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Monster Hunter: World

Enter the epic world of Monster Hunter: World. This action RPG sends you on adventures against fantasy monsters. It was brought to life by Capcom. You become a skilled hunter in a world that’s both beautiful and dangerous.

Discover a game with a deep ecosystem in Monster Hunter: World. You’ll face everything from huge beasts to quick predators. Each one needs a different approach to defeat, testing your strategies and skills.

Monster Hunter: World stands out with its crafting system for weapons. There are 14 weapons, each with unique moves and qualities. Whether you like powerful slashes with a greatsword or staying mobile with a bow, there’s a weapon for your style.

The world itself helps you in your hunts. Scoutflies pick up a monster’s smell to show you its trail. You also have the Slinger tool for slinging stones and other items. Use it to surprise monsters, make shortcuts, or distract them.

Special tools can give you a big edge during hunts. You can use up to two at a time. These tools offer new ways to fight and solve problems. And your Palico companion will back you up with support when you need it.

Monster Hunter: World has shipped over 25 million copies all over the world. Why? Because it keeps getting better with new updates and content. The game’s story doesn’t end, and players love its ever-growing world.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose from 14 different weapons with unique characteristics and attacks for diverse gameplay options.
  • Utilize Scoutflies to track monsters and find valuable clues.
  • Arm yourself with the versatile Slinger tool for various purposes.
  • Equip up to two Specialized Tools for limited-time powerful effects.
  • Unleash the power of supportive Palicoes to aid you in your missions.

Welcome to a New World

In Monster Hunter: World, you’ll enter an exciting world filled with huge monsters. You play as a hunter, fighting these monsters and gathering items to make better gear. The monsters get stronger as you go, making the challenges more intense.

This game showcases a dynamic ecosystem, where nature is your ally. You can use the environment to your benefit by setting traps and learning about monster behavior. It’s all about making smart choices and adapting quickly to win.

A big part of the game is creating gear from what you find. Defeat monsters to collect materials for powerful weapons and armor. You can pick from fourteen types of weapons, each offering a different way to fight.

You aren’t alone on these hunts. Monster Hunter: World lets you team up with three other players. With teamwork, you can take down even the toughest monsters and share the rewards.

Discovering monsters is aided by scoutflies. They track monsters by scent, helping you locate them. The game also features Elder Dragons, extremely powerful creatures with unique abilities. Beating them takes skill and planning.

Each monster has its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, Nergigante’s spikes make it tougher unless you break them. Facing Teostra’s flame attacks needs special gear. And for an Elder Dragon like Kushala Daora, using Flash Pods is key.

Vaal Hazak is especially challenging, lowering your health with its vapor. Fighting it effectively requires special preparation. Dropping rocks on Vaal Hazak can offer you a chance to attack when it’s vulnerable.

Monster Hunter: World provides a thrilling experience with its complex ecosystem and exciting battles. It’s a test of your hunting and survival skills, inviting you to become the top hunter in this dangerous but captivating world.

Game Features:Cooperative multiplayerCraftingChallenging huntsLiving ecosystem
Key Monsters:Elder DragonsNergiganteTeostraKushala DaoraVaal Hazak
Unique Gameplay Elements:ScoutfliesFlash PodsFireproof MantleNulberriesStalactite Attacks

Exploring the New World

In Monster Hunter: World, players dive into the New World’s varied territories. This continent includes the Main Continent (Astera) and The Hinterlands. Each area poses new and tough hunting trials.

The Main Continent welcomed its first discoverers 50 years back. It features places like the Ancient Forest and Elder’s Recess. Here, you’ll find diverse monsters, from desolate wastelands to lush forests. Each area is stunning and features its own unique creatures.

Players get to face off against many monster types, each with its unique abilities. By defeating these challenges, players earn materials to upgrade their gear. This customizes their play style and equips them for tougher foes ahead.

Hunting a mighty Anjanath in the Ancient Forest or braving the Elder’s Recess for Elder Dragons is thrilling. Each land has its own tests and treasures. With skill and perseverance, players can discover secret places like the Eldorado Caverns by Kulve Taroth.

Not just the Main Continent, adventures await in The Hinterlands, known for its icy Hoarfrost Reach. Here, hunters face off with fierce cold and meet new monster types.

Explorers will find many stunning monsters and plant life. From the strong Nergigante to the beautiful Shara Ishvalda, the New World is vibrant. Other beings live here too, like the wise First Wyverians and the lovable Boaboa.

So, equip your gear and start a thrilling journey in the New World of Monster Hunter: World. Explore, hunt, and grow into a fabled hunter as you tackle tougher challenges and leave your mark.

Unveiling the Ecosystem

Monster Hunter: World is a game that shows a living, changing planet. The big event is when elder dragons move to the New World every ten years. This event is so big that the Research Commission sends the Fifth Fleet led by Zorah Magdaros to learn more.

You, as a hunter, are important in this game. You help find out about the New World and its creatures. The hunters follow elder dragons to see how huge and powerful they are. This makes you feel a part of a world where everything depends on each other.

In Monster Hunter: World, you explore many different places. You go from dense forests to dry deserts. Each place offers new challenges and chances for you to win. The game is made to make you think about how to use the environment to your advantage.

To be successful in this world, you need to be a good hunter. This means you must be good at fighting, make strong gear, and use what you find in nature. As you go on, you’ll find special spots made for you to fight huge monsters.

The Monster Hunter world isn’t just beautiful. It’s all connected. When you hunt monsters, you get special parts. These parts are used to make better gear. You can also find tracks left by big monsters. Checking these tracks helps you earn points for great rewards.

Monster Hunter: World Ecosystem Table

Key FeaturesDescription
Migration of Elder DragonsEpic event occurring once every decade
Research CommissionSends out the Fifth Fleet to investigate the phenomenon
Zorah MagdarosColossal elder dragon at the center of the investigation
Varied HabitatsExplore lush forests, arid deserts, and more
Weapon and Armor CraftingUtilize materials from monster hunts to forge powerful gear
Foraging Spots and ClearingsStrategic areas designed for battles with behemoths
Ecosystem InteractionsInspect tracks to generate research points and exchange rewards

Join the adventure to discover the hidden wonders of Monster Hunter: World. Meet powerful elder dragons and feel the excitement of the hunt in this beautiful, engaging game.

A World Alive

The world of Monster Hunter: World is a lively place packed with action and wildlife. You can explore everything from dense forests to beautiful coral reefs. Each area is special, offering new creatures and landscapes to find.

The attention to detail is amazing. The game brings to life its worlds with lush greenery, huge trees, and realistic lighting. You’ll feel like you’re really there, in a world full of surprises.

Players meet all kinds of wildlife on their journeys, from tiny bugs to giant predators. Watching these creatures and seeing how they fit into the world is part of the fun. It makes the game more interesting and realistic.

On these adventures, you can also collect items to make your gear better. Finding these resources is exciting and encourages you to explore. It adds a layer of fun to the game.

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself face to face with a big, strong monster. These fights are tough and test your hunting skills. They’re a highlight in the game, showing off its diverse and amazing wildlife.

Expeditions in Monster Hunter: World let you step into a world bursting with life. Every place is different, with its own sights and sounds. So, get ready, grab your gear, and start an amazing adventure in Monster Hunter: World.

Features of World’s LocationsFeatures of Rise’s Locations
  • High density of creatures
  • More detailed textures
  • No loading screens between zones
  • Greater verticality and small offshoots
  • Realism and vivid environments
  • Elaborate hubs
  • Distinct ecologies and dynamic elements
  • Retains open zones from World
  • Simple maps
  • Wirebugs for swift movement
  • Lacks the lived-in environments and slower pacing of World
  • Potential for dynamic weather and transforming environments in Wilds

The Hunter’s Arsenal

Monster Hunter: World Board Game

Monster Hunter: World has many unique weapons for players. There are fourteen types, each with its own style and moves. Players can pick what fits them best.

There are weapons like the Long Sword, which is elegant yet swift. Or choose the Hammer for power, the Gunlance for explosions, or the Light Bowgun for quick shots. The Lance offers strong defense, and the Hunting Horn plays beautiful tunes. There’s something for every hunter.

In the game, Scoutflies help find monster tracks. These flying creatures are smart guides. They lead you to hard-to-find monsters and help you learn their weaknesses. The Slinger is also very useful. It lets you make quick exits, confuse monsters, and surprise them.

Don’t forget about Specialized Tools. These are powerful items to boost your hunter skills. For example, the temporal mantle makes you invincible for a bit. Lastly, the glider mantle helps you move easily in the air.

Palicoes are hunters’ loyal cat companions. They help in fights and give helpful healing and buff support. These furry friends are a fun part of the game.

The Hunter’s Arsenal expansion brings even more excitement. It adds new monsters for hunters to challenge. You can play with your friends or alone, using weapons, tools, and friends for a great experience.

Editions and DLC

Make your Monster Hunter: World adventure even better with different editions and DLC. Find exclusives, both in-game and physical, to meet every player’s needs.

Digital Deluxe Edition

The Digital Deluxe Edition brings unique items for your hunts. Equip the Samurai Set for eye-catching style and the feel of ancient warriors. It also includes cool gestures, stickers, face paint, and hairstyle options to make your character truly your own.

Collector’s Edition

The Collector’s Edition is a dream for true fans. It features a Nergigante figure, a special soundtrack, and an artbook for the game’s visuals. This edition is a deep dive into the beauty and lore of Monster Hunter: World.

Deluxe Kit

The Deluxe Kit upgrades your gameplay with exclusive armor, weapon designs, and items. It’s a boon for those looking to up their hunting game. Available for players on PlayStation and Xbox, it’s a must-have for all hunters.

Deluxe Kit Image

Don’t miss out on the Deluxe Kit. It has limited availability. Secure yours to enjoy extra in-game prizes and more.

Digital Deluxe EditionSamurai Set, gestures, sticker sets, face paint, hairstyle
Collector’s EditionNergigante figure, special soundtrack download code, artbook
Deluxe KitExclusive armor sets, weapon designs, item packs

Critically Acclaimed Success

Monster Hunter: World is a game loved by many, making it a big hit for Capcom. It has sold over 25 million copies all around the world. This success is bigger than any of Capcom’s past games.

The game got a boost from working with other well-known games. For instance, it teamed up with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This led to players joining Geralt of Rivia on a special adventure. This mix thrilled fans and drew more players to Monster Hunter: World.

Both fans and critics have said great things about the game. They love the action, the looks, and how detailed everything is. It combines different game types with a big, free-to-roam world. This makes the game pull players in and never let go.

“Monster Hunter: World is a triumph, making the series better for everyone. This includes both old and new players.” – GameSpot

“By making the most of what new consoles can do, Monster Hunter: World feels like a world that is truly living and breathing.” – IGN

The Iceborne expansion also did very well. It sold 10 million copies by December 2022. The expansion brought in new places, tough monsters, and lots of new gear for players to discover and use.

All in all, Monster Hunter: World stands out for its fun, its team-ups, and its good reviews. It has become a game that people all over the world want to try.

Community Engagement

The Monster Hunter: World community is lively and passionate, especially online. A key spot for fans is the game’s subreddit on Reddit. Here, players talk, offer tips, and keep up with the latest game news, becoming a bustling center of activity where fans connect and share their love for the game.

On the subreddit, members eagerly discuss the game before its release. They talk about what they’re excited for, like making their characters, hunting together, and game controls. It shows how much fans are looking forward to the game’s new features.

People’s views on where to play the game differ. Some are waiting for it to come to PC, while others want to start on consoles. This difference adds to the excitement, especially for those who have been long-time fans of Monster Hunter.

Streaming the game has also become very popular before its launch. Many players and viewers are looking forward to the content. Twitch and other platforms have seen more people watching, which shows the game’s growing interest.

Recently, on Steam, the game hit a high with 163,000 players in 30 days. Not just that, Twitch saw over 6,050 channels streaming the game, up by almost 200%. This data shows how successful and popular the game is becoming.

Asmongold, a well-known streamer, is drawing in thousands of views with his streams. His success, with an average of 37,000 viewers in 30 days, demonstrates the game’s appeal and the quality of content creators’ work.

The game’s worldwide appeal is clear from top streamers’ backgrounds. English-speakers make up half the top 10, with Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish speakers too. This variety shows how the game attracts fans from many different places.

Community Stats

Key Community StatisticsNumbers
Highest Peak Concurrent Players on Steam (last 30 days)163,000
Number of Unique Channels Streaming on Twitch (last 30 days)6,050+
Viewership Growth on Major Live-Streaming Platforms (since Game Awards announcement)Over 300%
Asmongold Average Viewers on MHW Streams (30-day period analyzed)37,000
Top 10 Streamers: English-speaking, Japan, China, and Spain5
Average Playtime Mentioned by a Community Member800 hours

The Monster Hunter: World community is not just active, but it feels like a close-knit group ready to welcome new players. It thrives on platforms like Reddit and streaming services, giving fans many ways to experience and enjoy the game together.


Monster Hunter: World is the ultimate game for hunting monsters in a fantasy world. It’s packed with action, quests, and huge battles. Whether you’ve played before or you’re new, you’ll find an exciting journey in Monster Hunter: World.

You can choose from 14 different weapons, like swords, bows, and guns. Each weapon has special skills you’ll need to learn. You can also make your own gear to face tough challenges.

There’s also a multiplayer mode for up to four players. You can team up with friends to hunt together. This makes the game even more fun as you work together to win.

Monster Hunter: World focuses on the natural world and its monsters. You can track beasts, learn how they act, and see their part in the environment. There’s plenty to do, with about 50-60 hours of gameplay waiting for you.


What is Monster Hunter: World?

Monster Hunter: World is an adventure RPG made by Capcom. It throws you into a vast environment. As a hunter, you track and battle all sorts of wild, mythical monsters.

What features does Monster Hunter: World offer?

This game lets you create your own weapons and team up with friends. You learn about the world’s ecosystem to hunt better. There are also big quests to track down and take out monsters.

What is the objective of Monster Hunter: World?

Your job in this game is to kill massive monsters. You do this to make better gear and face tougher challenges. You will also explore a vast, alive world.

What can players expect in the New World of Monster Hunter: World?

In the New World, you’ll visit many unique places. Each place is filled with its own set of monsters. By beating them, you get strong gear to use.

What is the storyline of Monster Hunter: World?

You play as a hunter investigating strange events in the New World. This story focuses on the arrival of huge dragons. You’ll explore and solve the mysteries of this new environment.

How is the ecosystem portrayed in Monster Hunter: World?

This game shows a world full of diverse creatures in their own habitats. As you play, you learn a lot by exploring these environments. It makes the game feel rich and real.

What weapons are available in Monster Hunter: World?

There are over a dozen different weapons to pick from. Each weapon has its own special moves. You can choose to master one or try them all.

What additional content and editions are available for Monster Hunter: World?

There are special editions and add-ons to get. These include cool outfits in the Digital Deluxe Edition. The Collector’s Edition has both physical and digital bonuses. Also, there’s the Deluxe Kit for extra stuff while playing on PlayStation or Xbox.

How has Monster Hunter: World been received?

Monster Hunter: World is loved by many, selling over 25 million copies. Fans and critics like its gameplay and amazing looks. They find themselves lost in its world.

Is there a community for Monster Hunter: World?

Absolutely. The community is active on Reddit. There, players talk, share funny posts, and keep up with all things about the game. Plus, there’s an app to easily join conversations with other players.

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