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Welcome to Guess Who – the exciting online version of the classic board game. It’s fun and free to play whenever or wherever you are, whether you’re a newbie or old fan.

Guess Who is made with Construct, combining JavaScript and HTML for a flowing game. It works on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones, giving you gaming fun on any device you like.

It also runs smoothly on Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android. Touchscreen support makes it even more interactive, wherever you play.

Designed to work well with Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Brave, or Vivaldi, you can play without a hassle. Enjoy the game on your favorite browser with no problems.

Key Takeaways:

  • Guess Who is a free online game that combines the classic board game experience with digital technology.
  • It is built with the Construct game building tool, using JavaScript and mobile-friendly HTML for smooth gameplay.
  • Guess Who is compatible with various devices and operating systems, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • It supports touchscreen devices for an interactive gaming experience.
  • The game is accessible through popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Brave, or Vivaldi.

How to Play Guess Who

Welcome to the fun world of Guess Who! I’m here to show you how to play this game. You can play online with others or against the computer. The goal is simple: guess your opponent’s character before they guess yours. Let’s get started and aim for the top spot!

Selecting a Game Mode

First, pick how you want to play – with friends online or by yourself against the computer. To play online, you need a nickname. It’s a great way to challenge friends or make new ones from anywhere.

Asking the Right Questions

Game started? Time to ask questions. Success in Guess Who comes from asking clever questions. You get one question each turn, so choose wisely. You can pick from a list of questions. Choose one that will cross off many characters, getting you closer to the answer.

This game loves smart thinking. To up your chances, ask questions that take out a lot of characters at once. Try questions that cut the options in half too. This can help you solve the mystery faster than others.

Winning the Game

To win Guess Who, be the first to guess your opponent’s character right. Use your opponent’s answers to make smart moves. Everyone must answer truthfully, so that might give you a clue.

Rating the Game and Providing Feedback

Once you’ve played, share what you think with a rating. It can help make the game better for everyone. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions in the box on the website.

All comments and feedback are checked to make sure the game stays friendly and fun.

Compatibility and Accessibility

Guess Who runs without ads on most browsers. You can play on Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Brave, or Vivaldi. It works on computers, laptops, tablets, and phones like the iPhone.

The game fits well with different systems too. Whether you use Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android, you’re good to go. Playing on your favorite device is easy with Guess Who.

Game DetailsStatistics
Player count2
Age groupAges 6 and up
Number of character doors on the game boards24
Number of mystery character cards in the deck24
Number of questions each player can ask per turn1
Ratio of questions that must be answered truthfully100%
Number of character doors to flip down based on opponents’ answersVaries
Winning conditionBeing the first to correctly guess the opponent’s character
Total number of characters available for guessing26
Gender distribution8 girls and 18 boys
Characters with blonde hair8
Characters with black hair7
Overall player rating (out of 5)3.9
Game design rating (out of 5)3.8
Originality rating (out of 5)1.7
Replayability rating (out of 5)3.8

Features of Guess Who Game

Guess Who is fun to play thanks to its features. You can play with friends or alone against the computer. The game’s features add to the fun and make it exciting.

One cool thing is playing against others online. You can challenge friends or new opponents. This feature makes the game more thrilling.

Guess Who has many characters to pick from. At first, there were more male characters than female. Now, there’s a balanced mix. This change means everyone can find a character they like.

There are lots of questions to ask while playing. You can ask about hair, eyes, glasses, and hats. These questions help you guess right and add skill to the game.

Guess Who has become more diverse over time. It now includes more characters of different races. This change shows the game’s effort to be fair and welcoming to all.

guess who game features

Guess Who Editions and Varieties

Guess Who comes in many editions and sizes. You can get the classic one or special ones like Disney and Star Wars. These special editions have the characters you love.

Guess Who Game Release Date and Developer

In November 2018, the multiplayer Guess Who game hit the scene. Code This Lab, a top game developer, made it. They are known for turning well-loved board games into exciting digital adventures.

Code This Lab is great at changing favorites like Guess Who for everyone to enjoy worldwide. They know a lot about making games and made Guess Who work on computers and phones. Their work is smooth and fun.

This version of Guess Who by Code This Lab is for the web. This means you can play it on any device with a browser. Game nights just got more fun and easy to join in on.

With Code This Lab’s work, playing Guess Who with friends and family is cooler than ever. Now, the game’s online. Thanks to their effort, the Guess Who fun never stops.

Guess Who Game Technology and Platforms

The Guess Who game is made with HTML5. This makes it work on many devices. It uses the Construct game tech and JavaScript. It has a design that’s good for phones or tablets.

Guess Who works on computers, like Chromebooks, and tablets, such as iPads. It also runs on phones like iPhones. This game fits with Windows PCs, Macs, iOS, and Android.

Do you like playing at home or while out? Guess Who lets you have fun wherever you are. It works well on many screens and devices.

Gameplay Strategy for Guess Who

Using the right strategy in Guess Who can increase your chances of winning. Let’s look at some tips:

1. Process-of-Elimination Questions

Ask questions that cut off many faces at once. These process-of-elimination questions are key. They quickly reduce the number of possible characters because they focus on what a character isn’t.

2. Audience-Splitting Questions

Ask questions that split the group in half. This tactic helps you eliminate more characters with each answer. It uses a divide and conquer method, making your path to victory quicker.

3. Competitor Tracking

It’s crucial to watch what others are doing in the game. Paying attention to your competitor’s choices lets you guess better. Knowing the characters they’re after can steer your guesses in the right direction.

Using these tactics can boost your winning odds in Guess Who. But remember, even the best strategy doesn’t ensure a win. Making smart guesses is crucial.

Guess Who is all about deduction and tactics. While luck matters, these strategies make the game more fun and challenging. Enjoy playing and good luck!

Guess Who Question List

Playing Guess Who with the right questions is key. It helps you narrow down your opponent’s character. Use questions like these to pave your path to winning:

  • Is your character male or female?
  • Does your character have glasses?
  • Is your character wearing a hat?
  • Does your character have a beard?
  • Is your character smiling?
  • Does your character have blonde hair?
  • Is your character wearing a scarf?
  • Does your character have earrings?

Ask about the characters’ features to cut down your options. Pick questions that split the possible characters into two groups. This makes it easier to find the right one.

With a smart list of questions and good deduction, you can master Guess Who. Victory is within reach!

Guess Who Game Design and Fun Factor

Guess Who is a fun and visually appealing game. It combines exciting game design with cool mechanics. It features cartoon images that are playful and fun for players. The game mixes the classic board game feel with modern style.

The game is all about thinking and strategy. Players ask smart questions to figure out who their opponent has picked. This type of thinking keeps the game interesting and makes players really think.

The joy of guessing right is a big part of the game’s fun. You might love figuring things out or beating your friend at it. Guess Who is fun for everyone.

Data shows the game has a lot of fans. People are always talking about it and that shows they really like it. This means the game has a strong and active community.

Guess Who shows that classic games can still be fun. Its cool design, strategy, and the thrill of getting it right are key. It’s a great game for anyone who loves a good challenge and fun.

Other Classic Board Games to Play

If Guess Who is your jam, you’re in for a treat with other classics online. Ludo, Uno, and Checkers await in the web browser. They’re fun, nostalgic, and great with friends and family.

Classic Board Games Online

Looking for classic board games brings a wealth of choices online. You can find something for both competitive and chill gaming. Every occasion has its matching game.

Ludo is always a winning choice. It combines strategy and luck, boasting online play now. Start a game with friends or challenge the computer. It’s a virtual tour around the classic board.

Uno, the fast card game, is now digital. It’s all about dropping your cards smartly and using action cards well. Can you be sharp enough to scream “Uno” first?

For those who love strategy, Checkers is a top pick. It’s a simple yet tough game on a checkered board. Play against a friend or set the difficulty and challenge the computer.

Web Browser Games

The best part of these games is playing them in your browser. No extra downloads needed. Just open a browser and start playing on a good gaming site.

Playing in your browser means you can join players globally. Get into communities, tournaments, and play against various opponents. It’s a game night that never sleeps.

Unleash Your Competitive Spirit

Playing classic games online lets you get competitive with friends and family. Outthink in Ludo, strategize in Uno, or outmaneuver in Checkers. They’re all about having fun and plenty of it.

So, what are you waiting for? Start rolling the dice, mix the cards, or set up the board. Let the competitiveness flow. Classic games online offer never-ending fun and entertainment, no matter where you are.


Guess Who is a top online game that moves the fun of the board game to your screen. You can play against pals in a group or alone against the computer. It’s full of fun for all.

This game has a big set of characters and lots of questions to guess who’s who. It’s a clever game where you get to show off your smarts while being with friends.

For teachers, there’s a special way to play Guess Who on the Desmos platform. They can make custom sets of questions and see how well students do. This is great for teaching and learning.

Guess Who is perfect for anyone who loves board games or is just starting. It mixes old memories with new ways to play. So, get your friends together and start playing Guess Who today!


Can I play Guess Who online?

Yes, Guess Who is available online for free. You can play it on any computer, phone, or tablet.

Is Guess Who a multiplayer game?

Yes, Guess Who lets you play with others. You can pick between online players or the computer.

How do I play Guess Who?

To play Guess Who, pick a character and try to figure out your opponent’s before they guess yours. Ask questions to narrow down who it could be.

When was Guess Who released, and who developed it?

Guess Who came out in December 2018. Code This Lab, a known game developer, is behind it. They’re experts at adapting board games.

What technology is Guess Who built on, and which platforms is it compatible with?

It uses HTML5, so it works on most devices. You can play it on laptops, tablets, and phones.

Are there any gameplay strategies for Guess Who?

Yes, certain strategies can help you win at Guess Who. These include asking smart questions and keeping track of what your opponent is doing.

Can you provide some example questions for Guess Who?

Sure, here are some questions for Guess Who: Is your character male or female? Does your character wear glasses? Ask about their style or what they’re holding.

What features does Guess Who offer?

Guess Who has multiplayer and lets you choose a character. It also comes with many questions to ask and a strategic gameplay.

What makes Guess Who’s design and gameplay enjoyable?

The game has fun cartoon characters. It’s all about using your brain to guess right, which makes it fun and challenging to play.

Are there other classic board games available to play online?

Yes, other classics like Ludo, Uno, and Checkers are online too. They’re great for fun with friends and family right in your browser.

Any final thoughts on playing Guess Who online?

Playing Guess Who online is fun for everyone. It’s a good way to try the game if you haven’t, and it doesn’t cost a thing.

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