Top 10 Best Games Like Roblox for Kids in 2023

games like roblox

“Roblox” is a favorite among players who enjoy creating in virtual worlds. If you’re seeking other games that provide similar fun, we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of the top 10 games like Roblox for kids in 2023.

Key Takeaways:

  • Minecraft offers a sandbox experience with limitless building possibilities on various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and gaming consoles.
  • Terasology is an open-source game for Windows, offering a sandbox experience with a focus on game creation and world-building.
  • Trove combines sandbox elements with MMO gameplay, allowing players to explore, build, and customize their characters on Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
  • CastleMiner Z, exclusively available for PC players on Windows, offers survival gameplay and creative mode for building structures.
  • Garry’s Mod is a sandbox game available on Windows, macOS, and Linux, allowing players to unleash their creativity and customize gameplay mechanics.
  • Cubic Castles is a multiplayer sandbox adventure available on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, where players can build castles and collaborate with others.
  • The Blockheads is a 2D block-based sandbox game accessible on Android and iOS, offering a world of exploration, crafting, and weather conditions.
  • Lego Worlds is a sandbox game where everything is made out of Lego bricks, providing endless building possibilities on Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.
  • Mythruna combines world-building with RPG elements on Windows, macOS, and Linux, offering a unique sandbox role-playing adventure.
  • Minetest, available on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android, is an open-source voxel game engine that allows players to play pre-existing games, mod existing ones, or create their own.

Check out these games to boost your creativity!


Minecraft is hugely famous, especially in the world-building sandbox category. It lets players build almost anything they can think of. From grand castles to hidden caves, you can create it all. The game is limitless, letting your imagination run wild.

However, Minecraft is not only about building. It mixes exploration, crafting, and fighting into one great experience. You’ll uncover vast landscapes and dangerous caves, while gathering materials to survive. Craft your tools and armor to face off against the game’s monsters.

Also, Minecraft has multiplayer. You can team up with friends or meet new people. Together, you can build, fight, or go on challenging quests. The game’s community is always growing, offering new adventures for everyone.

Minecraft can be played on various devices. Whether it’s a personal computer, a mobile device, or a console, you’re covered. This ensures you can enjoy the game wherever you are, still getting the full experience.

Xbox 360
Xbox One
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
Nintendo Switch
PlayStation Vita
Nintendo Wii U
Nintendo 3DS

Start a new adventure in Minecraft, where the possibilities are endless. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the game or an expert. The world of Minecraft is always ready to offer new and exciting gameplay.


Looking for an open-source game that’s different? Terasology is your answer. It was made by Benjamin “Begla” Glatzel and fans. They designed it for people passionate about creating games and worlds.

In Terasology, you can create your own worlds. You can then share them with others. It’s a bit like Minecraft, where you’re in a beautiful sandbox world. Here, your creativity is the limit. You can build anything from tall skyscrapers to lush, detailed landscapes.

Terasology sets itself apart by being open-source, meaning it’s free for anyone to play. It works only on Windows, though. So, if you’re eager to start crafting on your PC, Terasology is a top pick.

The Terasology community is full of skilled individuals. This includes developers, designers, artists, and musicians. They all work together to make Terasology better for everyone. Their welcoming attitude makes Terasology a great place for players from all walks of life.

In January 2024, Terasology reached an important point with Terasology Revival Milestone 2. This made the game smoother, faster, and updated it to Java 17. These changes ensure an excellent playing experience for all users.

Terasology’s approach to development is unique. It uses modules, allowing it to continually grow. This method keeps the game new and encourages the community to come up with fresh ideas.

Love sandbox games where you can build and create? Then, Terasology is perfect for you. Enter Terasology’s world and let your imagination take flight.

Key Features of Terasology:

  • Open-source game: Terasology is a free, open-source game available for Windows.
  • Sandbox experience: Unleash your creativity with a beautiful sandbox environment.
  • Game creation: Create your own worlds and share them with other players.
  • World-building: Build towering structures and intricate landscapes.

Technical Specifications:


Discover the fun of game building and world-creating with Terasology. Join the lively Terasology community and start making your dreams a digital reality!


Trove is a thrilling MMO sandbox game that sends players on an exciting adventure. You get to explore unique worlds full of challenges and hidden treasures. From dangerous dungeons to battling foes, the game is alive with multiplayer fun.

Character customization in Trove is a big deal. You can pick from many classes, like strong warriors or quick assassins. And there are lots of items to make your character look just how you want them to.

The game also lets you build and craft your own spaces. Choose from loads of blocks and materials. Then, let your imagination shine as you create amazing structures.

Trove can be played on Windows, macOS, PS4, and Xbox One, making it super accessible. With endless possibilities, like exploring, customizing, or building, every player is in for an epic adventure.

Key Features of Trove:
• Sandbox MMO adventure
Multiplayer gameplay
• Extensive character customization options
• Challenging dungeons and quests

With its engaging play, vivid visuals, and a strong player community, Trove is packed with fun. You’ll find something you love, whether it’s battling, building, or questing. The game welcomes all, so join in and start your Trove adventure today!

CastleMiner Z

CastleMiner Z is a sandbox game that’s like Minecraft. It brings an immersive, tough journey to players. You explore and survive in a world full of blocks. Your goals are to fight monsters, gather items, and craft your way to safety. This game also lets you be creative, with a mode for building anything you can imagine.

There are four modes in the game, made for different types of players. Endurance Mode is for those who want to keep fighting against enemies. Survival Mode puts your gathering and crafting skills to the test. Dragon Survival Mode makes the game tougher by adding dragons you must conquer. Creative Mode lets you build without limits.

It’s only for Windows PC, but it’s worth it. At just $3.99, it offers tons of fun. Players can not only survive but also show off their building and creativity skills.

CastleMiner Z Overview:

Price: $3.99

Availability: Windows

Game Modes
Endurance Mode
Survival Mode
Dragon Survival Mode
Creative Mode

Embark on a thrilling adventure in CastleMiner Z. It lets you test your survival skills in a unique blocky world. With challenges and the chance to build, it’s perfect for gamers who love sandbox games.

Garry’s Mod

Garry’s Mod is a standout sandbox game for its focus on creativity and freedom. Garry Newman created it in 2004. It’s known for its open-ended play style and strong modding community.

In the game, every player gets their own sandbox world. There are no specific goals, so you can freely experiment. You can create things by mixing objects and even place characters on them for a unique experience. The physics engine makes these interactions lifelike.

The game is also famous for its modding scene. Players can add mods created by others. These mods introduce new items, characters, and ways to play. This keeps the game exciting and fresh.

Platform Availability: You can play Garry’s Mod on Windows, macOS, and Linux systems.

Garry’s ModWindows, macOS, Linux
MinecraftWindows, macOS, Android, iOS, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Linux, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS
TroveWindows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
CastleMiner ZPC
Cubic CastlesWindows, macOS, Android, iOS
The BlockheadsAndroid, iOS
Lego WorldsWindows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
MythrunaWindows, macOS, Linux
MinetestWindows, macOS, Linux, Android

With Garry’s Mod, you can unleash your creativity. Dive into its endless possibilities and see the amazing worlds you can craft.

Cubic Castles

Welcome to Cubic Castles, the ultimate mix of sandbox, building, and multiplayer fun. It’s a world where you can let your creativity loose. Go on exciting adventures and work with friends to build amazing castles.

In this game, just like other sandbox games, you can build your own world. Collect resources to create structures and blocks. You can make your castles truly yours. Whether you’re starting or you’re an expert, Cubic Castles is the perfect place for your ideas.

In Cubic Castles, you can check out what others have done for ideas. Team up with friends or meet new people in multiplayer. Together, you can build even bigger and better castles. This makes the game super social and fun.

What’s really cool about Cubic Castles is the adventure part. There’s a big world to explore with treasures to find. Do quests and face challenges to get rewards. These rewards help you build bigger and better.

The game works on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. So, you can play on any device you like. The adventure is open for everyone.

With bright graphics and lots to do, Cubic Castles is for all ages. Join the fun of building, exploring, and playing with others today. Start your Cubic Castles adventure and let your creativity shine.

Cubic Castles

The Blockheads

The Blockheads is a favorite 2D block-based sandbox game. It brings a unique, interactive world for players. Here, you control “Blockheads” who can create, destroy, craft, and build.

In the game, you discover different lands and face changing weather. These include hot deserts and icy tundras. As you explore, you’ll see many stunning landscapes.

The game’s 2D design creates a world where everything is made of blocks. This look is not only special but also easy to see on phones and tablets. So, you can play anywhere you like.

It’s all about creativity and surviving in The Blockheads. You get to make amazing things with various materials. This might be tools, big buildings, or gathering resources. There’s no limit to what you can do.

The Blockheads is great fun, especially for kids who love to create. It’s on smartphones and tablets, making fun times possible anytime, anywhere.

Lego Worlds

Are you ready for a creative adventure in a virtual world of Lego blocks? Lego Worlds is your go-to game. It lets you build and explore without limits, sparking your imagination.

With Lego Worlds, you have the freedom to build anything. Create skyscrapers or castles as wild as your dreams. Building is easy and fun, suitable for all ages.

Do you like working alone or with friends? Lego Worlds lets you choose. Its multiplayer mode allows you to team up with others. Together, you can make amazing structures and tour virtual lands. This fosters a global community of Lego enthusiasts.

Lego Worlds’ creative mode is a highlight. No rules, just pure creativity. Use it to craft anything, from famous sites to your own world. The sky’s the limit.

Just as Minecraft and Roblox, Lego Worlds is safe and fun for kids. It helps with creativity, problem-solving, and knowing space. Enjoy building with virtual Lego without worries.

Ready for endless building fun? Get your virtual Lego and join Lego Worlds. Let your creativity soar and explore its limitless potential.

Key Features of Lego Worlds:

  • Build anything you can imagine with virtual Lego blocks
  • Explore vast and diverse landscapes in a creative sandbox
  • Collaborate with other players in multiplayer mode
  • Express your creativity in the intuitive and user-friendly building mechanics
  • Unleash your imagination in the open-ended creative mode
Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Nintendo Switch


Mythruna is a captivating game using voxels, where you create your own world. You can build anything you imagine. It mixes world-building, crafting, and RPG elements for a unique adventure.

Create stunning worlds filled with intricate structures and landscapes in Mythruna. The game’s voxel graphics make everything look charming. You can design detailed environments like never before.

It shines with its extensive crafting. You gather resources, make tools, weapons, and armor. Plus, you find new recipes as you go. This gives a lot of depth to the game.

“Mythruna’s voxel-based world-building and crafting mechanics offer endless possibilities for players to express their creativity and individuality.” – Gaming Magazine

Enter a dynamic world full of epic quests, unique creatures, and exciting battles. Mythruna blends sandbox freedom with RPG elements. This makes the game immersive and unforgettable.

If you love sandbox, voxel graphics, or RPGs, Mythruna is the game for you. It offers something special that will keep you playing for hours.

Start your adventure in Mythruna now. It’s free to download for Windows, macOS, and Linux.


If you’re looking for a game engine filled with endless possibilities for creativity and exploration, Minetest is a top choice. It features vast maps allowing players to dig deep or build high. Imagine what you could create in a world this large!

This game engine, like Minecraft, allows for the creation of unique games using Lua. It unleashes your creativity, bringing your worlds to life.

Minetest also has a vibrant modding community. Here, you can download mods and texture packs to tailor your gaming experience. If you want new features or stunning visuals, Minetest’s modding flexibility draws you in.

The ability to play with others online is another highlight. You can join servers to build and explore with friends from all over the globe. This turns gaming into a social and collaborative experience.

Minetest is available on various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. This makes it accessible to players using different devices, from PCs to mobiles. Wherever you are, you can enjoy Minetest.

Why Minetest?

Minetest is a great choice for sandbox game lovers because of its open-source nature. It also offers extensive modding capabilities for customization. Whether you’re experienced or just starting, Minetest provides the tools you need for your game design dreams.

MinetestWindows, macOS, Linux, AndroidFree
MinecraftWindows, macOS, Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Linux, and morePaid
TroveWindows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox OneFree
CastleMiner ZWindows$3.99
Garry’s ModWindows, macOS, Linux$9.99
Cubic CastlesWindows, macOS, Android, iOSFree
The BlockheadsAndroid, iOSFree
Lego WorldsWindows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch$29.99
MythrunaWindows, macOS, LinuxFree

Minetest’s unique sandbox experience is not only inviting but also free. It’s a great start for anyone looking to venture into game creation and exploration. Start your adventure with Minetest today and see what wonders you can create!


There are many games similar to Roblox that can be fun and engaging for kids. These virtual worlds let kids be creative, explore, and meet others online. This is perfect for children to show their inventive side.

Games like Minecraft, Trove, and Garry’s Mod all have something special to offer. For instance, Minecraft lets players create and explore in a unique world. Trove mixes building with adventure in a big online space. And Garry’s Mod is all about creative freedom without rules.

There are also Terasology, Creativerse, and Lego Worlds, which are like sandboxes. In these games, kids can make their characters, find new places, and construct things. They all add something exciting to the world of gaming.

If you want games with lots of chances to make new things and have fun, try these options. You can join in with friends and see where your imagination takes you in the online gaming universe. It’s a great way to spend time and have thrilling experiences.


Are these games similar to Roblox?

Yes, these games are like Roblox. They too have virtual worlds and let you make and play games online.

Can kids play these games?

Absolutely! These games are made for kids. They have content and games that are right for their age.

Where can I play Minecraft?

You can play Minecraft on many devices. These include Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Is Terasology a free game?

Yes, Terasology is free to play. It’s an open-source game available for download on Windows.

What platforms support Trove?

Trove is playable on Windows, macOS, PS4, and Xbox One. It offers many places to enjoy the game.

Can I play CastleMiner Z on my PC?

Yes, CastleMiner Z can be played on PC. It’s exclusive to PC players for now.

What platforms support Garry’s Mod?

Garry’s Mod works on Windows, macOS, and Linux. This means it’s good for a variety of computers.

Where can I play Cubic Castles?

Cubic Castles can be played on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Players have lots of options to join in.

Can I play The Blockheads on an iPhone?

Yes, The Blockheads is on Android and iOS. You can play it on your iPhone or iPad.

What platforms support Lego Worlds?

Lego Worlds works on Windows, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. There are many ways to play.

Can I play Mythruna on my Mac?

Yes, Mythruna can be played on a Mac, alongside Windows and Linux.

Can I create my own games in Minetest?

Yes, you can make games in Minetest. It’s for modding games or building your own. It’s for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android.

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