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monopoly go free dices

Monopoly Go is a favorite board game for many, offering fun and strategy. Rolling dice is a exciting part. It decides how far you move on the board.

As lovers of Monopoly Go, we know how important free dice are. They let you play without stopping. We want to help you get more rolls for a better gaming experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Unlock the ‘Album’ feature and reach level 15 to redeem Monopoly Go Free Dice.
  • Complete in-game activities like playing, leveling up, and participating in events to earn free dice rolls.
  • Claim daily login bonuses and complete objectives in Quick Wins for extra dice rolls.
  • Connect your Monopoly Go profile to Facebook or your phone’s contact list to receive additional dice rolls.
  • Stay updated on new dice links released by the game’s developers on social media platforms.

How to Get Free Dice Rolls in Monopoly Go

In Monopoly Go, getting free dice rolls makes the game more fun. You can get them in several ways. This improves your chances of winning.

  1. Claim Daily Rewards: Play the game often to get free dice rolls. You can do this every eight hours. Over time, you can collect a lot of extra rolls this way.
  2. Complete Missions and Challenges: Doing missions and meeting challenges gives you more dice rolls. It’s a good way to earn extra chances to roll the dice in the game.
  3. Connect with Friends: Play the game with friends. You can exchange dice links. This helps both of you get more free dice rolls for better gameplay.
  4. Strategic Use of In-Game Ads and Purchases: Sometimes ads or game offers can get you more rolls. Be smart about choosing these options. It can boost your game success.

By using these methods, you can gather a lot of free dice rolls. This gives you a big edge in Monopoly Go’s ever-changing world.

The Advantage of Free Dice Rolls in Monopoly Go

Getting free dice rolls in Monopoly Go is a big help. It lets players move better and have more chances to win. Dice rolls and Money matter a lot. They help with moving on the board, dealing with properties, and planning strategy. Free rolls offer many advantages:

  1. Increased Opportunities: With extra rolls, players can reach more good properties. They get to collect more rent and move ahead. Having more chances helps them make smart moves to reach their goals.
  2. Bypassing Obstacles: There are spaces in Monopoly Go that slow you down or cause problems. Free rolls let players go around these, keeping their game strong and steady.
  3. Securing Coveted Spaces: Free rolls help players get the best properties. This makes it harder for opponents to beat them. Winning these key locations boosts their chances of victory.

Overall, free dice rolls in Monopoly Go help players think strategically. They let players grab opportunities and improve their gaming experience. It gives them an advantage over others and helps them aim for monopoly dominance.


“Extra dice rolls let us make smart moves and grab chances. It’s a hidden advantage, ready to use at the perfect time. Each free roll gets us closer to important properties, lets us dodge problems, and propels us forward in the game. It’s a key strategy, and we use it to our advantage in our Monopoly Go game.”

Comparative Table: The Advantage of Free Dice Rolls

Here’s a table showing why getting free dice rolls in Monopoly Go is great:

Increased OpportunitiesMore chances to land on desirable properties, earn rent, and advance on the board.
Bypassing ObstaclesAbility to navigate around challenges or obstacles without facing negative consequences.
Securing Coveted SpacesGreater potential to secure highly sought-after properties, giving a competitive edge.

As seen in the table, free dice rolls make gameplay and strategy better in Monopoly Go. They let players be strategic, beat obstacles, and become top monopolists.

Tips for Maximizing Free Dice Rolls in Monopoly Go

To get the most out of your free dice rolls in Monopoly Go, always have a good plan. Use these tips to boost your game:

  1. Invest wisely: Think carefully about where you invest in the game. Owning more places means more chances for your opponents to pay you rent, which leads to extra dice rolls.
  2. Save for critical moments: Don’t use your saved dice rolls right away. Keep them for times when you really need a good roll. This can help turn the game around when it’s tough.
  3. Understand the game rules: Knowing the game well is key. Learn all the rules and strategies. This knowledge will make your free dice rolls more powerful.

Stick to these suggestions to fully benefit from your Monopoly Go dice rolls. This will make your game better and more fun.

Methods to Maximize Free Dice Rolls in Monopoly Go

Invest wiselyIncrease chances of opponents landing on your properties
Save for critical momentsUse dice rolls strategically for maximum impact
Understand game rulesMake informed decisions and utilize free dice rolls effectively

Monopoly Go Free Dices

Always remember, good planning is crucial for your free dice rolls. Follow these tips and try different game tricks. This will make your time with Monopoly Go more enjoyable and successful.

Unlocking Monopoly Go Free Dice Rolls

Unlocking Monopoly Go free dice rolls is easy. You can get more rolls for your Monopoly Go by clicking special dice links. You find these links on social media, and they do not need any codes. With a few clicks, you’ll add more excitement to your Monopoly Go games.

How to Unlock Monopoly Go Free Dice Rolls:

  1. Follow Monopoly Go on Social Media: Keep up with Monopoly Go by following them on Instagram and Facebook. They share links for free dice rolls there.
  2. Login and Check for Daily Rewards: Visiting Monopoly Go daily can earn you extra rolls. Remember to also look for any dice links or other gifts.
  3. Invite Friends to Join: Get your friends to join Monopoly Go for a chance to earn 30 extra rolls. Plus, as you play and level up, you’ll get more rolls to use.
  4. Complete Sticker Albums: Finishing sticker albums wins you more dice rolls. Try to fill up your albums to get more rewards and feel great.
  5. Participate in In-Game Activities: Join in on games like Quick Wins, the Daily Treats, and the Community Chest game. They give you a shot at free dice rolls too.
  6. Utilize the Auto Regeneration Feature: The auto-regeneration gives you new rolls every hour, based on how well you’re doing in the game.
  7. Claim Free Gifts: Every 18 hours, Monopoly Go offers freebies that often include more dice rolls. Make sure to pick up your gifts to add to your roll collection.
  8. Redeem Dice Links: After clicking on a dice link, you’ll see how many rolls you’ve earned. Simply follow the steps to claim them and grow your roll pile.
  9. Troubleshooting Tips: Sometimes a dice link doesn’t work because you might have used it before. Changing your browser or checking if the link is old could help.

Following these strategies opens up more free dice rolls in Monopoly Go. Enjoy playing more, thinking of new strategies, and aiming to win as you roll the dice!

Please note that the availability and number of free dice rolls can change. Keep an eye out for new links and rewards from Monopoly Go to keep having fun with the game.

DateNumber of Free Dice Provided
May 12, 2024Two new Monopoly Go dice links added for free dice rolls
April 2840 Free Dice
April 1630 Free Dice + Three-Star Pink Sticker Pack
April 1310 Free Dice + Two Star Yellow Sticker Pack
April 1015 Free Dice + 50 Gold Coin Tokens for Fountain Event
April 915 Free Dice + 25 Gold Coin Tokens for Fountain Event

Finding More Monopoly Go Free Dice Rolls

You can get extra Monopoly Go free dice rolls by checking daily rewards and missions. Also, watch for dice links that the developers share on Facebook or Discord. By staying active on these social media sites, you won’t miss out on any free dice rolls.

Here’s how else you can find more Monopoly Go free dice rolls:

  1. Complete Sticker Pack Sets: Find sticker pack sets in the game to win free dice rolls. You might also get money this way. Look out for these special sets.
  2. Invite Friends: Get 30 free dice rolls for each friend you invite to play. It’s a fun way to earn and play together with friends.
  3. Complete Sticker Albums: Finishing sticker albums in the game also gives you free dice rolls. There might be even more rewards for completing a full album.
  4. Engage in In-Game Activities: Doing activities in Monopoly Go can get you more dice rolls. Try Quick Wins, log in for Daily Treats, and play the Community Chest minigame every day.

The game has a feature that makes dice rolls regenerate every 60 minutes. This happens based on your net worth. Don’t forget to keep checking in to get these free rolls.


DateAvailable RewardAdditional Reward
May 1125 Free Dice30 Free Dice
April 2840 Free DiceN/A

Roll rewards can change and differ. You might get 15 to 30 free dice rolls, and this can vary due to events. You also could earn stickers, gold tokens, or puzzle piece tokens on certain days.

To claim free dice rolls, make sure you’re at least level 15. There are bonuses for linking to Facebook, inviting friends, and participating in activities too. These give you chances for more free rolls.

Be careful with dice roll links. Stick to official and trusted sources to stay safe while looking for more. Following these tips will help you better enjoy the game with extra dice rolls.

Stay Connected for More Free Dice Rolls

Stay up to date by following the game’s official social media and reliable sources. This way, you won’t miss any chances for more Monopoly Go free dice rolls.

The Changing Landscape of Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go has taken the classic board game to a new level with its innovative features. It has caught the eye of many players. The game introduced free dice rolls, changing how players work their strategies.

This new element has spiked the game’s appeal. Since its release, it has drawn in fans of the board game and those who prefer to play online.

The addition of free dice rolls makes the Monopoly Go experience more dynamic. Players can make moves more frequently, which raises the level of strategy. It also brings more excitement into the game.

By allowing players to roll the dice more often, Monopoly Go lets them try new things. Players can take risks towards winning the game. They have the freedom to experiment with different tactics.

The game mixes the beloved aspects of the classic Monopoly with today’s digital world. This blend attracts those who love technology. The free dice rolls make the game even more engaging, ensuring its popularity today.

Connecting with friends for a game night becomes more fun with Monopoly Go. The ability to play together on different devices is a highlight. This feature encourages both teamwork and healthy competition.

In Monopoly Go, managing resources well is key to winning. How players use their “GO Coins” affects their chances. Quick and smart decisions during gameplay are crucial for victory.

The Future of Monopoly Go

Exclusive free dice links are up for grabs in March 2024 for Monopoly Go. This offer lets players roll the dice more without spending. Reaching level 15 in the game also allows them to claim extra dice links.

To earn more in Monopoly Go, focus on valuable properties. Use bonuses wisely and get involved in game events. Planning and strong strategy can lead to increased success.

If dice links don’t work, some simple fixes can help. Refreshing your browser or trying a different one may do the trick. Using the Monopoly Go Dice Generator is another option.

Monopoly Go has become a favorite for many, thanks to its mix of new and old. It offers a fun and smart gaming experience. With features like free dice rolls, it keeps players intrigued.

Embracing the Fun of Monopoly Go Free Dice Rolls

Getting free dice rolls in Monopoly Go amps up the fun. You get to play without any limits. This lets you try out new strategies to win over your friends.

Playing Monopoly Go is all about smart moves and feeling good when you outwit others. With extra dice rolls, you can take more chances. This means you can grab the best properties and beat your opponents.

Talking deals and making smart trades is key in Monopoly. Having free dice rolls can make these moves stronger, helping you climb to the top. By smartly using your rolls, you can grow your wealth faster.

Monopoly Go is not just about the game. It’s also about joining tournaments and learning from others. This way, you improve your game and have fun with friends.

But, be careful with where you get your free rolls. Stick to trusted sites to avoid scams and keep your info safe. Gaming should be fun and safe for everyone.

Achievements in the game earn you more dice rolls. They show how far you’ve come while adding new gaming chances. It’s a win-win as you play and win more.

Monopoly Go has different boards, each with its own theme. You get to choose your favorite look. This keeps the game exciting no matter how often you play.

In short, Monopoly Go’s free dice rolls make the game more exciting. You can become a better player and enjoy the game even more. It’s your chance to shine and have fun!


Monopoly Go free dice rolls change the game, giving players more chances to win. This article shares ways to get extra dice rolls and make the game better. Having unlimited rolls means you can move more and have more fun.

Knowing when to use your free dice is very important. It helps with getting properties, making deals, and avoiding risks. Smart moves with free dice can surprise everyone, letting the underdog win or making the leader face new challenges.

Free dice game-changing in deals too, making them more interesting. By using your free dice wisely, you can make better deals and outsmart your rivals. This adds a layer of fun by keeping the game uncertain.

Monopoly Go’s free dice add excitement by making the game fast-paced and full of surprises. You can build houses, play mini-games, and enjoy competing with others. So, strategize well, use your free dice, and have a blast on the Monopoly Go board!


How can I get free dice rolls in Monopoly Go?

Getting free dice rolls in Monopoly Go is easy. First, make sure you log in often to get daily rewards. This helps you gather more dice links.
Completing game missions and challenges also earns you extra dice links.
Another way to get more rolls is by connecting with friends. You can give and receive dice links as gifts.
Last but not least, you can watch ads or buy stuff in the game to get more dice rolls.

What advantage do free dice rolls provide in Monopoly Go?

Free dice rolls are a big deal in Monopoly Go. They give you more chances to move around the board. This can help you land on good properties, avoid bad ones, and even beat opponents.
With more rolls, you can play smarter, advance faster, and win more easily.

What are some tips for maximizing free dice rolls in Monopoly Go?

To get the most from your free dice rolls, plan your moves carefully. Owning many properties increases your chances of earning more rolls.
You should also save your rolls for when you really need them. Knowing the game well and thinking ahead can help a lot.
Smart playing with your rolls can make your Monopoly Go experience better.

How do I unlock Monopoly Go free dice rolls?

Getting free dice rolls in Monopoly Go is very straightforward. Just click on the given dice links to add more rolls to your account. These links are found on social media and other platforms.
There’s no need for codes or complex steps to get them. Clicking a link can bring a lot more fun to your game.

How can I find more Monopoly Go free dice rolls?

Besides the regular game rewards, you can find extra dice rolls by looking for new links. The game’s creators share these links on pages like Facebook and Discord.
By following these pages or checking trusted sources often, you’ll stay up-to-date with the latest free dice roll opportunities.

How has Monopoly Go changed the gaming landscape?

Monopoly Go has reimagined the classic board game in a fun way. The addition of free dice rolls makes the game more lively and full of choices. It’s so popular because it offers new ways to enjoy the game.
Players of all ages love the new dynamics free dice rolls bring to the game.

What is the fun of Monopoly Go free dice rolls?

Free dice rolls in Monopoly Go make the game a blast.
With as many rolls as you want, there are no limits to the fun. You can try different strategies and enjoy outsmarting your friends.
Monopoly Go free dice rolls turn the game into an exciting adventure with limitless possibilities.

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