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Manor Lords is a deep medieval strategy game. It mixes city-building, managing resources, and live battles. You become a lord in the Middle Ages, improving your village into a successful city. You fight to grow your lands and manage resources wisely.

This game is all about being real to history. It gets its look from the late 14th century’s art and buildings in Franconia.

Key Takeaways:

  • Manor Lords does city-building without a grid. You have total freedom to place buildings and turn them. This adds realism as you build your city naturally based on the land.
  • There is a wide range of goods from medieval times. You’ll manage resources like grains and precious items like hides. Balance is key. You must meet your people’s needs while striving for luxury.
  • There are vast resources in the game waiting to be found. The game pushes you to build different kinds of settlements to make the most of these resources and grow stronger economically.
  • Expanding your territory without thought affects the environment. Be mindful of things like deer patterns and tree cutting as you expand.
  • Players get to create trade routes. This lets them sell extra goods, making their people richer and growing their city’s economy.

Release Date: 26th April 2024 | Price: $29.99/ 29,99€/ £26.24 (-25% off) | System Requirements: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 3.70 GHz, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GTX 2080 | Genre: Medieval City-Builder/ Real-time Strategy | Developer: Slavic Magic | Publisher: Hooded Horse

Experience the Life of a Medieval Lord

Step into the shoes of a medieval lord in Manor Lords. It’s an immersive strategy game. Experience the challenges and triumphs of medieval life, from village growth to conquest.

In Manor Lords, you oversee village growth. You start from humble beginnings, managing resources to meet needs. Every choice, from harvesting crops to crafting tools, shapes your settlement’s future.

Expanding your territories is key in Manor Lords. This means dealing with rival lords through battles. Consider fatigue, weather, and equipment in strategic battles to claim victory.

The game also shows the consequences of war. Every fallen soldier means a lost member of your city. This highlights the cost of conflict and the importance of smart choices.

Manor Lords is a game by Greg Styczen, a solo developer. It combines historical accuracy with engaging gameplay. The setting is the late 14th-century Franconia, offering an authentic medieval experience.

Whether you love city-building, managing resources, or strategy, Manor Lords is for you. Dive into the life of a medieval lord. Experience village growth, manage resources, and achieve victory. Are you ready to make your mark on history?

Release DatePriceDeveloperPlatform
April 26th, 2024 (early access)$29.99 on Steam (on-sale)Solo developer Greg Styczen, with artistic and technical helpWindows – Steam/Epic/GOG/GamePass

Authentic Medieval City-Building

In Manor Lords, players enjoy a fresh take on city-building. They can place buildings freely without a grid. This gives a more realistic look and feel to their medieval towns and villages.

The game reflects the late 14th-century Franconia period. It aims for authentic gameplay and visuals. Players get to step into a true medieval world.

Building in Manor Lords is detailed. Players must consider trade routes and the land. This makes city-building more immersive and strategic.

Manor Lords highlights the impact of development on nature. Overbuilding can harm resources and wildlife. This adds a challenge, pushing players to balance expansion with environmental care.

A Truly Unique City-Building Experience

Manor Lords stands out with its gridless design. It allows for a more natural arrangement of buildings. This, with its historical accuracy, offers an authentic medieval world to explore.

Players can make stunning towns based on real historical patterns. The game focuses on how settlements grew around major trade routes. This adds to its authenticity.

This game gives a new kind of city-building experience. You can build all types of areas freely. This freedom lets players design their towns creatively.

Manor Lords reimagines city-building with its unique approach. It mixes history, nature, and detailed building to make an immersive medieval world.

Building a Thriving Settlement

In Manor Lords, you lead a medieval settlement. You’ll work on building and managing various districts. This is to make sure your settlement thrives.

At the start, you have five families without homes. You also have some resources. Your first goal is to provide homes for your people. Manor Lords uses a historical system for housing. It lets you divide areas for homes. You’ll see homes appear once you’ve set up these spaces. Begin with three areas for homes, and add more as your population grows.

Aside from homes, you must also focus on getting resources. People in your settlement will grow food and raise animals. By adding extras to their homes, like extensions, you can get more resources. This helps your settlement to grow.

Managing resources is key to your settlement’s well-being. You can trade resources with other settlements using Pack Stations. This can make your resource management better. It is also good to focus on different resources based on what your area has. Getting more Oxen can also help you trade more efficiently.

It’s a good idea to build certain buildings early on, like a Logging Camp or a Storehouse. This helps things run better. Distribute your families to these buildings for a better resource flow. Two families in Logging Camp, one in Storehouse, and another in grain production is a good start.

As your settlement grows, upgrading is vital. For example, to upgrade homes, you’ll need special materials. This shows the need for ongoing resource gathering. It’s a big part of your long-term plans.

In all, making your settlement thrive needs good strategy and the right decisions. With the right management, you can see your settlement grow. It will provide you with more resources and power. So, start strong and manage well to become a successful lord in Manor Lords.


Settlement LevelBurgage Plot Level Requirement
Settler’s Camp
Small Village1
Medium Village2
Large Village3
Small Town4
Medium Town5
Large Town6


-Settlement Level
-Settler’s Camp
-Burgage Plot Level Requirement: –
-Small Village
-Burgage Plot Level Requirement: 1
-Medium Village
-Burgage Plot Level Requirement: 2
-Large Village
-Burgage Plot Level Requirement: 3
-Small Town
-Burgage Plot Level Requirement: 4
-Medium Town
-Burgage Plot Level Requirement: 5
-Large Town
-Burgage Plot Level Requirement: 6

Manor Lords gives a unique gaming experience through its four seasons. Each season brings new demands and opportunities. Players have to be smart to tackle these changes and keep their settlements growing.

In the game, farming plays a big role. Players work on fields to grow Wheat, Rye, Barley, and Flax. They need to think ahead and consider the land’s quality and crop rotation. This helps them grow more food sustainably.

Crop rotation is key to fertile soil and good harvests. Making three fields and changing crops keeps the soil rich. This method supports healthy plants and a lot of food.

Changing fields into pastures can help with crop rotation. It costs five Planks but makes land use more efficient and saves resources.

Investing in Fertilization upgrade boosts farm efficiency. It speeds up soil recovery, making farms more productive. This is a smart move for players wanting to do well in farming.

Besides farming, hunting and trading are important too. Hunting for food and fur is a good source. Trading gets items that are hard to find. This makes the settlement stronger.

Selling extra goods and setting up trade makes the town better. It brings in more supplies like Meat, Berries, and Eggs. This helps if bad weather or theft affects farms.

To succeed in Manor Lords, players need to try different strategies on their farms. By adjusting how they manage resources, settlements can thrive. This holds true, even when the weather and challenges change.

[Table 1]

Table 1: Manor Lords Seasonal Demands

SeasonResources DemandedFuel ConsumptionCrop Yields
SpringSeeds, FertilizerNormalAverage
SummerWater, Harvested CropsNormalHigh
FallHarvested CropsNormalHigh
WinterPreserved Food, FuelDoubledLow

“The changing seasons in Manor Lords not only provide unique challenges but also present opportunities for resource management and strategic decision-making.”

Conquer or Defend Territory

In Manor Lords, you face conflicts with other lords. You choose whether to attack and take land or defend what’s yours. This challenge shapes the future of your kingdom.

As a lord, you can lead your town’s people into battle. You start by training a militia. They will fight alongside you, defending their home and working to expand your kingdom.

You can also hire mercenaries to join your army. These skilled warriors bring a different perspective to your battles. They add a layer of strategy to your military options.

Manor Lords has battles that happen in real time. Winning requires you to think about many things. The stamina of your troops, the weather, and their gear all play a part. Strategy is key to winning battles.

With each soldier lost, your city loses a person. This shows how costly war is. It stresses the importance of smart decision-making and efficient use of your army.


Military Management and Resource Considerations

In the game, managing your military means managing your resources. You need to balance feeding your people with producing items for trade and making weapons. This balance is key to success.

Being good at managing resources keeps your army going. You need to make sure there’s enough iron, grains, and meat for your people and soldiers. Planning ahead is crucial.

By using your resources wisely, your army will be strong and well-fed. This makes you better prepared for conflict. You’ll be in a better position to defend your land.

But, in Manor Lords, it’s not just about other lords. Bandits and challenges from rival lords will also test you. As you grow, these tests of your strategy and management will grow too.

To come out on top and protect what’s yours, you must be a great leader. With the right planning, tactics, and a solid army, you can win battles. You can own more land and defend it boldly.

Immersive Visuals and Attention to Detail

Manor Lords catches the eye with its stunning visuals and rich details. It draws from late 14th-century Franconia for its art and look. the art and architecture breathe life into a vivid medieval world.

Players get to view their towns in an unusual third-person angle. This way, they can see up close every small detail they’ve added. This view really highlights the beauty of the game’s design.

Detail in Manor Lords goes beyond looks. The team listens to players’ ideas to make the game better.

“The addition of a day/night cycle in the game could further enhance the visual experience and bring a dynamic element to the gameplay. It would add realism and immerse players even deeper into the medieval world.” – Player Feedback

The developers are thinking about a weekly cycle for town activities, which would make the game feel real. This shows their goal to build a true-to-life medieval world.

Players have also asked for more diverse townsfolk models. the team is working on this, aiming to boost the realism of the game. They want every suggestion to craft a richer gameworld seriously.

The game’s music is already special, mixing in Gregorian chant. This inspired ideas for adding religious figures and ceremonies. level of detail catered to in audio shows how committed the team is to total immersion.

Overall, Manor Lords stands out with its detailed visuals and world-building. It continues to improve with player support, making the medieval adventure more and more immersive.

Slow-Paced Gameplay and Organic Mechanics

Manor Lords is not like other games. It moves slowly, letting players dive into the middle ages’ rhythm. It focuses on being smart, not fast, making every decision count more.

In this game, time is key. When you build your village, everything happens bit by bit. This makes your village feel real as it slowly grows.

Players can try all sorts of strategies in Manor Lords. It doesn’t throw new things at you all the time. Instead, it makes what’s there work really well. This means players can find their own way to play.

“Manor Lords is a breath of fresh air with its methodical gameplay. It rewards thinking over quick reflexes.”

– Gaming Magazine

Optimization and Accessibility

Even though it’s slow, Manor Lords runs great on many PCs. It looks amazing without any lag, no matter what kind of computer you have.

Players can also choose how hard they want the game to be. You can have a chill time, go for a balanced challenge, or really test your skills. Manor Lords lets you pick the perfect level for you.

With its style and focus, Manor Lords stands out. It’s not about speed; it’s about deep thinking. This game gives a rich, slow journey through the medieval times.

Resource Management and Specialization

In Manor Lords, using resources well and focusing on what you’re best at are vital. Players have many resources to work with. They need to handle their plentifulness and the shortage of some in parts of their lands. By smartly using materials and specializing, players grow their economies. They make sure their kingdoms thrive.

Players can better their resource game with upgrades and tactics. Making Burgage Plots better opens up Development Points. It also raises family wealth at different stages. This way, players get the most out of what they have. Their wealth creation gets a big boost.

Using space wisely is critical too. Adding onto existing buildings saves resources and increases wealth production. It’s better than starting from scratch. This approach uses fewer materials for greater economic gain.

Dealing in goods and livestock greatly aids in using resources well. By selling extra like animals or food, wealth in that area grows. Also, trading valuable things like wool or crafted items can make the economy stronger.

Manor Policies are key for managing resources and wealth. With the right taxes, players can help their region’s wealth. But taxing too much can upset people. It’s important to maintain the kingdom’s harmony.

Improving trade logistics also does wonders for resource use. It cuts trade costs, boosting profits. Having better trade deals saves on buying prices. These improvements lead to a healthier economy.

Mixing up what you trade can spread out risk and make the most of resources. It helps keep prices stable and earnings coming in. Long-term, sustainable farming is another way to secure a lasting income.

Buying resources smartly is critical. With deals on essential items, players can make more valuable products. This approach boosts profits and use of resources.

Resource Optimization Strategies

Forest ManagementUnlocks the capacity of all berry deposits for food supply
Advanced SkinningDoubles the amount of meat harvested by hunters
Heavy PlowAllows Oxen to plow fields, increasing agricultural productivity
FertilizationConverts fallow fields into pastures for improved crop yields
Charcoal BurningEnables the conversion of firewood into charcoal for fuel efficiency

Image: Resource Optimization Strategies

Feedback and Development Process

Manor Lords is a project driven by a solo developer’s love for creating great games. They carefully listen to what players say. They want everyone who plays Manor Lords to help make it better.

The game keeps improving because the solo developer and players work together. A key part of this is listening to what the players suggest. This way, the game meets the expectations of its players.

Every update makes the game better based on players’ thoughts. The solo developer thanks players for their help. They know the game grows and becomes better because of the community.

Updating the game regularly shows the developer’s commitment to player enjoyment. The game wants to be fun and engaging for everyone. The ongoing updates aim to fulfill the players’ wishes.

“The feedback from our players has been invaluable in shaping the direction of Manor Lords. I am constantly amazed by their creativity and passion for the game. Their input has been a driving force behind the continuous improvement and development of new features. Together, we are creating something truly special.”

As Manor Lords develops, the developer listens to what its players want. They promise to keep making the game better by adding in community ideas. This ensures the game will keep getting better in ways everyone enjoys.

The journey of making Manor Lords is far from over. The solo developer looks forward to more collaboration with the players. Together, they aim to offer a game that captivates its audience more and more.


Manor Lords is a medieval strategy game that stands out. It mixes city-building, managing resources, and battle tactics. This blend offers a deep gaming experience. It focuses on being historically accurate and visually authentic. This sets a high bar for the genre.

Players get to be a medieval lord. They must manage settlements and face seasonal demands. They also make key decisions that shape their kingdom. Manor Lords is not just about building. It includes complex social and economic systems from the medieval times.

The game has impressive visuals. It boasts beautiful landscapes and detailed building models. Every part of the game is designed to feel real. Developers listen to players and regularly update the game. This has built a strong indie gaming community around Manor Lords.

Manor Lords is changing how we see historical strategy games. It shows indie studios can make top-notch games. With deep mechanics and attention to detail, Manor Lords is a top pick for those who love medieval strategy games. Get ready to rule your own medieval kingdom in Manor Lords.


What is Manor Lords?

Manor Lords is a deep, medieval strategy game. It mixes city-building, managing resources, and battle tactics.

What role do players take on in Manor Lords?

Players become a medieval lord. They start with a village and turn it into a grand city. They also expand by conquering new lands.

How does Manor Lords prioritize historical accuracy?

Manor Lords aims to be true to history. This influences how the game looks and how it plays, making a believable world.

What can players experience in Manor Lords?

As rulers of their lands, players lead their villages to prosperity. They manage resources, grow the city, and fight to expand their territories.

How does the city-building in Manor Lords work?

The game’s city-building is advanced. It’s not limited by grids and accounts for historical city planning and trade routes. This approach helps in creating detailed and lifelike cities.

What can players build in their settlements?

Players can shape their settlements with houses and shops. They assign living spaces like the real-life burgage plot system. Bigger homes bring more resources.

What seasonal changes can players expect in Manor Lords?

Manor Lords shifts with each season, offering new gameplay elements. Players will adapt their strategies to these seasonal challenges.

Are there farming mechanics in Manor Lords?

Yes, farming is a key part. Players need to plan what they grow, considering fields and crop changes. They also hunt and trade for food and materials.

How can players engage in battles in Manor Lords?

To win battles, players build up their armies. They can recruit soldiers, train warriors, and hire help from mercenaries.

What can players expect in terms of visuals in Manor Lords?

The game features stunning visuals. They’re based on historical Franconia of the late 14th century. Every detail has been crafted with care.

What is the gameplay pace like in Manor Lords?

The gameplay reflects the slow life of the medieval period. Building and managing your city takes time and careful planning.

What type of resource management is involved in Manor Lords?

Players juggle a mix of resources. They need to balance these wisely for their city’s growth. Skilled management is key to success.

Who developed Manor Lords and how do they incorporate player feedback?

Manor Lords is a labor of love from a single developer. He actively listens to player feedback, using it to refine and update the game.

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