My Summer Car – The Ultimate Open World Driving Experience

my summer car

Get ready for a game that mixes car owning, building, fixing, tuning, and maintenance with a permadeath life survival twist. Welcome to My Summer Car. This game takes you back to the 1990s Finnish countryside. You’ll start with a bunch of loose parts to build your dream classic car.


It’s not just about fixing your car though. You also have to take care of yourself. That means eating sausages, drinking beer, and getting some sleep. Do this right and you’ll have a car to drive around the game’s open world.

As you dive deeper into automotive DIY, you can tune and upgrade your car. You can turn it into a rally racer or a bass-booming disco machine. But beware, with permadeath, every choice you make is crucial, making this game truly intense for passionate car lovers.

Key Takeaways

  • Immersive car restoration experience with hundreds of loose parts to assemble
  • Challenging survival mechanics that require you to maintain both your car and yourself
  • Opportunities to tune and customize your classic ride to your heart’s content
  • Expansive open world environment to explore the nostalgic Finnish countryside
  • Unforgiving permadeath mechanic that adds to the thrill and intensity of the game

Immersive Restoration Adventure

Get ready for an amazing journey in My Summer Car. In this game, you must build your dream classic car. The game takes you to the 1990s Finnish countryside. It’s a place filled with charm.

Assemble Your Classic Car from Hundreds of Parts

Start the game with scattered car parts. You must carefully put together your car and engine. It’s a real hands-on experience. You get to see how things work inside a classic vehicle.

Relive the Nostalgic Charm of 1990s Finnish Countryside

While you fix your car, you’re in the beautiful setting of 1990s Finland. This makes the restoration feel real. You’ll feel like you’re in a different time, working on a true classic.

This game is perfect for car lovers. It brings a nostalgic and hands-on vibe to the gaming world.

Unforgiving Survival Simulator

My Summer Car isn’t just about fixing up a car. It’s about keeping your vintage vehicle and yourself in good shape. You take on the role of an enthusiast who must handle both mechanical issues on the car and personal needs. This includes staying fed, hydrated, and well-rested to keep your skills sharp.

Maintain Your Car and Sustain Yourself

This game keeps you on your toes by making sure your car and you are doing alright. You need to fix the car’s parts and take care of yourself. If you forget about your own health or the car, it could end very badly. The game won’t let you come back to life if something goes wrong, offering no second chances.

Permadeath Mechanic for a Thrilling Challenge

The permadeath feature in My Summer Car makes the game more intense. Every move you make must be considered, as one wrong turn could be the last. This intense gameplay drives home the challenge of reviving a classic car. It really makes you focus on being the best car enthusiast you can be.

my summer car

My Summer Car is a game that puts you in the shoes of a car owner. You get to build, fix, and tune a classic model. This involves putting together hundreds of tiny parts and making sure your car runs smoothly.

Ultimate Car Owning, Building, Fixing, and Tuning Simulator

If you love retro cars or enjoy fixing things, this game is for you. It lets you explore the world of car restoration in a realistic way. You become a skilled mechanic bringing an old car to its former glory.

Detailed Driving and Engine Simulation

The game also features detailed driving and engine physics. This means the car’s behavior feels real. As you drive your car through the Finnish countryside, you will feel its power. This makes your experience with classic car restoration very immersive.

Expansive Open World

In My Summer Car, players can freely explore a massive, open world. It stretches for kilometers with both dirt and paved roads. This Finnish countryside setting is perfect for retro car enthusiasts and nostalgic vehicle lovers. The game offers the ultimate automotive DIY experience. Players will find themselves on winding roads, meeting realistic AI traffic.

Explore Kilometers of Dirt and Paved Roads

The world of My Summer Car is open for players to explore. It covers rugged dirt paths and smooth country roads. Restoration enthusiasts will delight in the classic car rebuild opportunities. They can experience the 1990s Finnish countryside. Here, they’ll find parts, resources, and new challenges.

Encounter AI Traffic and Random Jobs

In their restoration project and personal summer project, players will see AI traffic. This makes the experience feel real and engaging. There are also random jobs available. They offer money and resources to support your my summer car efforts. This mix of exploration, traffic, and jobs invites garage mechanics to dive deep into cars.

Authentic Finnish Experience

Step back into the 1990s with My Summer Car. It brings the Finnish countryside to life, full of smalls towns and rich traditions. This game is perfect for those who love classic cars and DIY projects. It’s a detailed experience for anyone interested in old cars.

Explore Finland’s roads, both dusty and smooth, in this game. You’ll find yourself in the 1990s, surrounded by old car models, buildings, and culture. Everything is true to that time, making the experience very real.

Work on your car, walk around the scenic countryside, or enjoy the Finnish sauna. My Summer Car lets you really dive into this classic theme. The game is all about the little things, making it feel like a journey into the past. It’s a perfect mix of history and fun.

Upgrade and Customize Your Ride

Playing My Summer Car lets you work on your classic car a lot. You can upgrade and customize it as you like. What’s cool is you order car parts through the mail. This makes the game more fun with its old-school vibe.

Order Parts via Snail Mail

Want to make your old car better? Look through the parts catalog and pick what you need. Then, you wait for your order to arrive by mail. This part of the game makes you feel like you’re really back in the 1990s Finland. It also teaches you to be patient and plan well, which are important for car fans.

Transform Your Car into a Rally Racer or Bass-Booming Disco Machine

You have a lot of choices to upgrade and customize your car. Do you want it to be a fast rally car for racing on dirt roads? Or do you prefer a loud disco car with huge speakers? You get to decide how you want your My Summer Car to be.

Multiplayer Mayhem

The My Summer Car experience can be made even better by using a multiplayer mod. With it, fans of cars can team up with their pals. This cool feature opens a door to building cars together. You and your friends can put your classic cars together and keep them running.

Join Forces with Friends in Multiplayer Mod

By using this mod, My Summer Car turns into a shared adventure. Instead of working on your classic car by yourself, you get to do it with other retro car enthusiasts. Everyone helps with different parts, making the rebuild process more fun and social. Teamwork allows you to use everyone’s skills and materials to revive your nostalgic vehicle.

Collaborative Car Building and Shenanigans

The multiplayer option also adds a crazy, fun twist. Imagine working with your friends to fix up and trick out your cars. You get to try out all kinds of automotive-themed antics and hijinks together. This turns rebuilding into a fun, laughter-filled group project.

Varied Vehicle Fleet

Besides your main classic car, My Summer Car lets you use various vehicles. You can drive cars, trucks, and even sail a boat. This makes exploring the big open world exciting. You can do tasks like pull your project car from ditches or gather needed items.

Having a varied vehicle fleet adds to the game’s realism. You get to try different ways of getting around. For example, you might travel on dirt roads in a tough pickup truck. Or, you could sail on calm waters in a reliable boat. Each vehicle handles differently, making your journey more interesting.

Access to Multiple Cars and Vehicles

In My Summer Car, besides the classic car, you have many others to use. There are cars, trucks, and a boat. This range of vehicles lets you do a variety of things. You can run errands or enjoy the beautiful Finnish countryside.

Tow Your Project Car from Ditches

While driving on dirt roads, you may need to help your project car now and then. This might mean getting it out of a ditch. Such incidents add realism to the game. They test your skills and need you to think fast. The game also shows you have to use what you have, like garage mechanics, to do well in your restoration work.

Immersive Activities

My Summer Car goes beyond just fixing up old cars. You can take part in rally events. Here, you test your car against others. It’s a chance to see how well your work pays off.

Participate in Rally Events

The rally events are exciting for those who love cars. You can take your car from a restoration project to a rally racing champion. As you race, you’ll feel the thrill of competing to win.

Indulge in Sauna Bathing

Sauna bathing is a cool feature in My Summer Car. It’s a Finnish tradition that lets you relax after working hard on your car. This part of the game really brings out the feel of being in the 1990s countryside.

immersive activities

Hardcore Automotive Passion Required

My Summer Car is all about classic cars and their restoration. It’s a detailed simulation game. It needs a lot of time and effort to get good at it.

Do you love retro cars or the charm of 1990s Finland? If yes, this game is perfect for you. It tests your skills at fixing and customizing cars. If you truly enjoy working on cars, you’ll love this.

This game especially appeals to those who love cars a lot. It challenges you to fix classic cars, part by part. You have to be great at spotting issues and solving them. That’s what makes bringing old cars back to life fun and rewarding.

If you’re passionate about rebuilding old cars, this game is for you. It’s about every part of owning and taking care of a car. My Summer Car is the best game for people who really love cars.


My Summer Car provides an unmatched open-world driving experience. It’s perfect for anyone who loves cars. You get to restore a car, face survival challenges, and make it your own with customization.

For those who adore retro vehicles or miss the ’90s, this game is a gem. It feels real, from fixing the car to taking care of yourself. You can also turn your vehicle into a top-notch rally car or a fun disco bus. This enhances its appeal and lets you follow your restoration dreams.

If you’re looking for a fun do-it-yourself project, My Summer Car is ideal. It’s a game that will take you back to the charming ’90s in Finland. Here, you’ll test your true passion for cars in unique ways.


What is My Summer Car?

My Summer Car lets you experience what it’s like to work on and own a car. You have a lot of parts to put together to build the car and engine. This game is about both car maintenance and keeping yourself alive.

How does the car restoration process work in My Summer Car?

In the game, you start with many loose parts. You need to build a car and its engine completely from scratch. It brings back the feel of fixing up a classic car in the 1990s Finnish countryside.

What are the survival mechanics in My Summer Car?

This game isn’t just about fixing cars. You also have to take care of yourself. This means eating, drinking, and sleeping right. If you mess up, you might have to start over.

How comprehensive is the automotive simulation in My Summer Car?

This game really dives into everything about a classic car. You do it all, from building and fixing to upgrading your car. It’s very detailed and realistic.

What is the open-world environment like in My Summer Car?

The game’s world is vast, with both dirt and paved roads. It’s set in beautiful Finnish countryside. You’ll see other cars driving around, making it feel real.

How does the game capture the authentic Finnish setting?

The game really makes you feel like you’re in 1990s Finland. It shows a lot of attention to the culture and small town life there. This atmosphere makes the game special.

What customization options are available in My Summer Car?

You can improve your car a lot as you play. There are many parts you can buy and use. This lets you make your car very unique, like turning it into a rally car or a music-playing party car.

How does the multiplayer mode enhance the My Summer Car experience?

Adding the multiplayer mod allows you to play with friends. Together, you can work on your cars. It’s fun and lets you do silly and fun things with cars.

What other vehicles and activities are available in My Summer Car?

Besides the main car you work on, there are other vehicles you can use. This includes trucks and a boat. You’ll do many tasks and fun things in the game world, like going to the sauna.

What level of dedication is required to fully enjoy My Summer Car?

This game is for people who love cars and enjoy working on them. It requires a lot of time and effort. If you love cars a lot, this game is perfect for you.

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