MonopolyGo – The Ultimate Guide to Monopoly Game Strategy


Welcome to our ultimate guide to MonopolyGo. It’s an online multiplayer game that turns the classic board game into a digital challenge. If you’re just starting or want to up your game, we’re here for you. Let’s make you the top property tycoon in the virtual Monopoly world.

MonopolyGo lets you dive into buying and growing properties, collecting rent, and beating your rivals. Imagine the excitement of the classic game, but with the power to play with friends worldwide. It’s a whole new level of fun.

There are over 100 boards in MonopolyGo, each featuring famous landmarks from global cities. These iconic spots make the game visually stunning and add to the thrill.

In MonopolyGo, make sure you gather 3 shields to protect your properties. These shields can save your investments from foes’ aggressive plans.

Want to move ahead quick? MonopolyGo has a currency feature. This means you can buy in-game money with real cash. It helps you get properties and upgrades sooner, putting you in front of your opponents.

MonopolyGo isn’t just about buying and selling. It has mini-games like Shutdown and Heist for extra fun. These boost the overall experience and offer chances to earn rewards.

To win big, invest in landmarks. This is the secret to growing your kingdom and wealth in MonopolyGo. Landmarks can give you a steady income and a strategic edge over others.

Key Takeaways:

  • Accumulate shields to defend your properties from attacks.
  • Consider purchasing in-game currency to progress faster.
  • Engage in mini-games like Shutdown and Heist for additional fun.
  • Invest in landmarks to expand your kingdom and increase your wealth.
  • Play with friends to enhance your gaming experience and enjoy added bonuses.

This guide equips you with everything you need to rule MonopolyGo. Whether you’re out to top the charts or just have a great time with your crew, we’ve got you covered. So, call your friends, roll the dice, and start your MonopolyGo journey today!

Mastering Monopoly Go Gameplay

Welcome to Monopoly Go, the exciting digital board game. It’s where strategy and luck meet. In this adventure, players aim to buy properties, collect rent, and outsmart others. Let’s explore how to win in the Monopoly Go world.

Monopoly Go mixes classic strategy with digital fun. To succeed in this game, you need to make wise decisions and handle your resources well. We will share some tips to help you get ahead in this strategy game.

Play the Odds with the 6-7-8 Rule

Knowing the dice roll odds in Monopoly Go can change your game. The 6-7-8 rule says aiming to be six, seven, or eight spaces from your goal can up your chance of a good dice roll. This positions you for better success and helps execute your plans.

Strategic Resource Management

In Monopoly Go, timing is key. It’s tempting to build landmarks fast. Yet, saving money to upgrade all at once can be better. This strategy lets you progress quickly and stay ahead in dominating the game.

Dice Links are a game-changer in Monopoly Go. By connecting with friends through the game’s dice links, you can get rare stickers and lots of extra dice rolls. It’s a powerful way to boost your play and outshine others.

Strategically Select your Opponents

Picking the right opponents is crucial in Monopoly Go. Look at how others play and choose games that fit your style. By doing this, you can earn more and play better than your rivals, taking you closer to victory.

There are many ways to get free dice and rolls in Monopoly Go. Completing challenges, joining in-game events, and keeping up with tips can get you these resources. Using these chances well can help you control the game.

To win at Monopoly Go, staying ahead of others is vital. With regular updates and new strategies, you can keep leading the Monopoly Go world. Aim to be the best virtual property tycoon.

Unlocking Color Sets and Community Chest

In Monopoly Go, the goal is to get Color Sets. These are properties of the same color, like the orange or red ones near the start. Getting these lets you earn more rent, moving you closer to being a top property owner.

To get a Color Set, you must land on tiles of the same color on the board. When you do, put money in the Community Chest. This helps you buy the related properties, aiming for a monopoly.

Adding friends to your game can help get Color Sets. Friends let you access the Community Chest sooner. This helps you save resources for buying important properties.

Joining Monopoly Go’s Discord server also boosts your gameplay. You can trade stickers there, join giveaways, and get game tips from others. This makes playing more fun and helpful.

Color Sets aren’t just for winning. They also lead to great rewards in the game. As you play, you can earn stickers. Completing sticker sets gives you special items and big rewards.

Community Chest Benefits

Community Chest CardEffect
Collect Money from PlayersReceive a cash boost from your opponents.
Get Out of JailEscape from jail without incurring any penalties.
Advance to a TileJump directly to a specific Tile on the game board.

Unlocking Color Sets and using the Community Chest are key in Monopoly Go. With friends and good strategy, you can dominate the game. Keep investing smartly and take every chance to get your Color Sets.

Utilizing Dice Multipliers and Bonuses

In Monopoly Go, using dice multipliers and bonuses wisely can boost your chances of winning. They bring in extra money and increase your game rewards.

When you’re six, seven, or eight spaces from your goal, choose to use dice multipliers. This makes it more likely to roll a total of six, seven, or eight. These results increase your chance of moving to exactly where you aim.

Target TileProbability of RollingDice Combinations
8 Tiles Away25%2 + 6, 3 + 5, 4 + 4
7 Tiles Away25%1 + 6, 2 + 5, 3 + 4
6 Tiles Away25%1 + 5, 2 + 4, 3 + 3

Passing the Go Tile with a dice multiplier adds extra money to your stash. This gives you a financial edge over others. And with high multiplier values during events, you can earn even more.

The Dice Multiplier in Monopoly Go has a big impact on many tiles and rewards. It influences GO, Rent, Railroad, and special Event tiles differently. Using it wisely at the right times can boost your rewards significantly.

Starting with a low multiplier and tweaking it as you go can win the game. This method helps you judge risk and reward, tweaking your strategies as needed.

The game includes a Free Dice Multiplier that gives 1x, 2x, or 3x boosts. When using it, think about how it will change your game. It could affect your strategies, helping or hindering your gameplay.

To up your rent earnings, invest smartly in varied property colors. But don’t forget to trade with others strategically. Good deals and strong investments can lead to victory.

Use the Free Dice Multiplier wisely by watching the game board. Work your plan to maximize its benefit. This way, you make it work in your favor.

Remember, careful risk management with the Free Dice Multiplier is important. Weigh the risks against the gains, making smart choices. This could catapult your game forward.

Avoiding common Monopoly Go pitfalls is key. Upgrading properties and using the Free Dice Multiplier correctly are critical strategies. These can make a big difference in your game.

To win at Monopoly Go, focus on steady cash, smart property upgrades, and Free Dice Multiplier tactics. These strategies can turn you into the top tycoon of the game.

Maximizing Daily Reward Bundles

To get ahead in Monopoly Go, focus on maximizing your daily reward bundles. These bundles refresh every eight hours. They contain items like dice, stickers, and cash.

Be sure to collect these rewards. Setting a daily reminder will help. It ensures you keep adding to your resources. This way, you can always be ahead.

These bundles may offer more than just dice and cash. You might find special boosts. Look out for items like the High Roller or Rent Frenzy. They can give you a temporary advantage.

Claiming your daily bundles makes the game more fun and rewarding. Each bundle is a chance to improve your game. It brings you closer to being the top property tycoon.

Remember, every daily reward matters in Monopoly Go. Maximize them to outshine others and rise on the leaderboard.

Your Daily Rewards Arsenal

Here’s what you might find in your daily reward bundles:

Stickers1-2 packs
CashVaries (up to $500)

These are average amounts. You might get more sometimes. Be sure to check your rewards daily to claim all you can.

Strategic Landmark Upgrades

In Monopoly Go, being smart with resources and investments is key. Upgrading landmarks is essential to get more houses, up your income, and unlock bonuses. For the best gameplay, here’s some advice on upgrading landmarks:

  1. Focus on Building and Upgrading: Instead of rushing to finish your boards, work on each landmark’s structures. This helps you earn more and use your resources fully.
  2. Wait to Finish for More Money: It’s smarter to wait to finish your boards until you can upgrade all landmarks well. This makes sure your properties make the most money and resources.
  3. Start with Cheaper Landmarks: At the beginning, go for the cheaper landmarks first. They let you buy more buildings and upgrades for less, saving your money.
  4. Think About Repair Costs: Every landmark upgrade means more repair costs. Remember this when you plan your upgrades and budget.

Monopoly Go landmark upgrades

“In Monopoly Go, building up landmarks often and wisely is key. This strategy boosts your income and brings bonus events that help a lot.”

By using these tips for landmark upgrades, you can manage your resources better, make more income, and improve your chances at Monopoly Go. Just remember to invest wisely and stick to your game plan. Enjoy upgrading!

Playing Monopoly Go is more exciting with free dice rolls. You can get these by logging in daily and doing in-game tasks. Another way to get more dice is by sharing your dice links.

Create a dice link in Monopoly Go’s Friends section. Share it with friends who don’t have the game yet. When they download the game through your link, you’ll both get cool rewards. This helps you enjoy Monopoly Go together.

What kind of rewards can you earn? By getting friends to join with your link, you can win rare stickers and more dice rolls. These passive rewards help build your dice collection and give you an advantage in the game.

By expanding your dice links network, you get extra dice rolls. Plus, you can play and connect with more friends in Monopoly Go. It’s a fun way to work together, come up with strategies, and compete virtually in Monopoly.

Create your own dice link in Monopoly Go today and invite your friends to join. This way, you’ll all enjoy Monopoly Go together, and you’ll earn extra rewards.

List of Currently Available Free Dice Links
Monopoly Go! Free Dice Links Today: 21 January 2024 (Update)
Monopoly Go! Free Dice Links Today: 20 January 2024

Ready for free dice rolls? Open Monopoly Go and go to the “Rewards” or “Free Dice” section. There, you can click on the available free dice links to redeem them. This adds more dice rolls to your collection.

Building your dice links network and getting referral rewards in Monopoly Go is a great idea. It enhances your game and lets you enjoy the game with more friends. So, start creating your dice links and enjoy a Monopoly Go adventure with friends!

Targeting Opponents for Monetary Gains

In Monopoly Go, knowing which opponents to target is key. Look for those without shield protection or who have attacked you. This way, you can make more money by attacking them. This gives you a big advantage in the game over others.

When you attack in Monopoly Go, you take money from your foes. Go after the weak and the unshielded to win more often. You’ll dry up their funds and get ahead in the game by attacking smartly.

Watch how other players are moving and what they’re doing. This helps you know when to best attack them. Smart moves can push them into bad trades or decisions while making you stronger.

Having shield protection helps defend you. Use power-ups strategically to boost your attacks. This makes your moves stronger, lessening the chance of others hitting back. It helps you stay in control and win.

Revenge can also be a smart play if you’ve been attacked. Going after those who hurt you can even things out. But, remember to keep your bigger game strategy in mind. It’s about balancing revenge with winning smartly.

Choose your targets carefully, attack wisely, use power-ups well, and consider revenge when it suits your bigger plan. This is how you get ahead in Monopoly Go.

Understanding the Cost of Completing Levels in Monopoly Go

Getting through each level in Monopoly Go needs serious thinking about the costs involved. These costs can be huge, from millions to trillions of Monopoly money. So, planning how you use your resources is key to doing well in the game.

The total cost for a level is found by multiplying the cost of the first upgrade by 112. This gives you a rough idea of what to expect as you move forward. Remember, as levels go up, costs do too.

The first level might cost you just 15,000 Monopoly money. But, costs can quickly jump to over a billion in some cases. And total costs for finishing each level can be as big as trillions.

Players face different boards in the game. So, the costs we talk about here are general. But knowing these costs helps players finish levels without any incomplete parts, which could be a target for heists or attacks.

To estimate the cost of a full board, use the cost of the first landmark upgrade times 112. This gives a cost of around 134.4M to complete the board. Before building anything, it’s smart to save enough money to finish the whole board.

This saves your landmarks from being attacked. You can then use the extra cash to your advantage, like getting extra dice rolls. Or you can buy sticker packs for events that help you in the game.

Monopoly Go Level Costs

LevelCost (Monopoly Money)
Level 115,000
Level 5500,000
Level 101M – 10M
Level 1550M – 100M
Level 20500M – 1B

Remember, costs can change based on your board and game options. It’s vital to adjust your spending strategy depending on the costs you face.

Tips for Estimating Level Completion Costs

It’s key to know the cost of finishing each Monopoly Go level. There’s a helpful method for this. Just multiply the first landmark’s upgrade cost by 112. This gives you a good idea of the total level cost.

This method is a good first step for managing your resources. It takes into account the increasing upgrade costs. This helps estimate the total expenses for completing a level.

Sometimes, the game developers change the upgrade costs. This can affect your total cost estimate. To keep up with these changes, use the update tables. They have the latest upgrade cost information.

Level Completion Costs – Examples

Here are some player-submitted examples of level costs in Monopoly Go:

LevelFirst Upgrade CostTotal Level Cost
Level 115,0001,680,000
Level 225,0002,800,000
Level 340,0004,480,000
Level 470,0007,840,000

These examples show how costs vary for finishing levels in Monopoly Go. You need a solid plan to manage your resources well. This will help you play efficiently and avoid waste.

Each Monopoly Go board looks different and has unique upgrade costs. Being flexible and adjusting your plans is important. It helps you make smart moves and succeed.

Remember, besides completing levels, you can lose money through rent and heists. So, it’s smart to watch your money closely and be defensive. This will safeguard your resources.

We welcome input from Monopoly Go players like you. If you have level details to share, please do. This helps everyone plan better and succeed in the game.

As you play Monopoly Go, costs for finishing levels might change with updates. Some experienced players suggest not building landmarks until you can afford the full cost. This avoids losing them to lack of funds.

In summary, estimating Monopoly Go level costs helps with smart resource use. Use the method of multiplying the first landmark’s upgrade cost by 112. Also, check the tables for accurate costs. By smart and flexible planning, you can have a better Monopoly Go experience. Enjoy being a tycoon in the Monopoly Go world!

Examples of Level Costs in Monopoly Go

In Monopoly Go, advancing levels needs wise resource use and planning. Level costs can start from just a few million up to trillions in in-game currency. Let’s look at some examples to see the range of costs for different levels:

Level 115,000
Level 2200,000
Level 3500,000
Level 45 million

As you climb the levels, the costs jump up by huge amounts. The top levels can cost as much as 35.65 trillion in-game money. These big numbers might seem scary. But, with the right strategy, you can overcome these challenges.

The exact amount needed to upgrade landmarks might change, as the developers make updates. Still, using a basic formula, like multiplying the first landmark’s upgrade by 112, can give you a good estimate of the level costs.

Knowing the costs and managing your resources well can help you proceed in Monopoly Go. This way, you can work towards being the best property mogul in the game.


MonopolyGo is a thrilling online board game. It mixes luck and strategy for an exciting adventure. Use the strategies from this guide to boost your gameplay. It will help you become a successful property tycoon in the Monopoly world. No matter if you’re new or a pro, MonopolyGo will keep you entertained for hours.

The game hooks players with its rewards. Its tutorial is easy to follow, no matter your level. Plus, the game uses microinteractions to enhance your experience. This is like what Apple does to make its products more engaging.

Feedback suggests some improvements. Making the player token clearer and better positioning the money tracker are some. Also, more insight on dice rolls would be helpful. By listening to users, the game can be made better for everyone.

MonopolyGo has quickly reached a $2 billion revenue milestone. This happened in just 10 months! It’s very popular, with many users and installs. Its iOS income grew a lot, thanks to special events, like the USA’s Independence Day.

MonopolyGo is a game for all ages that promises lots of fun. With the tips from this guide, playing with friends will be even better. Enjoy the excitement of owning the virtual Monopoly world in this lively online board game.


What is Monopoly Go?

Monopoly Go is the classic board game version for your digital devices. You play with your friends online. It mixes luck and strategy on a virtual board.

How do I unlock Color Sets in Monopoly Go?

To get Color Sets in Monopoly Go, land on the Tiles and put money in the Chest. Playing with friends helps you do this quicker. You can also join their Discord for extras like trading stickers and giveaways.

How can I use dice multipliers strategically in Monopoly Go?

To use dice multipliers right, aim for a spot six, seven, or eight tiles away. These are the best places to make your move. Also, don’t forget that hitting the Go Tile with a multiplier means more cash for you.

How can I maximize daily reward bundles in Monopoly Go?

Grab the daily bundles every eight hours from Monopoly Go’s store. They give you dice, stickers, and cash. Make sure to collect them all to get ahead.

What is the strategy for landmark upgrades in Monopoly Go?

Don’t rush to complete boards in Monopoly Go. Wait until you can upgrade every landmark. Focus first on buildings and upgrades. If money’s tight, pick just one landmark to improve before moving on.

In Monopoly Go, make a dice link and give it to friends not playing yet. If they join through your link, you get cool stuff like rare stickers and extra dice.

How can I target opponents for monetary gains in Monopoly Go?

Look for those who attacked you or lack shields in Monopoly Go. Attack them back to get more cash and outdo your opponents.

How do I estimate the cost of completing levels in Monopoly Go?

For level costs in Monopoly Go, there’s no exact formula. But, roughly, start by multiplying the first landmark’s upgrade cost by 112. This gives you a good idea for your budget.

What are some examples of level costs in Monopoly Go?

Every Monopoly Go level completion cost is different. Here are a few to give you an idea of what to expect. Always plan your resources well to move forward smoothly.

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