Next COD Reveal Insights and Expectations

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The next COD game, Black Ops 6 for 2024, is making fans really excited. There’s a lot of talk about how great this game will be. Fans can’t wait to see what’s new.

Key Takeaways:

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was the best-selling title of 2020 in the US.
  • Call of Duty 2024 is reported to be set during the Gulf War and internally referred to as Black Ops 6.
  • Expected release in late fall/early winter 2024.
  • Activision typically unveils the latest Call of Duty games between May and June.
  • Season 3 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile brings new content and game modes.

Exciting Teasers and Community Speculation

The hype for the next Call of Duty is sky high with teasers popping up. Fans are thrilled, especially with the hint of a new Black Ops game. The teasers’ colors and visuals suggest a nod to the cherished Black Ops series.

With teasers teasing, there’s a lot of talk about what the game will include. Fans can’t wait for features like gunsmith and prestige. These old favorites might make a big return, bringing joy to many players.

“The teasers have got me so hyped! I can’t wait to see what the next Call of Duty game brings. A new Black Ops title with the gunsmith system would be amazing!” – Call of Duty enthusiast

The community is on edge for the official trailer’s release. It should shed light on the game, showing off its look and maybe some gameplay. This sneak peek will ramp up the excitement even more.

Teaser InformationInsights
Redacted Name and LogoThe teaser’s hidden name and logo might be a nod to Activision. It gives a taste of the game’s look and leaves fans guessing about the story.
Code Name CerberusThe internal name of the game is Cerberus, like the three-headed wolf logo. This hints at a cool mystery around the game. It’s a smart move to keep players interested.
Early Access to Zombies ModeThere’s talk of early Zombies mode access for those who pre-order. It’s a good reason to grab the game early and start fighting the undead.
Tie-ins with Call of Duty WarzoneSome think there might be a game event in Warzone tied to the new Black Ops release. This could link the series’ games together in fun ways.

The teasers and fan hype are just the beginning for the new Call of Duty. We’re all waiting for the full game reveal. With the excitement growing, this new game promises to be a hit, keeping players in the action for hours.

Community Wishlist for the Next Installment

The Call of Duty community is waiting eagerly for the next game. Fans want new features but also some old favorites back. They’re sharing what they hope to see.

One top request is for classic elements like the prestige system to return. Fans also hope for the pick 10/13 system to make a comeback. These features make the game more personal and fun for players.

Some players wish the next game won’t be as linked to Warzone as before. They want a more solo game experience without the tie-ins with Warzone. These fans desire a clear focus on the main game without the connection to Warzone’s features.

The game developers have to listen carefully to what the fans are saying. They should try to include these popular features in the next game. By doing so, they can make a game that’s loved by the community.

Season 3 Battle Pass

The Season 3 Battle Pass is packed with over 100 rewards. It includes weapon blueprints, new operators, and items for customizing your game look. This pass is full of things players will love to get.

The BlackCell Sector in the Battle Pass is a standout point. It offers over 7,000 CP in rewards when you upgrade. This sector includes 1,100 COD Points, a special BlackCell Operator, and more.

BlackCell brings six Tracer Weapon Blueprints and 11 Reactive Operators. These allow players to make their game look unique. It adds a lot of style to how they appear and play.

The Battle Pass also includes an Instant Reward Sector. Here, players get a 10% boost to their Battle Pass progression. This makes leveling up and getting rewards faster, improving the whole gaming journey.

New Functional Weapons and Weapon Blueprints

The Battle Pass unlocks three new weapons for play. These add new ways to play and bring a different experience to battles.

The MORS Sniper Rifle is designed for high damage and long-range power. It gives snipers a big advantage with its strong capabilities. This rifle can change the course of a game from afar.

The FJX Horus SMG shines in tight, close combat. It has the best damage for that style and lets players move quickly. This makes the Horus SMG perfect for those who like to play aggressively in tight spots.

The Gladiator Melee is the top choice for close ranged fighting. It’s fast and powerful, making it a great weapon for fighting up close. Players can count on it for winning in melee battles.

Weapon Blueprints Themes

The Season 3 Battle Pass also introduces 20 unique Weapon Blueprints. These have cool themes like Wood and Yellow, Koi Fish Tattoo, and Camo Topography. They look great, boost your stats, and add cool attachments to your weapons.

With many great features, rewards, and customization options, the Season 3 Battle Pass will keep gamers engaged. They will be working hard to achieve new goals in Call of Duty.

Anticipation for New Gameplay Elements

Fans eagerly await the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III game. They’re excited about more than just the release date. The promise of fresh, exciting gameplay has everyone talking.

The game’s Beta will give players a sneak peek. It starts with exclusive access for PlayStation users on October 6th to 7th. Then, all PlayStation users can join in from October 8th to 10th. Xbox and PC players get their exclusive access on October 12th to 13th. Finally, the Beta opens for everyone from October 14th to 16th.

This Beta showcases new features like the Cutthroat mode. It will also include old favorites, such as five maps from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Players get to try out some exciting changes to the multiplayer.

Gameplay improvements go beyond maps. The developers are overhauling movement, weapon upgrading, and the Perks system. They’re also adding a new way to customize weapons. Players can convert handguns into SMGs and try new tactics.

Warzone, a beloved part of the game, has something special in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. The new map, Urzikstan, has 11 hotspots and unique features like zip lines and a train. This adds more fun to the Warzone experience.

A big debut is the first-ever Zombies mode in the franchise. It offers a unique PvE experience in an open world. Players will encounter different challenges, adding a thrilling twist to the game.

There’s also the anniversary event, Call of Duty: Next, coming up. It will feature new content for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III in both Multiplayer and Zombies. The event celebrates past successes and looks to the future with joyous expectations.

In summary, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is generating lots of buzz. It combines new gameplay elements with improved multiplayer and adds a Zombies mode. Everyone is ready for the game’s release to experience these new adventures.

Beta DatesEarly AccessOpen Beta Access
PlayStationOctober 6th to 7thOctober 8th to 10th
Xbox and PCOctober 12th to 13thN/A
All PlatformsN/AOctober 14th to 16th

Extended Development and Support Plan

Activision is changing the way they release the next Call of Duty. Instead of the usual yearly pattern, they are focusing more on the next game’s development. Treyarch will have a full three years to craft the next game. It’s set to release in 2024. This extra time aims to make the game extraordinary.

The Call of Duty games have often been released every year. This yearly cycle has made game development tough. Teams faced tight deadlines, leading to a rushed game. By giving Treyarch more time, they can ensure the next game is both smooth and high-quality. This change aims to please fans and critics alike.

With more time, Treyarch can bring fresh gameplay and features to the game. They’re aiming to create a game that outshines the rest. This longer development phase also means the game can be tested and improved more thoroughly. This could lead to better game performance and fewer bugs at launch.

Besides the longer development period, Activision promises continuous post-launch support. Players will receive regular updates and fixes. There will also be new additions like maps and game modes. This plan is set to make the game enjoyable for a long time.

“We understand the importance of delivering a high-quality game that surpasses players’ expectations. By extending the development cycle and providing ongoing support, we aim to create the best Call of Duty experience yet.” – Activision spokesperson

Activision’s new approach to the next Call of Duty shows their dedication to quality. They are working hard to make a game that exceeds everyone’s expectations. With a strong team and focus on innovation, they aim to lead the gaming industry forward.

Modern Warfare III Development and Support Overview

Development DetailsSupport Plan
16-month development cycleOngoing updates and bug fixes
Focus on quality and polishNew content additions
Innovation and refinement of gameplay mechanicsOptimization for performance and stability
Introduction of new featuresRegular balance adjustments

More Content for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2

We can’t wait for the new Call of Duty game! But, Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 are full of fun until then. Soon, Season 2 will bring a lot of new stuff and changes for players.

A new Warzone 2 map based on the Gulf War is coming. This map will add a lot of excitement to the game mode many love. It’s something everyone’s looking forward to.

Old favorite maps from the first Modern Warfare 2 could make a comeback. These classic places will make many players feel nostalgic. They’ll also add new fun for both old and new players.

Season 2 also means more battle passes. They let players earn cool stuff as they play. There will also be new areas on maps to explore. This makes the game even more interesting and fun.

Developers are working hard to give us amazing updates. Whether you like playing together with friends or in Warzone, great things are coming. There’s something cool for every player in the Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 world.

Year Two Content for Modern Warfare 2

In 2023, a big expansion pack is coming for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This DLC is made by Sledgehammer Games to boost your gaming adventure. Get ready for new game-like experiences with this update.

A Full Campaign and More Spec Ops

A full campaign mode is on its way. It lets you dive back into the Modern Warfare story like never before. Brace for intense missions and a storyline that will keep you guessing.

Excitingly, more Spec Ops missions are also part of the package. You can choose to play alone or team up. Either way, it’s bound to be a wild ride.

New Multiplayer Maps, Including Fan Favorites

For multiplayer fans, new maps are in the works. Get ready to face off with friends and foes on these fresh battlegrounds.

Additionally, old favorite maps from the 2009 game are making a comeback. Enjoy these revamped classics with better graphics and gameplay.

Continuity and Compatibility with Modern Warfare III

This DLC fits right into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. Everything you earn in Modern Warfare II will be carried over. This includes weapons, operators, and more.

There might be a few things not available in Modern Warfare III. Yet, most of what you love will still be there. Your gameplay will be even more exciting with everything carrying over.

Your adventure in the Modern Warfare world is far from over. Year Two brings more opportunities, challenges, and chances to prove your skills. Get set for an amazing time in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2!

Key FeaturesDetails
Full Campaign and Spec OpsA brand new campaign mode and additional Spec Ops missions for an immersive gaming experience.
New Multiplayer MapsFresh battlegrounds for intense online battles, including remakes of popular maps from the original game.
Continuity and CompatibilityAll content unlocked in Modern Warfare II carries forward into Modern Warfare III, ensuring a seamless transition.

Potential Standalone CoD Zombies Game

People are buzzing about new content for Modern Warfare 2—specifically, a standalone Call of Duty Zombies game.

Though we don’t have all the details, leaks point to a game just for Zombies. It seems this game aims to please the many fans who love to battle the undead.

The fanbase for Zombies is huge, especially shown by the love for expansions like Zombies Chronicles. People really want more, and there have been many unique maps over the years.

A standalone game would bring all these maps together in one spot. This means you could play your favorite old maps and explore new ones in one collection. It sounds like a dream come true for longtime fans.

The game might also fix old plot holes and wrap up stories from the past. This way, it could make the Zombies lore feel more complete and satisfying for those who’ve followed it for years.

Not just that, but a pure Zombies game could update the mode with cool new stuff. Imagine new game features and a storyline that keeps evolving. It could be a fresh start for the mode we all know and love.

Imagine also the chance for players to build their own maps with a user-friendly creator tool. If this became a reality, the community would have a blast designing new challenges for everyone to enjoy.

But, remember, these are just rumors for now. Although a standalone Zombies game was mentioned back in 2012, nothing came of it then. Treyarch is now busy with the next Call of Duty, which could mean we’ll have to wait a while longer for just a Zombies game.

zombies game

Possible Reveal of Call of Duty 2024

Fans are getting more excited about the next Call of Duty game. They can’t wait for news on Call of Duty 2024. Although we might not see gameplay yet, we hope for details soon.

Many think we’ll hear about Call of Duty 2024 in April or May. This guess comes from how they showed off Cold War and Modern Warfare 3. It gives fans something to talk about.

There’s talk Treyarch may be behind Call of Duty 2024. This is big news as they are known for the Black Ops games. It has everyone eager to see what’s coming next.

Some say the next game might be set in the Gulf War. This would be a new and interesting story. Combined with Treyarch’s game skills, it could be amazing.

Treyarch has had a long time to work on this project, about four years. This could mean they’re ready to show things earlier. Fans are hopeful for a great, polished game.

An event in August could link Call of Duty 2024 with Warzone. This has happened with the previous games. It could be a fun way to kick off the experience.

Call of Duty 2024 Reveal Timeline

TitleReveal Date
Modern Warfare (2019)May 30, 2019
Modern Warfare 2 (2022)April 28, 2022
Modern Warfare 3 (2023)August 17, 2023

Fans are very excited about Call of Duty 2024’s reveal and launch. The move to focus on Black Ops by Treyarch has got everyone talking. People are eager to see what’s next.

Most of the time, Call of Duty games come out in November. Sometimes it’s in October. This year, fans should look out for it in the fall. This keeps the usual schedule going.

There’s a chance Call of Duty 2024 will be in Game Pass for Xbox and PC. This hint from Xbox’s Phil Spencer suggests more people can enjoy it. It’s great news for fans.

More than 130 new and old weapons and items are said to be in Call of Duty 2024. Fans are thrilled to see favorites like AK-74 and the new Grendel R31. It’s something to look forward to.

Keep an eye out for more news as we get closer to seeing Call of Duty 2024. The gaming world is ready for the next Call of Duty adventure.


Fans are eagerly waiting for the next Call of Duty game. It looks like a new Black Ops is coming. The developers are working hard to meet everyone’s hopes.

The COD Next 2024 event is on Thursday, October 5. It will have streamers showing the new game. They’ll be playing on the remastered MW2 maps, making fans even more excited.

Previous COD events lasted more than five hours. This year, we expect the same. Fans will see a lot of gameplay and tips. The Warzone Loadout app is also ready to help millions of players with their games.

The event will show the trailer for Modern Warfare 3’s Zombies. This sneak peek will make players look forward to trying it in Warzone Mobile. Everyone has a lot to anticipate in Modern Warfare III.


When will the next Call of Duty game be revealed?

The next Call of Duty game’s release date is still a mystery. Fans can’t wait to find out more.

What can we expect from the next Call of Duty game?

Though we’ve heard it will be amazing, we don’t know much yet. Fans are eager to see the new features and settings.

What are the community’s expectations for the next Call of Duty game?

The community hopes for old favorites like prestige and pick 10/13. They also want a break from Warzone. The developers have a big challenge to meet these wishes.

Are there any updates or new features expected in the next Call of Duty game?

Right now, we haven’t heard about new updates. Fans are excited to see what new things the game will bring.

Has there been any change in the release schedule for the next Call of Duty game?

Yes, reports say the yearly game release might change. Treyarch’s next game may be out in 2024. This change is due to an extended development cycle.

Will there be additional content for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2?

Yes, a big expansion is coming for Modern Warfare 2 by Sledgehammer Games. It will have a new full campaign and more. A Call of Duty Zombies game is also in the talks.

What can we expect in terms of year two content for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2?

We don’t know much about the year two content yet. But, there might be a new Warzone 2 map and classic Modern Warfare 2 maps.

Is there a standalone Call of Duty Zombies game in development?

Talk of a single Call of Duty Zombies game exists. Yet, Treyarch is dedicated to the next Call of Duty. So, the truth of this matter is unclear.

When can we expect a full reveal with gameplay footage for the next Call of Duty game?

A full reveal with gameplay might not be soon. Fans hope for at least a glimpse of the next big game. The launch of Modern Warfare 2 DLC could shed light on the next big release. Rumors hint that Treyarch will use a modern engine and possibly explore the Black Ops timeline.

What should fans anticipate from the upcoming release of the next Call of Duty game?

Fans are excited for the newest Call of Duty. With hopes for classic features and a maybe a new Black Ops title, fans expect a lot. Even if the release schedule changes, there will still be plenty of new content and great gameplay in store.

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