The Original Fortnite OG Skins: Our Definitive Guide

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Welcome to our guide on the first Fortnite OG skins. If you love Fortnite, you’ve heard of OG skins and their special status. This guide dives into the origins, worth, and nostalgia of these special looks.

Fortnite started in 2011 but really took off with its battle royale mode in September 2017. Since then, OG skins have become part of the game’s lore, thanks to being there from the start.

OG Fortnite skins are very rare and sought after. Gamers especially prize skins from before Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 3 for the memories they evoke.

Icons like Renegade Raider, Black Knight, and The Reaper stand out as OGs. They appeared in Fortnite earlier than Season 4, making them valuable OG pieces.

The first Legendary skins, such as Black Knight and Crackshot, added to the OG skin prestige. These OG items hold a special place for those who saw Fortnite grow from its early days.

Key Takeaways:

  • OG Fortnite skins are considered rare and in high demand due to their exclusivity.
  • The community highly respects skins released in Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 3 or earlier for their nostalgic and iconic qualities.
  • Renegade Raider, Black Knight, and The Reaper are iconic and exclusive OG skins from Fortnite’s early seasons.
  • Fortnite’s first Legendary skins, including Black Knight, Raptor, and Crackshot, hold prestige in the game.
  • OG skins serve as timeless reminders of Fortnite’s origins and hold significant value for players.

The Value of OG Fortnite Skins

Original or OG Fortnite skins from Chapter 1 are very special. Players consider these skins valuable because they show the game’s early times. They also show that the player has been in the game for a long time. Skins from Season 3 or before are known as OG. The rarest of these skins are very popular among collectors and players.

The Renegade Raider, Black Knight, and The Reaper are some of the most sought-after OG skins. They are like a badge of honor within the Fortnite community. Even though there are many new and cool-looking skins available, these OG ones remain in high demand.

Fortnite rose in popularity when it launched its battle royale mode in September 2017. Since then, the player base has grown. Players now really respect the OG skins, which were around before Season 4 of Chapter 1. These early skins bring back memories of where the game started. They are very much cherished by long-time players.

Exploring the Value of OG Fortnite Skins

Let’s look at some numbers to see the value of OG Fortnite skins. We found 470 listings for these skins. Prices in these listings ranged from $9.00 to $950.00 for different sets of skins. Here are a few examples:

AccountNumber of SkinsPrice
Account 1296$290.00
Account 2271$800.00
Account 3158$950.00
Account 45$9.00

These examples show the wide range of prices for OG Fortnite skins. They are valued highly both by those selling them and potential buyers. The listings include skins from the earliest seasons, such as Season 1 to Season 6. Among these, you might find skins like Renegade Raider, Travis Scott, and Black Knight.

Purchasers often leave positive reviews. They suggest buying from these sellers. This indicates the skins’ popularity and value within the game.

OG Fortnite skins have a history, ranging from 694 to 1897 days since their release. They are associated with famous faces like Travis Scott and characters like Kratos. These associations make the skins more appealing and collectible.

Some OG skins have been around for a while now, like the ones from the NBA 75 series, which are 810 days old.

Other skins, like El Chapulín Colorado and characters inspired by Street Fighter, are also quite old. They were released 736 and 651 days ago, respectively.

There are also skins based on pop culture figures, such as Bruno Mars. These skins were released 579 days ago. Naruto series characters like Naruto Uzumaki are also featured. They made their debut about 545 days ago.

Spider-Man and Master Chief, well-known from video gaming and movies, also have their skins. These were released 519 and 710 days ago, respectively.

Animations play a part at times. Sleep-themed skins, for instance, were launched 530 days ago. This variety adds fun to the collection of OG skins.

The worth of OG Fortnite skins stems from their rareness and the memories they bring. They are more than just game items. They represent dedication and bring back moments from the game’s early days.

Whether old or not-so-old, these skins remain popular among Fortnite fans. They are both a symbol and a keepsake for many players.

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What Makes a Skin OG?

In the world of Fortnite, there’s constant talk about what makes a skin OG. Essentially, skins from Fortnite Chapter 1, before Season 4, are seen as classic. But, those from Season 3 or earlier get special recognition. Skins like Renegade Raider, Havoc, and Black Knight are greatly valued for their nostalgia.

Fortnite hit its peak in 2018. So, having a skin from Season 3 or before shows you were there early. These OG skins are like badges of honor, marking the game’s journey to its huge success.

Getting hold of these OG skins isn’t easy. Players really want them because they remind us of the game’s beginnings. They offer a special connection to the early days of Fortnite.

What makes OG skins stand out is their exclusivity. Even if not all of them are super rare, having an OG skin shows dedication. It’s not just about how rare the skin is, but what it means about the player’s time in the game.

Notable OG Skins and their Origins

In Fortnite Chapter 1, many iconic OG skins were introduced. These skins are special because they were released before Season 4. They show the early times of Fortnite. You can see players value them for their history and the respect they bring.

Some famous OG skins from Fortnite Chapter 1 include:

  • Renegade Raider
  • Black Knight
  • Dark Voyager
  • The Reaper
  • Havoc
  • Purple Glow Skull Trooper
  • Aerial Assault Trooper
  • Sparkle Specialist
  • Raptor

Each skin tells a unique story, which is why players love them. They’re more than just looks – they remind us of a different time in Fortnite. This nostalgia is strong for the early players.

Choosing Renegade Raider showed others your love for the game. This skin was available before the Battle Pass system started. It cost 1,200 V-Bucks and was seen as a sign of honor and being among the first.

The Black Knight is another skin that means a lot. It was the first Legendary skin in the Item Shop. Players with this had a high rank in the community’s eyes.

The Reaper and Raptor also have key roles in Fortnite’s skin history. They were among the earliest Legendary skins. They helped set high standards for the game’s cosmetics.

The OG skins are rare and hold deep historical value. That’s why many players want them. They’re a way to show how long you’ve been playing and your dedication.

These OG skins are more than just looks. They’re a link to the beginnings of Fortnite. They connect today’s players to the game’s formative years.

OG Skins and Rarity

The rarity of OG skins in Fortnite can vary, but all of them hold immense value within the community. The possibility of buying these skins in the Item Shop or Battle Pass doesn’t decide if they are truly OG. Their OG rank comes from being released in Fortnite’s earliest seasons. This makes them both rare and wanted by players.

Iconic OG skins like Renegade Raider and Black Knight stand out for their rarity. They were first available in Fortnite’s Chapter 1. Renegade Raider was in the Season 1 Battle Pass and the Item Shop. This makes it very rare and a top pick for collectors.

Black Knight was obtainable by reaching Tier 70 in Season 2’s Battle Pass. Getting Black Knight showed you were there at the start and skilled in the game. These skins’ exclusivity adds to their value and desirability among players.

OG skins are more than just looks. They are symbols of a player’s long journey in Fortnite. They take us back to when the game began. They remind us of Fortnite’s growth from a niche game to a global sensation.

Before Chapter 1 Season 4, other OG skins like The Reaper and Havoc were also rare and wanted. These skins bring a lot of nostalgia and are treasures to many in Fortnite’s world.

OG skins are highly desired in Fortnite for their rare early release. They mark significant moments in Fortnite’s history. For players, they are not just items but memories of where Fortnite started.

New OG Skins in the OG Pass

The OG Pass for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season brings back old memories with new versions of previous skins. Now, players can get the classic OG looks and add them to their collection. This pass features four new skins: Spectra Knight, Renegade Lynx, Omegarok, and Lil Split.

These new OG skins let players make their characters stand out with parts, accessories, and styles. Completing weekly challenges earns players enhancements for these skins. It makes them even more unique and stylish.

The OG Pass costs 950 V-Bucks. As you play through it, you can win up to 1000 V-Bucks back. With 70 levels, it’s shorter than other Battle Passes. This pass will last about 30 days.

To move to the next level, you need 80,000 XP. It’s a fun challenge that keeps players interested. As you get more XP, you’ll see your progress through the season.

Unlocking Super Styles and Bonus Rewards

To get the golden Super Styles, you need to hit level 50 in the OG Season. You’ll also need to spend 20 Battle Stars on each of the three Super Styles. This makes your characters even more special and standout.

The OG Pass’ Bonus Rewards section has lots of cool stuff. You can get V-Bucks, emotes, style variations, wraps, and even new tools for harvesting. These come as you hit different goals during the season.

For more challenges and rewards, try the Bonus Level. After completing the regular OG Pass, you’ll earn special rewards. This can make your Fortnite gameplay even more fun.

The Spectra Knight skin doesn’t have a Bonus Style, but the other three do. These come with the special golden Super Styles. The Lil Split skin also has a Time Breaker style, which looks like the rare golden Peely skin. This shows how special and exclusive these cosmetics are.

Keep an eye out for more info on the OG Pass when it’s officially launched. Check your favorite Fortnite news sources for updates on the OG skins. Learn how to get them and make the most out of what they offer.

Fortnite OG PassSeasonDurationLevels
Chapter 4 Season 530 days70

Reviewing the OG Skins

Fortnite players liked the OG skins in the OG Pass. These include Spectra Knight, Lil Split, Renegade Lynx, and Omegarok. Fans praise their unique designs and the nostalgia they bring. These skins take players back to the original Fortnite experience.

“The OG skins in the OG Pass provide a sense of nostalgia, reminding us of the early days of Fortnite. I love the customization options and the unique designs of each skin.” – Fortnite player

The OG skins are more than just items in the game. They carry an emotional connection for players who have been with Fortnite from the start. Players see these skins as special, showing their long love for the game.

The attention to detail in these skins stands out. Players feel like they’re going back to Fortnite’s early days. This makes these skins extra special and adds to the pride of owning them.

Fortnite OG Skins

The OG skins have been a big success for Fortnite. Their design, options, and nostalgia have won over many fans. This shows that these rare skins mean a lot to players.

The Nostalgic Value of OG Skins

OG skins in Fortnite are truly special to players. They are exclusive, reminding us of the game’s early days. With their simple yet memorable designs, they stand out.

The game reached peak fame when the free battle royale mode was introduced. This brought in many new players. The earlier skins quickly became symbols of dedication to the game.

OG skins are from Fortnite Chapter 1’s third season or before. They include classics like Renegade Raider and The Reaper. Players see them as unique and rare, signifying the game’s growth in their hearts.

These skins were released before Chapter 1 Season 4, making them even more nostalgic. They remind players of Fortnite’s humble beginnings. They are a treasured part of the game’s history.

Notably, OG skins marked a key point in Fortnite’s development. They introduced an era of new designs. This change increased their worth and rarity among players.

As Fortnite grows, new content always arrives. Yet, the earliest skins remain special to the community. They symbolize loyalty and hold a unique place in every player’s heart.

Longest-standing skinsShortest-standing skinsCelebrity-related skinsAnime-themed skinsKung-fu inspired skins
Reflex (1897 days ago)Triple-Double (503 days ago)Travis Scott (1477 days ago)Naruto Uzumaki (545 days ago)Ryu (651 days ago)
Shaman (1624 days ago)Crossover Champion (503 days ago)Kratos (1151 days ago)Kakashi Hatake (545 days ago)Chun-Li (651 days ago)
Cole (1618 days ago)Splash Specialist (503 days ago)Major Lazer (1065 days ago)Sakura Haruno (545 days ago)Sakura (651 days ago)

The love for OG skins in Fortnite has stayed strong. These old, rare items tell a story of your journey in the game. They are more than just looks; they are memories.

Upgrade Your Inventory with OG Fortnite Items

Want to make your Fortnite collection stand out? Consider adding OG items. These exclusives show your love for the game’s early days. They are highly valued among players.

Keep an eye out for chances to get OG items. With Fortnite always changing, these items become more precious. They’re a great way to enhance your collection.


The OG Fortnite OG skins hold a big place in the Fortnite world. They show the game’s start and how committed a player was early on. Skins like Renegade Raider, Black Knight, and The Reaper are very wanted by gamers.

New OG skins in the OG Pass let players get these special looks. The Season OG Battle Pass had cool things like the Prized Llama and the Time Brella. It also brought back Season 5 places like Tilted Towers and Paradise Palms.

The Fortnite OG event was a hit, pulling in a record 44.7 million players. It featured the original map and items from 2018. Even though it wasn’t meant to stay, fans want it back permanently.

Epic Games listens to players, as shown by keeping the Zero Build mode after a test. If the Fortnite OG mode goes away, some players plan to recreate its map. This way, the OG Fortnite feeling will stay alive in Creative mode.


What are OG Fortnite skins?

OG Fortnite skins come from Chapter 1. They are rare and often bring back nostalgic memories. They show a player’s early love for the game.

Which OG skins are considered the rarest?

Renegade Raider, Black Knight, and The Reaper top the list. These skins are very rare and sought after. Collectors and players value them highly.

What qualifies as an OG skin?

Skins from Fortnite Chapter 1, released before Season 4, are seen as OG. The most respected ones came in Season 3 or earlier. These are considered truly classic.

Can you name some notable OG skins from Fortnite Chapter 1?

Renegade Raider, The Reaper, and Black Knight are famous. Others include Havoc, Skull Trooper, and Raptor. These hold special status among players.

How rare are OG skins?

OG skins differ in rarity, but all are highly valued. Their limited availability makes them very desired within the Fortnite community.

Are there new OG skins available?

Absolutely, the OG Pass in Chapter 4 Season 5 brings new versions of old favorites. Players can get Spectra Knight, Lil Split, and more. Completing weekly challenges unlocks them.

How have players reviewed the new OG skins in the OG Pass?

Reviews for the new OG skins have been great. Players love the new looks and customization. They feel these skins really capture Fortnite’s original spirit.

What is the nostalgic value of OG skins?

OG skins are cherished for the memories they represent. They remind players of Fortnite’s early days and its amazing journey.

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