The Elder Scrolls® Online Gameplay: Immersive Adventures

The Elder Scrolls® Online Gameplay

Welcome to The Elder Scrolls® Online! It’s an epic multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). This world, called Tamriel, is vast and full of exciting quests and battles. You can also make your character truly unique.

This guide is filled with tips for a better gaming experience. It covers everything from quests to combat, customizing your character, and housing. There’s something amazing for everyone in The Elder Scrolls® Online.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover a vast and immersive world filled with quests, battles, and customization options.
  • Explore the rich lore and narrative of Tamriel through engaging storylines and side quests.
  • Master the dynamic combat mechanics and customize your playstyle with a variety of skills and abilities.
  • Create your own unique character with deep customization options.
  • Conquer challenging dungeons and raids with friends or through matchmaking.

You can jump into battles against the Daedric Prince Molag Bal. Or, go on your own adventure. The Elder Scrolls® Online is waiting for you to join. So, arm yourself, get ready, and start your epic journey in Tamriel.

Exploring Tamriel: Quests and Storylines

In The Elder Scrolls® Online, players get lots of quests and stories. They get to explore the world of Tamriel deeply. There are big main stories and small side stories to enjoy. The game’s world is filled with tales waiting to be discovered.

A cool thing is, players can go at their own speed in Tamriel. Instead of following a straight path, they can find new places, talk to many characters, and uncover secrets. The world is big and full of things to do.

Quests in the game are more than just tasks. They have stories that let players make important choices. For example, players can choose to help an NPC going through a tough time. Or they can solve a big political problem. These choices make the game feel personal.

Non-playable characters (NPCs) give out quests around Tamriel. Players might get simple tasks, like fetching an item, or a big story that spans many areas. Finishing quests earns rewards and moves the game’s story forward.

New players have nine starting zones to choose from. Each zone has its own story. This means there’s something for everyone. You can pick quests about fighting Daedra, helping in a dragon season, exploring Skyrim’s dark side, or visiting the Oblivion gates.

The game has well-made stories, like Molag Bal’s Planemeld and the Daedric Wars. They keep the game exciting and cohesive. Plus, they add depth to the tales players enjoy.

The Shadow Over Morrowind story takes players to places like Necrom and Apocrypha. It’s a journey through Morrowind that tells a great story. Players move through zones, one story part at a time.

The Legacy of the Bretons focuses on politics and characters in Systres. It’s a rich, detailed story that shows another side of Tamriel. This adds lots of flavor to the game.

The Gates of Oblivion story is set in Cyrodiil. Players work with Mehrunes Dagon, a villain from the series. They get to know certain characters better as the story unfolds. This makes everything feel real and connected.

Quests and stories are central to The Elder Scrolls® Online. They make the game vibrant and personal. There are so many tales for you to find and enjoy.

Key FeaturesDescription
Wide Range of QuestsThe game offers a diverse selection of quests, from main storylines to side quests, providing players with a rich and engaging narrative experience.
Player ChoicesQuests in The Elder Scrolls® Online allow players to make choices that impact the game world, providing a sense of agency and personalization.
NPC Quest GiversNon-playable characters (NPCs) offer quests that range from simple tasks to epic storylines, rewarding players with experience points and loot.
Multiple Story ArcsThe game features several major story arcs, each associated with specific themes and providing a cohesive narrative experience.

Mastering Combat Mechanics

The Elder Scrolls® Online has exciting combat that keeps players engaged. Whether you like challenging PvE quests or PvP battles, this game has something for you.

There are three types of skills to pick from in this game. These include class skills, weapon skills, and guild skills. Each type brings unique abilities and styles to the table.

As you go along in the game, you’ll earn points to spend on these skills. This helps you make your character good at different types of fights.

In the game, you can even change some skills to better fit your needs. This lets you tweak your abilities for different situations.

You can also get skills that help without you having to do anything. These help boost your character’s powers and strategy in fights.

Skills aren’t the only thing to consider in this game. You also need to think about your character’s Life, Magical power, and Stamina. The game lets you choose from many Skill Lines, like class abilities and crafting, to enhance your strengths.

In battles, you can use up to five abilities at once. You can also use a powerful 6th skill once you reach a certain level. This can turn the tide of a fight in an instant.

By level 15, you’ll also be able to change your weapons in battle. This quick change can give you new tactics against your foes.

Remember, managing your resources is key during fights. Blocking and dodging use up stamina but can help you avoid or reduce damage.

If you like sneaking, there’s a special mechanic for that. A sneak attack lands a critical hit first, giving you a big edge in a fight.

Use skills that work well together can be very powerful. Team up with others and plan your attacks to be unbeatable.

In PvP, doing well in combat gets you finesse points. These let you use your ultimate skills more often, so play smart and skillful.

This game’s combat system is deep and rewards smart play. Whether you’re exploring or fighting, learning the combat is essential to enjoying the game to its fullest.

Combat Mechanics Overview
Available Skill LinesClass skills, weapon skills, guild skills
Skill Point AcquisitionLeveling up, completing quests, finding Skyshards
Skill SystemThree skill trees: Class, Weapon, and Armor
Passive SkillsProvide bonuses to stats or abilities
Morphing SkillsOption to choose between two versions of a skill
Resource ManagementAllocate attribute points to Health, Magicka, or Stamina
Action Bar SlotsUp to five abilities and one ultimate ability
Weapon Set SwitchingPossible once character reaches level 15
Blocking AttacksNegates damage, requires stamina
Dodging AttacksEvasive maneuver, expends stamina
Stealth MechanicsSneak past enemies undetected
Synergy between AbilitiesUnleash devastating effects on enemies
Finesse PointsGained by successful combat actions, enable more frequent use of ultimate abilities

Customizing Your Character

In The Elder Scrolls® Online, making your character unique is very important. You can pick your race and class. There are many different options to choose from.

For race and class, you have ten races and seven classes. Each race has special traits and abilities. You might pick the powerful Redguard, the sneaky Khajiit, or the magical High Elf.

Classes like Dragonknight, Sorcerer, and Nightblade change how you play. You can match your character to your favorite style.

After choosing your race and class, you then get to make them look how you want. You can customize many things like body shape and face. Pick details like your hair color and even how your character sounds.

You can also choose your armor and weapons. There’s gear for every taste, from strong armor to fancy robes. You can pick from a lot of different looks to stand out.

Customization OptionsNumber of Options
Skin Color24 options
Body Markings24 options
HairstylesUp to 24 options, depending on race and gender
Adornments24 options
Head Markings24 options
Face Adornments24 options

With so many ways to customize, you can make your character truly your own. The game lets you personalize a lot. This makes every player’s character special in their own way.

Unleash your creative side and set off on an amazing journey. Make a character that’s uniquely yours in The Elder Scrolls® Online.

Conquering Dungeons and Raids

Get ready for exciting challenges in The Elder Scrolls® Online’s dungeons and raids. These places let you and your friends show your skills and teamwork. You can face different foes and earn cool rewards that make your journey more fun.

There are lots of dungeons and raids in the game, each with its own level of difficulty. Whether you like smaller groups or big battles, you’ll find what you need.

136 Dungeons and Group Instances

There are 136 group instances in the game. You can team up with friends or meet new people to take on tough quests together.

Variety Across Tamriel

Each zone has its own set of challenges and fun locations. From hidden caves to old castles, there’s always something different to see.

Craglorn: The Ultimate Challenge

Craglorn is the toughest zone with 29 group dungeons. It’s a real challenge for experienced players. You’ll face strong enemies and dangerous places here.

Scaling and Modes

The dungeons’ difficulty changes to match your group’s level, making it fair for everyone. But the game won’t make things too easy.

There are two modes for dungeons: Normal and Veteran. Normal lets anyone join to explore and get rewards. Veteran is harder and offers special rewards for the toughest players.

Pledge Dungeons and Undaunted Enclave

In the game, you can take on pledge dungeons either alone or with friends. These give you special keys you can use to unlock great rewards at the Undaunted Enclave.

Solo Delves and Public Dungeons

If you like going solo, there are many solo delves to explore. They’re packed with challenges and rewards just for you.

There are also public dungeons where you can team up with others. Facing big bosses and finding hidden treasures is more fun with friends.

Noteworthy Dungeons, Trials, and their Locations

Dungeon/Trial NameLocation
Dragonstar ArenaCraglorn
Aetherian ArchiveCraglorn
Hel Ra CitadelCraglorn
Sanctum OphidiaCraglorn
Chiselshriek MineCraglorn

Join the adventure in The Elder Scrolls® Online. Work together, make a plan, and tackle tough dungeons and raids for awesome loot and rewards.

Unleashing Your Creativity: Crafting System

One of the best parts of The Elder Scrolls® Online is its crafting system. It lets players be creative and make lots of different things. You can craft big weapons, strong armor, and important items to use.

At the start, you need to collect materials from the game world. These include things like ore, wood, and herbs. After you get them, you refine them to make special items.

The game has many crafting options such as blacksmithing and alchemy. Each comes with its own way to play and learn new skills.

For example, with blacksmithing, you make weapons and armor. This means you can create items that fit how you like to play the game. Alchemy lets you make potions and poisons. These help you in fights. Enchanting allows you to add magic to your items.

There are also other skills like woodworking and jewelry crafting you can learn. If you master all these, you can make exactly what you want and need.

Spending time crafting can help you make strong gear. Plus, you can also sell your crafted items to other players. This means you can earn in-game money. Crafting is a big part of the game’s economy, and players can trade among themselves.

The Elder Scrolls® Online gameplay

Crafting Specializations and their Key Features

Crafting SpecializationKey Features
BlacksmithingForge weapons and armor
AlchemyCreate potions and poisons
EnchantingImbue gear with magical properties
WoodworkingCraft bows, staves, and shields
ClothingProduce light, medium, and heavy armor
ProvisioningCreate food and drinks with various effects
Jewelry CraftingDesign and craft powerful jewelry

Learning all the crafting skills allows you to make high-quality and valuable items. Customizing your items to match your playstyle makes the game more fun. This is how players really get into the world of Tamriel.

Mounts and Mount Customization

In The Elder Scrolls® Online, players can journey across the lands of Tamriel on mounts. These mounts include horses, guar, and diverse creatures. They add both style and function to your travels.

Players can personalize their mounts with special saddles, armor, and other looks. This makes every mount unique and reflects the player’s style. It’s all about creating your own special gameplay experience.

Mounts in the game can also be made better in many ways. For example, the Mount Ability Bar lets you add new skills like Attack and Rush. These skills will make your mount better at whatever task you set for it.

There are also 12 riding skills that can be improved every day. These include skills like Compulsion and Fortitude. Upgrading these skills makes mounts even more helpful on your adventures.

You can give your mount snacks and treats. These give special benefits, like more speed or better defense. Each snack has different effects, and you pick what’s best for your playstyle.

There are seven types of buffs for mounts, like from Grass Bundles or Mixed Berries. Each snack comes in three quality levels. This lets you decide how much you want to boost your mount.

The Elder Scrolls® Online offers an Advanced Mount AI system for control. This system works through the Sovereignty Skill. It ensures mounts move well and adds to your immersion in the game.

If you prefer a closer perspective, you can ride mounts in first person. This gives you a more direct view of the world around you.

Monetization could expand mount features, including keeping mounts visible off-mount. Enhanced Mount Tangibility could be a new feature. It might make the game more immersive for players.

Mounted Combat is another exciting possibility for the game. It could make fights more strategic and fun, especially for those who love a challenge.

There’s a lot of potential for more mount customizations and features. Things like new looks for mounts or different game tools could be introduced. These options would enhance the game experience for players.

In summary, mounts and their customizations bring a lot to The Elder Scrolls® Online. They let players explore Tamriel with their own style. Whether you love galloping on a horse or flying on a unique creature, mounts make your journey thrilling, personal, and full of choices.

Mount TypeCostSpeedStaminaCarrying LoadUpgrade Cost
Common Horse17200 gold15%1010250 gold
Draft Horse42700 gold15%1010250 gold
Gaited Horse42700 gold15%1010250 gold
Light Horse42700 gold25%200250 gold
Imperial Horse1 gold15%10N/A250 gold

The table above gives an idea of what mounts cost and what they offer. The Common Horse, Draft Horse, and Gaited Horse are similar in speed and stamina. But the Draft Horse has a better carrying load.

It takes time to make mounts better, like upgrading their speed or stamina. You can only do one upgrade every 20 hours. For instance, to match the Draft Horse’s carrying capacity, it takes over 8 days for the Common Horse.

The image above shows how much you can personalize your mounts. You can pick different gears and looks for your mount. This helps you make a mount that fits your character and play style perfectly.

Creating Your Home: Player Housing

In The Elder Scrolls® Online, you can make your dream home. There are many types, like a cozy apartment or a big manor. This lets you choose what fits your style and budget.

The Benefits of Home Ownership

Buying a home in Elder Scrolls Online can be expensive. It’s often more than a top-priced new game. But, it’s worth it.

You can make it your Guild’s Headquarters. You can also show off things you’ve achieved. Most importantly, it’s your special spot that shows who you are.

Immersive Features and Customization

Your ESO home can have cool things like puzzles and secret passages. You can even move around the NPCs. Nothing beats making it your own with decorations.

The Guild Experience in Your Home

In ESO, your home can have NPCs living in it. It feels like you’ve got a whole guild there. This makes your home more fun than just a place to chill.

Unique Activities and Experiences

Some players want even cooler stuff for their homes. They’ve suggested everything from special characters to a fight club. This would make owning a home even better.

A Variety of Homes to Choose From

There are 40 different home choices in Tamriel. They range from small Apartments to grand Manors. Best of all, you can start small and work your way up.

Here are the top five homes in ESO, with their prices and what makes them special:

LocationHouse NamePrice
Alik’r DesertSentinel – Sister Sands Apartment10,000 gold
BangkoraiHallin’s Stand – Twin Arches40,000 gold
EastmarchWindhelm – Grymharth’s Woe73,000 gold
CraglornImperial City – Domus Phrasticus295,000 gold
StormhavenWayrest – Gardener House300,000 gold

Anyone can enjoy owning a home in ESO, whether you’re just starting out or already experienced. You can have many homes and decorate them just how you want. It’s a chance to make Tamriel your very own, special place.

Expanding the Adventure: Expansions and DLCs

The Elder Scrolls® Online keeps growing with new expansions and DLCs. These add fresh locations, quests, and fun features. They make the game world always changing and full of new adventures.

“The world of The Elder Scrolls® Online is ever-expanding, with new adventures awaiting players in each expansion and DLC release.”

In the past few years, many expansions and DLCs have hit the game. In 2024, players got the Scions of Ithelia DLC on March 26th and the Gold Road Chapter on June 3rd. These updates included exciting quests, deep stories, and new challenges to win.

2023 was also big, with two DLCs added: the Scribes of Fate on March 13th and the Necrom on June 5th. They brought new stories and deeds to do, expanding The Elder Scrolls® Online.

The Firesong DLC came out on November 1st, 2022. This added even more to the game’s story and thrill. The year before was loaded with important content like Flames of Ambition, Blackwood, and Deadlands.

In 2020, the Markarth expansion was a big hit for players, landing on November 2nd. Previous years introduced major expansions too. In 2019 players got the Wrathstone DLC, Elsweyr, Scalebreaker, and Dragonhold. 2018 brought the Summerset Chapter, Wolfhunter, and Murkmire.

2017 was marked by the Clockwork City on October 23rd and Horns of the Reach on August 14th. In 2016, players saw the Shadows of the Hist on August 1st and the Dark Brotherhood DLC on May 31st.

The game grew even more in 2015 with the Orsinium DLC on November 2nd and the Imperial City DLC on August 31st.

The ongoing Gates of Oblivion expansion plan to release four DLCs. These DLCs will unfold new stories and challenges in the game.

Join the huge community of over 22 million players in The Elder Scrolls® Online. Explore a rich online world full of mystery and adventure. It’s an award-winning game that’s always expanding.

To join the game, you can find different editions based on what you already have. The Gold Road Collection and the Necrom Collection offer a lot, including access to all Tamriel’s major Chapter zones and quests.

Expansions and DLCsRelease Date
Scions of Ithelia DLCMarch 26, 2024
Gold Road ChapterJune 3, 2024
Scribes of Fate DLCMarch 13, 2023
Necrom DLCJune 5, 2023
Firesong DLCNovember 1, 2022
Flames of Ambition DLCMarch 8, 2021
Blackwood ChapterJune 1, 2021
Deadlands DLCNovember 1, 2021

Enhancing the Immersion: Tips and Add-Ons

Immersing in The Elder Scrolls® Online makes exploring Tamriel more exciting. Here’s how to make your gaming more captivating.

Tips for Immersive Gameplay

Take your time to see Tamriel’s beauty. Talk with its people, find secret spots, and learn the lore.

Create a life story for your character. This will make your game hero feel more real to you.

Notice the game world’s little details. The sounds, weather changes, and unique buildings bring Tamriel to life.

Get involved in quests deeply. Reading the dialogue and paying attention to the stories draws you in.

Join a guild that loves creating stories. This will connect you with others who enjoy deep roleplay.

Add-Ons for Immersion

Enhance your game with add-ons in The Elder Scrolls® Online. Try these to improve your experience:

Add-On NameFeaturesDownloads
Bandits User InterfaceInterface enhancements
Essential Housing ToolsCustomize and manage your in-game house
Immersive InteractionsEnhance interactions with NPCs
NTAK DialogImproves dialogue system
ImmersiveHorseRidingEnhances horse riding experience
Khajiit SpeakTransforms in-game Khajiit dialogue
Music Volume In CombatAllows for custom music volume during combat
Notebook 2018Create virtual notebooks for in-game notes
RP Profile ViewerView and manage roleplaying character profiles
Skyrim Style VibrationAdd haptic feedback to combat
The Compendium (Demo)Access in-game books and lore
The LibrariumAdd custom lore writing books
Votan’s Darker NightsDarken in-game nights for a more atmospheric experience

Note: The download and size data for the above add-ons are not available at the moment.

These add-ons give many improvements. You’ll enjoy better interfaces, more realistic NPC chats, and even your own music control.

Minion Program helps you install them easily. This way, you can quickly change your game to fit your style.

With these tips and add-ons, exploring The Elder Scrolls® Online’s Tamriel will be unforgettable.

Embark on Epic PvP Battles

The Elder Scrolls® Online is a game filled with exciting player vs player (PvP) battles. In PvP zones, players fight in big battles, trying to own key points and win glory. It offers intense and competitive play for those who love to battle other players.

Since its start on June 5, 2017, over 22 million players have jumped into The Elder Scrolls Online. This game gives a vibrant and ever-changing PvP world. It’s available on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, with features enhanced for consoles right away.

In-game, PvP takes place in Cyrodiil and the Imperial City. Here, hundreds fight in open-world PvP. Each side battles to control areas, like fortresses and resources, for their alliance (there are three).

In Cyrodiil, teams aim to control and defend Elder Scrolls. Victorious alliances get big boosts. They use powerful siege weapons to conquer keeps and strongholds.

Holding the title of Emperor is a big deal. The top player from the leading alliance becomes Emperor if they control the Imperial City. Emperors gain unique powers and lead in the game.

Join the PvP action in The Elder Scrolls® Online and feel the excitement of big battles and strategic wins. Defend your team or aim to be the best on the battlefield. The PvP world in The Elder Scrolls® Online is thrilling for all who play.


The Elder Scrolls® Online gameplay is packed with adventures, quests, and customizations. It’s truly one-of-a-kind MMORPG fun. The combat is lively, and dungeons and raids are tough, providing exciting and strategic plays. You’ll love exploring the vast world of Tamriel.

Some might think it lacks in single-player content, managing inventory, and crafting chances. But, The Elder Scrolls® Online keeps getting better. Updates like “One Tamriel” have opened more game content. This allows players to enjoy the game at their own speed.

Missing an Auction House can make collecting resources less appealing. But, subscribing to ESO offers extra perks, like the Crafting Bank tab. This makes the game more engaging for those looking for a deeper experience.

In summary, The Elder Scrolls® Online offers a varied and expansive experience. From battling others (PvP) or adventuring across Tamriel (PvE) to personalizing your characters and homes, it caters to all tastes. Start your journey, build friendships, and craft your own stories in this engaging MMORPG.


What is The Elder Scrolls® Online?

The Elder Scrolls® Online is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game. It lets players dive into adventures across the huge world of Tamriel.

What can I expect from the gameplay?

You can look forward to epic quests and thrilling battles. You’ll also have the chance to make your character truly unique.

Can you tell me more about the quests and storylines in the game?

There are tons of quests and stories to explore. The main story is about fighting the evil Molag Bal. You can also find many side stories with different rewards.

How does the combat mechanics work?

The fighting is exciting with many classes and skills to choose from. You can battle monsters by yourself or fight other players. It’s always full of surprises and strategies.

Can I customize my character?

Yes, the game lets you make your own character in many ways. You can pick a race and class, change how you look, and your skills. This makes every player’s character different.

Are there challenging dungeons and raids in the game?

Definitely. The game has tough dungeons and raids for groups of players. If you complete them, you’ll get great loot and rewards.

Can I craft items in the game?

Yes, you can. There’s a big crafting system. You’ll gather resources, refine them, and make weapons, armor, or other things you need.

Can I have a mount in the game?

Yes, there are mounts like horses or exotic creatures. You can also change how your mount looks with different gear and colors.

Is there a player housing system in the game?

Yes, players can get their own house. You can decorate it and show off your in-game achievements. It also lets you hang out with friends.

Are there expansions and DLCs for the game?

Yes, new content like expansions and DLCs come out regularly. They add new places to explore and new stories to experience.

How can I enhance my immersion in the game?

There are tips and add-ons that can make the game more engaging. These can tweak the way you see and interact with the game.

Can I engage in PvP battles?

Yes, there are areas where players fight each other. You can join big battles, take over places, and win rewards.

What can I expect from The Elder Scrolls® Online gameplay?

You can expect to have immersive adventures and enjoy deep customization. Its combat mechanics, dungeons, and the big world of Tamriel make the game rich and fun.

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