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best steam deck games

We’re excited to share our favorite Steam Deck games with you. We’ve included something for everyone – whether you love RPGs, survival games, or indie gems. This guide is a mix of top games loved for their gameplay and how they perform on the Steam Deck. Let’s jump right in and explore the best games for your new device.

Aperture Desk Job – The Perfect Introduction to the Steam Deck

Aperture Desk Job is a standout on the Steam Deck. Made by Valve, it’s not only free but is also a fun tutorial for new Deck users. It makes learning the controls a breeze while keeping you amused. This game is an early highlight for the Steam Deck, proving it can be both fun and useful. It also hints that Valve could have more Deck games in store.

Key Takeaways:

  • Aperture Desk Job is a free Steam Deck tutorial game developed by Valve.
  • The game familiarizes players with the controls layout while providing an entertaining experience.
  • Aperture Desk Job showcases the potential of the Steam Deck as a portable gaming device.

Aperture Desk Job – The Perfect Introduction to the Steam Deck

Have you just got your hands on the new Steam Deck by Valve? Wondering how to get used to its controls and features? Aperture Desk Job is here to help. It’s a tutorial game made by Valve for the Steam Deck. And the best part? It’s free.

Aperture Desk Job is a great way to start with your Steam Deck. It’s fun and quick, taking only about 30 minutes to finish. You’ll learn all about the buttons, how it works, and what you can do with your new device. And in a short amount of time, too.

The game may not look like what you’re used to on other devices. But it shows off the amazing things your Steam Deck can do. Thanks to its AMD Zen2 tech, everything runs super smoothly. This makes the experience really immersive.

The story, voiced by Grady and Cave Johnson, is top-notch. They make the game feel alive and interesting. It’s set in the Portal world and is all about a robot and a human. This combination really stands out for getting to know your Steam Deck better.

One great thing is, Desk Job doesn’t have fail points. So, you can try out all the different features without worry. It’s fun and stress-free. A perfect way to get the hang of your new device at your own speed.

Aperture Desk Job was praised for its clever use of a tutorial in the Portal world. It gives Steam Deck users a fun way to learn.

Desk Job came out about a year and a half later than when the Steam Deck launched. It was meant to make learning about the device easy and fun. Plus, it’s not a big download. You can get started quickly.

You can finish playing Aperture Desk Job before the Steam Deck needs another charge. So, it’s a great use of your time. And a very effective way to get to know your new gadget better.

This game mixes learning with fun laughs really well. It includes gyro aiming lessons, with a bit of action involving washing machines with guns. It’s all to make learning about your device fun and interactive.

As a Steam Deck owner, playing Aperture Desk Job can be really helpful. It’s the perfect first step in getting to know your gadget. And it’s a lot of fun. Plus, it teaches you a lot in an interesting way.

Horizon Forbidden West – A Stunning Open World Adventure

Horizon Forbidden West is an exciting open world adventure. It follows the popular Horizon Zero Dawn game. Recently, it became available on PC in 2024. This move lets more players explore its beautiful world.

Its world is a highlight, ideal for gaming on the go with the Steam Deck. You’ll visit everything from lush forests to harsh deserts. Plus, you’ll meet unique creatures on your journey.

The main game is already great. But the Burning Shores expansion adds even more. This extra content expands the game’s world further.

The game lets you tweak its graphics easily. This means you can find the perfect mix of performance and beauty. It helps ensure your gaming is smooth.

However, the game has faced some tech issues. Some players have seen micro stutters. But, our experts found a fix. Playing on an LG G3 OLED TV solved this, offering a great experience.

Just remember, the game needs lots of space. It takes up to 150GB to install. Once it’s on your device, it uses about 124GB. Make sure you have enough room before you start downloading.

The game has a settings guide to help you optimize your experience. This allows for near 30fps play without losing the amazing visuals. Playing with FSR 2.2 upscaling can help balance performance and quality.

With dynamic scaling and FSR 2.2, the game adapts well to different demands. It can keep a steady 30fps. This allows for a smoother playthrough.

Our experts say you should keep textures at Medium for the best balance. Lowering them might not make a big speed difference. But, it will make the game look less appealing. Also, turning on SSAO and reflections helps keep the game detailed without major speed hits.

Horizon Forbidden West System Requirements

System RequirementsSpecification
Storage Space150GB required / 124GB used
Load SpeedInternal SSD: 12s for quick save
MicroSD: Over 40s for quick save
PlaytimeSteam Deck OLED: Approximately 2h 13m
Classic 512GB Deck: Approximately 1h 26m

Horizon Forbidden West is a top open world game on the Steam Deck. It offers a beautiful and engaging world. With its impressive world, gameplay, and story, it’s a game not to be missed.

Signalis – A Creepy Survival Horror with a Twist

Signalis is a survival horror game developed by rose-engine. It mixes classic scares with a unique love story. Players will be hooked for weeks. The game’s PS1-aping visuals mix low-poly 3D with pixel art, creating a stunning look and feel.

The world of Signalis is dark and tense. The game uses awkward combat and dreamlike puzzles to stand out. These features offer a fresh, eerie vibe not seen in many games.

In Signalis, players must choose their weapons wisely due to limited slots. You can carry a pistol, shotgun, and SMG. They also need to manage flares carefully. Flares are used to destroy corrupted Replikas, adding pressure to the game.

The second half of Signalis gets much harder. Maps go away, making the world harder to navigate. This change kicks up the tension, but it might affect how fast the game flows.

The game includes unique features like radio broadcasts. The sound design, inspired by Silent Hill, adds to the creepy ambiance. It uses industrial and static sounds.

Gameplay FeaturesDetails
Game LengthApproximately 10-12 hours
Rating7 out of 10
Development Team SizeDeveloped by just two people
ProtagonistElster, who awakens with amnesia at the beginning of the game
Hidden Third ActAccessible only after completing the second act, offering additional gameplay beyond the initial ending
PraisePrized for its visuals, sound design, and homage to classic survival horror titles

Signalis is perfect for horror fans and Steam Deck users. It offers a unique story with great visuals and tough gameplay. It stands out in the survival horror genre.

Vampire Survivors – A Hypnotically Compelling Action Game

Looking for a game that’s full of action and excitement? Vampire Survivors is just what you need. Created by Poncle, it’s loved by both Steam Deck users and readers of Rock Paper Shotgun. It’s known for its addicting gameplay, controls that feel natural, and runs smoothly. This makes it a top pick for those who enjoy action games on the Steam Deck.

Vampire Survivors throws players into a fight for survival. They face huge monster crowds and the game stays fast, running at over 40fps. This means the excitement never stops and you can dive straight into the action without waiting.

One cool thing about Vampire Survivors is the chance to upgrade your weapons. As you play, you can make your arsenal more powerful. That helps you stand stronger against the formidable enemies. It’s a great way to add more fun and depth to the game.

Survival is the main aim in Vampire Survivors. And it’s not easy, you’ll need to think fast and be ready to change your tactics. The game keeps your heart racing as you fight to survive. This makes every win feel like a big achievement.

Vampire Survivors is awesome on the Steam Deck because it uses power efficiently. You get hours of play before needing to recharge. This feature makes it perfect for gaming on the go. It lets you enjoy the excitement of Vampire Survivors wherever you are, uninterrupted.

  • Addictive and compelling gameplay
  • Intuitive controls
  • Smooth performance
  • Weapon upgrade system
  • Survival gameplay might not be for everyone
  • Vampire theme may not appeal to all players

Love action games and have a Steam Deck? Vampire Survivors is a must-play. It’s full of thrilling fights and chances to make your weapons stronger. From the beginning, you’ll be hooked by its exciting gameplay and tough challenges. Get ready for a thrilling adventure. Vampire Survivors is a game that you won’t forget.

Planet of Lana – A Splendid Puzzle-Platformer Adventure

Planet of Lana is a masterpiece from Wishfully Studios, full of beauty. It guides players through an amazing world. Inspired by Studio Ghibli, this game enchants players with rich colors and stunning views.

This game thrives on engaging, simple gameplay. It presents clever puzzles that require thought and basic skills to solve. This aspect makes it fun and easy to enjoy.

What makes this game unique is Mui, a monkey-cat. This cute companion influences how puzzles are solved. It also deepens the connection between the game and the player.

Many have praised Planet of Lana for its charm and playability. It has a “Very Positive” score on Steam, reflecting its popularity with gamers. Critics and players alike have applauded its design and fun.

It is available on platforms like Epic Games Store and Xbox. At $19.99 on Steam, it offers great value for its experience.

The game is gentle on your computer, needing just Windows 10 and some basic components to run. This means many can enjoy this gem of a game.

Planet of Lana Overview

DeveloperWishfully Studios
PublisherThunderful Publishing
Metacritic Score (PC)83
Metacritic Score (Xbox)83
Opencritic Score85
EDGE Magazine Rating9/10
Completion TimeRoughly three hours
Number of Collectible Secret Shrines10

Despite some puzzles being flagged for not being totally new, Planet of Lana shines. It is loved for its beautiful story, platforming, and stunning visuals.

“Planet of Lana is a cinematic puzzle adventure with outstanding visuals, music, and puzzle variety.” – Harm0nica, XboxEra

Planet of Lana offers an unforgettable journey with a deep story and stunning scenes. It’s ideal for fans of puzzles and those seeking a rich, immersive adventure.

Diablo IV – A Satisfying ARPG Experience on the Steam Deck

Diablo IV is now on the Steam Deck thanks to Blizzard Team 3 and Blizzard Albany. It quickly became Blizzard’s top seller. Its success shows it’s a highly loved title. Players on the Steam Deck say it runs really well, making the game even better.

Diablo IV on the Steam Deck is special because it works with different controls. While most ARPGs are great with a mouse and keyboard, this game shines with a controller on the Steam Deck. This makes the game feel more real and fun.

The game also lets players pick how they want it to look. You can change the graphics to fit your style. This makes Diablo IV look amazing on the Steam Deck’s screen.

Yet, some players have faced issues with Diablo IV on their Steam Deck. It doesn’t work well with the Deck’s sleep mode. You need an Internet connection to enjoy all its features. Also, since you can’t get it on Steam, it may miss some official recognition.

However, testing shows playing Diablo IV on the Steam Deck is good, even in tough parts. This proves the game is a great pick for those who love ARPGs. It’s a title that ARPG fans and Steam Deck users will enjoy a lot.


The player noted that at level 84, Helltides were considered trivial to complete.

Level Difficulty

Helltides were mentioned to always scale a few levels above the player, thus presenting a challenge.

Item Level

The player referenced acquiring ancestral loot with an approximate item level of 780 before reaching level 70.

Dungeon Challenges

Nightmare dungeons were indicated to have monster levels going up to 150, despite the level cap being at 100.

Combat Experience

A specific encounter was described where the player struggled against level 100 Lilith in the final battle of the game, unable to make significant progress.

XRPG Codex Discussion

The player mentioned accessing information and common misconceptions related to leveling and character strength from RPG Codex Diablo 4 threads.

Diablo IV on the Steam Deck really stands out. It has top-notch graphics, lets you pick how you want it to look, and is fun to play. This makes the game perfect for anyone who loves ARPGs. It keeps players interested and entertained for long periods.

Diablo IV on the Steam Deck

Hades – A Seamless Roguelike Experience on the Steam Deck

Hades, made by Supergiant Games, is a top roguelike. It won many awards, including Game of the Year 2020. It mixes fast combat, great story, and beautiful visuals well, perfect for the Steam Deck’s OLED screen.

Hades does well with the Steam Deck’s controls. It uses the face buttons and thumbstick smoothly. You can move fluidly and attack accurately, making the game feel great to play.

Thanks to the Steam Deck’s strong hardware, Hades runs smoothly at 60fps. The game’s underworld looks amazing on the OLED screen. It adds to the experience, from tough fights to meeting interesting characters.

If you need to pause, the Steam Deck’s quick resume is handy. You can stop and start again without a long wait. It makes sure you stay in the game without hassle.

Hades is great for many plays, thanks to its random levels and items. Its story and world make it hard to stop playing. This makes it a game all Steam Deck owners should have.

Start an epic journey with Hades on your Steam Deck. Its mix of tech, fun, and beauty show what the Steam Deck can do. It’s a true gem for gamers on the go.

Hades Pricing and Releases

TitlePricingRelease Date
Hades (Discounted)$8Released
Hades 2To be announcedLater this year


In conclusion, we evaluated 43 PC Games over the past year. From this assessment, we have collected the top games for the Steam Deck. We selected them for their playability, overall quality, and compatibility with the Steam Deck. We know gamers have different tastes, so our list covers a wide variety of genres and styles.

Are you into big, immersive worlds like Horizon Forbidden West? Or do you like smaller puzzle games like Planet of Lana? Best believe there’s a game for you on our list. We made sure they all work smoothly on the Steam Deck and related devices.

The Steam Deck and Steam Deck OLED are getting more attention. It’s crucial for games to run well on these devices. Don’t worry, our list includes games that work great right away, and some that may need a little extra effort. This way, you have plenty of choices to explore.

Looking for games to make your portable gaming better? Look no further than our recommended list. Find everything from beautiful adventures to thrilling action games. Each title provides a unique and fun experience on the Steam Deck. Get set for an adventure into the best of gaming!


What are the best Steam Deck games?

Want to know the top Steam Deck games? Here’s our guide for you.

Which game can serve as a Steam Deck tutorial?

Valve’s Aperture Desk Job is a great way to start with the Steam Deck.

What is Horizon Forbidden West?

It’s an amazing open world game that takes you on an adventure.

Is Signalis a survival horror game?

Signalis is indeed a survival horror game, but with a twist – it has a unique love story.

What can you say about Vampire Survivors?

Vampire Survivors mixes action and survival with cool upgrades.

What kind of game is Planet of Lana?

It’s a beautiful puzzle-platformer that looks like it came from Studio Ghibli’s mind.

Can you play Diablo IV on the Steam Deck?

Yes, you can dive into Diablo IV’s action on the Steam Deck.

Is Hades available for the Steam Deck?

Indeed, Hades provides a smooth roguelike experience on the Steam Deck.

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