Overwatch® 2: Experience the Intense Heroic Battles!

Overwatch 2

Get set for the action-packed Overwatch® 2! It’s the next big chapter in team shooter games. Blizzard Entertainment brings us this sequel, packed with thrill. Dive into its no-cost, cross-platform action where you control heroes with amazing abilities.

Overwatch® 2 turns up the dial with new PvP battles and upgraded heroes. It’s more than a game, it’s a strategic combat experience. Join in and see how essential teamwork is against your rivals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Season 9 introduces the exclusive rank of Champion, positioned above Grandmaster, showcasing top-tier players.
  • Earn Jade Weapon Variants with new 2024 Competitive Points, highlighting dedication to Competitive Play in that specific year.
  • Rebalanced Competitive Points system ensures that winning and drawing matches are rewarding.
  • Legacy Competitive Points replace 2024 Competitive Points and can still be used to unlock Golden Weapon Variants.
  • Claim end-of-season Competitive Challenges for Seasons 1-7 before Season 9 starts.

Major Changes in Overwatch 2 Season 9: Champions

Overwatch 2 Season 9 is here with major changes for competitive play. It introduces a new ranked system and cool additions. This season will bring fresh challenges and rewards for everyone.

New Champion Rank Takes the Stage

In Season 9, a new Champion rank has been added above Grandmaster. It’s for the best players, highlighting their skill and talent. To reach the Champion rank, players need top-tier skills and dedication. It puts them among the best in Overwatch.

Revamped Progression System

The new season changes up the ranked system. No more 5-win requirement. Players now start with placement matches, giving everyone a fair start. This system places players correctly in their skill tiers from the season’s start.

Exclusive Jade Weapon Variants

Unique Jade Weapon Variants are up for grabs this season. You can only get these cool weapon skins by playing a lot of competitive matches in 2024. They’re a special reward for your dedication.

Enhanced Hero Balance and Gameplay Adjustments

Gameplay changes in Season 9 improve hero balance and overall experience. Projectile sizes are bigger, making aiming easier for all roles. Health pools have also changed, with some heroes getting more health. These updates aim to make the game more balanced and fun for everyone.

Exciting Pharah Rework

This season, Pharah gets a rework. Her new Hover Jets ability limits her air time. Her fuel only recharges when she’s on the ground. This change makes flying more strategic. She also gets a new ability, Jet Dash. This adds more depth to her gameplay.

Updates to the Junkertown Map

Junkertown has also been updated for Season 9. It has new cover elements and changed health packs. Players need to change their strategies for survival. Sightlines are different too, giving a fresh feel to the map.

Competitive RewardsBattle Pass TiersPremium Battle Pass Reward
New Jade Weapon VariantsOver 80 tiers of rewardsAncient Caller Mythic Moira skin
Available exclusively during the 2024 Competitive YearIncluding Survivor Soldier: 76 and Tentacle Horror TorbjörnUpon completing all 80 tiers

Get ready for a new competitive season in Overwatch 2 Season 9. It brings the Champion rank and Jade Weapon Variants. With changes to the ranked system, hero adjustments, and new maps, Overwatch is evolving. It’s your chance to show your skills and climb to the top.

Updates to Competitive Play

Overwatch 2’s Competitive Play is getting major updates. The goal is to make the game more rewarding and clear. These changes come from what players want and should make competitive gameplay better.

A big change in Season 9 is the addition of a top rank, Champion. It sits above Grandmaster and is for the most skilled players. It gives players something extra special to aim for.

In 2024, players showing their skill in Competitive Play can earn Jade Weapon Variants. They will use new 2024 Competitive Points for this. It’s a way to thank and reward them for playing competitively.

The game’s progression system has been reworked too. Bars showing your rank will update after each match. This way, players always know where they stand. The system also shows how matchmakers decide who you play against, adding context to your games.

Another change involves the points you get for wins and draws in matches. This has been made fairer. Now, players are more accurately rewarded for their performances.

Competitive Play Updates

Legacy Competitive Points and Golden WeaponsLegacy Competitive Points from the 2024 Competitive Year can now be used to unlock Golden Weapon Variants.
End-of-Season Competitive ChallengesPlayers have until the end of Season 8 to claim rewards for Seasons 1-7’s end-of-season Competitive Challenges.
Gameplay ChangesSeason 9 brings big changes to make weapon firing feel more consistent, lower burst damage, and adjust healing in team fights.

All these updates are designed to make Competitive Play in Overwatch 2 better. By being clear, rewarding effort, and listening to players, the developers are making competition more fun.

Progression System

Changes to Core Gameplay

Overwatch 2 Season 9 is bringing new excitement to the core gameplay. The aim is to improve the experience for all players. This includes changes to how accurate firing is, the amount of burst damage, and the efficiency of healing. It also involves balancing the strengths of different heroes.

“The adjustments for Overwatch 2 Season 9’s core gameplay will give the game a dynamic feel. Our main goal is for players to enjoy a consistent experience whenever they play.”

Firing accuracy is getting special attention. Each hero is being tweaked to make their shots more reliable. Players will have better control over their attacks and the game’s skill level will go up.

Burst damage is also on the list for Season 9 changes. We’re lowering the effect of burst damage. The idea is to make fights more even. This means more chances for clever moves against opponents.

Healing and damage will also see some changes. These changes hope to cut down on boring, long fights. They aim to make the game more lively. Players will need to be smarter in how they heal and deal damage. This will lead to better and more fun team fights.

Additions to health pools are coming too. This change makes heroes tougher to kill. It gives players more chances to turn a battle around. The main goal is to lessen quick defeats and make fights more thought-provoking.

“Adjusting health pools can lead to amazing battles. Players get to show off their talent and make game-changing plays.”

In Overwatch 2, all heroes will heal slowly on their own after not taking hits for 5 seconds. This encourages smart play, where players retreat briefly to recover.

A new Damage hero passive ability is also coming in Season 9. It cuts a target’s healing by 20% if the Damage hero deals the damage. This will make it easier for damage heroes to get kills, especially against strong healing.

Finally, the changes aim to make Overwatch 2 Season 9 a better, fairer, and more fun experience. By focusing on many aspects such as aiming, burst damage, healing, and hero balance, Blizzard is working on creating a lively and enjoyable game.

Health Pool Adjustments

In Overwatch 2 Season 9, heroes will have more health to stay alive longer in fights. Here’s the health boost for each hero type.

Hero CategoryHealth Increase
150-175 HP heroes+25 HP
200-300 HP heroes+50 HP
Tank heroes+75-100 HP

* Support heroes heal differently. They start regenerating health after 2.5 seconds of no damage, unlike the 5 seconds others wait.

The Future of Hero Releases

Overwatch 2 aims to make new heroes easier to get for everyone. Right now, you have to buy the premium battle pass to get heroes immediately. But, the change they’re working on will let players have all heroes for free right at release. This change is major because it makes the game fairer for everyone.

In Season 2 of Overwatch 2, they plan to let players try out new heroes for free. This means you can find out what’s fun about each hero without spending extra.

They’re also thinking of new ways for players to get heroes without paying. They will share more about how this will work soon. This update shows they care about making the game enjoyable and fair for all.

When Overwatch 2 changes how it introduces heroes, the range of heroes will grow. This will make the game more fun by encouraging players to try different hero teams and strategies.

New Heroes at Launch

Starting with Season 10, Overwatch 2 unlocked all new heroes right away. This lets players quickly jump in and enjoy the game with new heroes.

Season 10 saw Venture, the game’s 40th hero, join the team. A support hero, Venture’s addition shows Overwatch 2’s ongoing promise to expand its hero lineup.

In Season 2, a highly awaited support hero, the “Space Ranger,” will make an entrance. This hero is expected to add exciting new abilities to the game in 2024.

Overwatch 2 Hero Releases

Release DateHeroOrigin
December 6, 2022RamattraN/A
April 11, 2023LifeweaverN/A
August 10, 2023IllariPeru
2024 (Upcoming)“Space Ranger” (working name)N/A

Overwatch 2 is committed to keep adding new and exciting heroes. Every new hero changes the game, bringing new ways to play and keeping the game fresh and fun.

Image: New heroes bring exciting gameplay dynamics and strategic possibilities to Overwatch 2.

Controversies and Updates

Since its start in October 2022, Overwatch 2 brought both good and bad news. The game’s new way to make money had people talking. Going from a paid game to being free surprised many.

On top of that, the cancelation of the PvE Hero mode was a big letdown. Fans were looking forward to a different kind of Overwatch experience. Without this mode, players felt they missed out on something special.

When it hit Steam, Overwatch 2 didn’t get a warm welcome, becoming the worst-rated game there. Issues with gameplay and bugs were the main complaints.

To calm these worries, Blizzard said big changes are on their way in Season 9. They introduced a self-healing mechanic which got mixed reactions. Some love it, others not so much.

The game went from 6v6 to 5v5 matches, which didn’t sit well with some fans. They think this change messes with how the game is played. They’re afraid it won’t be as fun as before.

There’s also the issue of the leveling system being taken out. Many players enjoyed seeing their characters level up. Now they wonder what the new system will offer them.

Then there’s the delay of the PvE campaign until 2023. This news upset players who couldn’t wait to try the new mode. But Blizzard has a new plan. They will add co-op content over time. This change has some players excited about what’s next.

Blizzard Entertainment wants to fix the game’s issues for a better Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 Launch Details

Launch DatePlatforms
October 4, 2022PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

Legacy Competitive Points and Golden Weapons

In Season 9 of Overwatch 2, legacy competitive points and golden weapons are key. You win legacy competitive points by finishing off tough challenges. Then you can use them for special golden weapon variants. These show off how good you are in competitive matches.

Overwatch 2, Season 9 brought a big change to competitive play. Now, all current Competitive Points became Legacy Competitive Points. This was to keep players’ past efforts valued.

But getting competitive points is harder now. Before, you’d bag 25 for each win. Now, it’s just 10 Competitive Points. So, you might need to play more to get what you want.

Also, Blizzard made sure to separate old and new points. You can buy gold weapons with old points and special jade ones with new points. This gives players different ways to use their points.

Make sure to grab your rewards by the start of Season 9. And spend your legacy competitive points wisely to get the golden weapons you dream of.

Legacy Competitive Points Conversion

Legacy Competitive Points let you keep your progress each year. You can’t use these points for new weapons in the future, though.

SeasonCompetitive Point SystemConversion System
Overwatch 1, Season 11 CP per winEnd-of-season rewards based on highest rank
Overwatch 1, Season 615 CP per win, 5 CP for a tieEnd-of-season rewards varying based on rank
Overwatch 2, Season 425 CP per win, 0 CP for a lossN/A
Overwatch 2, Season 910 CP per winConversion of current Competitive Points to Legacy Competitive Points

If you want a golden weapon, do lots of competitive challenges. Get as many legacy competitive points as you can. The current point system has upset some players, but it’s meant to be fair for everyone.

“I’m glad that legacy competitive points still hold value in Overwatch 2. It gives me the opportunity to showcase my dedication and hard work through golden weapon variants.” – Player

Players think Blizzard might bring out new skins to buy. It’s not confirmed yet. But it’s something to look forward to in Overwatch 2.

Keep an eye out for the latest news on competitive points, golden weapons, and more in Overwatch 2!

The Importance of Player Feedback

Player feedback is vital for making Overwatch 2 better. The team at Blizzard Entertainment listens closely to what players say. They rely on this feedback to update heroes and improve the game.

In Season 9 of Overwatch 2, the team is focusing on what matters to the players. They are working to make shooting more consistent and to balance damage in battles. They want to help Damage heroes stand out more by improving how they achieve eliminations.

To tackle these goals, health points have been added to all heroes. This change helps players survive better against sudden damage. Also, many shots are now slightly larger, making landing shots easier and attacks more effective.

A special passive ability is now in play for Damage heroes. This ability lowers the healing of recently hurt players. It makes it easier for Damage heroes to get eliminations and increases their battlefield importance.

The team is always looking forward to improving the game. They know feedback is key to this. After Season 9 starts, they will quickly act on player feedback to keep the game exciting and fair.

They are also preparing for future updates, gathering insights from the Quick Play: Hacked event. They value the community’s ideas from these events. The team plans to incorporate this feedback into their ongoing development.

They are also refining the Spawn Together system based on feedback. This system adjusts when players come back into the game to promote team play. In Season 9, they are making it even better, improving the team’s cooperative gameplay.

There’s a plan to add Party Frames next. These frames will show player health to encourage helping each other. The introduction of these frames shows how important team play is to the game.

Finally, in Season 9, they will make changes to reduce sudden spikes of damage. This includes adjusting how some heroes heal themselves. These changes aim to make the game flow better, reducing unexpected damage scenarios.

The Overwatch 2 team truly values its players. They actively use feedback to make the game meet player expectations. By listening and responding, they strive to create a game that’s fun for everyone.


Overwatch® 2 levels up the classic team shooter with hero clashes like never before. It brings better abilities and intense PvP. Blizzard Entertainment has updated competitive and core gameplay. They want to make the game even better. The addition of the Champion skill tier makes the game more interesting for high-level players.

Player feedback led to better rewards in competitive play. The 2024 update makes every match more rewarding. Legacy Competitive Points help players get exclusive Golden Weapons from past seasons. In Season 9, the game aims to improve shooting, lessen burst damage, and make healing more effective.

Blizzard listens to the community and constantly updates Overwatch 2. They hear what players want and work to make the game balanced. The team’s goal is to keep the game fun and fair for everyone.

Overwatch 2’s shift to 5v5, new maps, and game modes have excited players worldwide. Some worry about hero changes and control issues. However, Blizzard keeps improving by listening and acting on feedback. They strive to better the game for the whole community.


What is Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 is an exciting sequel to the popular team shooter game. It’s developed by Blizzard Entertainment. In this game, you’ll enjoy better gameplay, new hero skills, and intense PvP battles. It combines the fun of shooter games with strategy.

What major changes can players expect in Overwatch 2 Season 9?

Season 9 of Overwatch 2 will see big changes in competitive play. There will be a new ranking system, placement matches, and rank resets. Also, a new top-tier rank, Champion, will be introduced. Players can win Jade Weapon Variants for showing their competitive play skill in 2024.

How is Competitive Play being updated in Overwatch 2?

Competitive Play in Overwatch 2 is being updated for a better experience. Ranks will change after each game to better show your progress. A new system will show why your rank changes and help you understand more about each match.

What changes are being made to the core gameplay in Overwatch 2 Season 9?

Overwatch 2 Season 9 is changing its core gameplay for a more consistent feel. It aims to lower the effect of sudden damage bursts and make team fights more engaging. Changes include adjusting projectile sizes, health pools, and the effectiveness of in-game healing.

Will all players have access to new heroes in Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 is making sure all players get to try new heroes as soon as they are out. This will happen for everyone, whether you buy something or not. However, how this will work exactly is still a secret.

What are the controversies surrounding Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 has seen some criticism about how it makes money and when it was launched. People were not happy about the way it moved from a paid game to a free one. There was also disappointment when the PvE Hero mode was canceled.

What about legacy competitive points and golden weapon variants in Overwatch 2?

In Season 9 of Overwatch 2, players can still get legacy competitive points and golden weapons. You can get these points by doing competitive challenges. There will be changes in how you earn these points and the end-of-season bonuses.

How important is player feedback in shaping Overwatch 2?

Listening to players is very important for the team behind Overwatch 2. They use player feedback to make decisions about heroes and gameplay. Their aim is a game that’s fair and fun, meeting what players want.

What can players expect from Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 will give players a better team shooter with exciting battles and new skills. It will also have cross-platform play. With updates in competitive and core gameplay, Blizzard wants to make the game better.

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