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Limbus Company Gameplay

Limbus Company is a new role-playing game full of adventure. It mixes exploring worlds, fighting enemies, solving puzzles, and telling stories. This combo brings players into an exciting journey in a virtual world.

Dive into the Engaging Story EpisodesConfirmed Character Traits and DevelopmentsDiscover the Sinners and Their IdentitiesUnlock the Limbus Battle Pass and Its MissionsTraverse Inferno and Mirror DungeonsCreate Your Powerful Limbus Company Team1. Sinner Rarities and Abilities2. Sin Affinity and Resistances3. Skill Cards and Speed4. Passive Skills and Sin Affinities5. E.G.O Resources and Ultimate MovesEngage in Thrilling Limbus Company BattlesDialogue and StrategyBreaking Abnormality PartsUnleash the Power of Limbus Company E.G.O AwakeningSinners can tap into various E.G.O Awakening resources:Take Advantage of Limbus Company’s Unique Potency EffectsPotency Effects and their EffectsConclusionFAQWhat is Limbus Company?What are the main features of Limbus Company?Can I progress my character in Limbus Company?Is multiplayer mode available in Limbus Company?What types of environments can I explore in Limbus Company?How can I prioritize the story episodes in Limbus Company?How can I unlock further episodes in the main story?What are the sinners in Limbus Company?How can I extract sinners in Limbus Company?What are gacha rates in Limbus Company?Can I choose different banners for sinners extraction in Limbus Company?What is the Limbus Pass in Limbus Company?What types of missions are available in the Limbus Pass?What are the Inferno and Mirror Dungeons in Limbus Company?How can I create a team in Limbus Company?How can I win battles in Limbus Company?What is the E.G.O Awakening system in Limbus Company?What are potency effects in Limbus Company?How can I improve my gameplay in Limbus Company?

The game stands out with its detailed story. It keeps players hooked, as they uncover its secrets episode by episode.

Players also face tough battles. They must plan carefully and use each character’s skills wisely. Limbus Company blends classic role-playing with fast-paced fighting, catering to all kinds of gamers.

In the game, you can gather up to twenty teams of fighters, called Sinners. Each Sinner has special abilities to use in battles. Finding the best team mix and using special attacks is key to winning.

The game’s characters are inspired by famous literary figures. This makes the adventure feel extra deep and interesting. The environments are detailed and stunning, making exploration a joy.

There are special E.G.O items that boost fighting skills. Using them wisely can give players a big advantage in tough fights.

The latest game update, version 1.47.0 on May 16, 2024, improved Mirror Dungeons. It also fixed bugs and introduced new characters. This makes the game even better for everyone.

Limbus Company lets you play across different devices. Your game progress is saved, no matter where you play. This is thanks to linking your game profile with accounts on Apple, Google, or Steam.

Remember, you can get Limbus Company on Steam. It’s where you can enjoy the game fully and connect with a big player community.

Key Takeaways:

  • Limbus Company combines deep narrative storytelling, strategic combat, exploration mechanics, and puzzle challenges.
  • Players can build up to twenty battle teams, each with its unique set of Sinners possessing their own skills and abilities.
  • Affinity-based attacks and unique effects add depth and strategy to combat encounters.
  • Limbus Company features a cast of characters inspired by literary icons, offering a thematic richness to the gameplay experience.
  • E.G.O items introduce synergies with Identities, enhancing combat strategies.

Dive into the Engaging Story Episodes

At Limbus Company, story episodes are key to the game. Players should focus on them. The game’s main story is divided into episodes, each with its own tale and goals. To move forward, completing these sub-episodes is crucial.

Sub-episodes come in different forms. Some have tough battles. Others focus on story details. By delving deep into each story, players learn about the world of Limbus Company. They also discover who the characters really are.

But unlocking new story episodes isn’t easy. Players need to meet specific goals or be at a certain game level. This challenge makes success more rewarding. It also pushes players to dive deep into the plot.

As players explore the story, they’ll meet interesting characters. Carmen, who talks about the sinners’ stories, guides them. She shares the dark and captivating tales of these unique characters.

Confirmed Character Traits and Developments

Players will find interesting information as they go through the story episodes. This includes details that shine a light on the sinners’ backgrounds and the game’s world:

  • Faust’s link to Lobotomy Corp. Remnant shows they worked where their “children” were, adding a layer to their story.
  • Heathcliff is shown to have anger problems and doesn’t like the rich, giving insight into his character.
  • Sinclair is associated with an N Corp Identity, suggesting a deeper story.
  • Connecting Bamboo-Hatted Kim with Meursault introduces a surprising turn in the plot.
  • Dante’s ability to come back to life, not just based on time, hints at something more, adding depth to his character.

The story episodes in Limbus Company are full of excitement. They reveal character details, create suspense, and bring surprises. It’s important for players to explore the full story. This way, they can unlock the game’s secrets and know the characters better.

Dialogue OccurrencesManagers, Sinners, and LocationsTopic of Conversation Patterns
ManagerDANTE: 11Carmen is the narrator for the identity stories of the sinners in the Engaging Story Episodes.Company Selection Criteria Mention: 1
K Corp. Dept. of Food Resource Development Dongrang: 13In Faust’s Lobotomy Corp. Remnant’s story, Faust is revealed to have worked for the company where their “children” resided.Welfare Budget Discussion: 1
K Corp. Dept. of Food Resource Development Samjo: 7Heathcliff is depicted as having anger issues and a dislike for wealthy individuals.Research on Abnormalities Discussion: 1
Sinner #11SINCLAIR: 2Sinclair is confirmed to have a corresponding N Corp Identity.Attack Event Description: 1
Sinner #9RODION: 5Bamboo-Hatted Kim’s identity is assigned to Meursault.
Sinner #8ISHMAEL: 3Future Walpurgisnachts will feature special battles in the Library.

Discover the Sinners and Their Identities

In Limbus Company, players meet twelve unique characters known as the Sinners. Each Sinner has special skills and qualities. This makes the team diverse and fun to build.

To get a Sinner on your team, you need to use the Extract option in the game. This lets you get them through a gacha system. But, the chances to get a Sinner change depending on if they’re common or legendary.

The game has Sinners with different levels of rarity, from common to legendary. Each level has its own chance for you to get them. Knowing these chances helps you plan better.

Doing the extraction needs special currency called Lunacy. You get Lunacy by playing the game in different ways. It can help make it easier to get those hard-to-find Sinners. You can also get them from special banners that appear for a limited time.

Getting the same Sinner more than once is actually helpful. That’s because the extra ones turn into Shards. Shards help make your team stronger in unique ways.

Limbus Company has a smart system for getting Sinners. It encourages players to think strategically. With Lunacy and knowledge of the odds, you can build a strong team. This will help you overcome the game’s challenges.


SinnerIdentity Rarity

Table: List of Sinners and their respective identity rarities in Limbus Company.

Unlock the Limbus Battle Pass and Its Missions

In Limbus Company, unlocking the Limbus Battle Pass is thrilling. It gives players a way to win cool rewards. These goodies are available for both free and paying players.

The Battle Pass has daily, weekly, and seasonal tasks. Completing these tasks brings you Pass XP. This XP helps you climb the Battle Pass’s levels.

By doing daily missions, you get 10 Pass XP. Weekly missions give you more, with 20 Pass XP. If you complete the seasonal missions, you’ll get a big boost with 65 Pass XP.

Doing these tasks lets you earn exciting in-game gifts. This can be items like Lunacy, Thread, and Enkephalin Modules.

Remember, there’s a basic Battle Pass for everyone. But there’s also a premium one, the Limbus Pass. You can buy it individually or as a part of a package. The Limbus Pass has its own set of special rewards.

“The Limbus Pass Package includes a Level Boost Ticket, exclusive banners, Pass Levels, and the Limbus Pass itself, available for purchase with 2700 Paid Lunacy.”

As you progress and reach higher levels, you get more rewards. This holds true for both the free Pass and the Limbus Pass. You could get extra Nominable Egoshard Crates.

Don’t forget, if you miss claiming something during the Battle Pass window, you might still get it. These items could be E.G.O or Battle Announcers, and you’ll find them at the Dispenser. But, some collectibles, like profile cosmetics, are gone forever after the Battle Pass ends.

Getting and working on the Limbus Battle Pass is a great way for players to enjoy more and win big in Limbus Company.

Type of MissionsPass XP
Daily Missions10 Pass XP
Weekly Missions20 Pass XP
Seasonal Missions65 Pass XP

Traverse Inferno and Mirror Dungeons

Limbus Company invites players to dive into two major dungeon experiences: Inferno and Mirror Dungeons. Inferno is ready to go right away. Mirror Dungeons open up as you journey through the story.

In Inferno, there are various modes and stages to play through. Each stage has its challenges, like fighting different enemies. Knowing your foes’ strengths and weaknesses helps a lot.

Mirror Dungeons are next-level, offering immersive scenarios. Here, you’ll face intense battles that really put your skills to the test. Yet, exploring these dungeons could reveal helpful resources for your adventure.

Below is a table outlining what to expect in both Inferno and Mirror Dungeons:

DungeonModesStagesEnemy infoObjectives
InfernoVarious modes availableMultiple stages to conquerUnique enemy skills, resistances, and statusesObjective-based challenges
Mirror DungeonsImmersive combat scenariosOpportunities for explorationVarious enemy encountersResource acquisition

Playing these dungeons helps you get better, find cool stuff, and move forward in the game. The excitement of beating tough levels and discovering new things is what Inferno and Mirror Dungeons are all about at Limbus Company.

“Dive into the depths, overcome formidable foes, and claim your rewards in the Inferno and Mirror Dungeons of Limbus Company.”

Create Your Powerful Limbus Company Team

Building a strong team is key to succeeding in Limbus Company. You get to choose from a variety of sinners, each with their own special skills. To make a team that’s both strong and balanced, think about these things:

1. Sinner Rarities and Abilities

In Limbus Company, sinners range from one-star to 000 in rarity. The more rare a sinner is, the stronger their abilities. It’s important to look closely at what each sinner can do. This way, you can pick the ones that fit best with how you like to play and your tactics.

2. Sin Affinity and Resistances

Sinners in Limbus Company have resistances to certain Sin Affinities. Think about what kinds of sins your opponents often use. Then, choose sinners who can either work well with those Sin Affinities or fight against them. Doing this gives you an edge in battles.

3. Skill Cards and Speed

How fast a character is in Limbus Company affects when they get to act in battle. It’s like a board game where each move is a skill card. Knowing your team’s speed and the skills they have is very important in turn-based battles. Use skills that fit your team to make them stronger and your strategy better.

4. Passive Skills and Sin Affinities

In Limbus Company, passive skills depend on the Sin Affinities your team uses. Think about how your team’s passive skills and sinners’ abilities work together. Using passive skills well can help you win battles.

5. E.G.O Resources and Ultimate Moves

Ultimate moves use up Skill Affinity resources that you collect during battles. Remember to think about the E.G.O resources your sinners have. This helps you use their ultimate moves at the right times. Being smart about this is important for winning with strategy.

Taking all these things into account and trying out different mixes of sinners and plans, you can form a team that’s ready to beat any challenge in Limbus Company.

Limbus Company Team

[Kurokumo Wakashu] Hong Lu00Fire-based attacks, damage over time
[Kurokumo Wakashu] Ryoshu0High-speed strikes, evasion abilities
[Blade Lineage Salsu] Sinclair0Powerful sword techniques, defensive buffs


For new players, Limbus Company suggests starting with sinners like [Kurokumo Wakashu] Hong Lu, [Kurokumo Wakashu] Ryoshu, and [Blade Lineage Salsu] Sinclair. These sinners are a good mix and can kick off your team building well.

Engage in Thrilling Limbus Company Battles

Limbus Company puts you in thrilling battles. You need a good plan to win. Your team of sinners fights through enemy waves. The skills your sinners have are super important in these fights.

When you fight, picking the right skills at the right time is key. Think about how your sinners’ skills work together. You might use strong attacks that hit all enemies or target one foe with a clear shot. Your choices really change how the battle goes.

To win in Limbus Company, beat most of the enemy waves. Each wave is a new challenge. You have to be smart and quick to keep winning. It’s also vital to have a team that works well together as the fights get harder.

Learning good battle strategies is the way to succeed in Limbus Company. Watch the enemies, predict their next move, and react fast. Winning isn’t just about defeating enemies. It’s also about keeping your team strong for more fights.

Dialogue and Strategy

During battles, voicelines show how important strategy is in Limbus Company. About 75% of them are about battle plans and reactions. This underlines the need for smart choices in the game.

Also, 40% of the voicelines show worry about friends in the fight. This talks about the need for teamwork and support among your sinners. It makes battles in Limbus Company lively and real.

Breaking Abnormality Parts

Breaking abnormality parts is important in battles. Around 5% of voicelines focus on this. Doing this can reduce the enemy’s power, giving you an edge.

Every battle in Limbus Company is a chance for you to show your skills. Face your enemies with strategy. Hone your abilities in every battle and rise victorious against all odds.

Melted ParaffinI150Inflicts Burn Potency based on the number of remaining Coins divided by 2 on the target.
PolarizationI158Increases damage by +7.5% with Skills inflicting Burn Potency if the ally has 30 or more SP compared to the target.
Pain of Stifled RageII199Offers effects when inflicting Burn or ‘Unique Burn’ with a Skill to enemies with Burn or ‘Unique Burn’.
Ardent FlowerIII246Boosts damage by +50% with Attack Skills inflicting Burn Potency if the target’s HP is lower than a specified percentage.
Fragment of HellfireIV400Grants additional Burn Count based on E.G.O grades and enhanced damage.

Unleash the Power of Limbus Company E.G.O Awakening

In Limbus Company, players can boost their character’s abilities with the E.G.O Awakening system. This system lets you use special E.G.O resources to make your character stronger. You get more powerful effects and damage in fights.

The E.G.O Awakening system is all about making your team unique in battle. You can pick and choose from different E.G.O resources to shape your character’s skills. Each E.G.O resource brings different advantages. You earn them as you play, making your team stronger overall.

Try out different E.G.O resources to unlock big fighting skills. You could add new effects, boost your damage, or defend better. The E.G.O Awakening system lets you make your characters fit how you love to play.

Sinners can tap into various E.G.O Awakening resources:

  • Melted Paraffin (Tier I gift): This costs 150 and gives the opponent a Burn when you use a certain move to win a Clash.
  • Fragment of Hellfire (Tier IV gift): It’s priced at 400 and boosts your Burn moves. It makes your attacks stronger based on your E.G.O grade.
  • Respite (Tier III gift): It costs 255 and makes the opponent Bleed. You become stronger for your next attack.
  • Fragment of Allurement (Tier IV gift): For 400, it boosts Lust moves. It also adds Bleed to your attacks based on your E.G.O grade.
  • Fragment of Inertia (Tier III gift): This one also costs 400. It makes your attacks stronger with Tremor moves.
  • Deathseeker (Tier III gift): Priced at 271, it boosts your Clash strength. It makes your other attacks and damage better if you use Rupture moves.

The E.G.O Awakening is crucial in Limbus Company. It lets players gain an advantage in tough fights and beat hard opponents. By smartly using E.G.O resources, players can fully power up their characters and win the day.

Take Advantage of Limbus Company’s Unique Potency Effects

At Limbus Company, players can use special potency effects to get an edge in battles. These effects like burn, bleed, and more have unique benefits. You can use them to adjust your strategy as needed.

It’s important to know how each effect works to use them well. Burn hurts enemies over time, bleed makes them take steady damage. Tremor stops their actions, sinking makes them easier to hit, rupture deals more damage, and poise helps you in fights. With the right sinners and skills, you can make unbeatable combos.

Trying different combinations is a great way to find effective strategies. By experimenting, you can learn which effects work best against different enemies. This makes the game more interesting and keeps gameplay fresh.

Potency Effects and their Effects

Potency EffectEffect on Enemies
BurnInflicts damage over time
BleedCauses continuous damage
TremorDisrupts enemy actions
SinkingReduces enemy defenses
RuptureInflicts additional damage
PoiseGrants advantages in combat

Using these potency effects smartly can help you win tough fights in Limbus Company. You may cause damage over time or make enemies weaker. Knowing how to use these effects well makes the game more fun and challenging.

Now, we’ll talk about why keeping your sanity in check is vital in Limbus Company. It affects what happens next in the game.


Limbus Company brings a story-driven game full of strategic combat and deep exploration. This guide shares tips to better your game experience. Make sure to focus on the story to really get into Limbus Company’s world.

Knowing how to create a winning team is vital. Use the battle pass and win in dungeon fights for great rewards. Pick sinners with the best skills and rarity for success in battles.

There are many ways to level up in Limbus Company. Equip your characters with strong EGO attacks. Also, take part in mirror dungeons for more goodies.

Discover all that Limbus Company has to offer and increase your fun. It’s a game with interesting challenges, making you want to play more. Dive in and enjoy!


What is Limbus Company?

Limbus Company is a new role-playing game. It immerses players in a thrilling environment.

What are the main features of Limbus Company?

The game includes deep narratives, strategic combat, and challenges to solve. It also encourages exploration.

Can I progress my character in Limbus Company?

Yes, you can make your character better. This enhances your game experience.

Is multiplayer mode available in Limbus Company?

Yes, many players can play together. This builds a feeling of community.

What types of environments can I explore in Limbus Company?

You can explore various virtual places. This adds to the game’s immersive feel.

How can I prioritize the story episodes in Limbus Company?

Focus on the main story episodes. This lets you enjoy the game’s narrative fully.

How can I unlock further episodes in the main story?

To unlock more story episodes, finish specific game tasks.

What are the sinners in Limbus Company?

Sinners are special characters. You can collect them for your team. Each has unique skills.

How can I extract sinners in Limbus Company?

Extract sinners by using the game’s Extract feature. It costs Lunacy, the in-game currency.

What are gacha rates in Limbus Company?

Gacha rates show your chances to get sinners of different rarities when extracting.

Can I choose different banners for sinners extraction in Limbus Company?

Yes, choose where you extract sinners from. You can pick regular or limited-time banners.

What is the Limbus Pass in Limbus Company?

It’s a battle pass with free and paid tiers. It gives in-game rewards as you level up.

What types of missions are available in the Limbus Pass?

Missions can be daily, weekly, or seasonal. They give rewards when completed.

What are the Inferno and Mirror Dungeons in Limbus Company?

They are special dungeons. Each offers different challenges and rewards. Players can explore these areas.

How can I create a team in Limbus Company?

Choose sinners wisely to make up your team. Think about how their skills work together.

How can I win battles in Limbus Company?

Win with smart strategies. Use the right skills at the right time with your team.

What is the E.G.O Awakening system in Limbus Company?

It lets you make your sinners stronger. Use E.G.O resources to upgrade your team’s abilities.

What are potency effects in Limbus Company?

Potency effects are special combat effects. They include burn, bleed, and poise. Use these in battles to your benefit.

How can I improve my gameplay in Limbus Company?

Follow tips and use the right strategies. This will make your experience better.

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