The Best Switch Games of 2024: Our Expert Picks

best switch games 2024

The Nintendo Switch has been around for over seven years now. It keeps gamers of all ages hooked with its huge variety of games. Plus, you can pick from several models that fit different budgets.

The Switch gets a lot of love because of its game lineup. It had an amazing first year, with big hits like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You can also play classic games and new indie hits, making it perfect for anyone.

There’s also good news for thrifty gamers. The Switch has great deals on popular games. This makes it easy to add new games to your collection without breaking the bank.

Even with other consoles out there, the Switch is still a favorite. This is mainly because it can be a handheld or a home console. That kind of choice is hard to beat.

In 2024, we’ve got a lot of new games coming to the Switch. Fans are especially excited for remakes of classics like Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. These updates to old favorites promise a lot of fun.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Nintendo Switch offers a vast library of games, including popular first-party titles and strong ports from previous console generations.
  • It caters to various preferences with games spanning genres like strategy, action, RPG, rhythm, and monster-catching.
  • The Switch boasts multiple console variants, including the Nintendo Switch OLED with its gorgeous display and the Nintendo Switch Lite designed for younger gamers.
  • Multiplayer options on the Switch range from in-person split-screen to party-friendly multiplayer jaunts and engaging single-player adventures.
  • In 2024, several highly anticipated games, such as Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Bayonetta 3, are set to join the list of the best Nintendo Switch games.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a standout title for anyone loving Zelda games. As the top game in 2024 for the Nintendo Switch, it packs an epic adventure. It’s a must-play for all Switch owners, delivering a captivating experience in its vast world.

TOTK’s story happens a decade after “Breath of the Wild.” It introduces a new, ancient civilization called the Zonai. This breathes fresh life into the game, making the adventure even more thrilling.

The game’s world is vast and full of surprises. From underground tunnels to sky-high Zonai cities, there’s always something new to find. This deepens the excitement and sense of wonder players feel during every playthrough.

Boss battles in TOTK are tougher than in BOTW, testing your skills and smarts. Players can even create powerful machines to help in fights. This makes overcoming challenges more rewarding and fun.

Puzzles are a big deal in TOTK, requiring players to think and use tools wisely. Whether it’s exploring complex paths or solving ancient mysteries, your brain will get a workout. This critical thinking is key to moving forward in the game.

Sidequests add a nice touch to the game, offering a break from the main story. These range from tiny favors to more meaningful actions. They add depth and a human touch to the game’s world.

Link’s nods to the franchise’s classic tunes while cooking is a nice touch. It shows the developers’ love and respect for the series. This adds an extra layer of nostalgia for longtime fans.

Still, some players find certain parts of TOTK a bit lacking. For instance, the building and sky islands may feel more like chores to some. Also, there’s a wish for deeper stories in some areas.

The game’s structure might feel a bit repetitive. Players visit many dungeons, each following a similar pattern, which can make progress seem slow. Combat also has its issues, like unfair hits, but the one-save food eating trick helps a bit.

Yet, the developers truly poured their hearts into TOTK. They’ve built an expansive world over six years. This world is larger and more detailed than its predecessor, Breath of the Wild.

New features like the Ultrahand, Ascend ability, and an improved horse system enrich the game. These, alongside new options for cameras and quick item access, make the gameplay smoother and more enjoyable.

Starting your journey in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom offers a unique and engrossing experience. Though some feedback has been critical, it’s still a game well worth playing with an open mind. Its varied puzzles, tough enemies, and gameplay twists are sure to delight.

There’s also buzz about DLC to expand the TOTK world further. This game is making a big mark in the Nintendo Switch community. It’s worth keeping an eye on for more adventures and updates.

Metroid Prime Remastered

Get ready for Metroid Prime Remastered on the Nintendo Switch. It reimagines the classic first-person shooter. With updated graphics and better controls, it’s perfect for fans old and new.

The excitement for Metroid Prime 4 is really building. While a release in 2024 or 2025 is rumored, nothing is certain. Luckily, we have Metroid Prime Remastered to keep us busy until then.

Retro Studios hasn’t released a new game in over a decade. People are curious about their next big project. Until we know, we can enjoy Metroid Prime Remastered and imagine what’s next.

Metroid Prime 4 means a lot for both the game and the Nintendo Switch. It can draw in more players, helping the platform thrive. There’s even talk that its launch might affect a new console’s arrival.

Playing the earlier Metroid Prime games can be tough due to limited access. With Nintendo’s older store closing soon, this gets harder. Luckily, Metroid Prime Remastered makes it all easier for everyone.

Metroid Prime Remastered Release Information

Release DatePlatformPrice
TBDNintendo SwitchTBD

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a top choice among the best Switch games of 2024. It’s one of the 19 Mario games you can play on a Nintendo Switch. Mario’s charm and fun gameplay are still winning over players.

In 2023, the game introduced the Wonder Flower feature. This added new ways to play and think. It got a lot of praise and was up for Game of the Year.

The levels in Super Mario Bros. Wonder are marvelously made. They offer a mix of fun and challenge. With hard levels rated at four or five stars, players need skill and smarts to win.

If you love collecting, unlocking purple coins in each level is a must. Getting all three per level challenges players. It makes the game richer and more exciting.

Then, there are unique parts called Wonder Flower sections. They change how you play in fun ways. These keep the game feeling fresh and interesting.

For the bravest players, the Special World in Super Mario Bros. Wonder awaits. It has 10 levels rated at five stars for their super difficulty. Beating them will test your gaming skills.

No surprise that Super Mario Bros. Wonder ranks high in 2024. It blends new gameplay ideas with carefully designed levels. Critics and fans love it for its unique features and quality.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons shined in 2024 as a top game for the Switch. It quickly won over players worldwide. They found comfort and joy in its virtual world during lockdowns.

Released after an eight-year wait, this console game was well worth it. Its mix of cute characters, laid-back gameplay, and personalization made it popular. It appealed to both long-time series fans and those new to gaming.

The game lets you build your perfect digital space. You can create your home and shape beautiful islands. This lets you reflect your own style and imagination in the game.

It’s not just about creating, but also about connecting. Players could visit each other’s islands. They could trade and play together, making it a fun online meeting spot. This feature added a special sense of community, especially when real-life meetings were difficult.

“Animal Crossing: New Horizons provides a sense of comfort and familiarity in uncertain times. Its charming world and delightful gameplay offer a welcome escape from reality.” – IGN

With over 30 million copies sold, the game’s impact is clear. It shows the popularity of games that relax and immerse players of any age. It’s a landmark in gaming history for its wide appeal.

Features of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Here are some aspects that make Animal Crossing: New Horizons stand out:

  • It offers a life-like simulation experience.
  • There are many ways to customize your character, home, and island.
  • The game follows real seasons, adding to its realism.
  • Animal villagers are charming and offer delightful interactions.
  • There’s an online multiplayer mode for visiting friends’ islands.

Whether you enjoy gardening, designing, or island life, the game has something for you.

So, get ready to fish, pick fruit, and start a wonderful journey in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Affiliate Table:

Animal Crossing: New HorizonsThe best life simulation game of 2024. Create your own virtual paradise and connect with friends.$59.99
Mario Kart 8 DeluxeOne of the best Switch games for online multiplayer. Race against friends or AI in this thrilling kart racing game.$49.99
Metroid DreadExperience the latest entry in the iconic Metroid series. Battle fierce enemies and explore a captivating sci-fi world.$59.99
Pokémon Legends: ArceusEmbark on an adventure in the vast, open world of the Hisui region. Catch and explore a variety of Pokémon in this revolutionary Pokémon game.$59.99
Stardew ValleyEscape to the countryside and build a thriving farm in this relaxing and addictive indie game.$14.99

Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 is a highly anticipated game in the action genre. It is called a big, bold action game for the Nintendo Switch. Fans are excited because it will show off the Switch’s power with fast gameplay. Its look and style are said to be as good as popular games like Devil May Cry 5.

People are eagerly waiting for Bayonetta 3. It is expected to be one of the top games for Switch in 2024. The Nintendo Switch itself offers a lot, from its OLED display model to a Lite version made for kids.

While waiting for Bayonetta 3, there are many other fun games on the Switch. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe allows multiplayer online or offline. Metroid Dread is exciting with great looks. It offers a new kind of challenge. Pokémon Legends: Arceus is turning heads too for how different it is.

For family fun, Kirby and the Forgotten Land brings new twists to Kirby’s world. Hollow Knight is great for those who like a challenge and a deep story. Animal Crossing: New Horizons lets you be creative and relax on a virtual island.

Whether you like action, adventure, or something classic, the Switch has games for you. There’s a lot to look forward to, including Bayonetta 3 and more. The Switch keeps getting better with each new game release.

Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer

Are you seeking a unique experience on the Nintendo Switch? Check out Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer. It fuses rhythm game elements with the Legend of Zelda series. This creates an engaging game filled with adventure.

For $24.99, Cadence of Hyrule is a steal. It takes Koji Kondo’s iconic tunes from The Legend of Zelda and gives them a new spin. You’ll move to the music while tackling dungeons and foes, which adds excitement.

This game offers a mix of weapons and items for your journey. You’ll find boomerangs, bombs, shovels, and torches to help you solve puzzles and fight. It mixes in roguelike elements too, so strategy is important.

In the game, you aim to find Octavo’s missing instruments and stop the evil force. There are various modes and local co-op, providing about six hours of fun. It’s perfect to keep you entertained for hours.

Cadence of Hyrule is loved for its fun gameplay and accessible design. Fans of both rhythm games and Zelda enjoy it. So, make sure to add it to your Switch collection.

Don’t miss out if you want an exciting game on your Nintendo Switch. Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer mixes rhythm and Zelda into a must-play title. It’s considered one of the top games on the Switch in 2024.

Bravely Default II

Bravely Default II is the awaited sequel in the series, leading players on a grand adventure. It’s placed high among the best games on the Switch for 2024. Fans of RPGs find it a top choice.

In a recent poll, it won 40.72% of votes, clearly showing its popularity. Yet, there are mixed thoughts on where it stands compared to its predecessors. Opinions differ, with praise for Bravely Second’s gameplay and story and Bravely Default’s music and twists. However, Bravely Default II got mixed reviews, with some finding it lacking.

The game introduces Jobs like White Mage and Vanguard for players’ characters to take on. Players can use two Jobs at once for better strategy. And the Brave/Default system adds a new layer to combat, with a strategic turn pass option.

The game also makes a change by letting players see enemies on the field and avoid battles. Weaker foes can even decide to run away during fights. Plus, there are checkpoints to save progress in dungeons, offering a break from the action.

Bravely Default II

Party Chats are another feature that makes the game more engaging. These chatty moments between characters reveal more about their backstories and personalities.

Meet Seth, a character with a special skill that can start a battle with an upper hand. This adds a unique aspect to the game’s combat, making him stand out as a key team member.

The game includes voice acting for main characters and villains, making the story more immersive. Its soundtrack by Revo is both whimsical and epic, with a standout battle theme.

Though visuals are better in handheld mode, the game feels warm and familiar. Developers have improved gameplay, making it fun for both fans and first-timers of the series.

Player Feedback:

Total Votes194
Percentage of Votes (Bravely Default II)40.72%
Percentage of Votes (Bravely Default)32.99%
Percentage of Votes (Bravely Second)26.29%
Percentage of Negative Reviews100%
Average Boss Fight Duration1 hour
Average Time Spent on StrategiesHours
Approximate Time for “Easy Mode” CompletionHours
Percentage of Game Completion for Story Analysis40 hours
Average Time Invested Before Potential Story Twist72 hours
Average Time Spent on Side QuestsBack and forth 4 times between a town and dungeon

Game Builder Garage

Have you ever wanted to create your games? Game Builder Garage turns that dream into a reality. It launched on 11/06/2021 for the Nintendo Switch. Now, anyone can make their own interactive experiences.

The gaming world has praised Game Builder Garage. It got 3 mentions in articles and reviews in June 2021. With an average rating of 4.00 in 48 reviews, people are loving its features and easy-to-use design.

F-Zero: Climax is a game made with Game Builder Garage and got 57 mentions in June 2021. This shows the wide range of games you can create with it.

What makes Game Builder Garage stand out is how easy it is to create games. It offers seven lessons that start with simple tag games. They end with lessons on making full 3D games. This step-by-step learning is perfect for both new and experienced users.

Game Builder Garage uses something called Nodons. These are like puzzle pieces for programming. They help users build their games in a fun and simple way.

Its tutorials last from 20 minutes to over 80 minutes. They cover everything you need to know. After each lesson, there are puzzles to solve. This makes learning both fun and challenging.

Here’s a table of Game Builder Garage’s key points:

Game Builder Garage
Release Date11/06/2021
Reviews in June 202148
Average Rating4:00
Interactive Lessons7
Lesson Length Range20 minutes to over 80 minutes
NodonsRepresent programming concepts
PuzzlesMix of easy and challenging
FocusAccessible game creation and game design basics

Game Builder Garage opens a door to game development for everyone. Its friendly lessons and tutorials create a great learning experience. This game helps you bring your creative game ideas to life.

Streets of Rage 4

Streets of Rage 4 is the sequel fans have been waiting for. It brings back the classic Sega beat-em-up but with a new twist. This mix of old and new has delighted fans all over again.

The game’s action is classic side-scrolling. It offers fun, intense fighting that will keep you playing for hours. You get to pick from various characters, each with their own skills. This adds a fun layer as you pick and play with your favorite.

The soundtrack is another thing that makes Streets of Rage 4 amazing. It combines music from top Japanese composers and Western stars. This music makes the gameplay even more exciting and immersive.

There are new fighting moves and combos to try out. The game has 12 stages, each with its own bosses and challenges. This keeps the game fresh and exciting every step of the way.

You can also play online with friends. This makes it even more fun to partner up and beat the game together. If you have a Nintendo Switch Online membership, you can enjoy classic NES™ and Super NES™ games as well.

Streets of Rage 4 StatisticsDetails
Sale End Date5/13/24 at 06:59 a.m. UTC
First Entry in 25 YearsThe long-awaited return of the core series
Epic Line-up of ComposersJapanese musical architects and Western rising stars
Brand-new MechanicsEnhancements to the classic gameplay
Unique Stages12 stages with challenges and boss battles

Streets of Rage 4 stands out in 2024’s best Switch games. It takes a beloved classic and refreshes it for today’s gamers. If you love action or just want an exciting game, Streets of Rage 4 is a must-play.


Our journey through the top Switch games of 2024 shows that Nintendo is still on top. There are games for everyone, thanks to a wide range of genres.

In 2024, the Switch had fewer new games, nearing the end of its life as the main Nintendo console. But, it still wowed players and critics alike in the first quarter. Titles like Helldivers 2 and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth got a lot of love.

There were 26 games in total that scored 8 or more with IGN, proving the platform’s excellence. From unique titles like “Another Crab’s Treasure” to fun ones like “Botany Manor,” the Switch offers loads of creative gaming adventures.

Now is the time to check out our top picks and build your own collection. Action, adventure, RPGs, or casual games – the Switch remains a beloved option. Its variety and fun make it a true powerhouse in the gaming world.


What are the best Switch games of 2024?

The top Switch games for 2024 are The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Metroid Prime Remastered, and Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Also making the list are Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Bayonetta 3, and many others.

What genre is The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom falls into the action-adventure category.

Is Metroid Prime Remastered a remake of the original game?

Absolutely, Metroid Prime Remastered is a significant upgrade of the classic first-person shooter from the Nintendo GameCube era.

What makes Super Mario Bros. Wonder stand out?

Super Mario Bros. Wonder shines as a top Mario game with its creative platforming challenges.

Is Animal Crossing: New Horizons a good game for casual gamers?

Without a doubt, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is perfect for both series fans and casual players. It offers a peaceful, deep world to explore.

What can we expect from Bayonetta 3?

Bayonetta 3 aims to deliver high-speed action and stunning visuals, setting the bar for the genre.

What is the unique feature of Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer?

It melds rhythm gameplay with The Legend of Zelda, creating a fresh and enjoyable mashup.

Is Bravely Default II a turn-based RPG?

Yes, Bravely Default II stands out with its engaging turn-based battles and a beautiful diorama-style world.

What can you do in Game Builder Garage?

With Game Builder Garage, players can craft their own games. Its simple design makes creativity on the Switch fun and easy.

Is Streets of Rage 4 a throwback to the classic beat-em-up games?

Definitely, Streets of Rage 4 brings back the fun and action of classic Sega beat-em-ups with new twists.

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