Pacer Game Update: New Tracks & Features Unveiled

pacer game

Great news for Pacer game lovers! R8 Games just revealed cool new tracks and features. They’re designed to boost your race thrill. Pacer is a game where you race in the future, at fast speeds, in the air. This happens at a smooth 60fps on all devices. PC players will enjoy it in stunning 4K.

The update brings a fresh track, Satawald. It’s set in dazzling forested mountains, offering a beautiful race path. Satawald can be raced on during the day or night. You can ride under neon lights or see the sun’s glow on the track.

Pacer pays homage to the old-school 1990s anti-gravity racing. It comes with 14 tracks, each with unique challenges and thrills. You can pick from five different ships. And, you get to customize them, making your racing just how you like it.

A good racing game needs a great soundtrack, and Pacer has one. With songs from famous artists like CoLD STorage and Dub FX, the music makes the game more exciting. It draws you into the fast-paced, intense world of racing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pacer game unveils exciting new tracks and features, including the visually stunning Satawald track.
  • Experience the thrill of racing at 60fps across all platforms and in native 4K on PC.
  • Recapture the spirit of 1990s anti-gravity racers with 14 different tracks and five customizable craft.
  • Immerse yourself in the game’s stellar soundtrack, featuring original and licensed tracks from renowned artists.
  • Pre-order Pacer on Steam to secure exclusive in-game items and be among the first to enjoy the new content.

Exciting New Tracks Revealed for Pacer Game

We’re very excited to share news about Pacer’s new track. R8 Games just introduced Satawald. This track is set in forested mountains, offering an awesome racing experience.

Satawald has cool features like jumps, turns, and tunnels. Players will face tough challenges to win. It will test their driving skills and the need for speed.

Satawald is unique because it has a day and night version. The night mode has neon lights shining everywhere. This creates a dazzling effect. In day mode, sunlight makes the track look real and wet.

New Track: SatawaldGame Features
Location: Forested mountainsChoose from 14 different tracks
Day Mode: Sunlight sparkles on the wet trackCustomize and upgrade your craft
Night Mode: Neon lights illuminate the trackImmerse yourself in a stellar soundtrack
Experience intense anti-gravity racing

Satawald is just one of many tracks in Pacer. With 14 tracks total, players can pick their favorites. Each one is different, from forests to cityscapes. There’s something for everyone.

Are you ready for the fast-paced action in Pacer? Jump into the incredible Satawald. Its visuals will wow you. Get your vehicles ready for unmatched racing excitement.

Keep an eye out for Pacer’s latest news. You’re about to go on a high-speed adventure through amazing new tracks.

Immersive Visuals and Customizable Craft in Pacer Game

Pacer game offers stunning visuals that run smoothly at 60fps. It’s especially great on PC, where it shows off its native 4K. These visuals take players to a futuristic world with lively tracks and stunning scenery.

Satawald is a memorable track within Pacer, found in mountainous forests. In night mode, neon lights shine, creating an enchanting scene. Players must skillfully navigate through twists and turns. In day mode, the track shines in the sun, making the race feel real even as players compete.

But the game isn’t just about looks. Players can pick from five different craft types, each with its own special features. This choice lets gamers tweak their play style to match their craft. Whether you’re all about speed, agile turns, or strong defenses, there’s a craft for you.

It’s not just about the look of the craft either. Pacer lets players customize every detail of their ride. This includes the engine, brakes, and even how the craft handles in the game. This extra layer of tinkering lets players fine-tune their craft for any race, making gameplay even more exciting.

Pacer has 14 tracks, each offering unique challenges and varied settings. From modern cityscapes to natural wonders, there’s plenty to keep players on their toes. This variety ensures racing is always fresh and fun.

While racing, players can jam to a soundtrack of over 80 songs, with work by CoLD SToRAGE. This includes songs from other racing games, plus new tunes. The music adds a fun and thrilling dimension to the game.

There’s also an online multiplayer mode for up to 10 players. This lets you race against friends or skilled players from anywhere. It’s a fun and competitive twist that makes Pacer even more enjoyable.

Pacer Game System Requirements:

Operating SystemRAMGraphics
Windows 78GBNvidia Geforce 740 / R7 260
Windows 1016GBNVidia 970 / R9 290

Pacer Game Features:

  • 14 unique and challenging tracks with interchangeable variants (Night, Mirrored, Reverse)
  • 5 varied Craft options with unique characteristics
  • Over 80 songs available in the playlist for players to create their own soundtrack
  • Online multiplayer supports up to 10 players
  • Significant emphasis on player skill, reflexes, and strategy in gameplay
  • Sophisticated handling model for craft customization and tuning
  • Single-player Campaign mode with 10 unique race teams to progress through
  • Various game modes offered such as Elimination, Endurance, ‘Flowmentum,’ and ‘Storm’
  • Dedicated servers for matchmade races in multiplayer mode
  • Detailed tuning options available for craft systems such as Engine, Braking, Handling, Anti-Gravity, and Defence

Pacer Game Release Date and Pre-order Details

The awesome Pacer game will launch this winter. It’s perfect for fans of racing games who love high-speed action. We don’t have the exact date yet, which makes the wait even more exciting.

PC players can pre-order the Pacer game on Steam. By pre-ordering, you get a cool in-game item. This special item is yours only if you pre-order. So, make sure you don’t miss this chance.

Pacer has become a hot topic among players worldwide. The game is almost here, and it’s getting a lot of buzz. There will be new tracks and features, offering intense gameplay and cool ways to customize your racing craft.

Be among the first to enjoy the thrill of the Pacer game. Pre-order now and dive into the exciting world of anti-gravity racing.

Pacer Game Features:Statistics:
14 unique and challenging tracksAvailable in the game
5 varied Craft optionsWith unique characteristics
Over 80 songsAvailable for playlist creation
Up to 10 playersSupported in online multiplayer mode
59 CuratorsHave reviewed the product

Pacer Game: Recapturing the Spirit of 1990s Anti-Gravity Racers

At R8 Games, we aim to bring the fun of 1990s anti-gravity racers back. We’re excited to mix old thrills with fresh looks and gameplay.

Our game, Pacer, includes 14 tracks, each with its own special feel. From high-tech cities to natural forests, like the new Satawald track, there’s lots to explore.

In Pacer, you can make your craft, weapons, and looks just the way you like. There are five craft types to choose from. So, build your perfect machine and race to win.

“Pacer game aims to recapture and expand upon the spirit of 1990s anti-gravity racers.”

What makes Pacer unique is our Storm Mode. It’s a Battle Royale racer for single and multiplayer fun. Race hard and be the last one standing.

Our Online Ranked Mode lets you face off with racers worldwide. Move up the ranks and show you’re the top racer.

Visuals are key in our game, so we work with Designers Republic for top design. And the music, with songs from CoLD SToRAGE and Dub FX, sets the perfect pace for the game.

Fair play is vital to us. Pacer has hosted servers to keep the competition square. Every race is a true measure of your racing skills.

Get ready for a mix of old and new in anti-gravity racing. Pacer leads the way in bringing back the thrill. Come join us on the track and let your skills shine!

Pacer Game Highlights:

  • 14 different tracks offering diverse racing experiences
  • Customizable crafts, weapons, and cosmetics for personalized gameplay
  • Unique Storm Mode for intense single-player and multiplayer battles
  • Online Ranked Mode to compare piloting skills globally
  • Graphic design elements by Designers Republic
  • Soundtrack featuring tracks from CoLD SToRAGE, Dub FX, and more
  • Hosted servers for fair online play

Pacer Game: An Overview of Available Tracks and Craft

In the PACER game, you’ll find a broad selection of tracks for racing. With 14 unique tracks, each one has its own difficulties and look. This means there’s plenty of fun and challenge waiting for you.

PACER also lets you race each track in different ways, like at night or in reverse. This adds a whole new level of strategy and excitement. You can choose what fits your racing style best, from night races to mirrored tracks.

Players can also pick from 5 different Craft. Each Craft handles in its own special way, mixing up the gameplay. Whether you want speed, power, or a balanced choice, there’s a Craft for you.

A Comprehensive Overview of Available Tracks and Craft

Now, let’s dive into the various tracks and Craft options in PACER:

TracksCraft Options
14 unique and challenging tracks5 varied Craft options
Each track offers a distinct design and challengesEach Craft has its own unique characteristics
Track variants include Night, Mirrored, and ReverseChoose the Craft that suits your racing style
Experience up to 8 different ways to race any given circuitPersonalize your gameplay and tactics

The game’s tracks and Craft choices let players personalize their racing experience. From futuristic cities to mountain tracks, every race feels personal and thrilling in PACER.

However, some players wish there were tracks in East Asia, like in Japan or China. This game misses out on showing unique, iconic locations from that part of the world. It would have added even more variety to the races.

Still, PACER stands out with its exciting races, beautiful graphics, and a cool soundtrack. You’ll enjoy racing with over 80 songs, including some by CoLD SToRAGE. So, pick your Craft, hit the gas, and have a blast on PACER’s tracks!

Pacer Game: Day and Night Modes for Enhanced Gameplay

Dive into the exciting world of Pacer game. Feel the buzz of anti-gravity racing like never before. Pacer stands out with its thrilling day and night modes. These modes deepens the experience and look of the game.

At night, the race track changes into a neon wonderland. Neon lights everywhere light up the track. This creates a cool, alien-like vibe. The lights help you see where you’re going, making the race even more thrilling.

During the day, you’ll see sunlight bounce off the wet track. It looks amazing as you speed around turns and down the track. The sparkling sunlight adds to the excitement of the race.

These modes not only look great but also affect how you play. The light conditions change what you see and how you plan your next move. It makes racing more challenging and fun. So, sharpen your skills to win in both settings.

Pacer offers races in different ways, like forwards, backwards, and in mirrors. This makes every run special. Whether it’s under the neon lights or the sunlight, Pacer keeps you on your toes.

Feel the rush of the Pacer game. Pick your favorite race mode and start your wild rides. Race all night or enjoy the sunny days – it’s up to you. Get set to beat the competition in this electrifying game!

day and night modes in Pacer game

Key Features of Day and Night Modes in Pacer Game:

  • Immersive visuals with neon lights and glistening reflections in night mode
  • Dazzling display of sunlight sparkling on the wet track in day mode
  • Strategic impact on gameplay, requiring adaptability and skill
  • Option to race on forward, reverse, and mirror image variations of tracks

Pacer Game: Stellar Soundtrack Featuring Original and Licensed Tracks

The Pacer game stands out because of its amazing soundtrack. It combines original and licensed music. This mix makes every race thrilling and full of energy.

Renowned artists like CoLD SToRAGE and Dub FX have lent their talent. Their music fits the game perfectly. It makes every action on the track even more exciting.

The original tracks in Pacer create a futuristic vibe. They match the fast-paced action of the game. These tracks add excitement to every race and help bring the game’s world to life.

Alongside the original tracks, Pacer has licensed music too. This music is well-known. It makes the game feel more familiar and it pulls players deeper into the game’s world.

The game’s latest update focused on improving the music experience. It fixed issues with music volume and bass. Now, the sound adjusts to the game’s speed, creating a better overall experience.

Pacer’s mix of original and licensed music makes the gameplay unique and engaging. The soundtrack is filled with heart-pounding beats and memorable melodies. It turns every race into a thrilling event that players won’t forget.

Number of Tracks14
Customizable Craft Options5
Original TracksCoLD SToRAGE, Dub FX, and more
Licensed MusicVarious popular artists

Pacer Game: PC Pre-orders Now Open on Steam

PC gamers, your wait for Pacer is nearly over! You can now pre-order the PC version on Steam. By pre-ordering, you get to be one of the first to play. Plus, you’ll receive a special in-game bonus.

Pacer is set to launch on September 17, 2020. It’s been created by R8 Games, the team behind Wipeout 3. The game captures the fun of anti-gravity racing from the 1990s. Players can expect an exciting adventure.

Head to Steam to pre-order Pacer. This ensures you won’t miss the thrill. By pre-ordering, you secure your game copy and grab some extra content. This content will make your game time even more enjoyable.

From its awesome looks to customizable cars and different races, Pacer has it all. Compete to finish first, beat lap records, or fight using a gauss cannon. The game promises non-stop fun.

Don’t forget to pre-order Pacer on Steam for awesome bonuses. Get set for the greatest race ever! Pre-order your copy of Pacer. Prepare to enjoy top-notch anti-gravity action.

Pacer Game: A Winter Release Date Announcement

We’re excited to share that the Pacer game will be out this winter. The exact date is still a secret. This only makes the game more thrilling for players worldwide. They can’t wait to enjoy the fast-paced adventure this game offers.

Pacer brings you amazing visuals and the chance to customize your craft. You’ll race through various settings like forested mountains and futuristic cities. With so much to see and do, the game’s excitement never ends.

Thank you for your support as we get Pacer ready for launch. We aimed to mix the feel of 1990s racing games with modern elements. It’s a blend we’re proud of. We think you’ll love racing through Pacer’s world as much as we do.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

Keep an eye out for news on the Pacer game’s launch date. There are surprises and new features waiting for you. We’re sure Pacer will be more than you expect. It promises hours of fun and racing action.

Ready up for Pacer’s launch this winter. It’s going to be an exciting ride.


In conclusion, the Pacer game is a thrilling ride that feels like a trip back to the 1990s. It’s a standout in racing games, with beautiful graphics, customizable ships, and intense action. With 14 unique tracks to explore, players will face exciting challenges and see stunning views.

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What are the new tracks unveiled for the Pacer game?

The latest track in Pacer is Satawald. It’s in a forested mountain area, showing off the game’s beauty.

Can I play Satawald in both day and night modes?

Yes, you can race in Satawald during both day and night. At night, the track lights up with neon. By day, the sun glints on the track.

How many different tracks are available in Pacer game?

The Pacer game has 14 unique tracks for racing. Each track offers its own challenges and beauty.

Are there customizable craft available in Pacer game?

Indeed, five unique crafts are there for you to customize in Pacer. Make your craft stand out for better racing.

What are the day and night modes in Pacer game?

In Pacer, you can race in day and night. Lights shine brightly at night, while daylight sparkles on the track.

Does Pacer game have a stellar soundtrack?

Absolutely, Pacer’s soundtrack is top-notch. It mixes original and popular music to boost your game vibes.

Can I pre-order Pacer game on Steam?

Yes, you can pre-order on Steam. You’ll get a special in-game item and the game right at release.

When is the release date for Pacer game?

Pacer is set to be released in winter, but the date isn’t out yet. It promises a thrilling futuristic racing world.

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