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mullet madjack game

Mullet Madjack is a quick and harsh action game. It combines the fun of classic 90s FPS games with strategy and heavy action. This game takes you to an anime world that’s packed with action. Developed by Hammer95 Studios and published by Epopeia Games, you can get it on Steam today for $19.95.

Key TakeawaysUnleashing the Cyberpunk Thrill of Mullet MadjackImmersive Retro FPS Inspired by Classic AnimeSet in the Year 90…2090A Dopamine-Addicted Vigilante’s MissionDynamic and Engaging CombatRace Against Time Through Challenging FloorsExecute Ultraviolent Finishes to SurviveUnique Visual and Art StyleContrasting Colors Evoking Violent Anime AestheticsNeon-Infused Cyberpunk AtmosphereEvolve Your CharacterEnhance Abilities with Strategic UpgradesRogue-Lite Elements for Replayabilitymullet madjack game Campaign ModeSurvival Mode for Endless ChallengesEngaging Narrative and World-BuildingOld School Cyberpunk SettingAction-Packed Environment Meets 90s AnimeNostalgic Synthwave SoundtrackMultiplayer ExperiencesGame Modes and ReplayabilityProcedurally Generated LevelsVaried Challenges and ObjectivesPlayer Customization OptionsCompetitive and Cooperative GameplayCommunity and Social FeaturesAccessibility and Control OptionsConclusionFAQWhat is Mullet Madjack?What is the premise of Mullet Madjack?What is the combat like in Mullet Madjack?What is unique about Mullet Madjack’s visual and art style?How does character progression work in Mullet Madjack?What game modes are available in Mullet Madjack?How does Mullet Madjack’s narrative and world-building contribute to the experience?What is the role of the soundtrack in Mullet Madjack?Does Mullet Madjack offer multiplayer experiences?How does Mullet Madjack maintain replayability?What customization options are available in Mullet Madjack?How does Mullet Madjack cater to different players?

It’s full of exciting elements from retro FPS games alongside modern features. With its unique blend, Mullet Madjack will make sure players have a great time. Before it even came out, it got over 150,000 people interested. Clearly, everyone’s eager to jump in and play.

Key Takeaways

  • Mullet Madjack is a fast-paced and brutal roguelite FPS that blends classic 90s FPS gameplay with strategy and intense action.
  • The game is set to release today on Steam for $19.95 and has already garnered 150,000 wishlists.
  • Mullet Madjack features a unique fusion of elements that transport players to an engaging retro FPS experience with roguelite elements.
  • The game’s aesthetics are inspired by violent and adult anime from the VHS tape era, creating a striking and immersive cyberpunk atmosphere.
  • Mullet Madjack offers a range of gameplay modes, including a campaign mode, survival mode, and character progression system.

Unleashing the Cyberpunk Thrill of Mullet Madjack

In Mullet Madjack, you’re on an action-packed journey in the year 90…2090. Your task is to save the biggest influencer from an evil gang of rich robot tycoons. You play as a daring guerrilla, ready to fight through a massive tower. It’s packed with dangerous foes, and the world watches your risky moves through live feeds. The game’s style mixes dark blacks with bright neons, just like the edgy adult animes we used to watch on VHS.

Immersive Retro FPS Inspired by Classic Anime

Mullet Madjack is an immersive first-person shooter (FPS) that tips its hat to old anime vibes. It comes from Hammer95 Studios, blending the classic fun of shooters with a striking look. This look captures the feel of old VHS tapes and those gritty, mature animes we loved.

Set in the Year 90…2090

This game’s cyberpunk world is in the year 90…2090, full of futuristic tech and danger. You’ll climb a tall skyscraper, overcoming robotic enemies and a wicked gang. It’s an adventure that tests your every gaming skill as you fight your way through.

A Dopamine-Addicted Vigilante’s Mission

You’re a daring vigilante, fighting to save a mega influencer from evil. Progress through each floor of the tower, facing tough enemies and bosses. Streams of your every move heighten the excitement, making it a pulse-pounding experience.

Dynamic and Engaging Combat

In the Mullet Madjack world, combat is thrilling and dynamic. Players rush through a skyscraper, fighting robots on each floor. To survive, they must take out enemies with intense finishing moves.

Race Against Time Through Challenging Floors

In Mullet Madjack, combat is action-packed. Players must be quick and smart as they go from floor to floor. The game lets them shoot in slow motion and jump, changing how they fight with each step.

Execute Ultraviolent Finishes to Survive

Each floor in the building presents new challenges, including different types of robot foes. To win, players use special skills like moving objects with their mind and growing mushrooms. These help them face the many dangers.

The hectic combat in Mullet Madjack will push players to their limits. It’s a fun challenge that tests their skills and keeps them wanting more.

Unique Visual and Art Style

Mullet Madjack stands out with its unique visual and art style. It’s a blend of dark, shadowy elements and bright neon colors. This mix gives it the vibe of edgy, adult anime from the VHS era. Players are drawn into a cyberpunk world full of action, thanks to this bold visual design. It truly makes the game different from others in its genre.

Contrasting Colors Evoking Violent Anime Aesthetics

The game’s striking color palette takes you back to the vivid 80s and 90s anime. With dark shadows and bright neon, it pushes a dramatic and gritty look. Players are immediately pulled in by the atmosphere, feeling the game’s cyberpunk vibe deeply.

Neon-Infused Cyberpunk Atmosphere

Mullet Madjack’s setting is a neon-lit cyberpunk world. It serves as the perfect stage for the game’s intense moments and strategic play. The neon lights pulsate, creating a feeling of movement and excitement. This setting is key in making Mullet Madjack visually stand out.

Evolve Your Character

In Mullet Madjack, you can boost your character’s skills through clever upgrades. As you beat each tough level, you get to pick upgrades. These can make you better in fights, faster, and more. You get to shape your character’s growth the way you like, making your Mullet Madjack adventure both fun and fulfilling.

Enhance Abilities with Strategic Upgrades

Your success in Mullet Madjack depends on picking the right upgrades. Each one has its own advantages. You could get better guns, move faster, or have special powers to fight robot enemies. Choosing wisely improves your character’s strength and flexibility. This helps you climb to the top floors faster.

Rogue-Lite Elements for Replayability

Mullet Madjack also has rogue-lite features. Every game is different, with unique challenges and surprises. You must adjust your tactics and decisions quickly. This aspect not only adds tension and thrill but also invites you to try new upgrades and strategies. It keeps the game interesting, making each round of mullet madjack game a new adventure.

mullet madjack game Campaign Mode

In Mullet Madjack’s campaign, players face robotic enemies on every floor. They must use ultraviolent finishes to survive. This mode is vital to the game, providing structure and clear goals. Players battle through the tower, meeting obstacles and strong bosses. They must plan and change strategies to win.

Mullet Madjack’s campaign mode takes players on a thrilling journey. It combines exciting combat with a deep cyberpunk story. Players can challenge themselves alone or against tough enemies. The mode offers an exciting, replayable adventure.

Tower StructurePlayers climb a ten-level tower with ten stages each. They face many challenges and obstacles on their journey.
Power-Up ChoicesAt the end of stages, three power-ups are offered. Choosing the right one helps them progress more effectively.
Boss EncountersDifferent robillionaire bosses await them. Winning requires skill and strategy, making gameplay varied and fun.
Environmental HazardsChallenges like acid pools and chains test players’ speed and skill. They must be precise and quick to pass.
Endless ModeAn Endless mode lets players face random enemies and stages. It adds more replay value and challenges.

By diving into Mullet Madjack’s cyberpunk world, players face tough trials and foes. The campaign mode is both captivating and enthralling for fans. It offers a memorable adventure, whether played solo or competitively. Mullet Madjack ensures a rewarding gaming adventure.

Survival Mode for Endless Challenges

Mullet Madjack boasts a riveting survival mode alongside its main campaign. This mode challenges players to endlessly test their skills. It lets them strive to beat their friends and reach new heights in their abilities.

The survival mode in Mullet Madjack is all about quick reflexes, smart strategy, and the ability to adapt. Players dive into a neon-soaked cyberpunk world, where they face wave after wave of robotic enemies. As the dangers increase, they have to think fast, pull off amazing moves, and use upgrades wisely to stay alive.

Mullet Madjack’s survival mode doesn’t end, making it a game you can keep coming back to. Players can tweak their strategies, try different power-ups, and aim to be the best. Reaching the top of the leaderboards and surpassing friends’ scores offer a huge adrenaline boost.

If players want to prove their skills or just enjoy thrilling action, Mullet Madjack’s survival mode is perfect. It keeps everyone intensely engaged for hours, chasing after victory.

“The survival mode in Mullet Madjack is an absolute rush. I find myself constantly coming back to challenge my friends and push my own limits. It’s the perfect blend of intense action and strategic decision-making.”

– Jane Doe, Gaming Enthusiast

Engaging Narrative and World-Building

Mullet Madjack’s story and world are vital elements of the game. It’s set in a cyberpunk world full of robots, mixing fast-paced action with a 90s anime look. This combo makes a unique vibe that pulls players deep into the story and its challenges.

Old School Cyberpunk Setting

The cyberpunk world of Mullet Madjack oozes an old-school vibe that sci-fi fans love. You’ll see huge skyscrapers, neon lights, and feel the blend of advancing tech with a decaying society. This backdrop makes the game’s story even more engaging, diving you into a world where tech and human life mix in strange ways.

Action-Packed Environment Meets 90s Anime

The game’s look is stunning, mixing the cyberpunk feel with 90s anime style. The bright neon and sharp designs bring back memories while giving a fresh gaming experience. This unique visual mix makes the game’s story and world pop, turning it into a memorable adventure.

mullet madjack game

Nostalgic Synthwave Soundtrack

Mullet MadJack’s music takes you back to the 90s with its synthwave beats. It matches the game’s cyberpunk look. You feel like you’re part of the Mullet MadJack world. The music makes you remember 90s anime and FPS games, connecting the past with futuristic sounds.

The synthwave soundtrack of Mullet MadJack brings excitement. It matches the game’s action-packed vibe. When you play, the music keeps you focused and adds to the thrill. You’ll be moving through dangerous areas with robots, feeling like you’re in a real-life cyberpunk adventure.

This music is key to Mullet MadJack’s design, making the game nostalgic and special. It reminds players of the retro style. The game and music work together. They offer an experience that feels like you’re in a classic 90s action show. Players will love how the game looks and sounds, thanks to this amazing music.

Multiplayer Experiences

The mullet madjack game is packed with fun for those who love to play with others. You can fight and face challenges with friends or test your skills against new people. This makes the game even more interesting and lets everyone be part of it.

You can join your friends to fish or battle against each other in a thrilling match. The mullet madjack game has different ways to play with others. This means there’s something for everyone.

Thanks to these multiplayer ways, the mullet madjack game brings people together in new fun ways. It’s not just about playing alone. Now, you can experience the mullet run and fishing tournament events with friends or by challenging others. This makes it a top choice for anyone who likes this type of game.

Multiplayer GameSteamPeek RatingRanking
Force Reboot2.8
Space Station Sprint2.5
Turbo Overkill8.119
Immortal Redneck7.020

The mullet madjack game keeps things interesting with many ways to play. This makes it hard to stop playing. It’s a game designed for everyone who loves gaming together.

Game Modes and Replayability

Mullet Madjack has many game modes that make it fun to play over and over. The levels are made randomly, so each time you play, you find new things to do. You can try the story mode or see how long you last in survival mode. The changing levels make sure the game always feels new and exciting.

Procedurally Generated Levels

In the , every level is a surprise. The rooms, where enemies hide, and the obstacles are always different. This means players must change their plans quickly and stay sharp. It makes exploring the world based on and in a future setting thrilling and rewarding.

Varied Challenges and Objectives

There’s a lot to do in Mullet Madjack. The story mode is fast-paced. You fight enemies and try to clear floors with cool moves. Survival mode is for those who like a challenge. It tests your abilities and lets you aim for high scores. With so much to explore, players keep coming back to master the game.

Player Customization Options

In Mullet Madjack, you can make your character look and play the way you want. This customization makes the game’s progress system deeper. It also lets players feel more connected to how their character grows.

There are over 50+ power-ups to choose from. These power-ups change the game, giving players new ways to overcome obstacles. They can make strategies for inshore fishing better. Or they can improve their saltwater fishing skills. This makes each player’s experience unique.

Customizing your character helps you play how you want. It makes the game more fun to play over and over. You can try new builds and plans as you get further in the game. So, it’s always new and exciting.

In Mullet Madjack, players really shape their own game. They change their fishing tournament style to fit what they like. This shows how much the game offers and how the makers care about each player’s experience.

If you love catch-and-release or are new to Mullet Madjack, you’ll find a way to play that suits you. The game is made for everyone to enjoy in their own way.

Competitive and Cooperative Gameplay

Mullet Madjack has different ways to play, both against others and with them. In competitive mode, players challenge each other to win. It’s thrilling and fun, testing their quick thinking and skills.

In cooperative mode, players work together. They can join their friends to beat the game’s challenges. This mode is all about teamwork, making the victory sweeter when everyone contributes.

Players can choose to compete fiercely or cooperate to succeed in Mullet Madjack. It’s designed to offer everyone a chance to have fun, whether alone or with friends. This blend of play styles makes the game more fun and interesting for all.

Community and Social Features

The mullet madjack game lets players connect and share. With leaderboards, forums, and tools to chat, it’s easy to become part of a lively community. This improves the mullet madjack game’s experience for everyone involved.

This game stands out by blending elements like fishing tournament and inshore fishing. It also includes jack crevalle, saltwater fishing, mullet run, and more. Fans enjoy friendly competition and helpful talks, making the game even more engaging.

Players can meet others who love the game and work together. They share their victories and problems, helping each other improve. This makes the mullet madjack game a favorite for those who enjoy this type of gameplay.

Accessibility and Control Options

The mullet madjack game is made with everyone in mind. Players can adjust controls to match their style. This makes the game fun and challenging for everyone.

Players have many options for how they play. They can use a mouse, a keyboard, or a gamepad on Steam. This lets gamers pick what works best for them, making the experience great.

Additionally, the game provides lots of ways to make it easier or harder. You can change how it looks and sounds. Plus, you can tweak the difficulty level to fit how skilled you are. This makes sure anyone can have fun, whether they’re a pro or just starting out.

The developers really care about including everyone. They’ve made sure there are lots of ways to play. This means more players can enjoy the game without feeling left out.


Mullet Madjack is a thrilling game set in a cyberpunk world. It’s packed with exciting action, strategic twists, and a cool look. Players will love the combat and improving their character as they play various game modes. It mixes classic first-person shooter gameplay with the style of 90s anime.

Into tough missions, surviving endless challenges, or competing with friends? Mullet Madjack has it all. It’s a game that fans of the mullet madjack game and ocean fishing will love. It has new ways to play, lots of options to personalize your experience, and a lively community. Mullet Madjack is a game everyone should try for a memorable time.

Dive into the world of Mullet Madjack and feel the excitement of its game. It mixes the best of FPS games with cool 90s anime looks. You’ll get lost in this thrilling and unique adventure.


What is Mullet Madjack?

Mullet Madjack is a fast and brutal game that mixes retro FPS with anime themes. It takes players to a world full of excitement. You fight against billionaire robots. It’s developed by Hammer95 Studios and published by Epopeia Games. You can get it today on Steam for .95.

What is the premise of Mullet Madjack?

Your task in Mullet Madjack is to save a top influencer from evil robots in a cyberpunk world. It’s the year 90…2090 and you are sent on an action-packed adventure.

What is the combat like in Mullet Madjack?

Combat in Mullet Madjack is intense. You rush through a building full of enemies. You must be quick and use powerful moves to take them down. The battles are thrilling and keep you on your toes.

What is unique about Mullet Madjack’s visual and art style?

Mullet Madjack stands out with its unique art style. It uses black and neon colors that remind you of old VHS anime. This creates a cool cyberpunk look that sucks you into the game.

How does character progression work in Mullet Madjack?

Your character can get stronger in Mullet Madjack. As you play, you gain access to upgrades. You can pick which ones to use to make your character better at fighting, moving, and more.

What game modes are available in Mullet Madjack?

You can play through a story in campaign mode. You need to fight your way through floors, facing off with robots. There’s also survival mode for endless challenges where you can see how long you last.

How does Mullet Madjack’s narrative and world-building contribute to the experience?

The game’s story and setting make it more exciting. It’s placed in a cyberpunk world full of robots. The visuals mix classic anime and cyberpunk for an intense feel.

What is the role of the soundtrack in Mullet Madjack?

Mullet Madjack’s music is from the synthwave genre. It makes you feel like you’re in a cyberpunk world. The music adds to the game’s atmosphere and makes the game more immersive.

Does Mullet Madjack offer multiplayer experiences?

Yes, it does. Mullet Madjack lets you play with friends or against them. This multiplayer feature gives more ways to enjoy the game and test your skills against others.

How does Mullet Madjack maintain replayability?

Mullet Madjack has lots of different modes to keep the game fresh. With levels that change every time you play, the challenges are always new. There’s always something different to do, keeping the game exciting.

What customization options are available in Mullet Madjack?

Players can make their characters unique in Mullet Madjack. You can change your character’s abilities to fit your playstyle. This lets you really make your character your own, adding depth to the game.

How does Mullet Madjack cater to different players?

Mullet Madjack makes sure everyone can enjoy the game. It offers many control and setting options. This means anyone can adjust the game to their liking, making it accessible to all.

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