The Forgotten City – Thrilling Ancient Roman Mystery Game

The Forgotten City game

Step into the captivating world of The Forgotten City. You play as an explorer in ancient Rome. Your goal is to uncover the secrets of an ancient underground city. And you’ll do this by traveling back in time 2,000 years.

Your job is to figure out who destroyed this city. You can rewind time to do it. The fate of the city depends on your choices. Every decision you make changes the story.

This game has amazed players and critics alike. It got a 96% approval rate from over 8,000 reviews. Many call it a “narrative masterpiece.” They love how the time loop feature makes the story intense and immersive.

Key Takeaways

  • Embark on a thrilling time loop adventure set in ancient Rome
  • Unravel the mystery of an ancient city’s downfall by manipulating the power of time travel
  • Immerse yourself in a critically acclaimed narrative that has earned overwhelming praise
  • Experience the game’s innovative time loop mechanic that allows for multiple paths and endings
  • Explore an authentically recreated ancient Roman city filled with richly detailed characters and environments

An Immersive Time Travel Adventure

The Forgotten City lets players leap 2,000 years back in time to a cursed Roman city. This unique game takes them into an open-world setting where they can see real Roman art, buildings, and clothes. They get to solve a complex mystery, getting to know deeply interactive characters along the way. The game is loved for its engaging story set in an ancient Roman world.

Explore an Authentic Ancient Roman City

This game offers a detailed Roman city for players to dive into. They can freely roam and discover the city’s secrets in this accurate historical setting. Everything, from the buildings to the people’s clothes, is true to ancient Roman life. It makes players feel like they’ve truly traveled back in time.

Unravel a Gripping Historical Mystery

Inside The Forgotten City, players will find a complex historical mystery waiting to be solved. They interact with characters deeply woven into the story, slowly uncovering the city’s curse and its tragic end. The narrative is so engaging that it draws players in, making them part of the ancient city’s story.

The Forgotten City game: Innovative Time Loop Mechanic

The Forgotten City has a creative time loop mechanic. It lets players go back in time to see what happens after their choices. By using this, players can solve puzzles and learn why the city is cursed. The game has many endings based on what you choose and how you deal with tough decisions.

Cleverly Exploit Time Travel to Solve Puzzles

The game’s time loop is great for figuring out its puzzles and mystery. Exploring different timelines shows the impacts of your choices. This helps you find new ways to solve problems.

Multiple Endings Determined by Your Choices

Your choices in The Forgotten City’s story personalizes the endings. As you face moral challenges, your decisions shape the game’s outcome. It makes for a strong and engaging story every time you play.

Rich Character-Driven Narrative

The Forgotten City immerses players in a character-driven narrative. It’s filled with the lives of the city’s people. The game brings interactive and detailed characters to life, each with their own stories and secrets. Players must handle tough moral dilemmas with deadly outcomes for the city’s residents.

This game is all about character-driven storytelling and deep discussions. Modern Storyteller’s Nick Pearce put in 1,700 hours to develop the original mod. He crafted a story that won many awards today. The game’s interactive characters and moral choices win praise from critics and players.

Players get to explore the lives of people in The Forgotten City. They can be a mercenary, a historian, or choose a unique path. Each choice in the interactive character interactions affects the story. This makes the game immersive and makes you think.

Investigative Gameplay and Problem-Solving

The Forgotten City is all about digging deep into a mystery by investigating and solving problems. You explore the lives of a diverse group in an ancient Roman city. To find the truth and solve the main mystery, you can use different ways.

Reason, Charm, Bribery or Intimidation

Players use different strategies to get information and move forward in the game’s complex story. You might persuade with logic, earn trust using charm, get secrets with a bribe, or even force the truth out with intimidation. These choices affect the game and make it more interesting.

Choosing the right way to interact with characters is key. It helps you understand their relationships and unlock new paths. You can also send Galerius to run errands, which makes the game’s flow smoother. This means you focus more on discovering secrets.

The game’s unique mechanics make solving the mystery deeply engaging. It challenges players to be smart, face tough decisions, and find out what really happened in the ancient city.

Historically Authentic Ancient Roman Setting

In “The Forgotten City,” you’ll find a detailed ancient Roman city at its core. The developers worked hard to make it as accurate as possible. They used a lot of research to make sure the art, buildings, clothes, and traditions look just like they did in ancient Rome.

Every part of the game, from the beautiful mosaics to the big temples, shows the Roman world like it really was. Even the public toilets are true to ancient Roman life. This builds a world that feels real and lets players dive deep into the Roman culture.

The team behind “The Forgotten City” got help from top experts like Dr. Philip Matyszak and Dr. Sophie Hay. They’re known for their work on ancient history and archaeology. Their advice was key in creating a Roman city that feels authentic, including the language used and how society worked back then.

When you walk through the world of “The Forgotten City,” the beauty of the ancient Roman city is breathtaking. There are colorful frescoes, detailed mosaics, and huge temples to see. This level of detail not only makes the game more real but also draws you into its story and the Roman culture it explores.

Acclaimed Narrative Masterpiece

The Forgotten City is known far and wide for its amazing story. It has won many awards for its storytelling and writing. The Australian Writers’ Guild named it the best interactive media screenplay. And it got lots of 9/10 and higher scores from critics. They called it “a deeply satisfying adventure” and “a narrative masterpiece.” Also, 96% of nearly 8,100 user reviews were positive.

Award-Winning Storytelling and Writing

The game’s story and writing have won lots of recognition. Nick Pearce, the developer, worked over 1700 hours creating the original mod and the game spent four and a half years in development. During this time, the script grew from 35,000 words to over 80,000. This hard work paid off with an award from the Australian Writers’ Guild in 2016 and an Excellence in Narrative award in 2021.

Praised by Critics and Gamers Alike

Reviewers have been very positive about The Forgotten City. The game has scores between 84/100 and 90/100 on Metacritic. They called it “a deeply satisfying adventure” and “a narrative masterpiece.” Almost everyone who played it, 96%, had good things to say. This adds to The Forgotten City’s reputation as an amazing game.

Role-Playing and Customization

In The Forgotten City, you get to make your character special. You can pick their gender, where they’re from, and what they’ve been through. This lets players truly live in the game’s story, making it their own. The game is full of interesting places and people. By creating your character, you get to decide how you’ll fit into this world.

Choose Your Character’s Gender, Origin and Backstory

The game lets you design a main character just like you want. You can be either a boy or a girl, coming from anywhere with any background. These choices change how others in the game see you. It also changes how the story unfolds. This makes the game feel really personal, letting you be part of its amazing tale.

Making a character that feels right to you draws you into the game’s stories and tough choices. Your character’s past affects how they talk, think, and solve problems. It can also open up new parts of the game. Choosing wisely makes the adventure even more interesting.

Thrilling Time Loop Puzzle Adventure

The Forgotten City is at its core a time loop puzzle adventure, drawing players in. It relies on intricate time travel mechanics. Adventurers solve challenging puzzles and unveil dark city secrets. The time loop adds complexity and replay value. Players see how their choices affect the story.

The Forgotten City’s time loop puzzle provides an exciting journey. It urges you to think critically and make story-shaping decisions with every loop reset. This action opens up new paths, challenging players to tackle mysteries. They must navigate a complex web of Roman city tasks and moral choices.

Time travel opens up new possibilities in The Forgotten City. Players can change the city’s fate and reveal its curse. The game asks you to think about actions and their effects on the story. With multiple endings, there’s room for different perspectives. This encourages exploring the puzzle adventure again and again.

Critically Acclaimed Ancient Mystery Game

The Forgotten City stands out as a top ancient mystery game. It grabs players with its exciting story. People love the deep interactions with its characters and the challenging puzzles. This mix of real history and fun game mechanics has made it a favorite in its genre.

The game has won many awards, like the Australian Writers’ Guild honor for its amazing story. Reviews and players both praise it. It’s called a “narrative masterpiece” by many.

PlatformMetacritic Score

Many awards show how much people love The Forgotten City. It won titles like the 2015 Skyrim Nexus File of the Month. The game’s great story and gameplay have earned it big nominations at events like The Game Awards.

The game’s amazing story and unique gameplay make it a must-play. Fans of ancient mysteries find it especially exciting. Its success has been celebrated by awards and big nominations in the gaming industry.

ancient mystery

Engaging Time Travel Historical Fiction

The Forgotten City is a thrilling time travel historical fiction. It takes players back 2,000 years to a cursed Roman city. Here, they explore the lives of the city’s people and unravel the mystery behind its fall. The game’s accurate historical details and captivating story set in ancient Rome have earned it praise.

Revisit the Final Days of a Cursed Roman City

Using innovative time travel mechanics, players can visit the final days of a cursed Roman city. They get to know the city’s diverse characters and their stories. The game mixes history with great stories, making players feel part of ancient Rome. It challenges them to find the city’s secrets.

Moral Choice and Consequence

The heart of The Forgotten City‘s story beats with moral decisions and their outcomes. Players must make life-and-death choices that shape the story’s conclusion. The game’s structure lets you see how your choices affect the people in the city.

Life-and-Death Decisions Shape the Outcome

Navigating The Forgotten City means stepping into the lives of its residents. You will face tough moral dilemmas. Your choices vary from saving one over another to the fate of the whole community. These decisions deeply impact the story’s ending.

The game is unique as it focuses on moral choices and their results. It makes players deeply consider the effect of their choices on others. This engagement and reflection make the game’s story very impactful. It stays with players even after they finish the game.

Open-World Ancient Roman Exploration

The Forgotten City plunges players into a vast, open-world ancient Roman city. Here, they can freely roam and delve into the city’s history. By wandering its streets, players can unveil hidden gems, meet its varied citizens, and solve the mystery of the city’s curse.

The game’s dedication to historical accuracy shines through the city’s art and architecture. It whisks players away to a complete ancient Roman society. This immersion in history has won applause for offering a truly engaging experience.

The city’s open-world design promotes exploration and self-paced discovery. Players can shape the story by interacting with different characters and choosing their own paths. Such freedom and choice enhance the game’s depth and replay value, offering new insights with every play.

The blend of historical detail with gripping gameplay and narrative has earned the game high praise. It lets players roam the Roman city freely while facing complex moral challenges. This mix of exploration and storytelling makes The Forgotten City a top choice in its genre.

Non-Linear Narrative with Multiple Paths

The Forgotten City tells a story that’s not straight. It has many paths and endings based on what choices players make. This design makes the game worth playing again, to try new choices and see new outcomes. It’s a big reason why it’s so well-loved.

This game lets you pick your own path in the story. Every choice you make changes what happens next. Whether you use your smarts, charm, or something else, the story follows what you decide. This makes the game really immersive and fun, as you get to really think about what you do.

Its unique style offers players freedom in how they explore and solve the mysteries of the city. This freedom allows for a personal journey unlike any other. Such design is praised for drawing players in and making The Forgotten City a standout in storytelling.

Cinematic Experience with Professional Voice Acting

The Forgotten City brings a cinematic world to life with its voice acting and music. Skilled professionals voice the characters, making ancient Rome’s story rich and engaging. The game weaves high-quality audio and visuals together, drawing the player deep into its narrative.

Immersive Storytelling and Orchestral Score

The game’s original orchestral score makes its cinematic experience even more captivating. It sets the mood perfectly, enhancing the story’s dramatic moments. This blend of professional voice acting and music turns The Forgotten City into an immersive adventure.


The Forgotten City is a stellar example of story-focused gaming with deep historical roots. It uses a unique time loop to offer players deep choices and a mystery to solve. This approach has earned high praise and many accolades, making it a favorite in its genre.

Its attention to detail in both history and moral choice makes it stand out. Players find themselves pulled into an ancient Roman city facing a big mystery. And the game lets them influence how the story unfolds, fostering a truly immersive experience.

To wrap things up, The Forgotten City has truly changed the game world. Its mix of real history, gameplay innovation, and a captivating story raises the bar for storytelling in games. If you’re looking for a game that stays with you, challenging your ideas, this is it.


What is The Forgotten City?

The Forgotten City is a time loop adventure in ancient Rome. Players explore an underground city’s ruins. They travel 2,000 years back to find out who destroyed it by using time travel.

What is the core gameplay of The Forgotten City?

The game’s heart is a time loop. It lets players travel back and see how their choices affect the outcomes. By using this, they solve puzzles and find the reason behind the city’s curse.

What is the narrative focus of The Forgotten City?

This game focuses on a rich, character-driven story. Players dive into the lives and dilemmas of the city’s people. They face choices that may affect life or death in the ancient Roman city.

How authentic is the ancient Roman setting in The Forgotten City?

The Forgotten City recreates an ancient Roman city with great care. Everything from the art and architecture to the costumes is historically accurate. This makes the Roman era come alive in the game.

What is the critical reception of The Forgotten City?

It has been called a narrative masterpiece. Critics praise its story and how it uses the time loop mechanic. They say it’s one of the best in gaming.

How much customization is available in The Forgotten City?

Players can make their character their own by choosing their gender, origin, and backstory. This customization lets players really get into the story and game their way.

What is the overall reception for The Forgotten City?

The Forgotten City has had great reviews, with 96% positive feedback. It impresses with its story, characters, and puzzles. Gamers and critics love how it draws them in.

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