Splatoon 2: The Ultimate Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Game

Splatoon 2 - Nintendo Switch game

Splatoon 2 brings excitement to the Nintendo Switch with ink-splattering battles and intense group matches. Players join quirky Inkling characters in 4-on-4 Turf War matches. The aim is to cover more ground with your team’s ink. This outshines the opponent’s area. The game adds new Splat Dualies for quick dodges and claiming land.

Key TakeawaysInk-Splattering Action on the GoVibrant and Chaotic 4v4 BattlesPortable Play Styles for Local MultiplayerFresh Wave of Fashion and WeaponsDual Wield the New Splat DualiesStrategic Possibilities with Remixed WeaponsSplatoon 2 – Nintendo Switch game Multiplayer MayhemTurf War: The Favored Sport Among InklingsRanked Battles for Competitive PlayersSalmon Run: Cooperative Multiplayer ModeGear Up for Inkling CustomizationFootwear, Headgear, and Clothing StylesGear Abilities Tailored to Your PlaystyleSingle-Player Campaign and DLCTake Down Octarians in the Main StoryOcto Expansion DLC: Underwater AdventureNintendo Switch Online MultiplayerSplatfests: Community EventsThemed Competitions and ChallengesEarn Exclusive Rewards and GearColorful and Quirky WorldExplore the Vibrant City of InkopolisMeet Lovable Characters and InklingsGameplay Modes for All PlayersSplat Dualies: Dual-Wielding WeaponsDodge Attacks at High SpeedsClaim Territory with Ink SplatsOcto Expansion: Massive DLC80 Underground Test FacilitiesPlay as Agent 8, an Octoling CharacterUnlock Octoling Multiplayer AccessNintendo Switch PortabilityTake the Action on the GoSeamless Transition Between ModesAmiibo SupportUnlock Exclusive Gear and AbilitiesEnhance Your Inkling’s StyleMultiplayer Game ModesLeague BattleFriends MatchPrivate BattleConclusionFAQWhat is Splatoon 2?What are the key features of Splatoon 2?How does Splatoon 2 take advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s portability?What new weapons and gear are featured in Splatoon 2?What are the different multiplayer modes in Splatoon 2?How does Splatoon 2 support online multiplayer?What are Splatfests, and how do they enhance the Splatoon 2 experience?What can players expect from the Octo Expansion DLC?How does Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch support customization?How does the Amiibo support enhance the Splatoon 2 experience?

It also has a cooperative Salmon Run mode, a story mode for one player, and Splatfests driven by the community. Moreover, it includes the big Octo Expansion DLC. With all of this, Splatoon 2 offers a full Nintendo Switch multiplayer experience. It’s great for playing both at home and away.

Key Takeaways

  • Splatoon 2 is an exciting Nintendo Switch game full of ink battles and multiplayer challenges.
  • Players meet fun Inkling characters and get to use new gear like the Splat Dualies.
  • Splatoon 2 has a lot to offer: team Salmon Run, a solo play campaign, community Splatfests, and the Octo Expansion DLC.
  • It provides a wide Nintendo Switch multiplayer experience, perfect for home and travel.
  • Fans of Nintendo Switch will love Splatoon 2 for its unique and lively multiplayer games.

Ink-Splattering Action on the Go

Splatoon 2 lets you join vibrant battles on the Nintendo Switch exclusive. You can play at home or on the go. It supports local multiplayer in many ways. Play on a tabletop, in handheld mode, or on a TV.

In Turf War gameplay mode, teams of Inklings characters compete to cover more ground in their color. Besides Turf War, you can play in the Salmon Run mode with friends. Splatoon 2 offers a fun, flexible multiplayer experience on the Nintendo Switch.

Vibrant and Chaotic 4v4 Battles

In Splatoon 2’s Turf War mode, things get wild in 4v4 battles. Teams of Inklings splash ink to claim more territory for their color. The game looks lively and feels unpredictable. You need skill and strategy to win.

The visuals are bright and the gameplay is fast-paced. This makes the battles exciting and intense. Everyone must work together and have a solid plan to win.

Portable Play Styles for Local Multiplayer

Splatoon 2 shines on the Nintendo Switch for local multiplayer fun. You can connect with others anywhere, thanks to the console’s various play modes. Whether it’s in handheld mode, on a tabletop, or on the TV, it’s always engaging.

This flexibility means you can enjoy playing with friends and family wherever you are. The possibilities for fun are endless with a Nintendo Switch.

Fresh Wave of Fashion and Weapons

Splatoon 2 brings new fashion and weapons, making the game feel fresh and fun. With the Splat Dualies, players can use two ink-based guns at once. This lets them move quickly, dodge attacks, and cover more ground. There are also many other weapons players can try, each with its own cool features.

Players can also dress up their Inklings with cool clothes and gear. This includes stylish shoes, hats, and clothes. Each item gives special abilities to the player, like moving faster or shooting more ink. It helps players stand out and play better.

Dual Wield the New Splat Dualies

The Splat Dualies are a key new weapon in Splatoon 2. Players can hold one in each hand, shooting fast and moving quick. This helps them dodge enemy fire while painting the ground with ink. It’s great for both claiming territory and battling enemies in various game modes.

The Splat Dualies let players be fast and powerful, a good combo for victory. Players can use them to zoom past enemies and spread their ink far and wide. This makes the Splat Dualies a top pick for many players in the game.

Strategic Possibilities with Remixed Weapons

Splatoon 2 also has remixed weapons that keep the game interesting. Each weapon has a unique way to play. Players can choose from many weapons to find the right one for them.

Some weapons shoot ink far, while others have special area attack moves. These variations make playing Splatoon 2 a creative and strategic experience. Every player can find their favorite weapon to match their style.

Splatoon 2 – Nintendo Switch game Multiplayer Mayhem

Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch offers fun for many. In Turf War, players must cover more ground with their ink than their rivals. For those who love competition, there are Ranked Battles. These allow players to fight for top spots with skill and strategy.

Turf War: The Favored Sport Among Inklings

In Turf War, two teams fight to paint the most territory. This mode is a favorite among the Inkling characters. They try and show their dominance over the others on the map.

Ranked Battles for Competitive Players

Ranked Battles is for those who want a bigger challenge. In Rainmaker, Splat Zones, and Tower Control, players can show off their skills. Climbing the leaderboard is a top goal in these competitive modes. It’s a chance to prove who’s the best among skilled Inklings.

Salmon Run: Cooperative Multiplayer Mode

Salmon Run offers a unique twist in Splatoon 2. Teams work together to defeat Salmonids in a co-op battle. It’s a fun way for players to use their different strengths and weapons. This mode adds a cooperative element to the game.

Splatoon 2 has something for everyone. With its variety of modes, it suits both casual and serious players. It’s a must-have for the Nintendo Switch.

Gear Up for Inkling Customization

In Splatoon 2, you can dress your Inkling in cool shoes, hats, and clothes. Each item gives special powers, like moving faster or covering turf better. This lets players make their character stand out and fight better.

Footwear, Headgear, and Clothing Styles

This customization system lets players make their Inkling look and perform as they like. With various shoes, hats, and clothes, each game becomes a personal statement of style and skill. Players can truly show who they are, both in the game and in battles.

Gear Abilities Tailored to Your Playstyle

Each gear piece in Splatoon 2 does something different. You can pick items that help you move more, use special weapons better, or cover the ground faster. By choosing your gear wisely, you enhance your gameplay and dominate in battles.

Single-Player Campaign and DLC

Splatoon 2 offers not only exciting multiplayer but also a single-player campaign. Here, you become an Inkling hero. Your mission is to defeat the sneaky Octarians. The main story is both fun and tough, with amazing levels and boss fights.

Take Down Octarians in the Main Story

This solo adventure is a blast. Players will travel through a colorful world. They’ll meet with Octarians and learn about the Splatoon universe. It’s a great way to improve your skills and understand the game’s story.

Octo Expansion DLC: Underwater Adventure

Looking for even more? The Octo Expansion DLC is here. It brings a new, big single-player journey. You take on the role of Agent 8. You explore 80 underground trials. In these missions, you’ll find new tales about the game’s world. For big fans, it’s a chance to really dive into Splatoon 2.

Nintendo Switch Online Multiplayer

Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch is all about playing with others online. You can join in fun modes like Turf War, play in competitions, or tackle the cooperative Salmon Run together. To play online, you’ll need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. This membership also gives you access to old NES and SNES games, saves your games in the cloud, and offers other online perks. With this integration, Splatoon 2 turns into a worldwide multiplayer game. Now, you can fight or team up with players from across the globe.

Game ModeOnline MultiplayerLocal Multiplayer
League Battle2-4 players (B- rank or higher)N/A
Ranked Battle8 players (level 10 or higher)N/A
Regular Battle8 players (level 10 or higher)N/A
Friends Match2 playersN/A
Private Battle2-10 players2-8 players
Salmon RunN/A2-4 players
LAN Play2-10 playersN/A

With Nintendo Switch Online, Splatoon 2 opens up to tons of online play. You can join in Ranked Battles, Regular Battles, or help each other in Salmon Run. By getting the Nintendo Switch Online, you’ll unlock all these online fun. Plus, you’ll meet other gamers who love Splatoon 2 from all over the world.

Splatfests: Community Events

Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch organizes frequent Splatfest events. In these events, players pick a side and battle in fun and theme-based contests. It’s a faceoff between Inklings in exciting, ink-covered challenges. The team that wins gets special in-game prizes and equipment. These events are about creating community spirit and friendly competition in Splatoon 2. Players work together to support their side and fight for victory. It all adds fun and thrill to the online multiplayer action, making everyone more involved in the Splatoon world.

Themed Competitions and Challenges

The themed events in Splatoon 2’s Splatfests are a blast. Each contest has a different theme, inspiring Inklings to team up and compete in fun battles based on the topic. This encourages strategic thinking and teamwork among players. It also promotes a sense of togetherness and fair play during the contests.

Earn Exclusive Rewards and Gear

Winning a Splatfest means bagging exclusive in-game items and gear. These exclusive rewards become a win-time treasure and offer players cool ways to customize their game. They also come with bonuses to make game play more interesting. The chance to win these special rewards is a big attraction for fans of Splatoon 2. It makes participating in the Splatfests even more thrilling and rewarding.

Colorful and Quirky World

Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch drops you into a world where vibrant colors meet quirky characters. The hub, Inkopolis, is a lively city where Inklings get together. You can visit various shops and spots, chat with friends, and meet unique folks. The game is full of bold colors and fun animations, creating an exciting atmosphere.

Explore the Vibrant City of Inkopolis

Walking around Inkopolis is an adventure in itself. The city and its characters invite you to be a part of the fun. Splatoon 2’s world is perfect for the exciting battles and missions you will face.

Meet Lovable Characters and Inklings

The Inkling characters are like no other, with their cool style and charm. You’ll meet trendy folks and the mysterious Salmon Run team. They make Splatoon 2’s world feel real and fascinating.

Gameplay Modes for All Players

Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch includes many modes for everyone. The Turf War mode is a fun, casual 4-on-4 battle. Your team’s goal is to cover more ground in your color than the other team’s.

For those who like a challenge, there’s the Ranked Battles system. It’s more competitive. Players work to improve their rank on the leaderboard.

The Salmon Run mode is cooperative. Teams of four battle waves of Salmonids together. It adds a unique fun twist to the game. Splatoon 2 offers something for every player, from casual to competitive.

Splatoon 2 gameplay modes

Splat Dualies: Dual-Wielding Weapons

The Splat Dualies is a key addition in Splatoon 2. These dual-wielding ink guns bring a new style to the game. They let players dodge attacks quickly and splat ink over more area. This helps in taking control of the space and moving fast in battles. The Splat Dualies are great for both Turf War and Ranked Battles. They let you beat your opponents by surprising them.

Players love using the Splat Dualies. They feel awesome because you get to use two weapons at once. They made the game even better for those playing on the Nintendo Switch.

Dodge Attacks at High Speeds

With the Splat Dualies, dodging is super quick. This skill is vital to avoid getting hit by enemies. It also lets you keep moving all the time. This is great for getting better positions and covering more area with your ink.

Claim Territory with Ink Splats

The Splat Dualies are also amazing at spreading ink. With one gun in each hand, players can quickly cover the map in their team’s color. This helps control spaces and stops the other team from moving freely. So, they are not only quick but also strategic.

Octo Expansion: Massive DLC

Splatoon 2’s Octo Expansion DLC is an exciting adventure for players on the Nintendo Switch. In this DLC, you play as Agent 8. He’s an Octoling without memories, waking up in a dark place. To escape, you need to face 80 tough challenges in the underground test facilities. These will reveal new stories and lore from the Splatoon world.

80 Underground Test Facilities

The Octo Expansion DLC sets you to explore 80 different areas. Each has its challenges and mysteries. As you go through these tests, you’ll learn about the secrets of Splatoon’s underworld.

Play as Agent 8, an Octoling Character

The DLC changes things up by letting you play as Agent 8. He’s an Octoling, offering a fresh look at the game’s world. You get to participate in a fascinating single-player story.

Unlock Octoling Multiplayer Access

After you complete the Octo Expansion, you unlock Octoling characters for multiplayer. This adds more fun and choices to Splatoon 2. Now you can mix up your play with Octolings’ unique styles and looks.

The Octo Expansion is a great addition to Splatoon 2, deepening the game for all its fans.

Nintendo Switch Portability

Playing Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch offers a unique advantage – portability. Players can enjoy the game on the go in handheld mode. They can also switch to tabletop mode or dock it to a TV seamlessly. This means players can enjoy Splatoon 2 in any setting, alone or with friends.

Take the Action on the Go

The Nintendo Switch’s portable nature pairs well with Splatoon 2’s energy. It lets players enjoy the game’s various modes anywhere. Whether in a quick Turf War, a Salmon Run mission, or a ranked match, players can use the Switch’s multiple modes. This lets them dive into Splatoon 2’s fun, regardless of location.

Seamless Transition Between Modes

The Switch’s feature to easily switch between modes fits Splatoon 2 perfectly. Players can go from fighting on the go to setting up a local multiplayer game. With this, the fun of Splatoon 2 remains smooth, allowing players to amp up their competition.

Amiibo Support

In Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch, you can use Amiibo figurines. These let you unlock cool in-game gear and abilities by tapping them to your console. This gear improves your Inkling’s style and performance.

It adds special items, giving you more customization options. This means you can make your Inkling truly unique. The game gets even more fun as you can try new tactics in battles.

Unlock Exclusive Gear and Abilities

You can use 18 different Amiibo characters in Splatoon 2. Each figure adds something special to the game. For instance, the Inkling Girl (Red) Amiibo provides Run Speed Up and other neat abilities.

Enhance Your Inkling’s Style

With Splatoon 2 Amiibo support, you can make your Inkling look and play however you want. Different Amiibo unlock unique items. For example, the Pearl Amiibo gives you a Pearlescent Crown and cool clothes. These let you show off your own style and skills in battle.

Amiibo FigureUnlocked GearAbilities
Pearl AmiiboPearlescent Crown, Hoodie, KicksCold-Blooded, Respawn Punisher, Special Charge Up
Marina AmiiboMarinated Headphones, Top, Slip-OnsSpecial Saver, Special Power Up, Ink Recovery Up
Inkling Boy AmiiboSquinja Mask, Suit, ShoesSpecial Saver, Swimming Speed Boost, Faster Respawn
Inkling Girl AmiiboSchool Cardigan, Squid Clip-Ons, Fringed LoafersRun Speed Up, Opening Gambit, Cold-Blooded
Inkling Squid AmiiboPower Armor Mk 1, Mask Mk 1, Boots Mk 1Ink Resistance Up, Bomb Defence Up

Multiplayer Game Modes

Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch gives players many ways to play together. The game’s modes are designed for everyone, from solo players to groups. This creates a fun and varied experience for all.

League Battle

In this mode, you can join friends or make a team. You aim to win in ranked matches against other skilled teams. It’s a great way to test your team’s abilities.

Friends Match

This mode lets you create online private matches. You can choose the map, rules, and teams. It’s perfect for playing with friends exactly how you want.

Private Battle

Here, you can set up your own matches even when not connected to the internet. Whether with friends locally or online, the game gives you the freedom to play as you wish.

These modes make Splatoon 2 a must-play, offering fun and competitive options for everyone. They ensure players can dive into the colorful world of ink battles in the way they like best.


Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch is full of action with its ink-splattering fun. It offers many modes to play, cool looks, and lots of ways to customize. Anyone from beginners to pros will find something they love, making the game a hit for many.

New additions, like the Splat Dualies and the Octo Expansion DLC, make Splatoon 2 even better. The game is portable too, thanks to the Nintendo Switch. So, players can enjoy this top-notch multiplayer game wherever they go. It truly shows the Nintendo Switch’s amazing multiplayer games.

Splatoon 2 has a lot to offer, from fun Turf War to challenging Ranked Battles. It keeps players coming back with its variety and community events. Anyone can jump in and have a blast, showing how games like this bring people together.


What is Splatoon 2?

Splatoon 2 brings a colorful world to the Nintendo Switch. You experience ink-splattering battles. Plus, you join intense multiplayer matchups.

What are the key features of Splatoon 2?

The game stars quirky Inkling characters. It includes 4-on-4 Turf War battles and cool weapons like the Splat Dualies. You also find a Salmon Run mode, a story to play alone, and special Splatfests created by the community.

Moreover, there’s a big Octo Expansion update for even more fun.

How does Splatoon 2 take advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s portability?

Splatoon 2 isn’t just for your living room. You can play anywhere with your Switch. Also, you can team up with friends playing on different parts of the Switch.

Meet the Splat Dualies in Splatoon 2. They’re special guns that let you dodge and shoot. Along with them, you’ll discover remixed weapons and lots of stylish gear, like clothes and shoes. They each have special abilities for your character.

What are the different multiplayer modes in Splatoon 2?

In Splatoon 2, there’s not just one way to play. You can go for turf in Turf War matches. Or, try your skills in Ranked Battles. For teaming up, there’s Salmon Run. And you can have fun with friends in League Battles or Private Battles too.

How does Splatoon 2 support online multiplayer?

By playing online in Splatoon 2, you can join players from across the globe. It’s all thanks to the Nintendo Switch’s online service. Remember, you’ll need a Nintendo Switch Online membership to dive into this part.

What are Splatfests, and how do they enhance the Splatoon 2 experience?

Splatfests are fun, special events in Splatoon 2. Players pick a side and take on battles with a theme. These bring the community together in friendly competition. Teams fight for their side to win.

What can players expect from the Octo Expansion DLC?

The Octo Expansion adds a new, exciting story to Splatoon 2. You play as Agent 8, an Octoling, facing 80 tough challenges. It’s a chance to unlock Octoling characters for multiplayer play too.

How does Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch support customization?

Create your unique look in Splatoon 2 with many clothing and gear options. Each item boosts your abilities in different ways. This lets you play how you want while looking cool.

How does the Amiibo support enhance the Splatoon 2 experience?

Splatoon 2 works with Amiibo figures to give you special gear and skills. By using Amiibo, you can make your Inkling even more powerful and stylish.

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