NARAKA: BLADEPOINT – Intense Battle Royale Action Game


NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is a thrilling battle royale game in a mythic world. It’s all about quick martial arts battles. In this game, your skills and plans are what make you win.

The game leads you to the Land of Morus and Holoroth, filled with legends. You will see beautiful scenes and get in exciting fights. Here, you can choose to fight up close or from a distance.

Play as different heroes with unique powers. You can be a fast killer or a tough fighter. Learn their moves, change your gear, and beat your enemies.

One thing that makes NARAKA: BLADEPOINT special is how you fight. You use fast melee moves, strong combos, and smart blocks. The ability to move swiftly with hooks adds even more fun.

There are many weapons like swords and bows for you to pick from. Each weapon helps you in a special way. This brings more ideas and styles to the game.

Already, more than 20 million people love this game. Users and recent reviews show how much they like it. Most players are very happy with NARAKA: BLADEPOINT.

Key Takeaways:

  • NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is an intense battle royale action-adventure game set in a mythological world.
  • Experience fast-paced martial arts combat, parkour mechanics, and captivating visuals.
  • Choose from a diverse roster of heroes, each with unique skills and abilities.
  • Engage in fluid melee combat, unleash combos, and utilize lethal counters.
  • Discover a wide range of weapons and customize your loadout for strategic advantage.

Dive into the Land of Morus and Holoroth

In NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, players dive into Morus and Holoroth’s mythical lands. These places are inspired by Far Eastern legends. They are visually stunning for a great battle royale game.

“NARAKA: BLADEPOINT brings players to Morus and Holoroth’s enchanting realms. It is inspired by rich Far Eastern legends. The game’s attention to detail in setting up this mythical world is truly captivating.”

Players will find breathtaking landscapes, ancient temples, and mysterious landmarks. Each spot is designed for epic battles in the world of Far Eastern folklore.

There are massive online battles with up to 60 players in NARAKA: BLADEPOINT. This means every match is intense, strategic, and full of opportunities for victory.

Aspects of the Land of Morus and Holoroth:

  • A stunning and visually immersive environment inspired by Far Eastern legends
  • Epic battles in diverse locations, each with its own unique characteristics
  • Mysterious landmarks and ancient temples to explore and conquer
  • A mythological setting that heightens the sense of adventure and discovery

This game offers a unique adventure for players. The Land of Morus and Holoroth is waiting, with its unforgettable experiences. Expect breathtaking visuals, engaging gameplay, and the thrill of fighting alongside legendary heroes.

Varied Cast of Heroes with Unique Skills

In NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, you’ll find many heroes, each with special skills. This lets every player try different ways to play the game. You can pick the hero that matches how you like to play.

Over 20 million people have played NARAKA: BLADEPOINT’s Battle Royale and love it. It has been given “Mostly Positive” ratings by players and reviewers. 75% out of over 200,000 reviews are positive, showing gamers really enjoy it.

In NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, heroes are not all the same. They have unique powers and looks. You can pick from strong fighters to sharpshooting archers. The game offers a lot of variety in choosing a hero.

The game needs a good computer to run well. You should have Windows 10, an Intel i7 processor, 16 GB RAM, and a good graphics card. This ensures you get the best gaming experience.

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT also has fun events and prizes to find. During “Golden Radiance,” players can join between May 8 and May 22, 2024. There’s also “Forged Legend” where players complete quests from May 8 to June 5, 2024, unlocking rewards.

Adjustments and Updates

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT gets regular updates to keep the game fun and fair. Heroes like Tianhai, Tessa, and Hadi have had their skills and powers updated. This helps keep the game balanced for everyone.

Also, weapons and Souljades have been improved. They’ve increased the attack range and changed some upgrade rules. These updates keep the game interesting for players.

Game StatisticsPositive Reviews (%)
User Reviews (221,841)75%
User Reviews (Last 30 Days – 6,255)74%

The positive reviews and constant updates make NARAKA: BLADEPOINT a great choice for gamers. It offers an exciting and competitive battle royale experience.

Fast-Paced Melee Combat and Lethal Counters

In NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, combat is thrilling and quick. It focuses on melee combat where players use weapons in fierce battles. They time their moves carefully and use strategy to counter their enemies.

Victory in NARAKA: BLADEPOINT depends on mastering melee fighting. Players must predict and react to their opponents’ actions. Quick thinking and precise actions are needed to win each fight.

Each match in NARAKA: BLADEPOINT has 60 players, making the battles intense. The rush of combat, where you dodge and counter, is incredibly immersive. Through practice, players can climb the ranks and stand out in the game’s world.

Join over 20 million others in NARAKA: BLADEPOINT’s intense combat. Will you rise to the challenge, learning to fight and counter with skill? The game offers an exciting experience, ready for you to conquer and prove your worth.

Engaging Movement Mechanics

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT makes battle royales thrilling with its cool movement features. Players can move through the game’s beautiful world using parkour and grappling hooks. This makes the game dynamic and fun.

With parkour, you can jump off walls and run on rooftops. This helps you move around quickly and find good spots to fight. Moving around like this is exciting and makes the game more fun.

Also, grappling hooks let you swing from place to place. You can drop in on foes from above or run away fast. Learning to use grappling hooks well lets you play in lots of different ways.

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT combines parkour and grappling hooks for an amazing experience. You can climb tall things, dodge in forests, or surprise enemies. Every fight becomes more interesting and challenging.

grappling hooks

Key FeaturesBenefits
Parkour mechanicsFluid navigation and strategic positioning
Grappling hooksVersatile movement options for quick escapes and surprise attacks
Use of surroundingsTactical advantages and creative gameplay possibilities

The movement in NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is both thrilling and smart for battles. Imagine climbing on buildings or swinging in the trees. Doing this well will make your playing better and more fun.

Wide Range of Weapons

In Naraka: Bladepoint, players use many weapons to beat their enemies. There are weapons for melee fighting as well as for attacking from far away, each fitting different styles of play.

Melee Weapons

Naraka: Bladepoint has 9 strong melee weapons for close fights. Some are balanced. Others are specialized, making them really good at certain things.

  • Longsword: The longsword is good for both attack and defense. It has enough damage and attack speed to be useful in different situations.
  • Katana: The katana is powerful and quick. It’s perfect for players who like to be aggressive because it hurts enemies a lot and fast.
  • Greatsword: The greatsword does heavy damage but is slower than the katana. It also reaches further, making each hit count hard.
  • Spear: This weapon keeps foes at bay with its range and power. It suits those who fight best from a distance.
  • Dagger: The dagger is for fighting up close with its speed and damage. It lets you move quickly and deal out damage fast.
  • Bloodrippers: These special weapons keep doing damage over time. They’re rare, found in special chests by Morus’ Blessing.
  • Polesword: The polesword was added in Season 7. It’s long range, adding new tactics for those who think through their moves.

Ranged Weapons

Naraka: Bladepoint also offers 7 ranged weapons, each with their own uses. They help players fight in varied ways depending on their strategies.

  • Repeating Crossbow: A great weapon for close-up fighting, the repeating crossbow fires fast. It’s perfect in the heat of battle.
  • Musket: The musket is slow but hits hard from a distance. It’s great for taking out enemies with its powerful shots.
  • Pistol: For short range, the pistol has quick, strong shots and a special charge shot. It can really pack a big punch.
  • Bow: The bow is accurate and powerful at a distance. It also has charged shots, making it very strong for those who are skilled.
  • Cannon: Though it’s slow, the cannon hurts lots of enemies at once. It’s good for taking down many foes together.
  • Swarm: This rare weapon fires mini rockets and slows targets. Charging it up deals even more damage, offering a unique fighting style.
  • Flamebringer: The flamebringer is hard-hitting with special powers. It can be found in Morus’ Blessing chests, adding something special to gameplay.

All weapons have a limited amount of ammo, even if they’re rare. So, players need to be smart in how they use their weapons during battles.

“Success means knowing your weapon well. Try different ones to see what works best for you.”

Beautiful Graphics and Mythological Setting

In NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, the game’s stunning look and mythological setting pull you in. It takes you to the worlds of Morus and Holoroth. Every part of the game, from Fairyland Penglai to the Shadow Realm, is a visual delight.

The devs really cared about the details in the graphics. They created worlds rich in color and texture. Each spot in NARAKA: BLADEPOINT feels fully alive.

This amazing design isn’t just for looks. It helps you in the battles, too. Players can make smart moves by using their environment. This makes the game really immersive.

Recent ReviewsAll Reviews
74% of the 6,255 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive.75% of the 221,841 user reviews for this game are positive.

Positive Reviews and Growing Community

Players love NARAKA: BLADEPOINT for its deep and thrilling gameplay. A whopping 75% of over 220,000 players enjoy the characters and design. Recent reviews over the past 30 days also show that 74% appreciate its mechanics and features.

The game has achieved a vibrant community with over 20 million active players. This large and growing player base ensures there are always opponents for intense battles. It also means there’s plenty of room for teamwork and collaboration.

The Voice of Media Outlets

“NARAKA: BLADEPOINT’s success is well-deserved, given its innovative gameplay and stunning visuals. It offers a fresh take on the battle royale genre and delivers a unique gaming experience.” – IGN

“With a player base that continues to grow, NARAKA: BLADEPOINT proves its ability to captivate gamers with its intense combat, mythical adventure, and engaging progression systems.” – PC INVASION

“NARAKA: BLADEPOINT stands out among its competitors, thanks to its fluid combat mechanics, beautiful graphics, and well-balanced gameplay. The game has truly struck a chord with players worldwide.” – SCREEN RANT

Both players and reviewers agree, NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is thrilling and captivating. With its success in the gaming world, it has truly impacted the battle royale scene in a significant way. The feedback from both groups highlights its unique and engaging qualities.

System Requirements

Before jumping into NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, make sure your system is up to scratch. This will give you the best gaming experience.

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT needs at least Windows 7 64-bit to run. You must have an Intel i5 4th generation or an AMD FX 6300. Also, you’ll need 8 GB of RAM.

Your computer should have a graphics card like the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750TI. Or you can use an Intel Arc A380, or AMD HD 6950. Don’t forget you need an internet connection to play with others. It’s better to have a broadband connection for smooth gaming. Make sure your PC has 35 GB of free space, and it’s best to install the game on an SSD.

For the best experience, go for the recommended specs. This means having Windows 10 64-bit. Aim for an Intel i7 7th generation or an equal AMD. You should also have 16 GB of RAM.

To really see the game’s beauty, get a graphics card like the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6G. If an Intel Arc A750, or an AMD RX480 is preferred. The internet and the need for 35 GB of space stay the same.

Remember, these specs are only for NARAKA: BLADEPOINT. Different games might need other requirements. Always check your system against the game’s must-haves to avoid surprises.

Make sure your PC can handle NARAKA: BLADEPOINT’s needs. This way, you’ll be ready for an amazing adventure without any hitches.

To fully enjoy NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, make sure your computer can handle the game. Here are the system requirements suggested:

ComponentMinimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
CPUIntel i5 4th generation or AMD FX 6300 or equivalentIntel i7 7th generation or equivalent
Video CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050TI or equivalentNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6G or equivalent
Dedicated Video RAM4096 MB6 GB
Pixel Shader5.15.1
Vertex Shader5.15.1
Operating SystemWindows 10 64-bitWindows 10 64-bit
Free Disk Space20 GB30 GB

The requirements ensure great performance and beautiful game graphics. This allows players to enjoy the game’s intense battles and action fully.

A fast internet connection also improves the online gaming experience. It’s best to install the game on an SSD. This makes the game load quickly and run smoothly.

Make sure your system meets or goes beyond these requirements. Then, you’re ready to explore NARAKA: BLADEPOINT’s amazing world. Join epic battles with 60 players per game. So, get your system ready for this thrilling adventure!

What Curators Say

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT has won over many with its unique melee combat and exciting gameplay. Curators have given the game thumbs up for its inventive battle royale style.

Positive Reviews from Curators

“NARAKA: BLADEPOINT changes up the usual battle royale with thrilling hand-to-hand fights. The smooth controls make battles feel real and rewarding.” – CuratorReview77

“The combat in NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is incredibly detailed. Mixing martial arts with cool special powers brings a lot of depth and fun strategies to the game.” – GamingExpert69

“NARAKA: BLADEPOINT combines parkour and grappling hooks in a way I didn’t expect. It makes the game full of action and excitement, always keeping players guessing.” – BattleRoyaleAddict

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT stands out with its fresh approach, praising from curators. They love the game’s new battle royale feel. They especially like its lively melee combat, easy-to-use controls, and the thrilling parkour.

Many curators have praised NARAKA: BLADEPOINT for making a big impression in the gaming world. This positive feedback boosts its reputation within the battle royale scene. If you enjoy competitive play or want something different in martial arts gaming, curators highly recommend this game. They applaud its creative design and lively playstyle.


NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is a game that mixes intense martial arts, a mythological world, and dynamic gameplay. It has won over many players and critics. Whether you love battle royales or are looking for something new, it’s a must-play.

Dive into the world of Morus and Holoroth for an exciting experience. NARAKA: BLADEPOINT features quick melee combat, fun movement, and a variety of weapons. You’ll find plenty of ways to enjoy the game.

NetEase puts players first with great service and updates. They’ve also added support for Xbox and started e-sports events. This shows how much they care about the game and its community.

Ready to join? Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of the NARAKA: BLADEPOINT community. Get ready for intense battles, strategic challenges, and mythic adventures. You could be the next champion in this amazing battle royale game.



NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is a thrilling fight-for-survival game. It takes place in a world of myth. You get to battle using martial arts, join others online, and use cool parkour moves.

Where is the game set?

This adventure happens in Morus and Holoroth. It draws inspiration from tales of the Far East. Each corner is filled with both beauty and danger.

Can players choose their characters?

Definitely, there are many heroes to pick from. Each has their own set of skills. This lets you choose how you want to play the game.

What is the combat like in the game?

Combat is all about fast, hand-to-hand attacks. You can link moves together, block hits, and counterattack. It’s a tough but exciting way to win battles.

Are there any interesting movement mechanics?

There sure are! You can use parkour and grappling hooks. This means you can run on walls, jump from high places, and swing around. It’s a real thrill.

What kind of weapons can players use?

You’ll find a large array of weapons. From swords to bows, there’s something for every fighter. This variety makes battles unique for each player.

How are the graphics in NARAKA: BLADEPOINT?

The graphics truly make the game’s world pop. From its landscapes to its characters, everything looks stunning. It all creates an unforgettable atmosphere.

How has the game been received by players?

Players have really liked NARAKA: BLADEPOINT. The community is growing strong. This means the game’s world is always filled with new friends and foes.

What are the system requirements?

To enjoy NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, be sure your computer meets these specs:
Windows 7, an Intel i5 or AMD FX 6300, 8 GB RAM. You also need a graphics card like NVIDIA GTX 750TI. A broadband connection is required. For best results, play on an SSD.

For the best experience, aim for:
Windows 10, an Intel i7 or better, 16 GB RAM. Also, a graphics card like NVIDIA GTX 1060. You need a speedy internet connection. To top it off, an SSD will make your gaming smoother.

What have curators said about NARAKA: BLADEPOINT?

Experts love the game’s combat system and how it keeps things dynamic. Their reviews are full of praise.

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