Stalker Computer Game: Insider Tips & Secrets

stalker computer game

In this article, we’re diving into the Stalker computer game. We’ll share insider tips and secrets for surviving Chernobyl’s eerie wasteland. Whether you’ve played a lot or you’re just starting, we’ve got info from various sources. This guide will make your journey through the Zone more exciting. So get ready, pack your things, and let’s explore the mysteries together.

Key Takeaways:

  • Acquire powerful sniper rifles like the SVD2 “Dragunov” by completing missions for specific factions and joining the right organizations.
  • Obtain the Vintar VC sniper rifle by taking advantage of bandits assaulting the Agroprom stalker base.
  • Utilize the Thunder S-14 assault weapon for its versatility and ability to use AK’s ammo.
  • Maximize faction rewards by repeatedly joining different factions like Duty, Freedom, and Stalkers.
  • Exploit the game to accumulate money by selling excess items and acquire free armor through glitched traders.

What is Stalker: An Overview

Stalker is a mix of an open-world survival and a first-person shooter game. It’s set in the Chernobyl nuclear disaster zone. In the game, you play a stalker, someone brave enough to explore the dangerous Zone for valuable items.

Players get an atmospheric experience while facing challenging gameplay. Stalker’s world is vast with changing weather. This setup tests your ability to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

It combines shooting, exploring, and surviving. You need to find items, manage your belongings, and fight off dangerous foes. The game gives you the freedom to choose your path and goals.

The setting in Chernobyl makes the game even more thrilling and risky. The area is full of radiation, strange occurrences, and mutant creatures. So, you have to be cautious, protect yourself, and keep your radiation levels low to stay alive.

The Stalker series consists of Shadow of Chernobyl (2007), Clear Sky (2008), and Call of Pripyat (2009). Each game adds to the open-world concept and deepens the story of the Stalkers in the Zone.

Key Information:
Platforms:Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
Release Dates:March 20, 2007 – October 2, 2009
Metacritic Scores:75-82 (positive reviews overall)
Sales:Over 4 million copies sold by August 2010. Total sales exceed 15 million as of August 2021.
Related Games:Metro game series, Survarium

Stalker has a strong and loyal fan base. It keeps players engaged with its deep gameplay and the eerie Chernobyl backdrop. As you explore the Zone, always be careful, save your resources, and be ready for the unexpected dangers.

Tips for Surviving the Zone

In the Stalker game, surviving the Zone takes cleverness, resourcefulness, and fast thinking. Key tips are offered here, helping you move through the dangerous Chernobyl area and improve survival odds:

  1. Use cover and remain stealthy: The area is full of danger with enemies and mutants everywhere. Cover like crates, trees, and buildings is your friend, protecting you from direct shots. Staying hidden and moving slowly helps you stay safe and surprises the enemy.
  2. Aim for the upper middle chest: When you fight, aim for the upper middle chest area of your enemy. This spot is more likely to hit vital organs, making your shots more effective.
  3. Stay on the move: You should always be moving to survive. If you stand still, you’re an easy target. Use the environment to move around and outsmart your foes.
  4. Upgrade your weapons, suits, and helmets: It’s wise to visit Stalker Camp Technicians for weapon upgrades. Upgrades make your weapons more accurate and powerful. Better suits and helmets offer more protection too.
  5. Be aware of enemy grenades: Enemies may throw grenades in battle. Watch out for this danger and react fast to dodge them.
  6. Consider weapon range: Every weapon has a range it’s best at. Shotguns work well up close, and sniper rifles are great from far away. Knowing this will help you pick the right weapon for each fight.
  7. Manage your resources: Keeping track of your supplies is crucial. Always carry food, bandages, and essentials. Good planning means you’ll be ready for whatever the Zone throws at you.
  8. Monitor your stats and status: Keep an eye on how much you’re carrying. Being too heavy can slow you down. It’s important to balance your gear for the best survival odds.

Surviving in Stalker’s Zone is about strategy, smarts, and the ability to change. Use these tips to boost your survival chance and rule the Chernobyl wasteland.

Percentage of Players Following Survival Tips:

TipsPercentage of Players
Lowering the game difficulty for a better chance of survival43%
Avoiding fights they cannot win for extended gameplay56%
Checking PDAs regularly for crucial information68%
Unloading weapons found in-game for extra ammunition32%
Avoiding venturing into the Zone at night61%
Using anomaly detectors for anomaly detection75%
Utilizing quicksaving to avoid losing progress87%
Taking cover during emissions to survive72%
Adapting gameplay tactics for new mutants in the Oblivion Lost mod42%
Engaging with additional tips provided in the game tutorial58%

Finding the Best Weapons and Armor

The Stalker game’s best weapons and armor are key to survival in Chernobyl’s wasteland. They keep you safe and give you the power you need. This guide will show you how to get these top items. You’ll be ready to face any challenge out there.

Weapons: Unleash Devastating Firepower

Stalker has a variety of weapons that suit different styles of play. You can get unique and strong weapons by beating certain enemies or finishing quests. For instance, complete a tough task and you could get the powerful SVD2 “Dragunov” Sniper Rifle. It’s known for being accurate and able to shoot from far away.

If you explore the game world, you may find strong weapons in places like military warehouses. These areas often have hidden treasures, including rare guns. Always keep a lookout during your travels.

Some weapons in Stalker are very popular among players. You might find the Fort 15 early on, which has good firepower and is reliable. It can really make a difference as you start your journey.

There is also the stealthy AK74-U Suppressed which you can get by helping someone named Bess. She’s in Garbage, fighting against bandits. This gun is great for sneaking up on enemies quietly.

Many guides recommend the GP 37 weapon. It’s liked for its ability to use various kinds of ammo and its reliability. It’s a solid choice for many players.

When getting weapons, it’s smart to think about the cost. Instead of buying, you could find another way to get a G36 for free. This saves your in-game money for other things.

In the Army warehouses, there’s a hidden GP37 for you. This shows how players often look for chances to save money by finding free gear.

Armor: Protect Yourself from Lethal Threats

Choosing the right armor is crucial in Stalker’s dangerous world. There are different types that protect you from various dangers. Some are better against radiation, bullets, or even flying debris.

Before you reach a certain point in the game, the Merc Suit is the best choice for most players. It offers good protection without slowing you down too much. If you find a special Stalker suit from a trader, it might be even better. The Mail Suit, worn by bandits, is also great for stopping bullets.

By doing certain tasks and talking to other characters, you can get special armor. For example, giving the Bulldog to the Duty leader can lead to getting unique armor. These suits offer great protection against various dangers.

The SSP-90 armor gives you a bit more protection than the military one. It adds another layer between you and the threats of the Zone.

Players often look for armor that fits their play style. Some focus on avoiding radiation, while others want to stop bullets. It’s important to choose armor that helps with the dangers you’ll face.

Mods in the game can make your armor even better. They can change how your armor works or even boost its protection. Try out different mods to see what works best for you.

Summary of Weapons and Armor

SVD2 “Dragunov” Sniper RifleDefeat specific enemies or complete quests to obtain this powerful sniper rifle renowned for its accuracy and long-range capability.
Fort 15Encounter the first unique weapon with decent firepower and reliability.
AK74-U SuppressedObtain this stealth weapon by helping stalker Bess in Garbage, granting you the advantage of silent takedowns.
GP 37A versatile and reliable weapon that is highly recommended by the Stalker community.
Merc SuitConsidered the best armor until reaching the bar or obtaining a superior Stalker suit from a trader.
Mail SuitA Bandit suit with enhanced bulletproofing for increased protective capabilities.
SSP-90Offers slightly better armor protection than the military suit.

Having the best weapons and armor in Stalker is crucial for surviving the Zone. Always look out for rare loot, complete quests, and interact with characters. By doing so, you can get the most powerful gear available. With the right weapons and armor, you can face the challenges of the Chernobyl wasteland and come out on top.

Dealing with Threats in the Zone

The Zone in Stalker is a dangerous area. It’s full of hostile NPCs, mutants, zombies, and anomalies. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each enemy is key to surviving. By being well-prepared, you can live through the challenges of this post-apocalyptic world.

Hostile NPCs

Hostile NPCs are a common threat in the Zone. They range from lone bandits to large military groups. How dangerous they are depends on their gear and numbers. Always be careful and check your surroundings before a fight.

“When facing hostile NPCs, aim for their head or upper chest. This tactic is very effective. It helps you take them down fast and stay safe.”


Mutants come in all shapes and sizes in the Zone. Some have special attacks like telekinesis. To beat them, learn their weaknesses and avoid their strong points.

“Mutants are bad at climbing. Try to get above them to fight from a distance. This keeps you out of harm’s way.”

Zombies and Zombified NPCs

Zombies and zombified NPCs threaten the Zone. They shoot at you from afar. Hit them in the head to save ammo and bring them down.


Anomalies are deadly spots in the Zone. They include thermal, electrical, and psi dangers. Always be cautious. Look and listen for signs of an anomaly to stay safe.

“Around anomalies, move slowly and be careful. Use a detector to find them. Then, pick the best path to avoid danger.”

Dealing with Threats in the Zone Infographic

Dealing with Threats in the Zone infographic

To survive the Zone, know your enemies and the best ways to fight them. This means using cover, learning enemy weaknesses, and avoiding anomalies. Being ready is how you live in Stalker’s tough world.

Exploring the Zone: Locations and Quests

Exploring the Zone in the Stalker computer game is key. It helps players find hidden places, face unique challenges, and get great rewards. In this part, we talk about the spots and tasks for bold stalkers in the Chernobyl wasteland.

Video Content:

Our guide includes videos. They show off hard-to-reach places, making the game more exciting. Players can find secrets in areas they might not explore otherwise.

  1. The 100 Rads Bar: A video lets us sneak behind the 100 Rads Bar’s counter. It uncovers secrets that are rewarding but hard to find.
  2. The Bar Outside Area: This set of videos covers the Bar’s vast outside area in detail. You see the spots to visit, showing how big and fun exploring it is.
  3. Shortcut to the Sarcophagus: We show a video with a safe, quiet way to the Sarcophagus. This quick method saves time and is resourceful.

Exploration Tips and Tricks:

Our videos also share tips from the gaming community. They ease exploring off-trail areas in Pripyat, Red Forest, Wild Territory, and Yantar. They help players move better and find success.

Specific Locations:

The videos focus on places like the Red Forest and Brain Scorcher facility. These spots bring their own tough challenges and big rewards for those brave enough to explore them.

The Yantar Area

The Yantar area in the game is very interesting. Players can run to the map’s edge with no barriers. But, radiation makes it a challenge despite being a large, open area.

Visual Glitches:

Players might see textures appear and disappear. These glitches make the game more eerie and unpredictable. They add to the post-apocalyptic feel.

As true gamers, we love finding secret areas and tackling tough quests. We share insider tips to help you beat the Zone’s dangerous spots. Stay with us for cool exploits and must-know tips for the Stalker game.

Exploits and Tips for Success

Knowing game exploits and tips can really help in Stalker. We have insider info to help you. This will assist you in surviving the Zone and its dangers.

1. Harness the Power of Mods

Use mods to make your game better. Many players suggest mods to enhance your Stalker experience. For instance, the Accuracy Mod, Weight Mod, Weather Mod, No weapon degrade Mod, and Non-Degrading Armor Mod can all make your time in the game much better.

2. Carry More with Modified Config Files

One player figured out how to carry more by changing the config file. This change lets you carry up to 350 kilos. It makes looting and collecting resources much easier and more effective.

3. Exploit Game Mechanics with Quick Saves and Quick Loads

Use game mechanics to win in tough times. Use quicksave and quickload to try different strategies. This way, you can find what works without losing progress.

4. Manage Bleeding with Non-Bleeding Artifacts

Bleeding is a big problem in the Zone, but you can manage it. Equip non-bleeding artifacts to help stop and heal bleeding. These items offer extra protection, making you safer.

5. Strategic Planning: Daytime Exploration, Nighttime Raids

Success in Stalker is all about planning. Explore during the day when it’s easier to spot danger. Then, raid at night for surprise attacks. This strategy uses the time of day to your benefit.

6. Embrace Camping and Cheap Kills

Surviving the Zone means being smart and ruthless. Use camping and surprise attacks to save resources and remove threats. This approach helps you be more efficient in the game.

7. Efficient Tactics for Dealing with Enemies

When you encounter foes, use smart tactics. Try drawing patrols to areas where you have the advantage. Doing this makes it easier to win and get valuable items.

8. Tackle Challenging Early-Game Areas with Strategy

Early stages like Cordon and Garbage can be tough. But by planning and moving carefully, you can succeed. Know the patrol routes and use cover well. A good plan can help you win.

Texture Pack for Enhanced Visuals

For better visuals, try the Texture Pack version 1.0.4. It’s made for “Shadow of Chernobyl” with over 4100 textures. This makes the game visually stunning and deeply immersive.

System Requirements for Texture Pack:Compatible Game Series:
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX950 4Gb and aboveExclusively designed for “Shadow of Chernobyl” game
CPU fx8320 and above
16Gb RAM DDR3 1333 MHz
SSD or MVME drive

This texture pack is made for the OGSR Engine and the game. The developer is working on improving the textures for the next version. You can support the developer’s work by making contributions.

Modding and Customization

Modding is big in the Stalker game world. It lets players change the game to fit their choices. You can boost graphics, add new stuff, or tweak how the game works. Mods let every player make Stalker their own.

Stalker has a strong modding community. It means players can see and try each other’s mods. Mods can make the game feel new again, keeping it fun for longer.

The people behind S.T.A.L.K.E.R. support modding. They say it’s okay if you have the game legally and don’t make money from your mods. This lets players change the game and share these changes for free.

But, if you want to use S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mods in another game, ask first. Getting permission from the game’s creators is important, to be fair to all games.

Retaining Authorship and Ownership

When you make a mod, you still own it. But, remember, you might use things that are owned by others. So, you can’t sell your mod if it includes someone else’s stuff.

GSC is cool with players using their game’s things for mods. This is good news for the Stalker community. It supports new ideas and sharing within the game world.

Always follow the rules when making mods. Don’t use things from games without permission. It’s against the law.

There are lots of mods out there for Stalker. Some make the game super hard, and others fix issues. Everyone can find a mod they like, making the game better for them.

Making mods connects players. They can work together and share cool new ways to play. It makes Stalker not just a game, but a community.

Modding and customization make Stalker exciting and personal. You can change the game and make it your own. So, get Stalker, dive into modding, and have an adventure that’s all yours.


The Stalker computer game series has been a hit among gamers since 2007. It draws players in with a unique story set in the remains of Chernobyl. This makes Stalker a game you won’t forget.

Using our tips, you can survive the Zone and get the most out of the game. We cover everything from survival strategies to the best gear. This guide will help you thrive in the post-apocalyptic world of Stalker.

The Stalker series started with Shadow of Chernobyl and continued with Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat. It’s known for its eerie atmosphere and engaging play. The upcoming Stalker 2, using Unreal Engine 4, promises to be even better.

Get ready to explore the dangerous Zone and uncover its secrets. This game will push your skills to the limit. Are you ready to become a stalker and face its challenges head-on?


What is Stalker?

Stalker is an open-world game mixing survival with first-person shooting. It’s set in the Chernobyl nuclear disaster zone. In it, players take the role of a stalker, exploring the Zone for valuable items and surviving a broken world.

What are some tips for surviving the Zone in Stalker?

If you’re looking to survive in the Zone, remember to use cover wisely. When facing foes, aim for their upper chests. Always keep moving to avoid being trapped.

How can I find the best weapons and armor in Stalker?

Want the best gear? Try defeating tough enemies or finish quests for weapons like the SVD2 “Dragunov” Sniper Rifle. You can also search through military bases and old buildings for powerful weapons and armor.

How do I deal with threats in the Zone?

The Zone is full of dangers from people and creatures to dangerous areas. Be ready for each threat. For instance, use mutant’s weaknesses against them, and always be careful around anomalies.

What can I expect when exploring the Zone in Stalker?

Exploring the Zone gives you a look at unique places with their challenges and rewards. Completing quests not only pushes the story but also helps you survive with more resources and knowledge.

Are there any exploits or tips for success in Stalker?

Stalker has tricks to help you. Some let you get more in-game items easily. We also recommend smart inventory management and focusing on what you truly need.

Can I customize my gameplay experience in Stalker?

Yes, there’s a big community that makes and shares mods for Stalker. These mods can change the game’s look, add new things to do, or fix parts of the game. They can make Stalker even more fun to play.

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