Kingdom Rush 5: My Tips and Strategies Guide

kingdom rush 5

Welcome to my guide for Kingdom Rush 5, the newest tower defense game. Whether you love Kingdom Rush or are new to tower defense, this guide has valuable tips. They will help you win in this strategy game online.

Key Takeaways:

  • Utilize the Infernal Mage, Bone Flingers, and Orc Warriors Den as key tower units.
  • Build Orc Dens at each exit to stall enemies and prioritize dealing with Corrosive Souls.
  • Choose Oloch as your Hero for magic and Seal of Isolation abilities.
  • Upgrade Orc Dens for blocking leaks and focusing on Corrosive Souls.
  • Use Bone Flingers to defend against Haunted Skeleton and Lich waves.
  • Avoid purchasing Level 4 special skills for Infernal Mages initially.
  • Defeat Corrosive Souls as a top priority in the Cursed Bargain stage.
  • Save upgrades to prevent Soul leaks.
  • Strategically place resistant Towers against the Ancient Ghost bosses and their spawned enemies.

Kingdom Rush gives you four tower types: Archers, Soldiers, Mages, and Artillery. Each one has unique advantages and downsides. Where you place them matters a lot. Put towers where paths cross to do the most damage. Keep improving your skills as you play more.

Knowing what each enemy can do, and what they can’t, is vital. Spend your resources wisely on towers and heroes. Be ready to build or upgrade fast when new enemies show up.

Try out various tower setups and heroes to see what works best. The game includes elements like rocks and allies to use in smart ways. These can be game-changers.

Picking the right heroes and using them well can turn battles in your favor. Heroes with good abilities can fit your plan and make your strategy better. Oloch’s Seal of Isolation is great for stopping enemy attacks.

In the speedrunning community, quick runs are often done on Casual Mode, aiming for under 2 hours. The strategy usually involves collecting 33 stars before the last level. The current best time for this speedrun is 2 hours, 25 minutes, and 53 seconds.

For more about Kingdom Rush and speedrunning, follow me on Twitter at Also, visit the Kingdom Rush section on the forums.

Exploring the Campaign Levels

In Kingdom Rush 5, players go on an exciting journey. They move through challenging levels. You start from Southport’s colorful landscapes. Then, work your way to Castle Blackburn’s powerful ancient walls.

There are 25 stages in the campaign. Each level has its own terrain and obstacles. This makes the tower defense gameplay rich and deep.

Difficulty increases as you play. Different modes like regular, heroic, and iron modes are there. This lets players of all levels enjoy the game. So, whether you’re a master planner or just starting, there’s fun for everyone.

Keep an eye out for Kingdom Rush 5’s release date. When it’s out, jump in and battle tons of enemies. Get ready for an epic tower defense adventure!

Ready for the battles ahead? Set up your defenses and lead your troops. Kingdom Rush 5 is waiting for you!

Campaign Stages in Kingdom Rush 5

SouthportRiversideEnemy Waves
Twin RiversForestTime Constraints
Castle BlackburnMountainsMultiple Entrances

Tower Placement and Combinations

Choosing where to put your towers is crucial in Kingdom Rush 5, the top tower defense game. It’s all about guarding your kingdom from waves of enemies. Smart tower placement is key to winning.

When you place towers, think about what each one does best. Kingdom Rush 5 has many kinds of towers, each with its special strengths. Let’s look at some great tower combos and spots to put them:

1. Ranged Towers and Magic Towers: From the start, Ranged and Magic Towers offer the most damage for your money. It’s smart to put them where they can cover a lot of ground. This way, you defend well and save gold.

2. Artillery Towers and Arcane Wizards: Artillery Towers along with Arcane Wizards can hurt lots of foes at once with the Teleport power. It’s a strong choice when facing groups of enemies. They can quickly weaken and defeat them.

3. Melee Towers: Melee Towers work best near the exit. They fight up close, slowing down and damaging enemies. This strategy gives you more time to tackle attacking forces.

4. Rapid Firing Ranged Towers: Rapid Firing Ranged Towers excel at taking out weaker foes fast. If placed well, they stop minor threats before they reach your heartier defenses.

Each level in Kingdom Rush 5 has its own tests and enemies. Trying different tower setups and placements is vital. Be open to new strategies. Change your tactics as you learn what works best against different foes.

Before each wave comes, tapping the skull icon shows what you’ll face. This helps you adjust your tower positions and upgrades. Knowing how enemies move lets you set up your towers to block and attack them better.

Upgrading towers wisely is more powerful than just adding more. Think about what each tower does best. Upgrade them based on their unique abilities. This makes them stronger against specific enemies, boosting your defense.

Getting good at tower placement and understanding maps is key to beating Kingdom Rush 5. Plan your defense well, use your towers’ features, and adapt to each challenge. With strategy and smart tower use, you can win the battle in this top tower defense game.

Choosing the Right Hero

In Kingdom Rush, picking your hero is key to winning battles. Each hero has special skills and ways of fighting. This gives you many strategies to choose from. Whether you like big damage heroes or those that control crowds, choosing the correct one matters a lot in Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance TD.

Now, let’s check out some top-rated heroes in the game. This will help you choose wisely:

Gerald, the Mighty Tank (7/10)

Gerald is a top-notch tank hero. He can take a lot of hits and keep your base safe. His high score makes him a top pick for protecting your team.

Magnus, the Glass Cannon (8/10 to 9/10)

Magnus is a glass cannon, hitting enemies hard from afar. His powerful attacks make short work of foes. He’s perfect for those who like to go hard in fights.

Elora Wintersong, the Sniper with Crowd Control (10/10)

If crowd control and sniping are your priorities, Elora Wintersong is unmatched. She’s rated perfect for these skills, making her invaluable in battles.

There are many heroes besides those we’ve named, each with unique strengths. Think about the level’s challenges and how you like to play when picking your hero in Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance TD.

Don’t forget, you can control two heroes together in Kingdom Rush 5. This adds a whole new layer of strategy. It lets you move your heroes strategically and use their skills to build a strong defense.

Mastering Endless Mode

Kingdom Rush 5’s Endless Mode is a tough test for your tower defense skills. The aim is to survive as long as you can without items help. Players swap strategies and tips, discussing the best ways to approach each challenge.

Trying different heroes and strategies is crucial in Endless Mode. Each hero brings something special to the fight. Choose heroes based on whether you want someone who deals out a lot of damage or controls the crowd. Think about your style of play and the challenges ahead when selecting a hero.

As you move up the levels, keep an eye on what works and what doesn’t in tower combinations. Where you place your towers matters a lot. It’s key to set up your defenses correctly to handle the stronger enemy waves. Try out different tower setups to see what works best against certain enemies.

Endless Mode in Kingdom Rush 5 is thrilling and challenging. It tests your ability to think strategically under pressure. Don’t hesitate to learn from and share tips with other players. Together, we can overcome the tough enemy waves and reach amazing levels in Endless Mode.

UnitBuild CostDamageFire RateRange
Wingblade Archer704-6AverageShort
Wingblade Ranger1108-12AverageAverage
Wingblade Hunter16011-16FastLong
Tide Breakers30040-60SlowAverage
Hawcara Hatchery10010SlowN/A

Always working to be better and changing your tactics is the way to the top in Endless Mode. Get ready, build strong defenses, and tackle one wave after another with confidence!

kingdom rush 5

Tower Upgrades and Abilities

In Kingdom Rush 5, the top tower defense game, you get to make your towers better. You can make them stronger and unlock new skills. This helps a lot in beating hard levels. We’ll check out what you can do for each tower type.

Archer Tower Upgrades:

  • The Steady Hand upgrade makes marksmen hit from farther away by 10%.
  • With the Lumbermill upgrade, it costs 10 gold less to build level 1-3 towers.
  • The Focused Aim upgrade ups marksmen’s damage by 5%.
  • With Twin Shot, marksmen have a 10% chance to fire two arrows at once.

Barracks Upgrades:

  • Use Defensive Stance to make barracks soldiers tougher with +10% armor.
  • Boot Camp raises soldier health by 10%.
  • Espirit de Corps boosts healing speed at the rally point by 20% a second.

Magic Tower Upgrades:

  • Rune of Power makes mages’ attacks reach 10% further.
  • Spell Penetration gives a 10% chance for bolts to ignore magic resistance.
  • Eldritch Power increases mage attack power by 10%.

Artillery Upgrades:

  • With the Smoothbore upgrade, artillery can hit targets that are 10% further away.
  • Improved Ordnance increases their damage by 10%.
  • Gnomish Trinkering shaves 3 seconds off the time artillery special abilities need to reload.

Rain of Fire Upgrades:

  • Burning Skies makes meteors hit harder and come back 5 seconds faster.
  • Scorched Earth sets enemies on fire for 5 seconds.

Reinforcements Upgrades:

  • Trained Volunteers get a boost to health and damage by 50 HP and 1-3 damage respectively.
  • Men-at-Arms have stronger health now and 10% extra armor, adding up to 70 HP total.

By making smart choices in upgrading and unlocking skills, towers grow stronger. They can hit from farther, hit harder, and do unique things. This gives you a good chance to win over the enemy waves in each level of Kingdom Rush 5.

Kingdom Rush 5 not only improves towers but also changes their looks. New elements like spirits and designs add a lot to the game. They help make it fun and look great too.

Remember, upgrading your towers has good and bad sides. It makes them powerful but costs a lot. Skills like Wither and Shackle can cost between 200 and 600 gold. So, you need a good plan to use your money well.

Also, you can’t upgrade towers just any time. You have to level up first and then you can get new skills. This lets you really make your defense strong.

Next, let’s talk about how Kingdom Rush 5 looks, including the cool tower upgrades. Join me in exploring the design concept of the game.

Overcoming Challenges and Strong Enemies

In Kingdom Rush 5, you will face various challenges and strong enemies. They will test how well you can handle tower defense. To beat them, develop strong strategies and be ready to change your plans.

Understanding the Enemy Types

Every enemy type in Kingdom Rush 5 comes with different features. To win, you must know what these are. This way, you can place your towers right and choose the best ones for the job.

The Melee Troll Cabin might be hard to beat because they regenerate health fast. However, they are not good at stopping tower attacks. On the other hand, the Nomad Tent has well-armored soldiers. For them, towers that weaken armor work best.

For tough enemies, use the Archer Duskar Bunker. It shoots slowly but can take down strong enemies. The Haunted House Tower is great against many weak enemies. Its arrows can go through multiple enemies and explode, dealing massive damage.

Strategic Tower Placement

Where you put your towers is critical in Kingdom Rush 5. Look closely at how enemies move. Find the best places to put your towers where they can do the most damage.

Try to mix towers that work well together. For instance, the Mage Demon Tower not only attacks but also brings in demon guards. This can make your defense a lot stronger. The Shaman Hut can cast spells fast, which are good for slowing enemies down.

Upgrade Strategically

Upgrading is better than just getting more towers. Pick towers that can be upgraded in ways that help your strategy the most. Focus on upgrades that boost damage, range, and special skills. These will make your defense much stronger.

Learn from Defeats

Don’t feel bad about losing a battle. See it as a chance to get better. Look at how you placed your towers and the strategies you used. Find your weak points and make them stronger. This will help you beat even the toughest enemies.

Every level brings new enemies, so you have to adjust your defense each time. With smart planning, tower placements, and the right upgrades, you can win against any enemy in Kingdom Rush 5.

Connecting with the Kingdom Rush Community

Ready to join the Kingdom Rush community? It’s a place where you can share tips and strategies for the game with other fans. By connecting with others, you’ll stay updated on everything Kingdom Rush.

Getting into the Kingdom Rush community is easy. Here are a few ways:

  1. Join Online Forums: Various online forums are dedicated to Kingdom Rush. They’re places where players from all over the world discuss strategies and share experiences. By joining, you can ask questions, share your knowledge, and learn from others.
  2. Follow Official Kingdom Rush Channels: For the latest game news, follow Kingdom Rush on social media. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube offer exclusive content and developer interviews. They give you an in-depth look at the Kingdom Rush world.
  3. Engage on Social Media: Connect with fellow fans by interacting with Kingdom Rush content on social media. Use popular game hashtags to find and join discussions. By liking, sharing, and commenting, you can exchange ideas with a wider audience.

Joining the Kingdom Rush community will help you improve your game. You’ll learn from expert players, find new strategies, and probably make some friends too. Whether you need advice or just want to celebrate your wins, this community is key to enhancing your journey in the game.

Don’t delay! Start your Kingdom Rush community adventure today. It’s all about teaming up, learning, and enjoying the game with others.


Kingdom Rush 5 is a top tower defense game that’s thrilling. It immerses players in a strategic online experience. By wisely putting up towers and choosing heroes, you can beat tough stages and powerful foes. Using two heroes at once tests your strategic skills in new ways.

Choosing heroes carefully is important. Look for heroes who can do many things well and fit your strategy. The right heroes help a lot in winning battles. The game’s towers attack in various ways, suiting different foes. This lets you change your plan to face any kind of enemy.

Winning in Kingdom Rush 5 means handling each enemy wave differently. Knowing what’s coming and adjusting your tower spots can tip the scales of war. Upgrading towers smartly makes them better at fighting certain enemies. How you choose and change your towers can meet the changing challenges of the game.

To be a champion in Kingdom Rush 5, you need to study the maps, place towers right and move heroes where they’re needed. Managing your resources cleverly is also critical. Learn from your losses to get better at your defense. Kingdom Rush 5 is not just a game; it’s a journey through deep, strategic gameplay that keeps you hooked.


When will Kingdom Rush 5 be released?

We don’t know the release date for Kingdom Rush 5 yet. Watch for news from the game’s official sites.

How can I play Kingdom Rush 5?

When it’s out, you can play Kingdom Rush 5 on mobiles, computers, and consoles.

What are some tips for tower placement and combinations in Kingdom Rush 5?

Try different towers together to see what works best for each stage. For instance, Ranged and Magic Towers do a lot of damage for their cost. Artillery and Arcane Wizards can hit several foes. Placing Melee Towers near the end works well, too.

How do I choose the right hero in Kingdom Rush 5?

Think about how you play and what you need for each level before picking a hero. Each hero brings something different. Choose the one that matches how you like to play and helps your strategy.

What is Endless Mode in Kingdom Rush 5?

Endless Mode in Kingdom Rush 5 is about going as far as you can without some items. Exchange your best strategies and tips with other players to get farther and score better.

How can I upgrade my towers and unlock new abilities in Kingdom Rush 5?

As you play, you’ll get resources to level up your towers and get new powers. Think about your upgrades carefully to do more damage, cover more area, or add special abilities. Also, unlocking new skills can make your defenses stronger.

How can I overcome challenges and defeat strong enemies in Kingdom Rush 5?

Learn about the different enemies and adjust your tower setups to counter them. Watch how enemies move and change your strategy when needed to beat the hard parts.

How can I connect with the Kingdom Rush community?

Connect with other fans by joining forums, social media, and following the game’s official channels. There you can share strategies, tips, and keep up with the game’s news and events.

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