The Best Fallout Game, According to Dedicated Players

best fallout game

Fans have strong views on which Fallout game is best. Each Fallout game brings its own deep stories and worlds. Some clear favorites have emerged among fans.

Ranking the Fallout GamesFallout 1: A Classic CRPG ExperienceFallout 2: A Timeless CRPG with Solid GameplayFallout 3: Bethesda’s First Entry into the SeriesFallout: New Vegas: A Fan Favorite with Memorable WritingFallout 4: Modern Gameplay with Mixed ReceptionFallout 76: A Controversial Entry with Ongoing UpdatesChoosing the Best Fallout Game for YouWhere to Play Fallout GamesKey Takeaways:Ranking the Fallout GamesFallout 1: A Classic CRPG ExperienceThe Best Traits and StrategiesTips for Effective GameplayFallout 2: A Timeless CRPG with Solid GameplayFallout 3: Bethesda’s First Entry into the SeriesThe Best Fallout Game for Console PlayersFallout: New Vegas: A Fan Favorite with Memorable WritingEngagement Comparison with Fallout 3Fallout 4: Modern Gameplay with Mixed ReceptionFallout 76: A Controversial Entry with Ongoing UpdatesChoosing the Best Fallout Game for YouFallout: New VegasFallout 4Consider Your PreferencesWhere to Play Fallout GamesConclusionFAQWhat is the best Fallout game according to players?How are the Fallout games ranked?What makes Fallout 1 a classic CRPG experience?What makes Fallout 2 a timeless CRPG with solid gameplay?Why is Fallout 3 considered a critically acclaimed Fallout game?What makes Fallout: New Vegas a fan favorite with memorable writing?What are the strengths and weaknesses of Fallout 4?Is Fallout 76 a recommended Fallout game?How can I choose the best Fallout game for me?Where can I play Fallout games?What should I consider when choosing between the PC and console versions of Fallout games?What is the ultimate Fallout game?

Ranking the Fallout Games

To figure out the top Fallout game, gamers’ feedback is crucial. We will look into each game’s features and why they stand out.

Fallout 1: A Classic CRPG Experience

The first Fallout, Fallout 1, is dear to many. It’s heavily focused on fighting, more than the RPG aspects of later titles. This game is loved for its dark setting, deep story, and impactful choices.

Fallout 2: A Timeless CRPG with Solid Gameplay

Fallout 2 kept the magic of the first game alive. It uses a turn-based RPG style that fans still enjoy today. Many players rate it highly, showing its lasting value.

Fallout 3: Bethesda’s First Entry into the Series

Fallout 3 marked Bethesda’s start with the series. It turned the gameplay into first-person and added shooter elements. This change made the game more immersive and beautiful.

Fallout: New Vegas: A Fan Favorite with Memorable Writing

Fallout: New Vegas started as DLC but grew into a full game. Its deep story and choices won gamers over. Despite its rocky start, it’s now among the top Fallout games.

Fallout 4: Modern Gameplay with Mixed Reception

Fallout 4 brought in modern features. It has better controls and looks, but its story got mixed reviews. Yet, fans love its gameplay and detailed world.

Fallout 76: A Controversial Entry with Ongoing Updates

Fallout 76 is the first with multiplayer. It faced launch issues but has since improved a lot. It has a growing fan base who enjoys its unique features.

Choosing the Best Fallout Game for You

The top Fallout game for you depends on what you like in games. Whether it’s storytelling or gameplay, there’s a title that fits your style. Think about what you enjoy in games when picking a favorite.

Where to Play Fallout Games

You can play Fallout games on various devices. The old ones are on Steam and GoG for those who love nostalgia. Newer titles are on consoles and PC, offering diverse gaming experiences.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 are praised for their classic CRPG gameplay and timeless content.
  • Fallout 3 introduced a shift to a first-person shooter style and features a compelling story.
  • Fallout: New Vegas is a fan favorite with impressive writing and choice options.
  • Fallout 4 offers more modern gameplay mechanics but received mixed reception for its plot and writing.
  • Fallout 76, despite a controversial launch, has built a dedicated fanbase over time.
  • Choose the best Fallout game for you based on your preferences and playstyle.
  • Fallout games are available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, providing options for different platforms.

Fans continue to discuss the best Fallout game. Each brings unique strengths that appeal to different players. Whether you’re into classic or modern games, the series welcomes you to a thrilling, post-apocalyptic world of choice and adventure.

Ranking the Fallout Games

Players often disagree on the best Fallout game, as each game offers unique gameplay, story, and player experience. We’ll explore each game’s position in the Fallout series rankings.

First, let’s look at the top-rated game, Fallout 1. Fans love this game for its classic feel and engaging story. It’s known for its dark themes and tough choices, making it a favorite for many.

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel takes a different spot, around 2.5 in the rankings. While not as popular as other games, it still has fun gameplay that some players enjoy.

RankingFallout Game
1Fallout 1
2.5-ishFallout: Brotherhood of Steel

Now, in third place, we find Fallout 3. Bethesda’s first Fallout game was a hit for its change to first-person gameplay. It also featured actor Liam Neeson and interesting DLCs, making it memorable.

Fallout New Vegas is listed at the 3.5th spot. Though it started as an expansion, it grew into a standout game. Despite early bugs, its story and choices gained players’ affection.

Fallout 4 comes fourth in the rankings. It brought in modern features and was loved by many, especially younger players. Although it had mixed reviews for its story, its gameplay and updates keep fans hooked.

RankingFallout Game
1Fallout 1
2.5-ishFallout: Brotherhood of Steel
3Fallout 3
3.5Fallout New Vegas
4Fallout 4

Fallout 76 is the latest, at position 76. It’s unique as the only online Fallout game. While it had a rough start, the Wastelanders update vastly improved it, drawing in more fans.

Remember, what makes the best Fallout game is personal. The game that truly connects with you is the ultimate Fallout experience. Enjoy your adventure in the Wasteland!

Fallout 1: A Classic CRPG Experience

Fallout 1 came out on October 10, 1997, and it’s seen as a pioneer in the CRPG genre. Even though it’s not as technologically advanced as later games, it’s held in high regard. This is because of its unique elements and fun gameplay.

The story is set in 2161, about 80 years after a worldwide nuclear war. The world is a grim, post-apocalyptic place but full of engaging stories. Players step into the shoes of the Vault Dweller. They must find a water chip in Vault 13 to save their people.

Soon, it becomes more than just saving their community. The quest is about stopping the Master and the Forced Evolutionary Virus. The virus is turning people into mutants.

The game has three main quests, each with a set time limit. This adds an urgent feeling to the adventure. There are 18 skills tied to your character’s stats. This lets players make a character that is uniquely theirs. Additionally, there are sixteen traits to choose from. Each trait has both good and bad sides. This makes every choice important and interesting.

“Fallout 1 truly captures the essence of a CRPG with its dark and immersive world, meaningful choices, and consequences. It’s a must-play for fans of the genre.” – Vault Boy

There are also 50 perks to earn, each with its own conditions. This gives characters a wide range of ways to grow. Players can team up with four different companions. These friends help out in tough situations and add to the game’s depth.

Even though Fallout 1 sold 600,000 copies worldwide, its true value lies in more than its sales numbers. It’s loved for its freedom. Players can choose their own path and make their own story. There are few wrong choices, which makes the experience feel open and limitless. This design adds to the game’s replay value.

The Best Traits and Strategies

In Fallout 1, some strategies stand out for making gameplay smoother. The “Gifted” trait is a top pick. It boosts all main stats but slows down skill learning a bit.

“Fast Shot” is another favorite among players. It lets you shoot faster but you can’t target specific body parts. This is good for those who like more action in battles.

While “Small Frame” might be better in the next game, in Fallout 1 it’s still useful. It makes your character lighter but quicker.

Finally, “Finesse” is also highly sought after. It’s great for those that rely on luck and want to do more critical hit damage.

A good tip is to focus on the Small Guns, Speech, and Lockpick skills. They’re handy in many situations and can help you a lot.

Tips for Effective Gameplay

  • It’s a good idea to have high Agility and Intelligence for fighting and making decisions.
  • You’ll need a Perception score of 5 or 6 to get one of the best perks.
  • Charisma is important if you’ll have a team. Keep it at 4 or more for better teamwork.
  • Choosing a perk that shows enemy health is helpful. It gives you an advantage in battle.
  • Consider using fan patches for improvements. They can make your experience better.
  • Save your game a lot, especially before going into buildings. This helps avoid rare bugs.
Setting2161, nearly a century after a global nuclear war in 2077
Main QuestsThree quests with time limits
Skills18 skills with initial effectiveness determined by primary statistics
TraitsPlayers can choose two traits from a list of sixteen, each with positive and negative effects
Perks50 perks available with prerequisites that must be met
CompanionsFour companions can be recruited for exploration and combat
Copies SoldAround 600,000 copies worldwide
Major LocationsJunktown, the Hub, and Necropolis
FactionsBrotherhood of Steel, Children of the Cathedral, Super Mutants, and more
CharactersVault Dweller, Albert Cole, Natalia Dubrovhsky, Max Stone, Ian, Tycho, Dogmeat, Katja, Vault Boy, Killian Darkwater, and the Master
StoryVault Dweller tasked with finding a water chip in Vault 13, later tasked with stopping the source of mutations caused by the Master and the Forced Evolutionary Virus

Fallout 2: A Timeless CRPG with Solid Gameplay

Fallout 2 is often called one of the best Fallout games. It still grabs players’ attention today. This is due to its strong gameplay and deep story.

The game is set 80 years after the first one, in a post-nuclear war California. It throws players into a big and dangerous world. Even though it only had a few months to be made, it became a hit.

Fallout 2 continued the style of turn-based battles and detailed conversations. It made players think hard to solve quests. The game was known for its serious look at topics like addiction and corruption, which made it stand out.

However, Fallout 2 had some problems at its launch. Some areas and quests were cut. This made fans want more. To make up for it, extra content and info were later added into the Fallout Bible.

The Fallout 2 Restoration Project is one example of fan dedication. They aimed to enhance the game and bring back its cut content.

While it’s loved by many, Fallout 2 faces a few complaints. Some found the later battles too easy. And the game got slower as it went on, taking away from the fun.

The story in Fallout 2 got mixed reviews too. It kept a dark vibe but also added aliens and weird twists. Some of the humor didn’t match the serious mood of the original game, causing mixed feelings among players.

“Fallout 2 offers a timeless CRPG experience with solid gameplay, but it’s not without its flaws.”

Fallout 2 stands out with its great story, world, and classic RPG elements. It’s a fan-favorite for its tough choices and big world to explore. Its effect on RPGs is huge and still felt today.

Development TimelineThe Fallout franchise traces back to 1987 with the release of Wasteland, leading to the development of Fallout 1 in 1997 and Fallout 2 in 1998.
Time Gap Between TitlesA nine-year gap existed between the release of Wasteland and Fallout 1, and Fallout 2 was announced mere months after the launch of the original Fallout.
SettingFallout 2 is set 80 years after the events of the first game in post-nuclear war California.
Release DateFallout 2 was pushed out for a fall 1998 release, with only a few months of development time.
Gameplay ElementsFallout 2 maintained isometric RPG style with turn-based combat and intricate dialogue, quest solutions, and challenging difficulty.
Game ImpactFallout 2 dealt with mature themes such as addiction, corruption, morality, slavery, and racism.
Content RushThe release of Fallout 2 was rushed, resulting in areas and quests being cut from the game.
Fallout BiblePost-release world-building information and cut content were compiled into the Fallout Bible by the game’s lead writer.
Modding InfluenceModders incorporated cut content into Fallout 2 through the Fallout 2 Restoration Project.
LegacyFallout 1 and 2 are hailed as classic western RPGs known for gritty writing, impressive world-building, and retained RPG elements despite modern adaptations.

Fallout 3: Bethesda’s First Entry into the Series

Fallout 3 was Bethesda’s huge first step into the Fallout world. It brought in a whole new era for fans. Unlike the old games, this one put you right into the action in a first-person view.

Right away, it was a hit. In one week, nearly 5 million copies went out. Clearly, people loved the change and the game’s world.

What made it special was how open it was. You could do what you wanted and your choices affected the game. That freedom was a big part of its success.

After launch, Bethesda kept the excitement going. They added new stories and items with five big updates. This kept players exploring and discovering.

Yet, not everything was smooth. Some countries took issue with parts of the game. In Australia, it was about drugs, in India about a word, and in Japan, a big decision shook things up.

Even with the bumps, Fallout 3 is a fan favorite till now. It’s known for its story, people, and how you can play your way.

The Best Fallout Game for Console Players

For those who love playing on consoles, Fallout 3 is a top pick. It mixes shooting with strategy and deep storytelling. You play through a post-apocalyptic DC, which is unforgettable.

What’s great is the choice you have. You can see the world through your character’s eyes or over their shoulder. This makes the adventure feel personal.

Creating your character is also really cool. You can pick how they look and what they’re good at. This makes the game more about you.

As you play, you get better at things and level up. It’s rewarding to see your character grow and learn new skills.

Once you start exploring outside Vault 101, the story is yours to shape. You can change how you look and what you’re good at. The game always gives you ways to get stronger.

Your actions affect the world and how people see you. This adds an interesting twist to the game. Your choices really matter.

Comprehensive Character HealthA character’s health is divided into health points (HP) and limbs, which can be damaged and recovered through various means such as medical treatment, food, and water.
Degradation of Weapons and ApparelWeapons and apparel degrade over time with use and become less effective when in poor condition. Players are required to maintain and repair them through specific vendors or salvaging parts from similar items.
Impactful Health EffectsRadiation poisoning and withdrawal symptoms are among the negative health effects that players can experience in the game, further adding to the challenging and immersive gameplay.

Fallout 3’s vast world and deep gameplay stand out for console fans. It has won big awards and keeps a big following. Clearly, it’s a top Fallout game.

Fallout: New Vegas: A Fan Favorite with Memorable Writing

Fallout: New Vegas hit the shelves in 2010 and quickly became a fan favorite in the Fallout series. It was crafted by Obsidian Entertainment, marking itself as an RPG gem. The game shines with its rich stories and writing that sticks with you.

What sets Fallout: New Vegas apart is its focus on player choices. Every decision you make impacts the story. This adds layers of depth and makes you think about your choices deeply.

You can spend around 30 hours in the game, exploring and trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Despite its vast land, you’ll find the game to be stable with hardly any technical hiccups. This makes the experience smooth and enjoyable.

The combat in Fallout: New Vegas is unique thanks to VATS, a targeting system that lets you plan each action. This is especially handy when fighting off big bugs and other tough enemies. Quick thinking and strategic planning are vital for success.

Engagement Comparison with Fallout 3

When comparing Fallout: New Vegas to its predecessor, Fallout 3, some players feel less connected to the main character. Yet, this viewpoint varies among fans, reflecting individual preferences.

Fallout: New Vegas benefits from the creativity of those who worked on the original Fallout series. Their touch enriches the game’s storytelling, offering a deeper, more engaging experience. This game feels old-school in the best way possible.

While debates continue on whether Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas is better, the latter’s story quality stands out. It’s praised for its engaging narrative and the vast network of factions and character relationships. These elements combine to create a truly memorable journey for RPG lovers.

In the end, Fallout: New Vegas is celebrated for how it tells a story. The game’s focus on choices, the deep storyline, and the experience contributed by classic Fallout developers have made it a standout RPG. It continues to be a beloved title in the gaming community.

Fallout 4: Modern Gameplay with Mixed Reception

Fallout 4 came out in 2015 with cutting-edge gameplay mechanics and stunning visuals. It improved the controls and made the game experience smoother. This change brought a beautiful, immersive open-world for players to enjoy.

The game’s story and writing got mixed reviews, though. Some enjoyed the deep world-building and engaging side quests. But, others thought the main story was lacking and didn’t match up to earlier games.

Fallout 4 is still a favorite thanks to its deep gameplay and the ability to personalize your adventure. Players can craft items, make settlements, and change their character’s skills and look. This customization lets players craft their own post-apocalyptic world.

The game also lets players make big decisions that change the story a lot. You can decide on the fate of factions and personal stories. This gives you a rare sense of control over the game’s direction.

A big plus is Fallout 4’s large modding community. There are many mods to download, adding new content and improving features. Mods like “Long Save Bug Fix” and “Equipment And Crafting Overhaul (ECO)” are among the most popular, showing the fans’ dedication.

The update for next-gen consoles, however, faced issues, especially with PC and Nvidia GeForce RTX cards. The ‘Weapon Debris’ feature caused crashes and lag. Bethesda didn’t fix this issue despite knowing about it for eight years.

It’s key to remember that Fallout 4 runs into trouble on high frame rates and monitors, affecting its performance. Fallout 3, another well-loved game, has similar issues. Even with its problems, Fallout 4 remains a strong choice for series fans who love open worlds and deep customization.

Fallout 76: A Controversial Entry with Ongoing Updates

Fallout 76 was launched in 2018 and faced a lot of backlash. Fans said it didn’t measure up to the older games in the series. But, Bethesda has worked hard to make it better with updates and new content.

Originally a multiplayer game, Fallout 76 broke from the series’ solo play. But it has changed a lot. Now, players find there’s more to do, like exploring new areas and taking on exciting quests. The game also has lots of weapons, tough enemies, and characters you can meet. All these additions have gotten more people to play.

best fallout game for console

The buzz around Fallout 76 has grown with Amazon’s new Fallout show. Amazon Prime members can play Fallout 76 for free, which has made many people check it out. In April, it’ll be part of the free games offered by Amazon Prime Gaming, giving even more access.

Fallout 76 offers a unique multiplayer experience within the Fallout universe. While it may not be the best Fallout game according to some fans, it has evolved into an engaging and immersive experience with its ongoing updates and expansions.

Today, Fallout 76 is much better than before and has won back some fans. Despite a rough start, the game is now full of fun things to do. It’s free to try until April 18 on different platforms, attracting many new players.

The game is doing very well on Xbox Series consoles and Steam. With Amazon Prime, gamers can keep playing for free once the free period ends, thanks to Prime Gaming.

In conclusion, Fallout 76 has certainly improved since its tough beginning. The hard work from Bethesda has paid off. Now, the game is a good choice for those who enjoy multiplayer in the Fallout world.

Choosing the Best Fallout Game for You

Deciding on the best Fallout game is about your personal likes and what you want from a game. The series has many titles over the years, each with its own strong points. We’re here to guide you through the top picks to help you choose wisely.

Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas is a fan favorite for good reason. It offers an engaging story, lots of side quests, many different places to explore, and unique vaults. This game really lets you control your story. If you like games where your choices matter, this one is a fantastic pick.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 stands out for its up-to-date gameplay and impressive visuals. It’s perfect for those who love to dive into a detailed, open world. Despite some mixed reviews, it has a huge map to explore and a strong community making mods. If you love customizing your game, Fallout 4 is a great choice for you.

Consider Your Preferences

Think about what you love most about Fallout. Do you like the old-school feel of the first Fallout games, even with their simpler graphics? Or are you into the intricate RPG world of Fallout 2, with its unique stories and gear? Perhaps you’d enjoy the online world of Fallout 76 with its ongoing content updates.

Maybe building and managing in Fallout Shelter is more your style. Whichever parts of the series you enjoy most, there’s a Fallout game that’s perfect for you.

Remember, the top Fallout game for you is the one that meets your gaming needs and draws you in. Take your time to check out different titles. Watch some gameplay videos and read reviews to help you decide.

Whether you’re after a gripping story, modern gaming features, iconic characters, or out-of-the-box gameplay, the Fallout series has something for everyone. Dive into the chilling wasteland, face its trials, and seek out the thrilling tales hidden in the post-apocalyptic setting.

GameYear ReleasedAvailable PlatformsHighlights
Fallout1997PCGoing back to where it all started
Fallout 21998PCConsidered the best isometric RPG in the series
Fallout 32008PC, PS3, PS4/PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|SAn utterly bleak setting (and Three Dog’s banging radio station)
Fallout: New Vegas2010PC, PS3, PS4/PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|SFallout’s boldest story to date
Fallout 42015PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|SBuilding your own settlements
Fallout Shelter2015Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PCWatching your vault become a well-oiled machine
Fallout 762018PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|SMultiplayer shenanigans in Appalachia

Where to Play Fallout Games

Ready to explore Fallout’s post-apocalyptic world? You’re in for a treat! Fallout games are available on many platforms. This lets you play the way you like, whether on PC or console.

On PC, you can dive into the classics with Fallout 1 and Fallout 2. These games are on Steam and GoG. They offer a nostalgic CRPG experience, perfect for the series’ fans.

Console players have their own great titles, like Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. Available on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, these games provide immersive gameplay and rich stories.

Fancy a newer game? Try Fallout 4. It’s on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, with next-gen versions available. Fallout 4 boasts enhanced graphics, base building, and a vast open world, captivating many.

Looking for multiplayer action? Consider Fallout 76. It launched in 2018 and is on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Plus, it’s now on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S with updates that made it better over time.

So, no matter your gaming preference, Fallout has something for you. Pick the right platform and start your post-apocalyptic journey!


Choosing the best Fallout game comes down to what you like. Each game has its unique features that different people enjoy. Fallout 76 has a big open world where you can play without a set end. On the other hand, Fallout 2’s ending talks about rebuilding the post-apocalyptic world.

Fallout: New Vegas highlights a big political fight. This game lets players shape the story with their actions. Fallout 3 connects the ending to your character’s main aim smoothly. And Fallout 4 offers many different endings, including exciting actions like taking down the Institute.

Every Fallout game ends in a different way. This could be an open ending or a clear conclusion. Fallout 4 is well-liked for its shooting gameplay and world design. But, many missed features like strong characters away from the main plot. The game’s endgame part felt lacking for some people.

Even with these downsides, Fallout 4 is still fun to play. It may still get better with future DLCs adding new content. So, start exploring the Fallout series. You may find the best Fallout game for you, be it a top choice or any other game in the series.


What is the best Fallout game according to players?

People have different opinions. Some highly rated Fallout games are 1, 2, 3, New Vegas, 4, and 76.

How are the Fallout games ranked?

These games are judged on aspects like gameplay, story, and how players feel about them overall.

What makes Fallout 1 a classic CRPG experience?

Fallout 1 stands out with its dark story and deep choices. These make it a beloved classic.

What makes Fallout 2 a timeless CRPG with solid gameplay?

Fans still love Fallout 2 for its deep gameplay. It remains a top choice for many CRPG lovers.

Why is Fallout 3 considered a critically acclaimed Fallout game?

Fallout 3 brought Bethesda into the series with its strong story. It’s unforgettable due to its characters and DLCs.

What makes Fallout: New Vegas a fan favorite with memorable writing?

Fallout: New Vegas shines with its engrossing story and impactful choices. Fans appreciate its strong RPG roots.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 updated many things but faced story criticisms. Its modern features pleased some but not all.

Although its start was rough, Fallout 76 improved over time. It’s good for those interested in its online features.

How can I choose the best Fallout game for me?

Think about what you like in games. Do you prefer a deep story, RPG mechanics, or the latest in gameplay and looks?

Where can I play Fallout games?

You can find series titles on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For older games, try digital platforms like Steam and GoG.

What should I consider when choosing between the PC and console versions of Fallout games?

Your choice depends on what you care about most. Consoles might be better for ease, PC for mods and performance tweaks.

What is the ultimate Fallout game?

The best game is up to you! Everyone finds something special in each game, making them all unique.

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