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Ex Astris is a thrilling space adventure game with an exciting group of heroes. The story focuses on Yan and Vi. They explore a planet, Allindo, looking for the truth about the Allindish people. This world has endless light and dark because it’s forever stuck in one position. Players will meet weird creatures and enemies on this journey. The game is full of exciting battles, character growth, cooking, solving puzzles, and fun mini-games.

Key Takeaways

  • Ex Astris is an epic space adventure game with a diverse cast of protagonists.
  • The main characters, Yan and Vi, embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of the Allindish civilization.
  • The game’s world, Allindo, is a tidal-locked planet with contrasting regions of eternal light and darkness.
  • Ex Astris offers a rich gameplay experience with features like combat, character progression, cooking, puzzles, and mini-games.
  • The protagonists of Ex Astris are at the heart of the game’s captivating narrative and immersive adventure.

Ex Astris: An Epic Space Adventure

Ex Astris is an epic adventure that takes players to a unique world. They will investigate the lost Allindish civilization, a mysterious and advanced group. Players will follow Yan and Vi on their quest to discover the secrets of this ancient society.

Unraveling the Secrets of the Allindish Civilization

The Allindish civilization sparks great intrigue in Ex Astris. It thrived on the planet Allindo, where one side always faced the sun and the other was in darkness. Yan and Vi will search for clues in the varied landscapes of Allindo to reveal the civilization’s mysteries.

Yan and Vi: Investigators Extraordinaire

Yan and Vi, our heroes in Ex Astris, are set to solve the Allindish civilization’s riddle. The duo’s investigative skills will help them overcome challenges. Together, they explore the wonders of the Allindish world, using their unique strengths to succeed.

Yan: The Intrepid Protagonist

Yan is the bold main character in Ex Astris. They have a rich history that’s closely tied to the game’s story. Yan and their partner, Vi, work together to uncover the mysteries of the Allindish civilization. Yan stands out with their special skills and way of fighting.

Backstory and Origins

Exploring Yan’s past reveals why they act the way they do. Their adventures are driven by a need to learn the truth about the Allindish people. This leads them to face all kinds of challenges.

Unique Abilities and Combat Style

In ex astris game, Yan has skills that are key to the game. They use both far-reaching and close combat moves. This makes Yan very adaptable and a strong teammate.

Vi: The Enigmatic Companion

In the world of Ex Astris, Vi is a mysterious yet fascinating character. Her background and reasons for joining Yan’s space journey are deeply hidden. Vi adds a different perspective and much-needed skills to the adventure.

Mysterious Past and Motivations

In Ex Astris, players will delve into Vi’s past and discover what drives her. This adventure with Yan to find the truth about the Allindish civilization is not easily understood from the start. It makes Vi even more intriguing.

Complementary Skills and Synergy

Vi and Yan’s abilities work together in a powerful way. This synergy is key to overcoming the game’s obstacles. Their combined strengths make them a strong team in Ex Astris’s challenging world.

ex astris game: A World of Eternal Light and Darkness

The world of Ex Astris takes place on the tidal-locked planet of Allindo. This planet has a unique setting where there is both eternal light and darkness. Such an environment creates a striking contrast and brings out the distinct challenges in each part of the world.

The Tidal-Locked Planet of Allindo

Allindo is a place where light and shadow greatly affect its landscapes and the lives of those who dwell there. The planet’s tidal-locked feature is key to the backdrop of the game. Players follow the story of Yan and Vi, who are on a journey to discover hidden secrets in different biomes.

Strange Creatures and Opposing Forces

Yan and Vi’s adventure lets them meet many unusual and otherworldly creatures in Allindo’s settings. They will face challenges from natural and artificial sources, testing their skills. The game’s world is full of unique life forms and hardships, from bright lands to dark realms.

Combat Mechanics and Character Progression

Ex Astris brings a fun, deep combat system to the table. It lets players use a mix of powers and plans to win battles. The game features a cool “Wave and Particle” system. This lets you shift between different fighting styles quickly. You get to use special moves and combos with each style.

Wave and Particle Stances

“Wave and Particle” stances make up the main part of Ex Astris’ fighting style. You can switch between these two unique modes. The Wave style is all about wide, flowing attacks. While the Particle style hits with precise, sharp strikes. Learning when to use each one is key. It helps you build solid strategies for fighting and beating tough rivals.

Obscuran Maneuvers and Retaliation

Ex Astris spices up the turn-based fighting with “Obscuran Maneuvers.” These let you fight back against enemy attacks in a smart way. If you do them right, you can mess up your foes’ plans and take control of the fight. To use them well, you need the perfect timing and to be in just the right spot. It’s a cool twist that adds strategy to the game’s battles.

Party Management and Customization

Managing your party in Ex Astris is a must. You need to combine the skills of Yan, Vi, and maybe others. This helps you become a better team and advance in the game. Changing your characters and making them stronger is crucial. It lets you adapt as the game gets harder. You can then beat any challenges that come your way.

Immersive Gameplay and Features

Ex Astris offers an immersive gameplay experience. It goes beyond just fighting and exploring. The game tells a deep story that captures players. It explores the Allindish civilization and the characters’ reasons for their actions.

Rich Narrative and Puzzles

The game also has many puzzles to solve. These challenges push players to think critically and find hidden truths. The puzzles fit naturally into the story. This helps to build a detailed world and civilization.

Cooking and Mini-Games

Ex Astris isn’t just about the main quest. It lets players cook and play mini-games too. These activities add variety and depth to the gaming experience. With stunning 3D visuals, the game world feels alive and vibrant.

ex astris game gameplay features

Arknights: Endfield Crossover Event

Ex Astris is launching globally. To mark this, Gryphline, the publisher, is teaming up with Arknights: Endfield. The event, named “When the Land Meets the Stars,” bridges the two game worlds. Players can find special content and in-game items.

“When the Land Meets the Stars”

Players link their Ex Astris and Gryphline accounts. This gives them access to special items for their characters. It shows the publisher’s dedication to exciting its diverse community. It’s also a chance for fans of both games to merge the universes they love.

Exclusive In-Game Cosmetics

The event lets Ex Astris players unlock unique cosmetics. These items combine elements from Ex Astris and Arknights: Endfield. Players can decorate their game with new looks for characters, weapons, and gear. This way, they can show their love for the shared gaming world.


Ex Astris is a thrilling space adventure game that takes players to a universe of light and darkness. It has a mix of characters, a deep story, and new ways to play. The ex astris game gives a special and interesting adventure. It shows the secrets of the Allindish people and offers fun combat and growth for your characters.

The game joined with Arknights: Endfield to make a special event. This makes players feel like they are exploring and having fun together. Ex Astris is a fresh and well-made RPG game for mobiles. It’s exciting and really draws you in.

To sum up, the ex astris game shows how much the developers care about making a great game. It mixes a good story, fun gameplay, and features that connect players. This game is a great pick for fans and new players. It offers a journey full of surprises, challenges, and a chance to know the secrets of Ex Astris.


What is Ex Astris?

Ex Astris is a thrilling space adventure game. It introduces Yan and Vi, its main characters. They journey through space, uncovering the secrets of an ancient civilization.

What is the setting of Ex Astris?

The game takes place on Allindo, a planet with one side always dark. Here, light and shadow meet. Players will meet strange creatures while exploring its lands.

Who are the protagonists in Ex Astris?

The heroes are Yan and Vi. Yan is brave, with a deep connection to the game’s story. Vi is mysterious, adding intrigue with her unknown past.

What are the key features of Ex Astris?

Ex Astris has a rich combat system and unique stances. It also offers a complex story, puzzles, and cooking. These features make the game deep and immersive.

What is the Arknights: Endfield crossover event?

The game’s developers, Gryphline, are celebrating Ex Astris with a crossover. Arknights: Endfield meets “When the Land Meets the Stars”. This event connects both game worlds and offers special in-game items.

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