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Solitaire is a beloved single-player card game all about stacking cards into piles. You aim to sort the cards by their suits in order, from Ace to King. While there are many types, Klondike Solitaire is the most famous.

This game is timeless and available for free online. It’s a great way to have fun anytime.

Key Takeaways:

  • Classic or Klondike Solitaire has a win rate of 33.0% in Turn 1 games based on 2,898,974 random games played.
  • Turn 3 Solitaire has a win rate of 11.1% and is considered medium in difficulty.
  • Solitaire offers over 500 variations, showcasing the diverse nature of the game.
  • Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s German husband, was known for his fondness for solitaire games, indicating their popularity in historical royal circles.
  • Strategic thinking and planning ahead are important in Solitaire, as some moves can become irreversible.

How to Play Solitaire

To play solitaire well, you need to know the rules and tips. We’ll look at how to start and play like a champ!

  1. Set up the game: First, set up the cards. You’ll have a tableau with 7 columns of cards. Each column starts with a face-up card. The rest of the cards go in the stockpile.
  2. Follow the rules: Remember, you can only move cards that are face-up. They must go on top of the opposite color and one number higher. For example, a red 3 fits on a black 4. Make sure you stack in order from King to Ace and use empty columns wisely.
  3. Move cards to the foundation piles: The aim is to get all cards to the foundations by suit and from Ace to King. Start with Ace and keep adding, following the same suit, up to King.

While the rules are straightforward, using smart strategies can help you win more often.

Hint: Always try to flip face-down cards. It gives you more options. Also, turn over the top stockpile card early to see more of what you have to work with.

Strategize with the tableau and foundations to win. With every game, you’ll get better at finding the best moves.

Now, test your skills with other solitaire types like Spider, FreeCell, or Yukon. Each one brings a new challenge.

Next, we’ll explore the game’s setup and how to tackle the different card piles. Stay with us!

Solitaire Setup

The setup is key when starting a game of Solitaire. You need to know how to place the cards and the game’s layout. This step is really important for your game to go well. Let’s look closely at how to set up Solitaire!

The main part of Solitaire’s setup is the tableau. It has 7 columns of cards, from left to right. The first column has one card, the second has two, and so on. This way, it looks like a pyramid of cards. The first card in each column is always face-up, while the rest start off face-down. This mix creates a fun mystery in the game.

Let’s detail each part of the Solitaire setup:


The tableau is the main play area in Solitaire. It’s where most of the action happens. Each column follows the pyramid shape. First cards in columns are face-up, the rest are face-down. This mix adds challenge to the game.


Any card not in the tableau goes in the stockpile. These cards are face-down and drawn one at a time. If you’re out of moves, draw a card from here to keep playing.

Waste Pile:

When you draw from the stockpile, the card faces up in the waste pile. Cards in the waste pile can be played directly onto the tableau or foundations. The waste pile gives you more moves.

Foundation Piles:

For the foundation piles, you place cards in order and by suit. Begin with an Ace and end with a King. Your aim is to fill each pile with its matching suit, to win the game.

You’re all set to enjoy Solitaire now that you know how to set it up. Think your moves through, and aim to win by building up the foundation piles. Best of luck!

Strategies to Win Solitaire

Beating solitaire needs luck and skill. While it’s not clear how often you can win, some tricks can help. They boost your chances.

1. Focus on Revealing Face-Down Cards:

Start with big stacks to flip cards. Finding hidden cards opens up moves. It lets you see more cards and make better plans.

2. Turn Over the First Card from the Stock Pile:

Flip the top stockpile card first. It gives you an extra card to use. Plus, it means more choices in placing cards.

3. Play Aces and 2s Right Away:

Get Aces and 2s on the foundation piles fast. It makes room on the board. This creates more space for building your runs.

4. Prioritize Moving Cards from Larger Tableau Columns:

Start moving cards from big stacks. It keeps your game smoother. This avoids possible game stops later.

5. Utilize Face-Up Cards on the Tableau:

Don’t rush to the foundation with face-up cards. Use them well on the tableau. This strategy unlocks hidden cards for more moves.

6. Clear Tableau Columns for Kings:

Make room for Kings by clearing columns. Kings are key to organizing the board. They help in placing and moving cards around.

7. Use the Hint or Undo Button:

Worried about your next move? Try the hint or undo buttons. They can guide you. This might sway the game your way.

Solitaire sharpens your mind and tests your strategy. Enjoy the journey and stay sharp. It’s not just a card game but a challenge for your brain and patience!

solitaire strategies

StrategySuccess Rate (%)
Moving Tableau Cards First79%
Drawing from Stockpile63%
Immediate playing of Aces and 2s87%
Freeing Facedown Cards71%
Targeting Columns with Facedown Cards82%
Building Foundation Piles Evenly76%
Purposeful Moves91%
Creating Empty Columns with King84%
Card Stacking based on Color77%
Arranging Columns of Matching Suits93%

How Difficult is Solitaire?

Solitaire is a classic card game loved by many. It’s considered pretty easy, with a win rate of about 33%. But, the challenge changes with different types of solitaire. For instance, Klondike Solitaire Turn 1 and Turn 3 have their own levels of difficulty.

Klondike Solitaire Turn 3 is harder than Turn 1. In Turn 1, you pick up one card at a time. This simplifies building card sequences and planning your moves better. Turn 3, however, lets you draw three cards at once. This makes the game tougher. The win rate drops to about 11.1% for Turn 3.

Spider Solitaire is trickier than the classic version because it uses two decks. Players must arrange cards in order, by suit, making it more challenging. The game also deals with creating full stacks of cards for removal.

In FreeCell Solitaire, all cards are face-up from the start. This offers full visibility and allows players to plan better. Even though it seems easier, FreeCell still requires thoughtful strategies and tricky moves.

Solitaire can be simple or tough, depending on your choice. While the classic is good for starters, other versions bring various challenges. It’s a game for everyone, no matter their skill level.

Comparison of Solitaire Variations

Solitaire VariationDifficultyWin Rate
Klondike Solitaire (Turn 1)Easy33%
Klondike Solitaire (Turn 3)Medium11.1%
Spider SolitaireMedium to HardVaries
FreeCell SolitaireEasy to MediumVaries

Looking at the comparison table above, you can see there’s a wide range in solitaire’s difficulty. Which version you choose depends on what you enjoy and your skill level. You might prefer a more challenging game or something more casual. In any case, solitaire offers something for everyone.

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  • FreeCell Solitaire: Test your skills in this strategic card game
  • Yukon Solitaire: A variation that offers a unique gameplay experience

Classic solitaire is great, but there are fun variations to try. These keep the game interesting and challenging. Check out these top picks:

1. Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire uses many decks, making it tough. You aim to stack cards in order and by suit. The challenge needs smart moves and careful play.

2. FreeCell

FreeCell is different; it lets you move any card to an open spot. But be warned, it’s not simple. You need to plan ahead and think smart to win.

3. Yukon Solitaire

Yukon deals cards face up right away. Your job is to build them up by suit, in order. It takes real skill and thought to clear this one.

4. Word Games

If you’re tired of cards, try word-based solitaire games. They mix solitaire with word puzzles for a fresh challenge. Anyone who loves words and cards will enjoy these.

5. Trick-Taking Games

Trick-taking solitaire is for those who love strategy. You must win tricks by playing the right cards with the right moves. It’s a fun twist on the classic game.

You can find these games for free online. Or, try apps like Solitaire Deluxe® 2. It has 20+ solitaire types, from Klondike to Spider. The app has thousands of winnable deals for players at all levels. Have fun and remember to play responsibly!

What is Solitaire?

Solitaire describes hundreds of card games for one player. Its exact beginning is unclear, though linked to fortune-telling through cards. People have loved playing solitaire for ages.

The History of Solitaire

Ancient Egypt saw the game’s early forms used by rulers. It spread, changing across various lands and traditions.

Solitaire became a hit in France and England in 19th-century Europe. The French called it “patience,” and the English termed it “solitaire.” It was a popular game among the wealthy for both mental challenge and calm.

The Evolution of Solitaire

Solitaire entered the digital world with computer advancements. Microsoft Windows notably made it widely known by including it on their system.

Today, you can play solitaire on computers or mobile devices. It’s been updated for modern players with new features and options.

Some favorite solitaire types include:

  • Klondike Solitaire: This is the most recognized solitaire variant. Many people consider it the top card game globally.
  • Spider Solitaire: It’s a tough game where you arrange cards in the proper order.
  • Freecell: In this game, you can see all the cards at the start, offering more strategy.
  • Yukon Solitaire: It’s like Klondike Solitaire but slightly different in layout and rules.

Tips and Reminders for Winning at Solitaire

Winning at solitaire takes strategy and skill. There are key tips that can help you win more often. By planning ahead and choosing your moves wisely, you can up your odds of success. Let’s look at some strategies and tips for becoming a solitaire master:

  1. Think Ahead: It’s vital to plan your moves in advance. Think about the results of each move. A strategic approach can help you avoid dead ends. This foresight is key to winning.
  2. Work on Larger Stacks First: Start by focusing on the bigger stacks. This increases your chances of finding useful cards. Prioritize moving these larger groups of cards ahead of others.
  3. Play Aces and Twos Promptly: Always play Aces and Twos immediately. This keeps you from getting stuck later on. It also helps you find more cards as you progress.
  4. Utilize Foundation Piles: Don’t be afraid to move cards between piles. This includes using the foundations. Such moves can create better sequences and find hidden cards.
  5. Clear Tableau Columns for Kings: Move cards around to clear columns for Kings. This tactic helps you place Kings later. It opens up more possibilities for moving your cards.
  6. Take Advantage of Hint and Undo Buttons: Use the hint and undo options when you’re unsure. These features are there to help you make smart plays. Make good use of them during your game.

Remember these strategies to increase your chances of winning. While every game isn’t winnable due to card randomness, a good strategy can greatly improve your play. Think and plan carefully to enjoy more victories in solitaire.

Solitaire GamesCost
Shalinindia 9” Solitaire Board Game£12.99
Gibsons Mini Solitaire£9.99
Legler Child-Friendly Wooden Solitaire£14.18
Standard Solitaire Games£10-£15
Luxurious Versions of SolitaireOver £100

How to Play Classic Solitaire Games

Classic solitaire is a great mix of fun and focus. This card game works well both online and offline. It can keep you entertained for hours. Let’s look at how to play this classic game.

Game Objective

Your aim in classic solitaire is to sort a deck of 52 cards into right orders. You need to move all cards to foundation piles, starting with Aces up to Kings. This means you need to uncover and use all the cards.

Game Rules

At the beginning, 28 cards are laid out in seven columns. Each column has a face-up card at the top, the others are hidden. You must follow a rule to place cards on each other: play by color, red on black or black on red.

You can move only the face-up cards and must stick to certain rules:

  • Move cards between the main area and foundation piles.
  • Place cards in descending order, colors changing.
  • If a column is free, you can only fill it with a King or a stack starting with one.
  • Draw from the stockpile when stuck.
  • Choose between drawing one card or three.

Customization and Variations

You can make classic solitaire your own. Change the card designs, tables, and even the back of your cards. There are different modes too, like Spider and Freecell, so you can find your favorite style.

The game comes with beautiful HD graphics. It makes Solitaire lovely to look at. Enjoy classy backgrounds with cool visual effects.

Benefits of Playing Classic Solitaire

Classic solitaire is more than just a game. It can:

  • Boost your problem-solving and cognitive skills.
  • Aid in training your brain, helping you focus better.
  • Be a soothing and fun way to unwind, reducing stress.

Features of Classic Solitaire Games

Classic Solitaire comes in many types, offering endless fun and challenges. There are over 500 Solitaire versions, each with its own rules and excitement.

Everyone knows Klondike Solitaire, a classic game installed on most computers since 1990. It’s easy to find and play, making it a favorite worldwide.

A smart tactic in Solitaire is to focus on clearing bigger stacks first. This helps players move cards better and win faster.

Strange but true, Solitaire’s roots are in fortune-telling methods like tarot. It adds a cool twist to the game’s history.

Solitaire is perfect for those who enjoy playing alone. It was so loved that even historical figures like Prince Albert enjoyed playing it.

Playing Solitaire puts your brain to work. You arrange cards in a smart way, showing off your logic and problem-solving skills.

In Klondike, you start with 52 cards and sort them into piles to win. It’s all about moving cards smartly to build up the aces.

In the game’s setup, the first pile gets one card, the next gets two, and so on. You end up with 28 cards to strategize with.

The best part of Solitaire is when you complete the foundation with every card. It feels so good to finish the game.

Features of Classic Solitaire GamesBenefits
Multiple game modesKeeps gameplay fresh and exciting
Playable offlineAllows for uninterrupted play anytime, anywhere
Customizable look and feelPersonalize the game to suit your preferences
Addictive card puzzles and challengesProvides endless entertainment and mental exercises
Beautiful graphics and user-friendly interfaceEnhances the overall gaming experience

Solitaire is fun and good for your brain. It boosts patience, memory, and logic. So, you can have fun and get smarter at the same time.


Classic Solitaire is a timeless card game loved by all ages. It’s easy to play and can be enjoyed anywhere. It comes with many features that make the game fun, like Klondike Solitaire and Daily Challenges.

Over 100 million people play the Solitaire game by MobilityWare on Android. You can design your own cards and tables and play your way. Plus, you can earn crowns, trophies, and climb the leaderboards.

And guess what? It’s free to play, making it a top game in the Play Store. So, don’t wait any longer. Jump into the world of Classic Solitaire now and discover the never-ending fun!


How do I play solitaire?

Playing solitaire means arranging cards into piles following rules. Your goal is to sort cards by their suits from Ace to King. For a detailed guide, check out “How to Play Solitaire.”

How do I set up solitaire?

Setting up solitaire involves a few steps. You create areas like the tableau, stockpile, waste pile, and foundation piles. Each area serves a different purpose, helping you to play the game right. For a clear, step-by-step guide, look at “Solitaire Setup.”

What are some strategies to win at solitaire?

Winning at solitaire needs good strategies. Try to reveal face-down cards first. Also, move Aces and 2s early, and clear columns for Kings. For more helpful tips, read “Strategies to Win Solitaire.”

How difficult is solitaire?

Classic solitaire is usually seen as easy, with a 33% chance to win. But the difficulty depends on the type of solitaire you play. For more on this, check out “How Difficult is Solitaire?”

Are there any variations of solitaire I can play?

Beyond classic solitaire, there are many other types to enjoy. Some popular ones include Spider and FreeCell. Also, you can find word and trick-taking games. Check out “Solitaire Variations and Recommended Games” for more.

What is the history of solitaire?

Solitaire has a history that goes back centuries. Some say it came from tarot cards. It has been a favorite pastime for people worldwide. For more on its history, see “What is Solitaire?”

What are some tips for winning at solitaire?

Want to win at solitaire? Think ahead. Use foundation cards when you can. And always aim to clear space for Kings. More tips await in “Tips and Reminders for Winning at Solitaire.”

How do I play classic solitaire games?

You can enjoy classic solitaire online or offline. The game is easy to learn. It features many modes and options to match your style. Find out more in “How to Play Classic Solitaire Games.”

What are the features of classic solitaire games?

Classic solitaire games are packed with features. They offer different game modes and can be personalized. Plus, they have stunning visuals and are easy to navigate. Discover more in “Features of Classic Solitaire Games.”

Can I play classic solitaire for free?

Yes, classic solitaire is free to play online or as an app. You can enjoy it on your PC or mobile device. Find where to play and download in “Solitaire Variations and Recommended Games.”

Where can I play classic solitaire online?

You can play classic solitaire online for free on several gaming sites. For playing and downloading tips, visit “Solitaire Variations and Recommended Games.”

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