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rise of the ronin

Rise of the Ronin is an adventure in 19th-century Japan. This samurai action game is by Team NINJA. It lets you be a ronin, a masterless warrior, during a chaotic time. You’ll explore an open world, fight with deep skills, and make your own story.

Key Takeaways

  • Epic samurai action adventure set in 19th-century Japan
  • Forge your own path as a masterless ronin during the Bakumatsu period
  • Explore an open world with deep combat mechanics and narrative choices
  • Developed by the veteran studio Team NINJA
  • Opportunity to shape the course of history through player decisions

What is Rise of the Ronin?

Rise of the Ronin is set in 1863 Japan, at the edge of a new era. The Black Ships from the West shake the land after 300 years under the Tokugawa Shogunate. In this setting, you play as a ronin, a samurai without a master. You must find your path in a time of big changes and war. The game offers intense combat and important choices that affect the story.

Epic Samurai Action Adventure

As a ronin, you are free to shape your own journey in Rise of the Ronin. Choosing to kill or save key people changes the story and Japan’s destiny. There are many paths to follow, each leading to different outcomes. Your choices craft a unique story as you make friends or foes.

Forge Your Fate

The game’s backdrop is the Bakumatsu period, a volatile time ending the Tokugawa Shogunate’s era. You will roam through an open, living world that mirrors the clash of cultures and politics of that period. Here, you’ll meet iconic characters and witness events shaping Japan’s future. The goal is to offer a true-to-life view of this pivotal moment in history.

rise of the ronin – Key Features

In Rise of the Ronin, you become a powerful ronin character. You shape the story’s direction with what you choose and do. Decisions like choosing to assassinate or protect important people matter a lot. They change the story and decide Japan’s future. This feature makes you feel like you’re in control. It lets you make your own way through the challenging Bakumatsu time.

This game presents an open world that feels real. It’s set in 19th-century feudal Japan. You will visit Yokohama, a vibrant mix of old Japan and the new Western world. Everywhere you go, you’ll see the game’s attention to historical and cultural detail. This includes famous people, important events, and the big social shifts of that time.

Team NINJA created the game’s combat system to be both fun and deep. You can fight with hand-to-hand weapons like katanas or even guns from that time. The fighting is all about tactics, like knowing when to block or attack back. The idea is to offer fights that anyone can enjoy. You can change how hard the battle is, suiting different experience levels.

Explore the History

In 1853, Commodore Matthew Perry led a U.S. Navy expedition to Japan. They came with a fleet of steam-powered ships called the “Black Ships.” This expedition asked Japan to make a treaty. The treaty would open Japan to the world, a big moment in Japan’s history.

1860: The Sakuradamon Incident

In 1860, some nationalists in Japan wanted to get rid of foreigners. They attacked Naosuke Ii’s group outside Edo Castle’s Sakuradamon gate. Ii, the Chief Minister of the Shogunate, died. This event showed the growing problems in Japan during the Bakumatsu period.

1864: The Kinmon Incident

In 1864, the Choshu army, under Genzui Kusaka’s command, fought against the shogunate near Kyoto’s Imperial Palace. This fight, known as the Kinmon Incident, featured cannons from both sides. It set Kyoto on fire, making the Tokugawa Shogunate’s rule even shakier.

Factions of the Bakumatsu Era

In the Bakumatsu era, the Sabaku stood behind the Tokugawa Shogunate. They aimed to keep the Shogunate’s powerful, centralized rule. They also defended Japan’s political system against both internal and external threats. Naosuke Ii, Taka Murayama, Kaishu Katsu, and Kondō Isami were among the Sabaku’s key members.

Sabaku – Pro-shogunate

The Tobaku were against the Shogunate’s control, wanting the emperor to lead Japan again. This group was made up of many people and groups. Ryoma Sakamoto, Kogoro Katsura, Genzui Kusaka, and Shinsaku Takasugi played important roles in it.

Tobaku – Anti-shogunate

The Obei were from the U.S. and several powers in Europe. They wanted Japan to open up for more trading. Their efforts led to the end of Japan’s policy of being isolated. Key Obei people are Commodore Matthew Perry, Rutherford Alcock, Jules Brunet, and Ernest Satow.

Obei – Western Forces

Explore Yokohama

Yokohama’s port was opened with the help of two breakwaters. Later they were reshaped to look like an elephant’s nose. They were for managing tariffs, foreign affairs, and ships.

Elephant’s Nose Breakwaters

Minamoto no Yoritomo dedicated the Shukan Bentensha shrine. It’s known for its great sea view. A special festival celebrated Yokohama’s port opening there.

Shukan Bentensha

The Yokohama Kihinkan, made after Yokohama’s port opened, is a famous red brick building. It has a unique clock tower and lovely stained glass inside.

Yokohama Kihinkan

After the port opened, many came to Yokohama, forming Chinatown. Here, you can find special Chinese pieces for sale. There’s also the Kanteibyo, a unique building.

Yokohama Chinatown

The Miyozaki Pleasure District was built for Westerners by the shogunate. It copied the look and entertainment from Edo and Nagasaki. The district aimed to please the newcomers.

Miyozaki Pleasure District

Create Your Character

Players get to customize their ronin before the journey starts. They pick the face, hair, makeup, and more to make a unique character customization and visual customization.

Once the look is set, players choose where their ronin learned their skills. This sets the base stats and what their ronin is good at. They can be a skilled Killer, a charming Seducer, or a Beginner looking to get better. Players can keep making their ronin better to fit how they want to play.

Editions and Pricing

Rise of the Ronin has two editions for gamers to pick:

Standard EditionThe basic game offers the full Ronin experience.$59.99
Digital Deluxe EditionThis edition has the base game plus extra in-game stuff. This includes a special weapon, armor, and a digital artbook.$79.99

Decide between the rise of the ronin standard edition or the rise of the ronin digital deluxe edition. Both will lead you on a wild samurai journey set in 19th-century Japan. They offer different experiences depending on what you like and can afford.

Behind the Scenes

Take a sneak peek into the making of Rise of the Ronin. In the first “Behind the Scenes” episode, Team NINJA developers give insights. They talk about starting the work on this amazing samurai action adventure.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

The second episode dives into the combat system of Rise of the Ronin. The Team NINJA folks talk about how they made it immersive and easy to enjoy. They draw from their experience with the Nioh series.

Chapter 2: The Fight

Episode three shows players creating their own stories. In Rise of the Ronin, you make big decisions on missions. You change the history of the game through a multi-choice system.

Chapter 3: The Cause

The final episode reveals how Team NINJA turned Rise of the Ronin from an idea to a world. It highlights the hard work and team effort that made this samurai action adventure happen.

Chapter 4: Rise as One

Team NINJA‘s skill in historical storytelling and player agency brings Rise of the Ronin to life. Their game lets us enjoy the rise of the ronin in the Bakumatsu Japan period deeply.

Bond Missions in Rise of the Ronin

In Rise of the Ronin, players build relationships with game world NPCs. These friendships lead to bond missions. Completing these tasks deepens the bond and opens new game experiences.

Bond Missions Explained

There are 30 bond missions in Rise of the Ronin, each with a specific NPC. You can unlock them by making progress in the story or by befriending certain NPCs. These missions help players understand the Bakumatsu period and offer rewards like new fighting styles.

All Bond Missions

In the game, players can support either the shogunate or anti-shogunate movement. By making choices, they can explore the intricate web of relationships in the Bakumatsu era. Completing missions reveals details about the companion system and Japan’s historical events.

Reviews and Ratings

What do people think of Rise of the Ronin? They love it! The game has beautiful graphics, a deep fighting system, and a real feel of old Japan. It shows the Bakumatsu period of Japan in the 1800s really well. Reviewers say it’s a win for the adventure genre, making Team NINJA even more famous for their games.

Recently, GameSpot praised the game. They loved its detailed world and smart but fun fighting style. GameSpot thinks it’s a great way to experience Japan’s important past. IGN also liked it, pointing out the interesting story and the freedom you have as a player. They say it’s a must for anyone who loves samurai tales.

Other big names like PC Gamer and The Washington Post have high praise too. PC Gamer calls it a top example of historical storytelling. The Washington Post likes the game’s careful attention to detail. All this love isn’t for nothing. With an average score of 8.5 out of 10, Rise of the Ronin is a favorite among critics and fans alike. It’s a game everyone should try if they enjoy stories about samurais.

Review SiteRating
PC Gamer9/10
The Washington Post8.5/10

“Rise of the Ronin delivers a thrilling journey through a pivotal moment in Japan’s history.”

rise of the ronin reviews


Rise of the Ronin is an exciting samurai action game in 19th-century Japan. Team NINJA created this open-world adventure. It lets players be a masterless samurai making important choices.

The game’s fighting system is deep, taking cues from the Nioh series. With authentic weapons, you can learn to block and attack enemies. The story changes based on your choices and who you side with.

Rise of the Ronin also gives you a detailed world to explore. You’ll visit Yokohama and meet important historical figures. For those who love samurai games and Japan’s history, this game is a must-play.


What is Rise of the Ronin?

Rise of the Ronin is a thrilling adventure game set in Japan during the 19th century. It’s developed by Team NINJA. Players become ronins, or masterless samurais, in a chaotic period. The game challenges them to make their own way.

What is the setting and story of Rise of the Ronin?

It’s an action RPG in 1863 Japan, a crucial time for the country. Players are a nameless ronin, navigating through war and politics. Their choices shape their journey during the Bakumatsu era.

How does the narrative work in Rise of the Ronin?

Players decide their path as a ronin in the game’s story. What they choose in missions, like protecting or assassinating, affects the tale. Ultimately, their actions decide Japan’s destiny.

What is the world of Rise of the Ronin like?

The game brings to life 19th-century Japan’s cultural and political scene. Players explore Yokohama. It’s a chance to experience the Bakumatsu era intensely.

What is the combat system like in Rise of the Ronin?

The combat, crafted by Team NINJA, is both rich and easy to get. Players use various weapons in battles. Winning needs planning parries and counterattacks well.

It looks into significant events and people from Japan’s Bakumatsu era. This covers Perry’s “Black Ships”, the Sakuradamon Incident, and the Choshu army’s rebellion.

What are the different factions in the Bakumatsu era?

You’ll meet the Sabaku, Tobaku, and Obei factions with distinct goals. Interacting with them is a key part of the story.

What customization options are available in Rise of the Ronin?

Players can customize their ronin’s look, choosing everything from face to voice. There’s also the Blade Sharpening Origin to tailor playstyle.

What editions of Rise of the Ronin are available?

There’s the standard edition and a digital deluxe edition. The latter includes extra in-game items and content.

What can players expect from the “Behind the Scenes” videos for Rise of the Ronin?

This series gives a sneak peek into the game’s making. Team NINJA talks about story, combat, and player choices in detail.

How do bond missions work in Rise of the Ronin?

Players can build meaningful connections with NPCs. As friendships grow, so do the requests for help. “Bond missions” further deepen these bonds.

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