The Best Games to Play in 2024: Our Top Picks

best games 2024

Reports say 2024 will be a huge year for gaming. We’re eagerly awaiting titles like Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail and Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2. There’s also STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl to watch out for.

Key Takeaways:PC Games to Play Right NowAction GamesRPGsFighting GamesIndie GemsDriving SimulationsImmersion in GamingLittle Kitty, Big City – All Chameleon Locations And RiddlesChameleon Locations and Hiding SpotsRiddles and ChallengesNavigating the CityCollectible HatsLittle Kitty, Big City – All Fish LocationsThe First FishThe Second FishThe Third FishThe Fourth FishLittle Kitty, Big City – All Duckling LocationsMust-Try Games on Various PC PlatformsEpic Games Store: Cyberpunk 2077Steam: Alan Wake 2Xbox Game Pass: Baldur’s Gate 3Top Picks for Each Genre CategoryAction GamesAdventure GamesBeat ’em Up GamesRacing GamesRole-Playing Games (RPG)Strategy GamesMOBA GamesPuzzle GamesSimulation GamesSports GamesIndie GamesTabletop GamesFighting GamesHorror GamesShooter GamesPlatformer GamesMMORPG GamesSandbox GamesStrategy RPG GamesWhy You Should Game on a PCUnparalleled Graphics and HardwareA Vast Library of GamesEndless Customization OptionsAccess to Exclusive Titles and Indie GemsFuture-Proof TechnologyAction Games: Tales of Kenzera: ZauAdventure Games: MystConclusionFAQWhat are the best games to play in 2024?What are the best PC games to play right now?Where can I find all the chameleon locations and riddles in Little Kitty, Big City?How can I find all the fish locations in Little Kitty, Big City?Where can I find the ducklings in Little Kitty, Big City?What are some must-try games on platforms like Epic Games Store, Steam, and Xbox Game Pass?Do you have genre-specific recommendations for PC games?What are the advantages of gaming on a PC?What is Tales of Kenzera: Zau and why should I check it out?Why is Myst considered a classic adventure game?

Here, we list our favorite upcoming 2024 games (Best Games). We cover everything from thrilling adventures to deep RPGs and complex strategy games. Everyone should find something they like in our selections.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cyberpunk 2077 wowed with a 9/10 rating for its immersive world and fun gameplay.
  • Tekken 8 shines with better mechanics, graphics, and fighters, enhancing its fighting experience.
  • Alan Wake 2 impresses with horror, a good story, and tough puzzles.
  • Baldur’s Gate 3 offers a rich RPG world based on Dungeons & Dragons, with great movies and deep strategy.
  • Hades stands out with its endless fun, strong story, and gameplay, making it a leader among rogue likes.

After testing 43 PC games this past year, PCMag has picked the best. Whether you love major games or enjoy finding indie treasures, 2024 will have plenty to offer.

We’ll soon share top picks from various game types and platforms. This guide will be your go-to for 2024’s top gaming experiences. Get ready for an exceptional gaming adventure.

Note: Prices and ratings may change. Always check official sources for the latest information.

PC Games to Play Right Now

If you love PC games and are searching for the best ones, you’re in for a treat. We’ve gathered a selection of top games. They span from action-packed to deep RPGs and fun multiplayer games. There’s something for every gamer in our list.

PCMag has tested 43 PC games over the last year, finding the best ones. You’ll find exceptional first-person shooters, strategy games, and brain-teasing puzzles in our recommendations.

Action Games

Want excitement? Play Street Fighter 6 or Resident Evil 4 (Remake). These titles offer fast combat and great stories. You’ll dive into big battles and intense moments.


Baldur’s Gate 3 is a must for those who love stories and fantasy worlds. This game is praised for its narrative. It will keep you interested for hours.

Fighting Games

Tekken 8 brings fresh mechanics and beautiful graphics to the series. It’s great for both experts and casual players. Enjoy every match in this thrilling game.

Indie Gems

Looking for something different? Try Hades. It merges a unique gameplay style with a rich story and beautiful art. It provides fun battles and great replay value.

Driving Simulations

Racing fans should play Forza Motorsport. It has a Car EXP system that rewards skill development. It’s perfect for all driving enthusiasts, offering a true-to-life racing adventure.

Immersion in Gaming

For an emotional story and captivating gameplay, try Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. This game combines entertainment with deep narrative, keeping you engrossed.

The world of PC gaming is always growing. With 2024 ahead, we anticipate new games and improvements. This is a big year, with more powerful hardware and games to explore.

Popular PC GamesPrice RangeReview Scores
“Street Fighter 6”, “Resident Evil 4 (Remake)”, “World of Warcraft”, “League of Legends”, “Portal 2”, “Doom Eternal”Free to $69.993.5 to 5.0

We always update our list with the newest top PC games. Whether you’re new to gaming or experienced, you’ll find unmatched fun in our picks.

Little Kitty, Big City – All Chameleon Locations And Riddles

In the game Little Kitty, Big City, you get to search for hidden chameleons and solve smart riddles. Our guide will help you beat the game’s challenges. Let’s together uncover the secrets of Little Kitty, Big City.

Chameleon Locations and Hiding Spots

The chameleons are hidden all over the city. It’s up to you to find them using your sharp eyes. Usually, each chameleon hides in 6 places. Most chameleons hide close to where you found one before.

Riddles and Challenges

In your search, you’ll face tricky riddles. Solving them is necessary to move forward. Each challenge gets more fun as you go. They will keep you thinking and entertained throughout.

The city is huge and full of surprises. Remember, about 60% of chameleon hiding spots are close to Petwork portals. Use Tanuki’s help to reach these areas easily. Planning your route and using the portal network can help you travel faster.

Collectible Hats

In your adventure, look out for the 42 unique hats. They are fun to collect, ranging from apple to little devil hats. Each hat changes how your character looks, adding fun and charm.


Hat NameLocation
Apple HatCity Park
Ladybug HatBotanical Gardens
Hard HatConstruction Site

Getting some hats might be a bit harder. For instance, the Crab Hat needs you to be good at climbing and parkour. For the Tiger Hat, you must avoid blowing vents carefully. This mix of challenge makes the game more interesting.

With our guide and your cleverness, you’ll master Little Kitty, Big City. So, wear your detective hat, think through the riddles, and dive into Little Kitty, Big City for an amazing time!

Little Kitty, Big City – All Fish Locations

In Little Kitty, Big City, you get to go on a fun fish-catching journey. Whether you’re out to catch all fish or love the calm of virtual fishing, you’re covered. Our guide on where to find all game fish will help you complete your collection. Plus, you’ll get that “fin-tastic” achievement too.

The First Fish

Your first fish is unique. You need to find four shinies and give them to the crow by the bike. The crow will then give you the first fish as a reward.

The Second Fish

Head to the superstore for the second fish. Go to the shop’s back and check the chest freezer. There, the second fish waits for you, cold but eager.

The Third Fish

Finding the third fish is an adventure. Climb vending machines and cross cables to get on a roof. Then, visit a lady’s garden. In her house, you’ll spot the fish in a frying pan.

The Fourth Fish

The last fish is with a man, fishing near a bike. You can take it from his bag or wait till he catches one. This ends your fish hunt and earns you the “fin-tastic” achievement.

Collecting fish helps you in the game. Each fish found boosts your climbing energy. This makes your cat skills better and unlocks more game areas.

Ready to start fishing in Little Kitty, Big City? Get your fishing rod and explore the city. Enjoy the game’s interesting spots, puzzles, and adorable gameplay while fishing for all the lively fish.

Little Kitty, Big City – All Duckling Locations

In the game Little Kitty, Big City, you can join a lovely quest called Quack Troops. The mission is to find four ducklings and their dad. Look for them in their favorite places around the city.

The first duckling is in a grocery store. It’s having fun in a water puddle. Look carefully while you’re shopping.

Next, visit the arcade to find the second duckling. It’s dancing on a stool. Take a moment to enjoy its moves.

There’s a fun challenge at the old lady’s produce shop too. The third duckling needs help getting out of an air vent. Use your brains to rescue it.

Not far from there, in a laundromat, the fourth duckling is stuck in a dryer. Rescue it to be a hero!

As you roam the city, catch and eat fish to boost your climbing power. This will help you face game challenges.

In total, there are five ducklings, but you only need to bring four back to their dad. The order you find them in doesn’t matter. So explore freely at your own pace.

To get each duckling to return, you must complete a special task for them. For example, break a video game in the arcade. Or turn off a dryer in the laundromat. Stopping an air vent in the fruit shop also works.

For reuniting the family, players get a duck hat as a thank you gift. Wear this hat with pride to show what you’ve achieved!

Little Kitty, Big City is a game that’s lively and full of adventure. It charms players with its sweet characters and fun quests. Join Quack Troops, find the ducklings, and bring them back to their dad for joy all around.

Must-Try Games on Various PC Platforms

There are many games online, making it hard to choose. Here are top games you should try on Epic Games Store, Steam, and Xbox Game Pass. You’ll find something you like, from shooters to RPGs and strategy games. Take a read and start your next gaming journey.

Epic Games Store: Cyberpunk 2077

“Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world RPG set in the future. It’s known for its story, graphics, and thrilling play. Critics gave it 9/10 for its quality and fun.”

Steam: Alan Wake 2

“Alan Wake 2 continues the story of the first game in a new adventure. It’s a mind-bending horror game with a unique soundtrack. Its first game was a hit, making this sequel a top choice for horror fans.”

Xbox Game Pass: Baldur’s Gate 3

“Baldur’s Gate 3 is a top RPG that dives into a fantasy universe. It’s known for its story, gameplay, and use of Dungeons & Dragons. Critics loved it, giving it 9/10. It’s a game you have to play.”

These are some great games you can play. But there are many more out there. Keep looking through these stores for other games that fit what you like. For more suggestions, check our other articles. Enjoy your gaming time!

Top Picks for Each Genre Category

PC gaming has something for everyone, from action to adventure. We’ve chosen the best games in every genre to help you find new favorites. Our picks are well-loved by gamers and critics alike. Check out the genre lists below to see our recommendations.

Action Games

Looking for intense gameplay and exciting combat? Street Fighter 6 is our top choice in action games. It has a perfect rating thanks to its iconic characters, deep mechanics, and fun multiplayer.

Adventure Games

For adventure, Myst is a classic that’s held strong for almost 30 years. It’s known for its unique world and challenging puzzles. This game comes highly recommended by both players and experts.

Beat ’em Up Games

For beat ’em up fans, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge is a must-play. It has a mix of nostalgia and fun gameplay, earning it a 4.0 rating. Join the Turtles on their mission to save their city.

Racing Games

If you love racing, you’ll enjoy Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Collection. It features fast gameplay across different tracks with well-known characters. This game has a 4.5 rating, making it a hit for racing game enthusiasts.

Role-Playing Games (RPG)

Baldur’s Gate 3 is the top RPG with its award-winning gameplay and story. It won the Game of the Year Award and the Golden Joystick in 2023. Dive into a world filled with stories, choices, and exciting adventures.

Strategy Games

If you love planning and management, you’ll like Tales of Kenzera: Zau. It’s a mix of Metroidvania and African myths, bringing a unique twist to the strategy game genre. The game has a 4.0 rating for its innovation and fun gameplay.

MOBA Games

League of Legends is the ultimate in MOBA gaming. With its strategic play and a large character selection, it’s a favorite worldwide. Jump in and experience the competitive and exciting battles this game is known for.

Puzzle Games

Puzzle fans should try the iconic Myst. It’s a point-and-click adventure with challenging puzzles. Over its almost 30-year history, it has become a foundational game for puzzle lovers.

Simulation Games

In the simulation genre, World of Warcraft is a standout. It’s a massive game that’s been a favorite among players for years. With its rich world, it’s an experience like no other in gaming.

Sports Games

If you enjoy virtual sports, check out FIFA 22. It’s the newest FIFA game, known for its realism and immersive career mode. Get ready for hours of authentic football gaming fun.

Indie Games

Independent games like A Plague Tale: Requiem show the power of creativity. This gripping story has earned multiple Game Awards nominations. It’s a dark yet compelling tale of survival.

Tabletop Games

For tabletop fans, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom brings the magic to board games. With a rating of over four stars, it’s a hit with Zelda fans. It’s a great way to experience Zelda with friends offscreen.

Fighting Games

In the fighting genre, Street Fighter 6 is unmatched. It’s a 5.0 masterpiece with a diverse cast of fighters and amazing battles. Take part in the iconic fighting game experience it offers.

Horror Games

Get ready for a scare with Resident Evil 4 (Remake). This remake brings the horror classic back with beautiful graphics and gameplay. Fight your way through terror in a bid to survive.

Shooter Games

For adrenaline, Call of Duty: Warzone offers intense shooter action. Known for its battle royale mode, it has become a must-play. Join the action and show off your shooting skills against players from around the world.

Platformer Games

In the platformer genre, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Collection offers more than just racing. It includes fun platforming challenges alongside its racing excitement. Enjoy colorful worlds and fast-paced action with this game.


For MMORPGs, World of Warcraft remains the top choice. It offers a vast and detailed world with endless quests and adventures. Join this legendary game to experience its magic with millions of other players.

Sandbox Games

For endless creative freedom, Minecraft is the go-to game. It allows players to build and explore to their heart’s content. With its simplicity and depth, it has become a worldwide gaming phenomenon.

Strategy RPG Games

Strategy RPG fans should try The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV. It’s a rich tale with strategic battles and interesting characters. Dive into a world full of story and strategy in this top pick.

There are many great games to choose from in PC gaming. We’ve covered the best in every genre, from action to adventure, puzzle, and more. Find something new to love, whether you’re into heart-pumping action or relaxing strategy games. Dive into our curated picks and start gaming!

Why You Should Game on a PC

Gaming on a PC has many benefits. Whether you use a powerful desktop, a portable laptop, or something like the new Steam Deck OLED, you’ll find lots to love. PC gaming lets you dive into rich experiences, perfect for all kinds of players.

Unparalleled Graphics and Hardware

PCs boast unbeatable graphics and super hardware. You can tweak your setup to match what you like. Features like ray-tracing and HDR make your games look amazing. You won’t find this level of detail and realism elsewhere.

A Vast Library of Games

There’s a game for everyone on PC. PCMag has reviewed 43 products in the PC games category alone. You’ll find everything from strategy and indie games to intense shooters. With 284 games in various genres, you can always discover something new.

Endless Customization Options

Customizing your gaming experience is easy on a PC. You’re not stuck with one type of setup as with consoles. Choose the gear, software, and settings that suit you. You can even tweak games with mods or set custom controls. PC gaming is all about making it your own.

Access to Exclusive Titles and Indie Gems

Exclusive and indie games shine on PC. Play classics like World of Warcraft or discover new standouts like Myst. PC is the place for both timeless hits and fresh, creative titles. Steam, in particular, is a hotbed for indie games, offering a rich variety.

Future-Proof Technology

PC gaming is always at the cutting edge. As tech advances, your PC can keep up with the latest and greatest. Handheld options like the Steam Deck OLED prove PC gaming is adaptable. You can keep playing, even on the move, without losing quality.

In summary, PC gaming wins in every category. Its high-quality graphics, boundless game selection, and endless customization are just a few perks. Whether you play a little or a lot, there’s plenty to explore on your PC.

Action Games: Tales of Kenzera: Zau

If you’re into action games with deep stories, check out Tales of Kenzera: Zau. This game dives into the world of Kenzera, mixing African myth with afterlife mysteries. It’s full of engaging gameplay and a rich cultural backdrop.

Players step into Zau’s shoes, a shaman helping spirits move on. With Masks of the Sun and Moon, he begins a six-hour action-packed quest. It’s about his journey to aid souls on their path after death.

The key point of Tales of Kenzera: Zau is its characters. Zau and his meetings with Kalunga are at the core. This story touches on grief and building deep connections.

Zau’s shaman powers from the masks are unique. Players can switch between moon and sun abilities in fights. This brings a fresh approach to battles, making the game engaging.

Along with fighting, there’s platforming in dynamic settings. Players use new skills to explore parts of the game. These parts offer extra challenges with good rewards, boosting the fun.

This game, unlike others, keeps backtracking and collecting simple. It wants players to focus on its story and thrilling battles. This makes it easy for anyone to enjoy.

The colorful, detailed world of Kenzera is a visual treat. Every part of the design is carefully crafted. This makes exploring the game’s world a joy.

Whether you love action or discovering new myths, Tales of Kenzera: Zau is worth playing. It blends immersive gameplay with a gripping story, setting it apart.

Adventure Games: Myst

Myst is a classic adventure game loved for its rich world and engaging gameplay. It was released more than 25 years ago, but remains a favorite among its fans.

Players find themselves on a mysterious island in Myst. They must solve puzzles to uncover the island’s secrets and its deep history. This is done through an easy-to-use point-and-click method.

Myst stands out for its amazing design. The game’s scenic beauty and its music combine to completely immerse the player. Exploring the island reveals breathtaking views and a haunting atmosphere.

“Myst is a testament to the power of storytelling and exploration. Its combination of intricate puzzles, stunning visuals, and immersive atmosphere have solidified its place as a beloved adventure game.” – Game Reviewer

Myst has had a huge impact on adventure games since its release. Many current game developers and fans were inspired by its unique style. Even today, Myst is considered a standard for storytelling in adventure gaming.

In 2024, over 30 new adventure games debuted in just two months. But, Myst is still a standout choice in the genre. Its mix of adventure, puzzles, and story are hard to beat.

Anyone, whether new to games or looking to revisit classics, should play Myst. It offers an experience that truly stands the test of time.

Myst Game Cover

GamePlatformsUser ReviewsUser Lists
MystPC, Mac, PlayStation, Sega Saturn430+


In 2024, gaming will reach new heights with amazing titles. If you love action, adventure, or puzzles, this year is for you. With new games and hidden gems, the choices are endless.

We’ve shared top games in all categories so that everyone finds something they’ll love. Dive into Tales of Kenzera: Zau or enjoy the challenges of Myst. These games will make your year fun and memorable.

Playing on a PC offers extra perks like personalizing your gaming setup. Devices like the Steam Deck OLED add more fun too. PC gaming brings endless fun and deepens your game experiences.

The gaming world is a lively place, thanks to major events. The 2024 Game Developers Conference saw game pros come together. They shared new ideas and celebrated great games like Baldur’s Gate 3. It shows how games continue to grow and impress.

Get set for 2024’s best games. It’s a chance to leap into new adventures, conquer quests, and make lasting memories. Here’s to the amazing gaming moments that lie ahead!


What are the best games to play in 2024?

In 2024, look out for Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, and STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl.

What are the best PC games to play right now?

The PC world has Balatro, Helldivers 2, Minecraft, and Apex Legends shining.

Where can I find all the chameleon locations and riddles in Little Kitty, Big City?

Our detailed guide ensures you find every chameleon and solve all riddles to master the game.

How can I find all the fish locations in Little Kitty, Big City?

Discover every fish spot in this game with our complete guide and fill your collection.

Where can I find the ducklings in Little Kitty, Big City?

Find and play with the sweet ducklings by following our comprehensive duckling location guide.

What are some must-try games on platforms like Epic Games Store, Steam, and Xbox Game Pass?

Our widely varied recommendations will ensure you pick the perfect game across multiple platforms.

Do you have genre-specific recommendations for PC games?

Yes, we provide top picks by genre, ranging from intense action games to brain-teasing puzzles.

What are the advantages of gaming on a PC?

A PC lets you make your gaming setup truly yours. You also have new options like the Steam Deck OLED for gaming on the go.

What is Tales of Kenzera: Zau and why should I check it out?

This game mixes Metroidvania with African myths for a fresh challenge. It’s worth exploring for a new kind of adventure.

Why is Myst considered a classic adventure game?

Myst is a classic because it charms players with its world and clever puzzles.

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