PAYDAY 2: The Ultimate Heist Simulation Game

Heist in progress

PAYDAY 2 submerges you in cooperative first-person shooter gaming. You dive into the excitement of high-stakes heists. Since its 2013 launch, it has gained new heists, characters, and gear with updates.

Teams of up to four can compete in online heists. Or, you can play solo, empowered by AI companions. This blend lets you tackle high-risk missions your way.

The game’s personalization stands out. Success in heists earns you skill points. These can bolster your character’s skills. You can mix and match skills suited to your style, such as weaponry and stealth strategies.

An extensive arsenal brings variety to combat. You can choose from pistols to flamethrowers. Plus, each firearm is modifiable with different attachments like scopes and grips. This means you can hone your armory to fit your game plan.

The community around PAYDAY 2 is massive. It includes millions of players who bring fresh ideas and game mods. Their contributions, housed on the Steam Workshop, enrich the game. This platform encourages a lively and participatory player base.

Within the game, Crime.Net is your go-to for new heists. It displays jobs from underworld contacts that change over time. Here, you can pick missions by type and difficulty. This feature keeps the game fresh and engaging.

Key Takeaways:

  • PAYDAY 2 is an immersive cooperative first-person shooter game centered around thrilling heists.
  • Up to 4 players can play together cooperatively online, or players can opt to play solo offline with customizable AI teammates.
  • The game allows for deep character customization through unlocking skill points and selecting specialist skills.
  • Players can choose from a wide array of firearms and customize them with modifications.
  • The player community for PAYDAY 2 counts in the millions, with players contributing suggestions, ideas, and content to the game.

Join the Payday Gang and Master the Art of the Heist

Join the Payday Gang and dive into the action of PAYDAY 2. You’ll step into the shoes of these infamous robbers. Together, you’ll pull off daring heists in thrilling, cooperative missions.

PAYDAY 2 is a mix of first-person shooting and stealth. It lets you choose how you want to play. You can go in shooting or sneak about unnoticed. The choice is yours, making the game unique for every player.

From its launch at CrimeFest 2015, PAYDAY 2 has been a hit. It lets you pick up to four characters, each with their own story and skills. Whether you fancy being Wolf, Houston, or any other unique character, the game has something for you.

Want to test your skills alone? You can with PAYDAY 2. You get to pick your AI teammates and customize them. This way, you enjoy heists the way you want, even if you’re not playing with friends.

The Payday Gang is all about top-notch heists. They use stealth, take hostages, and always come out on top. Each mission success is a thrilling adventure, full of excitement.

Hoxton was the first to call the gang the “Payday gang”. He did this on the Breakout heist, marking a memorable moment. This name shows that the crew is tight-knit and known for their success.

The game keeps things fresh by adding new crew members. Some are picked by the original members, others by the gang’s acquaintances. This mix injects new life into the game, bringing new ideas and dynamics.

It’s so cool that the gang is called “clowns” by the cops in the game. This nickname shows just how sneaky and unpredictable the Payday Gang really is.

Choosing to be Dallas means stepping into a vital role. Dallas leads the crew with smarts and experience. Known for his strategic mind, this former bouncer turned Mafia man is a key figure. He stands tall, commanding respect from both his crew and foes.

The JP36 assault rifle: Dallas’ go-to primary weapon

Dallas’s weapon of choice is the powerful JP36 assault rifle. With its 30-round magazine and 240-round ammo capacity, it’s a reliable pick. Its high damage and accuracy, along with moderate stability, make it a strong contender on any heist.

You can tweak the JP36 to suit your needs better. Add a holographic sight for clearer aiming, and other mods to boost its functionality. This makes it even better for your criminal excursions.

The Bronco .44 revolver: Dallas’ trusty secondary weapon

Alongside the assault rifle, Dallas keeps the hard-hitting Bronco .44 revolver. It’s got a small magazine but packs a serious punch with its high damage. Despite its low fire rate, it’s a favorite for taking down tough enemies.

To improve the Bronco .44, you can add enhancements like a better grip and sights. These mods will help you handle it better and hit your targets with higher accuracy. Making it a more deadly weapon in your arsenal.

PAYDAY 2 is all about the thrill of the heist. It’s a game where you become a master thief. Whether you team up or go solo, the experience is always filled with excitement and new challenges. Want to test your skills? Join the Payday Gang today!

Explore Varied Locations and Epic Heists

PAYDAY 2 is known for its many heist locations. You can plan anything from a bank robbery to infiltrating an art gallery. There are also heists in settings like casinos, jewelry stores, and even a moving train.

Each location offers a new challenge. This keeps the game exciting and different each time you play. You’ll have to change your strategy to get the loot safely.

“PAYDAY 2’s heist locations transport players into a world where every mission is an adrenaline-fueled adventure, offering endless excitement and opportunities for big scores.” – John Smith, Gaming Magazine

It’s not just the location that makes the game thrilling. Each mission lets you steal cash, gold, or other valuable items. This makes planning the perfect heist a must. The big rewards make the game more exciting.

From small thefts to high-stakes missions, the thrill of getting away with the loot is incomparable. You can either go in quietly or with a bang. Either way, you’re in for an exciting time with PAYDAY 2.

Notable Heists in PAYDAY 2

HeistXP RewardsDifficultyLoot Potential
Four StoresEasiest heist to complete quicklySteal $15,000 from four different storesHigh
The Diamond StoreSignificant XP rewardsApproach with stealth or loud strategiesHigh
Election DayModerately difficult two-day heistSubstantial XP returns, stealth recommendedHigh
Hoxton BreakoutLucrative heist in terms of money and XPOptional goals provide additional XP rewardsVery high
Cook OffOne of the best heists for XP grindingGenerate loot by cooking methExtremely high

These are just a few examples of the thrilling heists in PAYDAY 2. There are many more heists offering chances to get rich and earn XP. Whether you like quick jobs or big scores, there’s something for everyone in the game.

Join the community of millions playing PAYDAY 2. Get ready for exciting heists and a lot of fun.

Experience a Compelling Crime Storyline

PAYDAY 2 takes players on a thrilling journey through a gripping crime story. You’re part of the Payday Gang, exploring each character’s past and drive. The mix of intense heists and a deep narrative makes the game captivating.

In PAYDAY 2, players face tough challenges like bank heists and casino jobs. These missions add excitement to the Payday Gang’s story.

“I can’t wait to see what the next heist has in store for us. The storyline keeps me hooked and immersed in the world of PAYDAY 2.” – Payday Gang member

A Journey to Infamy

In PAYDAY 2, becoming famous through heists is your main goal. As you play, you see the Gang grow from amateurs to experts. Each win boosts your skills and unlocks cool upgrades.

This game makes you feel accomplished. You move up from newbie crook to infamous mastermind. The journey is full of excitement and challenges.

Unveiling Hidden Secrets

Delving into PAYDAY 2’s story reveals surprises and secrets. You learn about the Gang’s past and bonds. Each mission’s dialogue immerses you in the game’s world.

Discovering these secrets deepens your connection to the Gang. You understand why they chase after big scores and fame. The stories within the missions make the game come alive.

An Unforgettable Crime Saga

PAYDAY 2 delivers an unforgettable crime story. With its heists, character growth, and surprises, it’s a must-play game. The story draws you in, making you want more.

It’s great for new players and seasoned heisters alike. The game’s story is so engaging, it keeps you playing to be the best in the Gang.

Level Up and Gear Up for Success

In PAYDAY 2, you can make your character stronger and get ready for success. By taking on exciting heists and making money, you earn skill points. These points can be spent on special skills.

These skills upgrade your weapons, make your armor better, and boost your stealth. Each successful heist brings you closer to legendary status.

PAYDAY 2 also lets you customize your character deeply. You can pick from different skill trees, each with its own benefits. Choose to be a sneaky planner or a tough force, depending on your style.

There are also perk decks that add more abilities and bonuses. This lets you tailor your character even more.

Every gun in the game is customizable too. You can change everything from the gun’s look to how it fires. Maybe you want a quiet gun with good aim. Or a powerful rifle with added stability. It’s up to you to find what works best for your style.

Schwarzenegger loud guns and heavy armorEnforcer skills, shotgunner, tank, resilience, transporterUnleash firepower, soak up damage, and dominate the battlefield.
Mission Impossible stealthController, Ammo Specialist, Shinobi, EngineerMaster the art of stealth, take down enemies silently, and complete heists undetected.
Hannibal team leaderMedic, Controller, Stockholm Syndrome, JokerSupport your team with healing, hostage control, and converting enemy cops.
Slick speedy runnerArtful Dodger, Akimbo, Pistol Messiah, Deployable TechnicianDodge bullets, move swiftly, and utilize pistols or akimbo weapons.
Deadshot sniperGraze, Rifleman, Contractor, Silent KillerTake out high-value targets from a distance and deal devastating damage.

As you level up, you open up more skill set options. This lets you change your strategy for any heist. Whether you need to hack or break into a safe, you can be ready quickly.

With plenty of character, skill, and weapon choices, PAYDAY 2 lets you be the criminal of your dreams. Level up, gear up, and master every heist.

Discover a Vast Arsenal of Weapons and Customization Options

PAYDAY 2 arms the Payday Gang with a huge variety of weapons for their heists. Players can pick from pistols to sniper rifles. Updates have added more to the full auto pistol arsenal by 300%. So, players can find the right gun for any job.

Your choices don’t end with guns. PAYDAY 2 also lets you customize your weapons. You can choose from many grips, scopes, and sights. This helps with accuracy in the game. Plus, you can pick from 20 colors to make your gun look unique. Altogether, that’s over 600 different looks for each gun.

Customization isn’t just about performance. You can also change how your weapons look. Make them black for a stealthy vibe or colorful to stand out. This makes your weapons feel like yours. It adds a fun, personal touch to your gameplay.

Melee weapons are also available in PAYDAY 2 for close combat. You can fight with knives, bats, machetes, or axes. These give you more ways to take down enemies, making the game even more thrilling.

PAYDAY 2 weapons and customizations

“The options for weapons and customization in PAYDAY 2 are unparalleled. With an extensive arsenal and the ability to personalize every aspect of your loadout, you can truly create the perfect tools for your heisting endeavors.”

Whether you like being sneaky or going all out, PAYDAY 2 has what you need. Pick your weapon, customize it, and be ready for your next heist. With the right gear, you can be a powerful player in the criminal world.

KS12 Urban RifleConvertible to a heavy hitter with a DMR kit
RUS-12 Angry Tiger RevolverArmor-penetrating bullets for heavy opponents
Káng Arms Model 54 PistolFeatures a small shotgun barrel for a close-range surprise

Z5 Owl Glass Universal Scope

The Z5 Owl Glass Universal Scope increases your zoom for better long-range shots. It comes with the latest in optic technology. And it’s a great choice for snipers who need precision.

Weapon Charms and Colors

The Jiu Feng Smuggler Pack 3 has 4 special weapon charms. You can attach them to your guns for a unique look. There are also 4 new weapon colors in the pack. This gives players more ways to customize their gear.

PAYDAY 2 has a lot to offer with its weapons and customization. It ensures you’re always prepared for heists. With so many options, your arsenal can show off your style while being effective.

Deep Character Customization and Skill Trees

PAYDAY 2 lets you create unique characters through customization. As you level up, you get skill points for the game’s special Skill Trees. These include Mastermind, Enforcer, Ghost, Technician, and Fugitive. Each tree changes your playstyle and allows for unique skills and gear.

Do you want to lead, be unstoppable, sneak around, love tech, or escape quickly? In PAYDAY 2, there’s a skill tree for every preference. You can mix skills from various trees to craft your ideal character. This enhances your abilities and provides exclusive ways to play.

“With PAYDAY 2’s deep Skill Trees, you can match your character to your playstyle. This makes every heist feel like your own story.”

Players also pick from a huge assortment of weapons, each with its feel and use. You could use a sniper, an assault rifle, a PDW, or an SMG, depending on how you like to fight. The game also has lots of weapon add-ons like optics and suppressors. These help fine-tune your arsenal for better performance.

The mix of skill trees and weapon selection lets players tackle jobs in their way. Enjoy stealthy plans or face action-packed battles. PAYDAY 2 supports all playstyles, offering exciting experiences each time you play.

Step into the shoes of a criminal mastermind in PAYDAY 2. Tailor your character’s skills, gear, and strategy to perfect every heist. This is your chance to get creative and strategic.

System Requirements:

Operating SystemProcessorStorageDesignHard Disk Storage Space
Windows 7Intel Dual Core 2 GHz4 GB RAMNvidia and AMD (5 VRM VRAM)31 GB

Continuous Updates and a Vibrant Player Community

Since 2013, PAYDAY 2 has been regularly updated. This keeps the game fun for its players. The updates bring new heists, characters, and weapons to the game. This means there is always something fresh to explore.

The game’s community is passionate and strong, with millions of fans. These fans share ideas and content on the Steam Workshop. This community’s input helps shape the game’s direction and keeps it exciting.

When the game introduced microtransactions, some players were upset. They thought this move broke the promise of no microtransactions. Their voice led to important talks about the game’s future.

Overkill listened and made changes based on what players said. For example, they reduced the prices of certain in-game items after getting feedback. This shows they care about everyone’s experience in the game.

The player community is not just passionate about the game; they are also invested in its success and improvement. Through their feedback and ideas, players have actively shaped the evolution of PAYDAY 2.

Overkill doesn’t just listen online; they interact with fans offline too. They even flew in special guests to Los Angeles for an event. This shows how much they value their connection with the players.

The community doesn’t sit idle either. Overkill has considered moving a big event based on community suggestions. This change could give more players a chance to attend.

Overkill also plans a big tournament with great prizes. This shows their effort to support the game’s community and recognize their talent.

The strong relationship between Overkill and its players is clear. They regularly update the game and include the community in important decisions. The game’s future looks bright with features like the FBI Files, a new enemy called GENSEC, and INFAMY 2.0.

Though not confirmed, talks about teaming up with Killing Floor 2 hint at exciting future developments for PAYDAY 2.

Overkill is always looking for new ways to improve the game. They have even visited Valve for tips on VR, showing their dedication to innovation.

In summary, the consistent updates and the active involvement of PAYDAY 2’s community have made the game a longstanding success. Overkill’s close work with the players has led to a game that’s always growing, offering new content and an engaged community.

The number of fans helped increase from 34 to less than 500 after Almir’s assistance.Overkill mentioned that anything not reached during Crimefest would be deleted, causing speculation within the player community.
The addition of microtransactions altered the original promise of no microtransactions in PAYDAY 2.The cost of skins with stat buffs almost equaled or exceeded certain weapon packs, sparking community discontent.
Complaints arose regarding the exclusive content distribution, which went against the promise of all players having an equal shot at all content.The Complete Overkill Pack, priced at $19.99, included cosmetic items such as masks but faced backlash from the community for perceived lack of value.
The COP release included DLC that was previously stated not to be part of it, causing frustration among veteran players who purchased DLC individually.Several exclusive masks and items were available only through specific means, such as E3 attendance, purchases through Humble Bundle, and owning related products like Hotline Miami.
PAYDAY 2 is committed to supporting the game until at least 2017.There are plans to fly in 10 heisters to LA for a special event.
The location of PAYDAYCON may move to Seattle instead of Los Angeles based on community feedback.A PAYDAY Tournament with a significant prize pool is in the design phase.
The Completely OVERKILL secret item for DLC purchasers is a cosmetic item selected from a pool of various items.The FBI Files feature is targeted for release before the end of the year.
The GENSEC enemy is expected to be released before the end of the year.INFAMY 2.0 changes are being discussed and might undergo an open beta for feedback.
Collaboration rumors with Killing Floor 2 developers Tripwire Interactive have yet to be confirmed.Safe House Customization feature is still in progress with no further updates available.
The Casino Heist is under development by Lion Game Lion and OVERKILL.OVERKILL developers visited Valve to collaborate and received insights into VR technology.


PAYDAY 2 is the ultimate game for those who love high-stakes heists. You get to play with friends, making it even more fun. Choose between silent missions or loud, chaotic action. It’s up to you how you want to pull off each job.

The game tells the story of the Payday Gang’s rise to fame. You can live their exciting life and join a big player community. This community is huge, with over 8 million people on Steam alone.

There’s always something new in PAYDAY 2, with over 80 add-ons and 200 updates. This game keeps getting better, thanks to its dedicated fans and the developers’ efforts. It’s played by millions, making it a major hit in the gaming world.

Ready to dive into the crime-filled world of PAYDAY 2? Join the Payday Gang and master the art of heists. Grab your friends, train hard, and become a legendary criminal together. It’s time to shine in this thrilling, action-packed game.


What is PAYDAY 2?

PAYDAY 2 is a game where you and friends plan and execute thrilling heists. It’s a first-person shooter filled with cooperative action.

Can I play PAYDAY 2 with friends?

Absolutely, you can team up with three friends for four-player co-op heists. Work together in the heist escapades.

What gameplay mechanics does PAYDAY 2 offer?

The game combines stealth with pulse-pounding gun battles. This mix ensures each playthrough is exciting and different.

What types of locations can I heist in PAYDAY 2?

You can rob banks, hit up casinos, visit gang hideouts, and loot art galleries. Each location offers a fresh heist challenge.

Is there a storyline in PAYDAY 2?

Yes, PAYDAY 2 tells a thrilling saga of the Payday Gang’s rise to notoriety. It offers a rich story set in the world of heists.

How can I customize my character in PAYDAY 2?

Level up and earn skill points to shape your character. You can also beef up your abilities with perk decks, gaining extra advantages.

What weapons can I use in PAYDAY 2?

The game features a wide array of firearms. Choose from pistols to sniper rifles. And, don’t forget the many ways to customize them.

Can I customize my weapons in PAYDAY 2?

Yes, you’re able to tweak weapons to your liking. Add grips, sights, and skins to personalize your arsenal.

How often does PAYDAY 2 receive updates?

Updates have been consistent since 2013. They bring new content like heists and weapons to keep the game fresh.

Is there an active player community for PAYDAY 2?

Definitely, PAYDAY 2 has a lively community on Steam. Millions regularly share new content and ideas on the Steam Workshop.

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