Smite 2: Unleash the Power of the Gods in This Epic Game

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As a big fan of Smite, the famous multiplayer online battle arena game, I’m excited to talk about Smite 2. This sequel lets you dive into the action as powerful gods from mythology. It’s all about using strategy and skill to beat your enemies and rule the gaming world.

Key TakeawaysThe Epic Return of the Gods in Smite 2Rebuilt from the Ground Up with Unreal Engine 5Experience Mythological Combat Like Never BeforeSmite 2: A MOBA RebornThird-Person Perspective for Immersive BattlesConsole-Friendly Design for Seamless GameplayThe Pantheon Expands: New Gods Join the FrayUnleash Your Inner Deity with Smite 2 Pre-OrdersDeluxe Founder’s Edition: Ascend to Greater HeightsUltimate Founder’s Edition: Embrace True GodhoodSmite 2 Closed Alpha: Forge Your LegacyEarly Access to the BattlegroundsShape the Game’s DevelopmentCross-Gen Skins: Conquer Both Realmssmite 2 game: A New Era of Strategic DepthRevamped Character Abilities and Item BuildsDynamic Adaptation for Unparalleled GameplayThe Legacy Continues: Smite 1 and Smite 2 CoexistCrossplay: Unite the RealmsSeamless Multiplayer Across PlatformsVisuals Reborn: Unreal Engine 5 UnleashedStunning Graphics and AnimationsImmersive Effects and EnvironmentsHecate: The Goddess of Sorcery Joins the BattlefieldMastering the Gods: A Challenging EndeavorAscension Passes for Alpha Launch GodsSmite 2: A Decade of Learnings RealizedRefined Gameplay and ImprovementsA New Backend and Matchmaking SystemPlatforms: PC, Steam Deck, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5Conclusion: Embrace the Power of the Gods in Smite 2FAQWhat is Smite 2?What are the key features of Smite 2?How does Smite 2 differ from the original Smite game?What are the pre-order options for Smite 2?When can players access the Smite 2 Closed Alpha?How does Smite 2 integrate with the original Smite game?What are the key strategic changes in Smite 2?Will the original Smite game continue to be supported?What platforms will Smite 2 be available on?Who is the new god being introduced in the Smite 2 Closed Alpha?

You’ll play as different gods, each with their unique powers and abilities. Teamwork is key in Smite 2. It brings players together to outsmart the other team. Whether you’re new or a veteran, this game will challenge and entertain you.

Key Takeaways

  • Smite 2 is a highly anticipated sequel to the popular third-person MOBA game, Smite.
  • Players will have the opportunity to unleash the power of mythology’s mightiest gods in strategic, skill-based combat.
  • The game will feature a diverse range of playable gods, each with unique character abilities, allowing for deep strategic gameplay.
  • Smite 2 promises an immersive experience where players can strategize, conquer, and reign supreme in a fantastical world.
  • Team-based gameplay will foster a dynamic and collaborative environment, requiring players to work together to achieve victory.

The Epic Return of the Gods in Smite 2

Rebuilt from the Ground Up with Unreal Engine 5

Smite 2 is a whole new game, built using Unreal Engine 5. This change marks a big step in making the game look better. Players will enjoy stunning graphics, cool character animations, and immersive effects. It all makes the mythological world of Smite more real and alive.

Experience Mythological Combat Like Never Before

The team at Titan Forge Games revamped Smite 2 fully. This let them use what they’ve learned in the last decade. Thanks to Unreal Engine 5, the game is more realistic and authentic. Players will feel like they’re in the heart of mythological combat, fighting on divine battlegrounds.

Smite 2: A MOBA Reborn

Smite 2 keeps the beloved MOBA gameplay of the original. But, it adds a unique third-person view. This change makes the battles more exciting and personal, unlike the usual top-down look.

Third-Person Perspective for Immersive Battles

The third-person perspective of Smite 2 makes the moba genre come alive. Players dive into the fights with a personal touch, feeling the power of their gods. This adds depth to their strategy and a cinematic touch.

Console-Friendly Design for Seamless Gameplay

Smite 2 is built for easy play on consoles. It’s fun for gamers on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. The game smoothly works with controller support. So, everyone can enjoy big battles without worrying about differences in controls.

The Pantheon Expands: New Gods Join the Fray

Smite 2 brings in new gods, making the pantheon bigger. Now, players have more playable characters to learn and enjoy. These gods come from different mythological traditions. They bring unique ways to play the game. This means more fun and variety for everyone.

New Playable Gods Introduced in SMITECharacter Type
Fenrir The UnboundAssassin
Ne ZhaAssassin/Carry

The game’s team is focused on making sure there’s lots of diversifying the gameplay options. They do this by bringing in gods from all over – covering many mythological pantheons. This makes the game more exciting and complex for everyone playing, whether new or experienced.

As Smite 2 grows, players will meet more and more divine characters. This ongoing growth means players can always find new gods to love and learn. Such dedication to adding more content and gameplay options keeps Smite 2 engaging for a long time.

Unleash Your Inner Deity with Smite 2 Pre-Orders

Do you want to feel like a god in Smite 2? The game is offering pre-orders with special goodies. For $29.99, the Founder’s Edition gives you all gods past and future. You also get a special avatar, a unique title, and Legacy Gems Boosters.

Deluxe Founder’s Edition: Ascend to Greater Heights

Upgrade to the Deluxe Founder’s Edition for $59.99. Here, you get the Founder’s Edition stuff plus a cool Nightstalker Neith skin and more extra items. You’ll also get passes for 11 gods for the alpha launch weekend.

Ultimate Founder’s Edition: Embrace True Godhood

Ready for the full Smite 2 experience? Go for the $99.99 Ultimate Founder’s Edition. It includes an epic The Fallen Zeus Skin, a special avatar and title, and more. You’ll get passes for all 23 alpha gods.

Pre-Order EditionPriceKey Features
Founder’s Edition$29.99
  • Unlocks all current and future gods
  • Exclusive Founder’s Avatar
  • Cross-Gen SMITE 2 Mega Fan Title
  • Legacy Gems Boosters
Deluxe Founder’s Edition$59.99
  • All Founder’s Edition perks
  • Cross-Gen Nightstalker Neith Skin
  • Ascension Passes for 11 Alpha Launch Weekend Gods
Ultimate Founder’s Edition$99.99
  • All Deluxe Founder’s Edition perks
  • Tier 5 Cross-Gen The Fallen Zeus Skin
  • Exclusive Ultimate Edition Avatar and Title
  • Ascension Passes for the first 23 Alpha Gods

No matter if you’re new or a Smite veteran, there’s a pre-order for you. These include god unlocks and ascension passes suited to your style. Claim your spot in Smite 2’s pantheon today.

Smite 2 Closed Alpha: Forge Your Legacy

Good news for fans of Smite – the exciting Smite 2 is coming. The Closed Alpha test is set to start in May 2024. This gives you a chance to be one of the first to play the sequel. You can also give important feedback to Titan Forge Games during this early stage.

In this alpha test, you’ll get to explore new battlegrounds. You can also play as 14 gods, which includes favorites like Anhur and Zeus. It’s your chance to have a first look and help shape the game.

Early Access to the Battlegrounds

The Smite 2 Closed Alpha is a special chance for players. You can try out the game’s new worlds before anyone else. This is key for the developers as they want your thoughts and feedback.

This early period helps improve Smite 2. Your participation means you can help make the game better. Joining the alpha means you can make a real difference to the game.

Shape the Game’s Development

By joining the Closed Alpha, you become a vital part of Smite 2’s creation. The developers at Titan Forge Games will value your ideas and feedback a lot. They want to know what you think about game mechanics and balance.

Your feedback will help improve Smite 2. Your input will impact the game’s future. Join the alpha and help shape the Smite series.

Cross-Gen Skins: Conquer Both Realms

Smite 2 introduces Cross-Gen skins as a standout. These smite 2 cross-gen skins work in the original Smite and its sequel. They let players show off their style and achievements in both games. Even though progress can’t be shared, these skins make the experience feel seamless. This way, players can keep their unique look while battling in either game.

The Nightstalker Neith, and The Fallen Zeus are some of these special cross-gen skins. They ensure players keep their skin compatibility and platform integration when going from the first Smite to Smite 2. With unified progression, players can dominate in both games. Thus, they prove themselves as champions across the Smite universe.

smite 2 game: A New Era of Strategic Depth

Smite 2 brings a fresh layer of strategy to MOBAs. Character abilities and item builds have been overhauled. This lets players be more adaptable and flexible during games. In Smite, gods could only use physical or magical power. But Smite 2 changes this. Now, all gods can use any item they want.

Revamped Character Abilities and Item Builds

This update lets players change their playstyles to beat their opponent’s tactics. New stats like Strength and Intelligence have been added for more variety. They’ve also removed Relics and changed the item store. This makes the game deeper strategically. Players can now find more ways to win.

Dynamic Adaptation for Unparalleled Gameplay

Smite 2’s new abilities and items elevate the game’s strategy. Players can now adjust their strategies more dynamically. There are no more limits on physical or magical power use. Strength and Intelligence stats offer endless build options. And with Relics out and the item store updated, victory is more about strategy than ever before.

The Legacy Continues: Smite 1 and Smite 2 Coexist

Smite 2 has brought big changes to the franchise while keeping the original game alive. Titan Forge Games decided to support both Smite 1 and Smite 2. So, the fans of the first game can keep having fun with it. They will still get updates and new content.

But, not everything from Smite 1 can move to Smite 2 because there’s too much content. Still, the team is creating a Legacy system. It will honor the long-time players of Smite 1 in the new game. This means their efforts will not be forgotten.

Even with the improvements in Smite 2, Smite 1 is not forgotten. The developers are dedicated to the history of the series and its fans. Both games offer a chance to dive into the mythological world they love, in new or familiar ways.

MetricSmite 1Smite 2
Skins not transferable1,600N/A
Estimated time to port skins247 man yearsN/A
Legacy Gems usage for Smite 2 items50%100% for some skins
Skins planned for transferN/A300
Matchmaking MMR starting point1,5001,500
Ranked mode changesN/ARole-specific rankings

Both Smite games let players enjoy the epic world of myths. Whether you like the first game or the new one, there’s something for everyone.

Crossplay: Unite the Realms

Smite 2 will support full crossplay. This means players from different platforms can battle together. Players on PC, Steam Deck, Xbox Series X|S, or PS5 can easily join games together. The game’s cross-platform functionality makes multiplayer gaming more fun and inclusive across devices.

Seamless Multiplayer Across Platforms

In Smite 2, seamless multiplayer lets players from all platforms team up. Thanks to platform integration, the community becomes one big arena. Here, everyone can enjoy cross-platform experiences, no matter what device they use.

Visuals Reborn: Unreal Engine 5 Unleashed

Smite 2 has grown with the Unreal Engine 5. It now offers better visual quality and presentation. Players will enjoy stunning graphics, enhanced character animations, and immersive environmental effects.

Stunning Graphics and Animations

The Unreal Engine 5 has made the battlegrounds in Smite 2 more exciting. Now, the gods’ battles are filled with breathtaking visual spectacles. Every detailed character model and awesome environmental set piece makes Smite 2 an immersive MOBA experience.

Immersive Effects and Environments

Thanks to the Unreal Engine 5, Smite 2 has more immersive environmental effects. It increases the visual fidelity of the game. So, players can dive into the mythological world of Smite like never before.

Hecate: The Goddess of Sorcery Joins the Battlefield

Hecate has joined the Smite 2 Closed Alpha. She brings her mastery of the dark arts. Hecate is the Greek goddess of sorcery and protector of the crossroads.

Players can now try her out in the alpha testing phase. Her arrival broadens Smite 2’s mythological pantheon. This means players can now dive into a wider array of divine powers and strategies in the game.

hecate goddess of sorcery

Mastering the Gods: A Challenging Endeavor

Smite 2 offers a tough, yet rewarding journey. Players aim to master various gods within the game. The Ascension Passes help by allowing deep dives into god abilities and mechanics from the Closed Alpha launch.

With these passes, players can fully explore and improve their skills with specific deities. This ensures they feel a sense of progression and mastery throughout the game.

Ascension Passes for Alpha Launch Gods

The Ascension Passes in Smite 2 are special. They offer a specific path to master the gods introduced during the Closed Alpha. By unlocking these, players get to engage in skill development and progression systems for each god from the alpha phase.

This lets them truly understand and excel at using the powers of these mythical beings. It’s an exciting way to progress in the game.

With the Ascension Passes, players can discover a ton of useful information. They will face new challenges that help them prove their mastery of the various gods. The journey includes learning about abilities, discovering combos, and understanding team strategies in Smite 2.

Smite 2: A Decade of Learnings Realized

Smite 2 is the result of 10 years of learning. The team at Titan Forge Games used feedback from the first Smite game. They’ve made improvements based on this to bring us a better game.

Refined Gameplay and Improvements

The game now has better gameplay features. This includes how characters move and the things they can do. There’s also new stuff like how items work and a system for matching players. This makes playing against others smoother and fairer.

A New Backend and Matchmaking System

They also fixed the game’s background stuff and how players get matched. Now, it’s designed for everyone to have fun fighting in its mythological world. With all they’ve learned from the past 10 years, they’re ready to make Smite 2’s playing and matching much improved.

Platforms: PC, Steam Deck, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5

Smite 2 will be on PC, Steam Deck, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5. Players can enjoy the game’s battles on many devices. This makes the game available to a lot of people. You can play with friends no matter their platform. Smite 2 offers a big and exciting MOBA game for everyone.

Smite 2 is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. Since over 40 million fans love the original, the new game aims to please. No matter where you like to play, SMITE 2 will be there. It supports playing and saving your progress across different devices. This makes playing with friends easy, even if you use different devices.

You can play SMITE 2 with a keyboard, mouse, controller, or the unique Steam Deck. It looks great thanks to Unreal Engine 5. With many ways to play and awesome graphics, SMITE 2 brings everyone together in epic battles.

Conclusion: Embrace the Power of the Gods in Smite 2

Starting my journey in Smite 2 fills me with excitement. The game has been remade from scratch using Unreal Engine 5. This makes every battle between gods look beautiful and feel intense.

Smite 2 has more gods, new ways to play, and lets you play with anyone, no matter the platform. It’s a chance to step into the shoes of divine beings. Here, besides winning battles, you craft your own legend. It’s perfect for experts and newcomers alike.

Smite 2 mixes strategy, myths, and lets you feel powerful. I’m excited to try out new gods, make my own tactics, and win against ever-changing challenges. This game is starting something big, and I’m all in.


What is Smite 2?

Smite 2 is a highly awaited sequel to the beloved Smite game. It offers a chance to use the powers of the world’s mightiest gods. Players dive into skillful combat within the epic world of mythology.

What are the key features of Smite 2?

Smite 2 is built with Unreal Engine 5 tech, making it visually stunning. It has better animations, effects, and keeps the MOBA core. The third-person view brings you closer to the action.

How does Smite 2 differ from the original Smite game?

Smite 2 has refreshed gameplay. From character skills to item sets, everything is new. It also has a better system for matchmaking, aiming for a balanced multiplayer experience. Plus, you get to play with more gods than before.

What are the pre-order options for Smite 2?

There are three pre-order editions for Smite 2. Each edition, from Founder’s to Ultimate, offers special benefits. These include access to more gods, unique skins, and Ascension Passes.

When can players access the Smite 2 Closed Alpha?

The Smite 2 Closed Alpha starts in May 2024. It lets players try out the game early and give feedback to the developers.

How does Smite 2 integrate with the original Smite game?

With Smite 2, players can use Cross-Gen skins across both games. This means you can carry over your style and achievements. But, your progress in the games will remain separate.

What are the key strategic changes in Smite 2?

Smite 2 brings brand new strategies to the table. It removes power type limitations and adds new stats like Strength and Intelligence. The item store is redesigned to let players customize their strategies and builds as they wish.

Will the original Smite game continue to be supported?

Yes, the original Smite will keep going as a separate game. It will get updates and new content regularly. There’ll also be a Legacy system to honor veteran players.

What platforms will Smite 2 be available on?

Smite 2 is for PC, Steam Deck, and consoles like Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. There’s crossplay support, letting players compete no matter what platform they’re on.

Who is the new god being introduced in the Smite 2 Closed Alpha?

In the Smite 2 Closed Alpha, Hecate, the Greek goddess of magic, joins as a new playable god. She expands the game’s mythological universe.

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