your account info or show harmful ads.

Wondering how the scams operate? These sites ask for your Fortnite account or personal info. But giving this info can lead to hacking, theft, or loss of money.

The threat isn’t just talk. ZeroFox found thousands of potential scams in just one month. Most alerts came from social media, showing the real danger of these scams.

So, be careful and focus on real ways to get V-Bucks. Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 offers 1500 V-Bucks for free. This is safer and more reliable than trying to get V-Bucks outside the game.

Epic Games also has ways to get V-Bucks for free. Through daily logins, quests, and challenges, you can earn V-Bucks. These are the best ways to increase your V-Bucks safely.

By avoiding V-Bucks scams and sticking to the game’s methods, you’ll be safer. Always think about your account’s safety first.

Using Your Earned V-Bucks in Fortnite

Once you’ve earned some V-Bucks in Fortnite, it’s time to go shopping. You can buy all kinds of cool stuff to make your game better. This includes things like Seasonal Battle Passes and a huge variety of cosmetics, costumes, and tools.

Fortnite has lots of cosmetics for you to pick from. Whether you like cool outfits, famous character costumes, or just want a new look, there’s plenty to choose. Skins change how your character looks, adding fun and uniqueness to your game. Using V-Bucks lets you get many different skins to stand out in Fortnite.

If you love collecting cool gliders or pickaxes, V-Bucks are your best friend. You can buy new ones with special looks and moves. Choose from gliders that are super high-tech or pickaxes that look like they came from the past or the future.

Do you like everything in your game to be your own style? Then you’ll like what V-Bucks can do. They let you get special items like Back Blings, Skydiving Trails, and Wraps. These may not be major changes, but they make your game feel more personal.

Music and dancing are also big in Fortnite. V-Bucks can get you fun music, emotes, and dance moves. This lets you celebrate and have fun in your game’s world.

“V-Bucks give players the freedom to build their dream inventory of cosmetics and cool items, enhancing the overall Fortnite experience.”

V-Bucks from Save the World mode are great for Loot Llamas. These llamas can give you all kinds of useful things like heroes and weapon-making schemes. It’s a smart way to use your V-Bucks and improve your game in different modes.

Items in Fortnite can cost anywhere from 200 to 2000 V-Bucks. You can buy smaller things or save up for something rare. The game also often has special events and collaborations, which bring new and exciting items for different prices. Pay attention to these updates to see what’s new in the item shop.

Item TypeApproximate V-Bucks Cost
Seasonal Battle Pass950 V-Bucks
Cosmetics, Costumes, Gliders, Pickaxes200 – 2000 V-Bucks
Back Blings, Skydiving Trails, Loading Screens, Wraps200 – 1500 V-Bucks
Music, Instruments200 – 500 V-Bucks
LEGO KitsVaries

V-Bucks can be used in both Fortnite modes, Save the World and Battle Royale. They let you improve different parts of the game. So, use your V-Bucks to make your Fortnite experience unique and cool!

How to Redeem V-Bucks Codes in Fortnite

Redeeming V-Bucks codes in Fortnite is easy. It lets you get in-game money for free. Follow these steps to enjoy all Fortnite’s fun stuff without paying.

  1. Go to the official Fortnite site or the V-Bucks card page.
  2. Login to your Epic Games account. If you don’t have one, signing up is quick.
  3. Choose the “Redeem” option in your account settings or payment area.
  4. Type the V-Bucks code into the “Access Code” box. Be sure it’s correct.
  5. Click “Redeem” or “Submit” to use the code.
  6. You’ll see a message once it works.
  7. Login to Fortnite with your Epic Games account. Your V-Bucks will be there to use.

With your V-Bucks codes, buy cool in-game stuff. This includes skins, emotes, pickaxes, and more. Make your character look awesome and stand out in the game!

V-Bucks CodeRedemption Status

In April 2024, these were some V-Bucks codes. Look for more from Epic Games. They might give you extra V-Bucks for more Fortnite fun.

Only use V-Bucks codes from trusted websites. Watch out for fake sites promising free V-Bucks. Stick to the ways we shared to keep your Fortnite account safe.

Now you’re ready to get new Fortnite stuff with your V-Bucks codes. Have a blast!

What Can You Spend V-Bucks on in Fortnite

Players can use V-Bucks in Fortnite to get different in-game items and cool stuff. V-Bucks are like money here and make your game unique. Here’s a look at what you can buy with your V-Bucks:

1. Seasonal Battle Passes

The Seasonal Battle Pass is a big hit with players. For 950 V-Bucks, you get access to over 100 rewards. This includes cool stuff like character skins, emotes, and more. It’s a great deal for leveling up and getting exclusive items.

2. Cosmetics

Want to look different in the game? Spend your V-Bucks on cosmetic items. You can buy skins, pickaxes, and many more items. Prices vary, with simple things like emotes starting at 500 V-Bucks. Legendary outfits are pricier at 2,000 V-Bucks.

3. Music and Instruments

If you love music, use your V-Bucks to buy in-game tracks and instruments. This lets you enjoy music and show your style while playing.

4. LEGO Kits

Fortnite’s partnership with LEGO means you can buy LEGO kits. Use V-Bucks to get these special sets. They add a fun LEGO aspect to your game.

5. Battle Royale and Save the World

V-Bucks work in both Fortnite modes. That means what you earn or buy can be used in either game. It offers you more ways to enjoy your items.

There’s a lot you can do with V-Bucks to make your Fortnite world special. Whether you want new gear, to build with LEGOs, or enjoy music, V-Bucks help you do just that.

ItemV-Bucks Cost
Simple Emotes500
Legendary Outfits2,000
Seasonal Battle Pass950
LEGO KitsVaries

Prices in the Fortnite shop can change, so always check for new deals. Some items are only available sometimes, but there’s always something new to buy.

Fortnite Cosmetics

Free V-Bucks Methods and Codes (Expired)

Currently, there are no active free V-Bucks codes in Fortnite. Some old codes are no longer valid. It won’t help to use these expired codes to get rewards. Many websites claim to offer free V-Bucks, but most are scams. Be careful when you see such offers.

Epic Games is serious about security and taking action against cheats. Stick to ways the game suggests to earn V-Bucks. This helps keep your account safe.

“As of May 10, 2024, there are no active free V-Bucks codes in Fortnite.”

Fortnite streamers used to give out free V-Bucks or items through giveaways. These gifts were at the streamers’ choice and not always available.

Be wary of websites promising free V-Bucks. They’re often traps to steal personal info or game accounts.

Some Expired V-Bucks Codes include:

Expired V-Bucks Codes

Keep an eye out for chances to get free V-Bucks in Fortnite. Epic Games sometimes lets players get special skins for free. Also, watch for events where Epic Games and others offer V-Bucks codes.

Even without active codes, focus on earning V-Bucks the game’s way. Completing Battle Pass quests can give you 15,000 XP. This shows the Battle Pass is a good deal if you want more V-Bucks.

Can You Get Free V-Bucks in Fortnite?

Yes, you can get Fortnite V-Bucks for free, but be wary of scams. Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite, warns against fake promises of free V-Bucks. We aim to show you only safe and real ways to earn V-Bucks.

In Save the World mode, founders can earn lots of V-Bucks usable in both modes. Completing Daily Quests adds up to about 100 V-Bucks, offering a steady income.

Season 2, “Myths & Mortals,” lets Battle Royale players earn 300 V-Bucks and more with a purchased Battle Pass. The Battle Pass, at 950 V-Bucks, gives you a total of 1500 V-Bucks. It’s a great deal with exclusive rewards and content.

V-Bucks can be used in Save the World and Battle Royale. This crossover makes it easier to collect V-Bucks and splurge on cool game items. Cosmetic items range from 200 to 2000 V-Bucks.

But, avoiding scam sites that offer free V-Bucks is very important for your account’s safety. Using these scam methods could get you banned. We strongly suggest sticking to honest ways to earn V-Bucks in the game.

Redeem codes are sometimes given out by Epic Games for in-game items during special events. Accounts come with three chances to get V-Bucks used on refunded items. You can earn V-Bucks back by leveling up the Battle Pass with Battle Stars.

Buying V-Bucks should be done from official places like Epic Games, Best Buy, or Target. Special promotions may offer additional V-Bucks with purchases, enhancing player value.

As of May 10, 2024, free V-Bucks codes are not available. Don’t trust sites or people offering these codes. They could be expired or scammy.

By earning V-Bucks the right way, you can safely enjoy all Fortnite offers. Stick to the game’s fair methods and skip the scams.

How to Get Free V-Bucks on Different Devices

Earning free V-Bucks in Fortnite differs by device. It’s key to know how on each device to avoid risky or banned ways. Let’s look at getting V-Bucks for free on various gadgets:

Mobile Devices

Be careful with modified Fortnite apps on mobile. They may not be safe or legitimate. Stick to safe ways like:

  • Earning V-Bucks through Save the World mode. Note that this is for founders only and new players can’t access it.
  • Use Fortnite apps for streaming. Some let you win V-Bucks by playing or joining in on challenges.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox

Users on PlayStation 5 and Xbox also have their own ways to snag free V-Bucks. You can get them by:

  • Playing Save the World mode, which offers V-Bucks in rewards for mission success and quest completion.
  • Boosting your Battle Pass level for more V-Buck rewards. This helps you stock up on V-Bucks for spending later.
  • Looking out for Sony’s promotions with Epic Games. Sometimes they offer freebies like item packs for PSPlus members.

Always avoid dodgy ways or scams when trying to earn free V-Bucks. Stick with the safe paths to protect your account and data from harm.


DeviceFree V-Bucks Methods
  • Save the World mode
  • Fortnite streaming apps
PlayStation 5 and Xbox
  • Save the World mode
  • Battle Pass progression
  • Promotional offers from Sony

Fortnite V-Bucks: What Are They and How to Buy Them

In Fortnite Battle Royale, V-Bucks are what you need for in-game stuff like skins and emotes. Wondering how to get them? This part will show you all the ways to buy V-Bucks.

How to Purchase V-Bucks

You can get V-Bucks by paying through Fortnite’s store on various devices. This includes PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Switch, and phones. The prices are as follows:

V-BucksPrice (USD)
1,000 V-Bucks$8.99
2,800 V-Bucks$22.99
5,000 V-Bucks$36.99
13,500 V-Bucks$89.99

No matter if you’re new or a big fan, there’s a V-Bucks pack for you.

Other Ways to Earn V-Bucks

Buying V-Bucks isn’t the only way to get them. You can earn them by playing, too. Here are some ways:

  • Subscribing to Fortnite Crew gives you 1,000 V-Bucks a month. Plus, you get 950 more per season with an active Battle Pass.
  • Doing Daily Quests in Save the World mode can give you up to 130 V-Bucks a day.
  • Joining in on Mission Alerts can also earn you V-Bucks, with amounts varying per mission.
  • If you have a Battle Pass in Battle Royale, you can earn between 300 and 1,500 V-Bucks each season, based on your pass.
  • You can earn V-Bucks by refunding items in Battle Royale, but remember, you only have a few refund tickets.

Before, you could earn V-Bucks differently in Save the World mode. Now, to get more, there’s a mix of V-Bucks and X-Ray Tickets for new and founder players. Also, the cost and ways to earn V-Bucks have changed with recent game updates.

Knowing how to buy V-Bucks means you can add cool items to your Fortnite game. Stick to the right ways to get V-Bucks. Avoid scams. Enjoy your shopping!


In conclusion, there are safe ways to earn V-Bucks in Fortnite without scams. Players can get V-Bucks by playing Save the World. As they progress, they earn these rewards.

Buying the Battle Pass in a season can get you over 1,500 V-Bucks. This costs 950 V-Bucks at the start. Remember, stay safe. Don’t trust sites that promise free V-Bucks. They can hurt your account.

Purchasing V-Bucks is another way to get them. Packages start at $9.99 for 1,000 V-Bucks. You can save money with bundles. For example, get 10,000 V-Bucks for $79.99.

Using V-Bucks lets you buy fun things in Fortnite. Following Epic Games’ legit ways is the best choice. This way, players can enjoy the game safely and without scams. Remember, it’s important to play Fortnite wisely and safely.


How can I earn V-Bucks for free in Fortnite?

There are ways to get free V-Bucks in Fortnite Battle Royale. Firstly, you can play Save the World as a founder. Secondly, completing Daily Quests is another method. It’s key to remember there are no cheats or hacks for V-Bucks.

What can I use V-Bucks for in Fortnite?

V-Bucks let you buy cool things in Fortnite like Battle Passes and items. You can get cosmetics, costumes, and more. Prices for these start from 200 V-Bucks up to 2000 V-Bucks.

How do I redeem V-Bucks codes in Fortnite?

To use V-Bucks codes in Fortnite, first go to their website or the redemption page. Log in to your account and choose “Redeem.” Put your code in the box and check it. After that, you’ll have your V-Bucks to use in the game.

Are there any active free V-Bucks codes?

Right now, there aren’t any working free V-Bucks codes. Some codes from the past don’t work either. Trying expired codes won’t get you any V-Bucks.

Can I get V-Bucks for free on different devices?

Getting free V-Bucks can change by device. If you play on a mobile, you can earn some. This is by playing Save the World or with specific streaming apps. PS5 and Xbox players can earn them differently. They get them from Save the World, the Battle Pass, and Sony’s special offers.

What are Fortnite V-Bucks and how can I buy them?

Fortnite V-Bucks are the game’s digital money. You buy them with real money in Fortnite’s store, on many platforms. Always remember to be careful when getting V-Bucks for free. Avoid scams and shady ways to buy them.

Are there any legitimate ways to get free V-Bucks in Fortnite?

Yes, there are a few real ways to earn free V-Bucks in Fortnite. You can play Save the World and finish Daily Quests. Just remember, stay away from scams and cheats when trying to get free V-Bucks.

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