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how to get v bucks from save the world

Are you into Fortnite and want to get more V-Bucks? Then Save the World mode is perfect for you! In this mode, completing missions and challenges earns you V-Bucks.

Playing as a founder in Save the World gives extra V-Bucks usable in both modes. You can earn about 100 V-Bucks daily by completing tasks. This helps you gather V-Bucks every day.

Key Takeaways:

  • Playing as a founder in Save the World awards a lot of V-Bucks that can be used in both Save the World and Battle Royale modes.
  • Daily Quests in Save the World provide around 100 V-Bucks, offering a consistent way to earn V-Bucks.
  • Save the World founders can earn V-Bucks in addition to X-Ray Tickets, which can be used to buy Loot Llamas.
  • Completing Storm Shield Defence missions, daily quests, and other challenges in different regions can earn players up to 600 V-Bucks per area.
  • V-Bucks earned in either game mode can be used to purchase cosmetic items or Save the World Llamas.

V-Bucks earned in Save the World are shared with Battle Royale. So, you can buy Battle Royale items with them. This includes cosmetics.

Save the World is a zombie-themed base defense game. It’s quite different from Battle Royale. Founders earn not only V-Bucks but also XP to level in Fortnite and complete the Battle Pass.

Save the World is available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, not on Nintendo Switch or mobile. Keep this in mind.

Returning players with the Founder’s Pack won’t find daily login rewards or the collection book method anymore. Now, V-Bucks only come from doing daily missions.

Using sites like SaveTheWorldPlanner and can help with tracking quests. They show daily quests without the need to log in.

You can get Save the World through the Vinderman 2.0 Pack in the Item Shop for $18.49. This pack includes exclusive items and up to 1,500 V-Bucks from Save the World.

So, dive into Save the World, complete tasks, and enjoy missions to earn more V-Bucks. It will make your Fortnite experience even better!

Earn V-Bucks from Founders Challenges

If you’re a founder in Fortnite’s Save the World, you have special chances to earn V-Bucks. These opportunities come from completing missions and quests in the game. By doing this, you can collect V-Bucks to open up many new possibilities.

Storm Shield Defence missions: Founders have a way to get V-Bucks by completing these missions. They are key parts of the game’s quest line and are pretty fun to do. For each one finished, you’ll get 100 V-Bucks. That’s up to 600 V-Bucks in areas like Stonewood and Twine Peaks.

Daily quests and challenges: Besides Storm Shield Defence missions, there are daily quests and challenges. These let you earn V-Bucks regularly. Daily quests from Save the World can add around 100 V-Bucks to your wallet.

By taking part in these special challenges, you’ll enjoy making V-Bucks. Then, you can spend your V-Bucks on cool items. You could get Seasonal Battle Passes or new cosmetic stuff. It’s a lot of fun to see what you can do!

ActivityV-Bucks Earned
Storm Shield Defence missions100 V-Bucks per mission
Daily questsAround 100 V-Bucks
Founders’ challengesVaries

Being a founder is a great way to get a lot of V-Bucks in Save the World. With a little effort, you can get enough V-Bucks to make your game even better. So, enjoy playing and start earning those V-Bucks!

V-Bucks Missions List

In Fortnite Save the World, you can earn V-Bucks in various missions. These are great for adding to your V-Bucks pile. They also let you get more items in the game. Let’s dive into the kinds of missions and how they boost your V-Bucks.

Storm Shield Defence Missions

The main way to get V-Bucks is by finishing Storm Shield Defence missions. Each quest area—Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny Valley, and Twine Peaks—has six. You get 100 V-Bucks for each. You’ll need to build up your fort and fend off enemies in these missions.

You can also tackle extra Storm Shield Defence tasks in Side Quests. The 10th mission in each side quest gives you 150 V-Bucks, more than the usual 100. So, don’t forget about these side quests to earn more V-Bucks.

Other V-Bucks Opportunities

Besides Storm Shield Defence, there are more chances to earn V-Bucks. Tasks like Lok’s Book of Monsters and challenges including Mission Accomplished give extra V-Bucks.

Though there are no more timed V-Buck missions in Save the World after October 31st, 2023, daily quests still reward them. Make it a habit to complete daily quests for more V-Bucks.

V-Bucks Missions List

Each area has its own set of V-Bucks missions with different rewards. Let’s see the latest data:

AreaTodayYesterdayLast 7 DaysLast 30 Days
Canny Valley00N/A210
Twine Peaks4040N/A320

In the last 7 days, more missions popped up: 205 in Plankerton, 60 in Canny Valley, and 40 in Twine Peaks. However, there’s been a 41.1% decrease in missions over the last 30 days. There were 780 missions in total during this time.

Mini-Boss Missions

Mini-Boss missions are another way to earn V-Bucks. They give 25 to 40 V-Bucks per mission. The missions change every 24 hours, offering a fresh chance daily.

With Patch v3.5, the V-Bucks given out in Mini-Boss Mission Alerts went up to 25-40 from 15-30. Keep an eye out for these to earn more V-Bucks.

And, Patch v4.2 added perk resources to Mini-Boss mission rewards. This gives you more reasons to do these missions.

Understanding all the missions in Save the World is key to earning more V-Bucks. So, go out there, complete missions, and grow your V-Bucks fund. This will make your Fortnite adventure even better!

Daily Quests and Login Bonuses

Save the World has daily quests and login bonuses for earning V-Bucks. It’s a great way to get more V-Bucks. Let’s see how these features work.

Daily Quests

Daily quests help you earn V-Bucks every day. You get a new set of quests each day to complete. For each quest, you can get 50 to 100 V-Bucks, depending on how hard it is. And, you may also win Daily Coins or X-Ray Tickets by hitting certain goals.

You can work on up to 3 daily quests at once. It’s smart to choose quests that reward more V-Bucks. And, you can give up on one daily quest every day. This lets you swap it for a new one and try for better V-Buck rewards.

Login Bonuses

Just logging in every day can also give you V-Bucks. Save the World has daily login bonuses. This is a nice reason to check in regularly and not miss any freebies.

Players who do their daily quests and log in regularly earn lots of V-Bucks. Being active means more V-Bucks for cosmetics or saving up. And, remember, these V-Bucks work in both Save the World and Battle Royale.

Storyline Progress and Storm Shield Defences

Save the World’s storyline brings exciting and challenging Storm Shield Defence missions. These are big moments on your journey, letting you earn V-Bucks. Each region has its quests and Storm Shield missions for V-Bucks.

In Stonewood, you’ll find 34 quests and face 6 Storm Shield Defence missions. These happen on each area’s 1st, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 28th, and 34th quests. By finishing Stonewood’s quests and Defence missions, you gain 1,050 V-Bucks.

Plankerton offers 51 quests and fewer Storm Shield Defence chances than Stonewood. Yet, they are still great for earning V-Bucks and moving ahead in the game.

Canny Valley has 81 total quests, with less Defence missions but strong rewards.

In Twine Peaks, there are 98 quests and fewer Defence missions than before. Finishing them gets you more V-Bucks and helps you win the game.

Finishing the quests and Defence missions in each area earns you a lot of V-Bucks. In total, you can earn 1,650 V-Bucks. This helps you buy new game items and enjoy the game more.

save the world v bucks farming

V-Bucks Earnings by Area:

AreaQuestsStorm Shield Defence MissionsMain Questline V-BucksTotal V-Bucks Earnings
Plankerton51Fewer compared to Stonewood6001,050
Canny Valley81Less frequent compared to Stonewood and Plankerton6001,050
Twine Peaks98Less frequent compared to previous areas6001,050

Start your Save the World journey, finish the storyline, and win the Storm Shield Defence missions. Doing this earns you a lot of V-Bucks. The road to success is both exciting and rich in rewards. Enjoy the game!

V-Bucks Missions and Challenges

Save the World has missions and challenges for V-Bucks. These change daily, giving various V-Bucks amounts. To know the latest, check official sites or use V-Bucks apps.

Challenges are another way in Save the World. By finishing stages, up to 2600 V-Bucks are yours. Some include Lok’s Book of Monsters and Mission Accomplished.

Hold the Door! and Toxic Treasures are in that list too.

Last 7 Days Timed MissionsPlankertonCanny ValleyTwine Peaks
Last 30 Days Timed MissionsPlankertonCanny ValleyTwine Peaks
Previous 30 Days Timed MissionsPlankertonCanny ValleyTwine Peaks

Since October 31, 2023, there have been no timed V-Buck missions available. However, daily quests in Save the World still reward players with V-Bucks.

Win V-Bucks by completing missions and challenges. Use these in the shop for cool items.

Doing missions and challenges boosts your Save the World fun. You’ll win awesome rewards.

Using Earned V-Bucks

After earning V-Bucks in Save the World, you can use them in different ways. These in-game coins make your game better and unlock cool features.

Buy cool outfits or fun dances for your character with V-Bucks. This way, you can look and move uniquely. The game shop has a wide range, so everyone can find something they like.

V-Bucks also let you buy Battle Passes. Battle Passes open up special challenges and rewards. They help you level up quickly and gain cool stuff all season.

In Save the World, V-Bucks let you get Loot Llamas. These pinatas are full of helpful items like guns and traps. They make your missions easier and more fun.

V-Bucks give you the power to change your game however you want. You can become a fashion star or get stronger for battles. With V-Bucks, you’re ready for success in Save the World.

V-Bucks PackagePrice (USD)
1,000 V-Bucks$8.99
2,800 V-Bucks$22.99
5,000 V-Bucks$36.99
13,500 V-Bucks$89.99

Beware of Scams

When you play Fortnite and look to get V-Bucks, watch out for scams. Many sites and social groups promise free V-Bucks or items. But these are usually tricks or risky scams. They could steal your account info or hurt your device.

Don’t visit these sites or click odd links. Scammers try to get your account details or get you to download bad stuff. Keeping away from these schemes helps keep your information safe.

In 2018, experts found over 4,700 fake sites about V-Bucks. Plus, they spotted more than 4.6 million fake V-Bucks videos on YouTube. These were often scams or gave wrong details.

With over 350 million Fortnite fans, it’s a big target for scams. Staying careful is key to keeping your gaming fun and safe.

Follow these steps to protect your account and info:

  • Buy V-Bucks from safe places like the Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store, or trusted online shops.
  • Only download Fortnite from the Epic Games Store, or the real developer’s website, to avoid bad copies.
  • After downloading Fortnite, turn off the “Install unknown apps” option on your phone. This stops bad apps from installing.

By following this advice, you can enjoy Fortnite without the worry of scams. It helps you stay safe while playing.

Taking care when dealing with V-Bucks is very important in Fortnite. Stick to safe ways to play. Enjoy Fortnite safely and smartly!


In Fortnite’s Save the World mode, you can earn V-Bucks in many ways. Daily Quests are a solid source, giving you up to 100 V-Bucks daily. Login Rewards add more chances. Some days, you can win 1000 V-Bucks.

Timed Missions and the Main Questline also get you V-Bucks. Remember, the amount might go down over time. Side Quests, Challenges, and Events are other routes, with differing V-Bucks rewards.

Starters might get roughly 350 V-Bucks each day. But if you’re seasoned and done a lot in the game, you could make around 185 V-Bucks daily. Players have even seen a wide range of V-Bucks earnings, from 1500 to 50,000.

Buying cosmetic items and unlocking the Battle Pass can be done with V-Bucks. Just make sure to use official sources to stay safe. In the Item Shop, prices go from 500 for emotes to 2000 for outfits. Buying more V-Bucks at once offers discounts, saving you some cash.

By using the ways to earn V-Bucks, you can customize your game more. So, go complete quests, face challenges, and enjoy your well-deserved V-Bucks rewards!


How can I earn V-Bucks from Save the World mode in Fortnite?

In Save the World mode, you can win V-Bucks by achieving challenges and missions. Founders get a chance to earn more V-Bucks. Non-founders get X-Ray tickets. Use V-Bucks to buy items in the game shop.

How can I earn V-Bucks as a Founder in Save the World mode?

Founders in Save the World can win V-Bucks through Storm Shield Defence missions and daily quests. These V-Bucks help in buying items from the shop.

What are the specific missions in each region of Save the World that reward players with V-Bucks?

Each Save the World region has special V-Bucks missions including Storm Shield Defence missions. Finishing all region missions earns 600 V-Bucks per area.

How can I earn V-Bucks from daily quests and login bonuses in Save the World?

Log in daily for V-Bucks and complete the quests. Each quest gives 50 V-Bucks minimum. Get more for hitting certain milestones. Login bonuses also feature V-Bucks as rewards.

How does progressing through the storyline in Save the World unlock V-Bucks rewards?

By advancing through Save the World’s story, you unlock Storm Shield Defence missions, which give V-Bucks. Completing all region missions can get you 600 V-Bucks per area.

How can I find V-Bucks missions in Save the World?

V-Bucks missions vary daily and have different V-Bucks rewards. Check websites or apps for mission details. Challenges also offer V-Bucks up to 2600 across stages.

How can I use the V-Bucks earned in Save the World?

Use Save the World’s V-Bucks for cosmetics and Battle Passes in both modes. You can buy Loot Llamas too.

Are there scams claiming to offer free V-Bucks?

Be careful of scams offering free V-Bucks. They lurk on websites or social media with harmful ads or phishing. Avoid these to keep your account safe.

How should I use my earned V-Bucks and what should I be aware of?

Earn V-Bucks by completing Save the World challenges. Look out for free V-Bucks scams. Spend wisely across both game modes.

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