Monopoly Go Tournament: Join the Ultimate Board Game Event

monopoly go event

Joining Monopoly Go online brings you to a world of thrilling events. It lets you show off your strategy, compete against others, and win great prizes. Dive into the Monopoly Go tournament for the board game experience of a lifetime!

Key Takeaways:

  • Participate in Monopoly Go events and tournaments to compete against other players and earn rewards.
  • Current events include Peg-E and All You Can Win.
  • Explore a variety of events, including Partners Event, Golden Blitz, Tournaments, and Daily Treats.
  • Unlock rewards in Community Chest, Free Parking, Milestone, Landmark Rush, Board Rush, and more.
  • Engage in mini-games like Bank Heist and Cash Grab for additional rewards.

What is the Next Monopoly Go Event?

Monopoly Go events are a big part of the fun. They offer chances for players to win special rewards. Events can be quick or last a whole week, keeping players entertained.

Our team works hard to plan new events for you. We aim to make the Monopoly game more lively and interactive. Join us on this exciting journey!

No matter if you’re a new player or seasoned, you should join our next event. This is your chance to dive into the Monopoly Go world. Get ready for an adventure!

Stay Tuned for Updates

We know you’re excited about the next event. We’re preparing something great for you. It will be filled with fun and big prizes.

We can’t spoil the surprise yet. But know it will be a one-of-a-kind event. There will be new challenges and great rewards for you to enjoy.

Mark your calendar for May or June 2024. Visit our website and social media for updates. We can’t wait to share what we have planned with you!

Get Ready for Monopoly Go Fun

While you wait, prepare yourself for the upcoming adventure. Sharpen your Monopoly game skills. Form alliances with friends and get ready to win.

Don’t just wait idly. There’s a lot to do in Monopoly Go. Join tournaments to win and earn bonuses. Don’t miss out on daily treats and bonuses by inviting friends to play.

There’s always something fun to do in Monopoly Go. So, stay excited. The next event is coming up soon. It will be amazing!

Current Monopoly Go Event

The Monopoly Go event is here with lots of fun and chances to win big. There are two main events right now. They are the Peg-E event and the All You Can Win event. Let’s dive into what they offer.

Peg-E Event

You can join the thrilling Peg-E event. It’s all about collecting Drop Chips to play the Peg-E machine. Then, you can win cool rewards. This is your shot at great prizes and making your gameplay better. So, don’t miss it!

All You Can Win Event

Try your luck at the All You Can Win event. Just move through the board wisely. You’ll stack up Peg-E tokens and other cool stuff. It’s full of surprises and chances to win big. So, jump in and have fun!

Monopoly Go’s events challenge players at all levels. It’s a great time to show off your game skills. Join the board games event today!

All Monopoly Go Events and Tournaments

Monopoly Go has lots of events and tournaments. They suit different players’ likes and styles. These bring fun, new challenges, and prizes. They keep players hooked and happy. There’s something for everyone, be it tournaments or working together.

Partners Event

In the Partners Event, you team up with friends. Together, you build things after the fifth board. This makes you cooperate and work as a team. Plus, you get cool rewards for it.

Golden Blitz

The Golden Blitz is a big event. Here, players trade their Golden Stickers with each other. It’s all about connecting and trading with excitement, part of Monopoly Go.


Tournaments are for those who love competition. You play strategically, facing others, to win great prizes. Remember to join and show off your skills in upcoming tournaments.

Daily Treats

Play Monopoly Go daily for Daily Treats. Logging in and playing gets you in-game items. The more days you play, the bigger the rewards. So, make playing every day a habit to get treats.

Quick Wins

Quick Wins are for those who like easy and fast goals. Meet daily goals for weekly prizes. It’s a way to progress smoothly and get good rewards for playing.

Community Chest

In the Community Chest event, landing on its tiles can surprise you. It adds luck and mystery, making the game more engaging. Players look forward to the surprises it brings.

Free Parking

Landing on Free Parking is special in Monopoly Go. It lets you roll the dice for free. This can lead to big cash. Don’t miss this chance to win.


Milestone events are full of challenges and big rewards. Complete goals in time for great prizes. They make the game more exciting and rewarding. Aim high and use strategy to win.

Landmark Rush and Board Rush

In Landmark Rush and Board Rush, you get rewards for finishing landmarks and boards. They’re there to motivate you to go further. By doing so, you earn new rewards and expand your collection.

Rent Frenzy

Rent Frenzy helps you earn more from your properties. With more rent targets, you make more money. It’s a great way to get ahead and be a top player.

Cash Grab

Cash Grab is all about speed and reflexes. Tap floating notes to make money. It’s a fun and interactive way to gain wealth quickly and move forward.

Cash Boost

During Cash Boost, you earn double the money from your normal activities. It’s for a limited time, so make your moves count. Enjoy the boost and get ahead in the game faster.

Property Wheel Boost

In Property Wheel Boost, you spin twice on hotel tiles. It gives you better rewards and makes property management more fun. Look for those hotel tiles to take advantage.

Prize Drop

In the Prize Drop, you can win big by collecting tokens and dropping them on the board. Use the multiplier for better chances at good prizes. It’s an exciting event worth joining.

There are many more events and tournaments in Monopoly Go. Stay tuned for new ones. Join in for fun, challenges, and great rewards to make your game better.

Past Monopoly Go Events

In the Monopoly Go world, many exciting events have grabbed players’ attention. These events had fun competitions and unique themes. They made the game truly unforgettable. Below, we look at some standout events in Monopoly Go’s history.

Lucha Libre Loot

Imagine stepping into the realm of Mexican wrestling at the Lucha Libre Loot. Here, players fought for great rewards within the wrestling ring. They gained tokens and special characters as they played, all relating to famous luchadores. This event was full of life and brought the action of Mexican wrestling to the game.

Green Thumb Contest

The Green Thumb Contest was all about gardening. Participants created virtual gardens and vied for the most beautiful plot. By caring for plants and designing spaces, players scored points. It was a refreshing twist on Monopoly Go, getting people into gardening.

Parade Partners

The Parade Partners event focused on working together. Players teamed up to navigate a lively parade, gaining points as they went. It was all about strategy and friends helping each other to win bonuses. This event truly brought people closer through the game.

Anniversary Auction

The Anniversary Auction was a big event for Monopoly Go. Players could bid on exclusive items and characters. It was a fun way to celebrate the game’s success and reward its loyal players with special collectibles.

Electric Escape

Electric Escape was a wild, futuristic adventure. Participants raced through neon streets, avoiding traps and gathering power-ups. The event highlighted the game’s dynamic quality, keeping everyone excited until the end.

Boardwalk Blitz

Boardwalk Blitz was a fast-paced challenge. Players rushed to buy as many properties as they could on the famed Boardwalk. It was all about strategy and quick thinking to outdo opponents. The event made Monopoly Go more thrilling for all who joined in.

These events showcase how Monopoly Go has entertained and brought people together through the years. Each one brought a fresh game experience and amazing rewards. Stay tuned for more, as Monopoly Go always has something new and exciting to share with its players.

Tips for Monopoly Go Tournaments

Planning and using your resources well can boost your chances of winning at Monopoly Go. Here are some tips to help you do well in the game:

1. Maximize your dice rolls with multiplier boosters

Use multipliers to get more rewards. Buck up your game with these boosters. Pick the best times to use them and see your dice rolls shine.

2. Select partners strategically in the Partners Event

Joining forces in the Partners Event is key. Pick partners who add to what you bring and play like you do. This can help you reach goals faster and earn better prizes.

3. Aim for milestone rewards

In every Monopoly Go round, there are lots of goals to hit. Winning the entire thing is great, but don’t forget to score at milestone prizes. These can push you ahead and give you a leg up in the next round.

4. Take advantage of boosts and bonuses

Look out for game events that offer boosts or bonuses. These might help you finish tasks quicker, get short-term perks, or earn more for certain actions. Seize these chances to outdo others in the game.

Winning at Monopoly Go means smart planning and using everything you’ve got wisely. These strategies can up your game and help you win big.

With these tips, you’re armed to tackle Monopoly Go tournaments. Test your skills, beat the rest, and claim the top spot at the game table.

Key ActionsPoints Earned
Bank HeistsPoints range from 8 to 24 depending on the size of the heist
Shutdowns2 points for an unsuccessful shutdown, 4 points for a successful shutdown

Even if you don’t win it all, remember there are rewards at different stages. Play your best, think smart, and strive for victory in every Monopoly Go tournament.

Go For Gold Gala Event

Get ready for the Go For Gold Gala event in Monopoly Go! It’s set for April 18-21, 2024. You’re in for three days of fun, rewards, and a lot of gameplay.

Players can reach 49 milestones during this event. As you hit each one, you’ll get cool stuff like dice rolls, Shovel tokens, and Sticker Packs. This is your chance to build a strong collection and rise to the top.

The event also has special moments called Cash Grab, Cash Boost, and High Roller. They help you earn more and move further in the game. Don’t miss these chances to improve your standing and get closer to winning.

Points help you unlock milestones. You earn them by landing on special spaces and using dice in a smart way. Each milestone offers different rewards, such as Shovel tokens and money. Keep aiming high to grab the best prizes.

MilestonesDice RollsShovel TokensSticker Packs
1-101005Common x3
11-2025010Common x3
21-3050020Uncommon x2, Common x3
31-401,00030Uncommon x2, Common x4
41-496,50045 (Max)Rare x2, Uncommon x3, Common x4

Don’t miss the Go For Gold Gala in Monopoly Go! Join in, meet the challenges, and win big. It’s your time to show off your game strategy and shine in Monopoly Go. Let’s get started on this exciting journey!

Fountain Partners Event and More

The recent Fountain Partners event in Monopoly Go just finished. But don’t worry, more events are coming where players can pick friends to join them, build cool stuff, and win rewards. This event was on for five days. It let players team up with four others, building fountains together.

In the event, each partnership offered five tiers of rewards. You could earn from 2,500 points to a huge 320,000 points on the grand prize. Players unlocked Dice Rolls, Cash, different star rating Sticker Packs, and a rare Clam Shell Mr. M board token.

To build fountains, players needed to earn 80,000 points for one fountain or 320,000 points for all four. Milestones also gave out different Dice Rolls and Cash. The more you played and the higher the tier, the more you earned.

The event’s Grand Prize was really special. It included 5,000 Dice Rolls, a 5-Star Purple Sticker Pack, and the hard-to-get Clam Shell Mr. M board token.

The event showed how important it is to have good partners. Together, players could earn more and complete the milestones faster. They were also told to save tokens for a High Roller bonus.

Besides the Fountain Partners event, Monopoly Go has many other fun activities. Including the Anniversary Treasures, Golden Blitz, and Making Music album event. Stay tuned and have fun in Monopoly Go!

Come join us in Monopoly Go for a journey full of teamwork, strategy, and awesome prizes!

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monopoly go event

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Don’t forget to keep up with the latest game releases. Knowing about new games keeps you at the forefront of the gaming world. This way, you’re always prepared for what’s next.

Having fun and exploring new worlds is what gaming is all about. So, dive into these videos and games. It’s your chance to broaden your gaming experiences. Enjoy and keep gaming!


Monopoly Go has many fun events and tournaments for everyone to enjoy. You can join Partners Events, Tournaments, and Daily Treats anytime. By taking part, you get to compete, show off your skills, and win great prizes.

There is a special mini-game running on May 9th called Monopoly Go Prize Drop. It lasts four days. Players can win prizes like extra Dice Rolls and Sticker Packs. If you can reach the last milestone, you might get up to 5,825 Dice Rolls plus more dice and Sticker Packs.

The Monopoly Go All You Can Win event is ongoing too. Players earn Peg-E Prize tokens by winning, getting free gifts, and joining tournaments. At various levels, you could win Dice Rolls, from 50 to 2,500, and Sticker Packs that range from 2 to 5 stars.

Now, in the Prize Drop mini-game, reaching high points is easier than before. For instance, 100 points get you a “Cash Grab for 10 Minutes” reward. Get to 17,500 points, and you’ll enjoy 7,500 Free Dice Rolls, making the event very appealing.

Reaching all the milestones in the Monopoly GO All You Can Win event is truly rewarding. By the end, you might get 16,310 Dice Rolls and nine Sticker Packs. For the top milestone, you get a big prize of 7,500 Free Dice Rolls and nine Sticker Packs. Join the event for a chance to enjoy these great benefits. See you at Monopoly Go!


What is Monopoly Go Tournament?

It’s the ultimate board game event where you play Monopoly Go against others. You can show off your strategic skills.

When is the next Monopoly Go event?

The next event date gets updated regularly. Keep an eye out for news. Make sure to mark your calendar to join for rewards and fun challenges.

What is the current Monopoly Go event?

The current event is the Peg-E and All You Can Win. Earn Drop Chips in Peg-E to get rewards. In All You Can Win, secure great prizes landing on different tiles.

What are some notable Monopoly Go events and tournaments?

Notable events are Partners Event, Golden Blitz, and more. These include Tournaments, Daily Treats, and other unique challenges. Every event offers different rewards and fun.

What are some past Monopoly Go events?

In the past, there were events like Lucha Libre Loot and Green Thumb Contest. Also, we had Parade Partners and Electric Escape. Old events come back, giving you chances to win more.

What are some tips for Monopoly Go tournaments?

For success, use the multiplier booster to get bigger dice rolls. Pick partners wisely in the Partners Event. Aim for milestone rewards and use any boosts and bonuses.

What is the Go For Gold Gala event?

It’s a special event in Monopoly Go with four corners. Players aim for top prizes using free dice strategically. This event offers valuable rewards and milestones.

What is the Fountain Partners event?

Fountain Partners is over, but more Partner Events are coming. Choose friends as partners to win. Look out for other events like Anniversary Treasures and Golden Blitz.

Find fun Monopoly Go videos to watch. Also, check out other free PC games. See what’s new in upcoming games.

How can I participate in Monopoly Go events and tournaments?

Join the game to take part in events and tournaments. Stay updated with the game’s latest news. Compete, strategize, and win in the ultimate board game showdown.

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