SMITE® – The Biggest Online Multiplayer Battle Arena


Welcome to SMITE®, a top online multiplayer battle arena game. It mixes fast, third-person combat with myths from diverse cultures. Hi-Rez Studios created and published this action-packed MOBA. It’s free to play and offers a unique global gaming experience.

In SMITE®, you become powerful gods and mythological figures from different pantheons. This includes Babylonian, Celtic, and more. You can choose from over 100 iconic deities. Then, you can let loose their divine powers on the battlefield.

SMITE® offers a unique third-person perspective. This puts you right on the battlefield. You can experience intense combat, strategic positioning, and skill-based gameplay like never before.

Key Takeaways:

  • SMITE® is a free-to-play, third-person multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed by Hi-Rez Studios.
  • Players can choose from a wide range of gods and mythological figures from different pantheons.
  • The game offers multiple player versus player (PVP) modes, including the Conquest, Joust, Assault, and Arena modes.
  • SMITE® has a dedicated matchmaking system that ensures fair and balanced gameplay for all players.
  • The game has received positive reviews from critics and boasts a large player base of over 40 million players.

About SMITE®

SMITE® is a thrilling MOBA game steeped in mythology, pitting players in epic battles with divine powers. It was created by Hi-Rez Studios and launched on March 25, 2014. Since then, gamers have been drawn to its action-packed gameplay and diverse character roster.

In the game, players embody gods, goddesses, and mythological characters from various pantheons. Each one has unique abilities, enhancing the strategic and dynamic gameplay. Players can choose to wield powerful magical attacks or fight up close as a warrior. SMITE® caters to different playstyles with its varied character classes.

The game’s mythology-based setting stands out. Players can pick from over 100 mythological figures across several pantheons, like Egyptian, Greek, Norse, and Roman. This lets players engage with their favorite deities while exploring different strategies and abilities.

SMITE® has various game modes to enjoy. Conquest, its main mode, mirrors traditional MOBAs with three lanes and Titans guarding each team’s base. Modes like Joust, Assault, and Arena provide different gameplay styles and maps. This ensures there’s something for every player, whether they like strategy or action.

The matchmaking system uses TrueSkill, promoting fair matches based on skill levels. For those looking for a challenge, there are ranked leagues in Conquest and Joust. These allow players to compete against those of similar skill and move up in rank.

Gameplay in SMITE®

SMITE® puts players in the shoes of powerful gods and heroes for epic fights. It’s a multiplayer game where you battle others. You choose from a large list of characters, each with their own special powers and abilities. The game’s perspective makes you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action.

Choose Your God, Master Their Abilities

At the beginning of each match, you choose a god or hero to control. There are over 100 to pick from, each offering a unique set of skills. This means every game will require you to think and play differently.

These characters fall into five classes: Assassins, Guardians, Hunters, Mages, and Warriors. Each type has their own strengths and weaknesses. Figuring out which works best for you is part of the fun.

Unleash Divine Powers

As you play more, you get the chance to improve your god’s abilities. You’ll be able to pick and choose upgrades to match your style of play. Every god has a basic attack, a passive trait, and four abilities. Learning when and how to use these makes the game both challenging and exciting.

Strategize with Team Compositions

Winning in SMITE® often depends on how well your team is put together. It’s not just about picking any god. It’s about selecting a group that works well together. Everybody must know their role to secure victory.

From attacking head-on to supporting your team with special abilities, there are many ways to play SMITE®. This means the game can be played in various styles. Cooperation is still key no matter the strategy.

What’s special about SMITE® is that you have to aim your shots. This makes the game require more skill than others like it. It’s this hands-on approach that makes SMITE® stand out. Players who like a challenge will love it.

Enjoy a Variety of Game Modes

SMITE® offers many different ways to play. The standard mode, Conquest, requires careful planning and teamwork. But for those who just want to jump into the action, there are faster, simpler modes available.

Games like Arena and Joust are perfect for quick but exciting matches. Each mode has its own unique rules. This keeps the game fresh and interesting. No matter your skill level, there’s a mode for you to enjoy.

While some prefer Paladins, many folks love SMITE®. It has over 40 million fans for a reason. The game’s mix of art, gameplay, and modes appeals to a wide audience.

If you’re into fast-paced, action-filled battles with a mythological twist, SMITE® is your game. It continues to be popular because it offers something for everyone.

Game Modes in SMITE®

SMITE® has several game modes to suit various playstyles. Each mode offers a unique experience, guaranteeing fun for players.

Conquest is a top pick, where teams battle in 5v5 matches. The goal is to destroy the enemy Titan. It requires strong strategy and teamwork. Conquest is loved for offering a rich MOBA experience.

Arena is all about quick 5v5 battles with each team starting at 500 tickets. The aim is to burn through the enemy’s tickets. It’s an action-packed mode, usually finishing in 20 minutes.

The Joust mode is different, with teams of three fighting in one lane. The goal remains, to destroy the enemy’s Titan. It’s more about strategy and intense team cooperation.

Assault is perfect for fast, thrilling battles. It matches two teams on one lane with random God selection. The game ends when one team’s Titan is destroyed. It’s great for quick, action-filled gaming.

There are also modes like Slash and Match of the Day. Each mode, including Custom and Adventures, offers a new way to enjoy the game. With options like Domination, Training, and others, there’s always something interesting to play.

SMITE®’s ten main modes cover a wide range of gameplay. From Arena‘s fast battles to Conquest‘s strategic conflicts, there’s something for every player. It keeps the game fresh and exciting.

Matchmaking in SMITE®

Matchmaking in SMITE® is key for fair and fun gameplay. It uses a special TrueSkill system to pair up players with similar skills. This makes sure matches are competitive and everyone has a good time.

In SMITE®, every player gets an Elo ranking. This ranks players by skill level. Then, players are matched against others with a similar total skill level. This makes the game fair and keeps the excitement high.

In Ranked Leagues, SMITE® creates very fair matches for those who love competition. Players join based on their Elo ranking. This helps ensure every match shows off players’ real skills. These leagues have specific rules to keep the competition tough but fair.

Yet, the matchmaking isn’t perfect. Some players find issues, like facing far more experienced opponents. This can lead to one-sided matches, where one team clearly dominates.

“One of the biggest issues I’ve had with SMITE’s matchmaking is getting matched with players who are way above my rank. It makes the game really difficult and frustrating.” – Player feedback

Players have voiced their concerns in SMITE®’s community. They think the system doesn’t always match them fairly. To help, some players suggest teaming up with more experienced friends to balance the odds.

  • “If you want better matchmaking results, try teaming up with higher-ranked players. It might give you better chances of being matched against opponents of similar skill levels.” – Player advice

Others recommend League matches for better matchmaking if you’re in the higher ranks. They believe the system in League matches is more careful to keep the matchups fair.

  • “I’ve noticed that League matches tend to have better matchmaking. If you’re looking for fairer games, give it a try, especially if you’re in Gold or Platinum ranks.” – Player recommendation

Players in lower ranks, like Bronze or low Silver, often feel frustrated. They say playing with less skilled teammates makes climbing the ranks harder.

One player talked about starting in Silver 5 and how it’s tough to move up from there. Having lower-ranked teammates can really slow down your progress in the game.

“I was placed in Silver 5 after qualifiers, and it has been a struggle to rank up. The quality of teammates in lower tiers can really impact your ability to win matches and progress.” – Player experience

To address matchmaking issues, SMITE®’s developers work on updates. These changes aim to make the matchmaking system better. They listen to feedback and continuously improve to make the game enjoyable for all.

Matchmaking is crucial for SMITE®’s success. While it has its challenges, both the developers and players work together to improve the system. Their efforts ensure a fair and fun gaming experience for everyone.

Matchmaking in SMITE®

Unique Features of SMITE®

SMITE® is not like other MOBA games; it stands out with unique features that make the game special. Players enjoy a gaming experience that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

One key feature of SMITE® is the third-person perspective. Most MOBAs are seen from a top-down view. But, SMITE® puts you right in the middle of the action. This closer view changes the game completely. You can surprise enemies from behind or aim your shots precisely. It brings a whole new level of strategy.

The game also offers helpful features like auto-buy and auto-level. These are great for beginners because they simplify buying items and choosing skills. You won’t have to worry about making the wrong decision. This helps new players jump right into the fun without any hitches.

“SMITE® offers unique gameplay elements, such as its third-person perspective, and user-friendly features like auto-buy and auto-level, making it accessible to both new and experienced players alike.”

One thrilling part of SMITE® is the Arena mode. It’s a quick, intense battle where teams face off to win. Players get to focus on combat and teamwork without the usual MOBA objectives. This mode is all about fast, action-packed fun.

SMITE® also shines in the esports world. Every year, the SMITE World Championship brings top teams together. They fight for big prizes and the honor of being SMITE champions. This event shows off the best gameplay and the talent of SMITE pros.

In the end, SMITE® is more than just a MOBA. It offers a unique way to play with its view, easy features, and thrilling Arena mode. And the World Championship brings the best players in the game together. This makes SMITE® a top choice for anyone who loves multiplayer battles. It’s an experience like no other.

Gods and Pantheons in SMITE®

In SMITE®, players can pick from over 130 gods and figures. These come from different mythologies around the world. It makes the game rich with stories from various cultures.

SMITE® has many pantheons, each with its own gods and themes. A few you can play as are:

  • Babylonian
  • Celtic
  • Chinese
  • Egyptian
  • Greek
  • Hindu
  • Japanese
  • Norse
  • Polynesian
  • Roman
  • Mayan
  • Slavic
  • Voodoo
  • Yoruba
  • Arthurian
  • Cthulhu Mythos

Each pantheon offers different gods with unique powers. For example, the Greek Pantheon includes famous gods like Zeus, Athena, and Apollo. These gods’ strengths in the game match their roles in myth.

The Egyptian Pantheon has Anubis, Ra, and others. The Norse Pantheon features Odin, Thor, and many more. Each god has powers and a role that fits its myths and legends.

Every god in SMITE® has their own strategies and strengths. This gives you many ways to play and win. Each new game feels exciting and different.

PantheonMost Desired GodPercentage of Votes
VoodooMaman Brigitte35.2%
New PantheonAztec18.8%
Great Old OnesAzathoth19%

These numbers show which gods players want most from each pantheon. Maman Brigitte, Nut, and Saturn were top choices. Across all pantheons, the most wanted were Maman Brigitte, Nut, Saturn, and others.

Having gods from many pantheons makes SMITE® diverse and fun to play. Whether you like Greek, Egyptian, or other myths, SMITE® has something for everyone. It’s a great place to explore myths and legends.

Platforms and Release Dates of SMITE®

SMITE® lets players fight in an online battle across many devices. It works on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Amazon Luna. You can pick the best device for your gaming fun.

Here are the dates SMITE® first came out on each platform:

PlatformRelease Date
Microsoft WindowsMarch 25, 2014
Xbox OneAugust 19, 2015
PlayStation 4May 31, 2016
Nintendo SwitchFebruary 18, 2019
Amazon LunaSeptember 9, 2021

Since those dates, SMITE® has grown a lot. Players worldwide can now join massive battles and have a great time. It’s a game where you can fight your friends or team up with them, no matter the device.

Smite® on Different Platforms

SMITE®’s popularity soared because it’s on many devices. Choose from a PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, or Amazon Luna to dive into epic battles. You’ll enjoy the intense action and smart strategies wherever you play.

Being on many platforms means more players to challenge. With everyone connected, you can battle it out with friends or make new ones. The game stays lively because anyone can join, no matter the device.

SMITE® keeps getting better with updates and new content. Plus, it supports playing with or against people on any system. This way, the game is always fresh and full of adventure no matter your choice of platform.


SMITE® is the largest online multiplayer battle arena game. It has millions of players globally who love its exciting combat. The game features gods from different mythologies, a variety of game modes, and easy-to-learn gameplay. This mix makes it popular among both new and experienced gamers. With over 100 million players and a growing income, it’s a leader in the competitive MOBA genre.

It also stands out in esports, hosting top tournaments like the Smite World Championship. These events have created a strong esports community and boosted the game’s reputation. SMITE® has also partnered with big names such as Marvel and Avatar: The Last Airbender. These partnerships have increased the game’s popularity and engagement, pushing its success even higher.

Players have been discussing the Smite ability’s spammability and its large AoE size. They were concerned about the effect on the game’s balance and strategy. Making the ability fair and beneficial for teamwork has become a major goal for the community. This shows how dedicated SMITE® players are to improving the game.

SMITE®’s world is based on myths, with a focus on teamwork and dynamic battles. It provides an experience where players can use powerful mythological entities in battle. As the game evolves to meet fans’ needs, it continues to be a favorite in the multiplayer battle arena world. It invites players to take part in epic mythological conflicts like never before.


What is SMITE®?

SMITE® is a big online battle game filled with mythical characters. You can play online with others for free. It’s made by Hi-Rez Studios.

How does gameplay work in SMITE®?

You play as gods and heroes fighting in teams. The goal is to beat the other team. Each god or hero has unique powers and skills. There are classes like Assassins and Mages, each with its style.

What game modes are available in SMITE®?

Game modes include Conquest, which is big and default. Joust is for three players in one lane. Assault gives you one-lane battles with random heroes. Arena is all about quick team fights.

How does matchmaking work in SMITE®?

Matchmaking tries to match you with players of your skill level. SMITE® uses TrueSkill to make fair games. There’s also Ranked Leagues for more serious competition.

What are some unique features of SMITE®?

SMITE® stands out with its third-person view. It also helps new players with auto-buy and auto-level. The Arena mode is famous for fast, intense battles. SMITE® has a big esports scene, including a World Championship.

How many gods and mythological figures are there in SMITE®?

There are more than 100 gods to play as. They come from many mythologies, like Greek and Norse. There are also gods from Voodoo and others.

On which platforms is SMITE® available?

You can play SMITE® on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and Amazon’s Luna service.

When was SMITE® released on different platforms?

SMITE® launched first on Windows on March 25, 2014. It came to Xbox on August 19, 2015, and PlayStation on May 31, 2016. Nintendo Switch got it on February 18, 2019, and Amazon Luna on September 9, 2021.

What makes SMITE® the biggest online multiplayer battle arena game?

The game’s mythology theme, varied game modes, and easy-to-learn gameplay attract a huge player base. With thrilling combat, SMITE® has become the top online battle arena game.

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