Unicorn Overlord Game: Conquer the Mythical Realm

unicorn overlord game

In 2024, a game sets out to take role-playing to a new level. Unicorn Overlord thrusts players into the magical world of Fevrith. You become the exiled prince Alain, gathering a force to free the land from the Zenoiran Empire’s hold. Get ready for epic battles across the mythical realm.

The game’s idea was born in 2014, when Takafumi Noma aimed to reinvent the tactical games of the ‘90s. Diving into Unicorn Overlord means experiencing a mix of old and new gameplay. You’ll face mythical creatures, engaging in enchanted battles, all while aiming to restore the unicorn dominion.

Key Takeaways

  • Unicorn Overlord is a 2024 tactical role-playing game set in the magical realm of Fevrith.
  • Players take on the role of exiled prince Alain, leading a diverse army to liberate the nations from the Zenoiran Empire’s realm conquering efforts.
  • The game combines traditional turn-based strategy with innovative mystical quests and legendary warriors, appealing to a wide range of players.
  • Unicorn Overlord’s enchanted battles and mythical strategy promise an immersive and captivating gameplay experience.
  • The game’s stunning visuals and attention to detail transport players into a truly fantastical adventure.

Introducing Unicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord is a new game by ATLUS and Vanillaware. These teams are well-known for games like 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim and Odin Sphere. In this game, players dive into a world of myth and intrigue. They face their fate, striving to reclaim their throne with the help of strong allies.

A Tactical RPG Masterpiece

Unicorn Overlord, a unicorn overlord game, mixes deep strategy with a compelling story. Its gameplay is inspired by classic TRPGs. Players lead their troops to victory and deal with the complex world of Fevrith. Here, nothing is what it seems.

Developed by Vanillaware, Published by SEGA

Vanillaware’s 2D art style shines in Unicorn Overlord. Known for their attention to detail, Vanillaware and SEGA join forces for this game. Unicorn Overlord mixes beautiful art, fresh gameplay, and a grand story. It’s sure to make its mark in the gaming world.

Gameplay Overview

In Unicorn Overlord, you’re exiled prince Alain. You lead the Liberation Army across Fevrith. The game mixes exploring the world map with real-time tactical combat. Players use Valor to deploy units in battles. Character classes and abilities add depth to the combat system.

Lead the Liberation Army

You control the Liberation Army in Unicorn Overlord. It’s a varied group fighting to free Fevrith from the Zenoiran Empire. wisely using your Valor is key. It lets you pick the best units for each battle. Strategic use of the character classes is necessary.

Real-Time Combat

The game’s real-time combat echoes classic strategy RPGs. It focuses on where you place your soldiers, managing the terrain, and using character abilities. Battles happen automatically but smart planning is vital. This approach makes combat dynamic and fun.

Character Classes and Abilities

In Unicorn Overlord, there are many character classes to choose from. Each class has its unique abilities and tactics. As you level up your characters, you get more skills to use. Understanding how different classes work together is very important for winning tough fights.

The Mythical Realm of Fevrith

The tale of Unicorn Overlord unfolds in Fevrith, a world alive with diverse lands, creatures, and cultures. This mythical realm forms a lush setting for the game’s grand story. It invites players to delve deep into its magical lands.

Explore a Vibrant Fantasy World

Players will discover many towns, meet unique characters, and witness special events in their journey. The game’s 2D art by Vanillaware is detailed and rich, drawing players into Fevrith’s vibrant and enchanting world.

unicorn overlord game

Conquer the Mythical Realm

In the epic adventure of Unicorn Overlord, players aim to conquer the mythical realm of Fevrith. You’ll act as the exiled prince Alain. With a mighty army of unicorn warriors and other mythic beings, your goal is to free the lands of Fevrith from the Zenoiran Empire. This game lets your choices shape the outcome, mingling story and game seamlessly.

Command Legendary Unicorn Warriors

Unicorn Overlord lets players lead a force of unicorn warriors and other mystical creatures. Your job is to win back Fevrith. Use smart strategies and manage your team well to beat the Zenoiran Empire. The game also lets you build strong connections with your creatures. This way, your journey in conquering Fevrith becomes unique and fulfilling.

The Story of Exiled Prince Alain

Exiled prince Alain was born on the faraway island of Palevia. He was raised there. Now, he leads the Liberation Army. Their goal is to reclaim his throne. Ten years back, the Zenoiran Empire, led by General Valmore, took over nearby lands of Fevrith.

Alain needs to find allies to free his home and the rest of Fevrith. His allies include humans, elves, beasts, and angels. The future of Fevrith lies in his hands. He must make tough decisions and form strong bonds. These choices will decide the world’s fate.

Character Roster and Recruitment

Unicorn Overlord has over 60 special characters to recruit. You can bring them to your Liberation Army. These characters include humans, elves, beastmen, and angels. They all have unique stories and skills. It’s important to choose wisely, as former enemies could change the path of the story.

You’ll find a mix of soldiers and mythical beings in the game. Knights and soldiers are there, but you can also recruit Gryphon Masters and Werebeasts. Each region of the game has its own special method for finding and adding characters to your team.

RegionNumber of Recruitable CharactersUnique Character Classes
Cornia29Lord, Priestess, Fighter, Paladin, Soldier, Hoplite, Knight
Elheim8Elven Augur, Elven Archer, Gryphon Master, Elven Fencer, Elven Sibyl
Drakenhold7Dreadnought, Crusader, Dark Marquess, Great Knight, Arbalist, Dark Knight, Radiant Knight
Bastorias7Werelion, Wereowl, Werefox, Werebear, Werewolf
Albion6Prince, Legionnaire, Featherbow, Featherstaff, Sergeant, Valkyria

Unicorn Overlord differs from other games with its special way to recruit. You have to complete missions or side quests to get certain characters. This makes the game more strategic and fun. Players aim to create the best army and save the Fevrith realm.

Combat Mechanics and Strategies

Combat in Unicorn Overlord is key, where using your Valor wisely sets you up for success. You’ll manage different units and their special skills in real time. The area you fight in may have siege weapons or tricky bits that influence your tactics. It’s important to know your unit’s pros and cons and the battlefield well to win tough fights.

Valor and Deploying Units

In Unicorn Overlord, battles use up stamina. Units can’t move if they’re out of stamina. You recharge by making them rest. Different classes offer various Valor Skills for offense or healing. Using these skills by spending Valor Points right is vital to beat your enemies.

Battlefield Environments

Places where you fight really matter in Unicorn Overlord. The ground or any special areas can change a fight. To win, you need to use the battlefield’s conditions to your favor.

Siege Weapons and Environmental Gimmicks

Not just units, Unicorn Overlord has siege weapons and tricks that can help win a battle. Using these extra tools smartly is as important as using your units well. To be a true master, you must know how everything in the battlefield works together.

combat mechanics

Currencies and Progression

Unicorn Overlord has a complex currency system for players to master. Gold is key for buying items and gear. Honors are needed to get more party slots and hire help. Renown tracks your Honor spending, controlling key milestones.

Gold, Honors, and Renown

It’s vital to balance and wisely spend these currencies in Unicorn Overlord. Gold is your main currency from battles and quests. It helps you equip your army with the best gear. Honors are earned by defeating foes and doing well in quests. They let you expand your party and boost your forces with new units.

Renown controls how far your Honors can go. You need certain Renown levels to unlock critical upgrades. Increasing your Renown involves tackling quests and tough battles. It gives you more power to tweak and grow your Liberation Army.

Unlocking Parties and Character Slots

Honors and Renown help you expand your party’s size and character options. You start small but can grow by earning more Honors and rising in Renown status. This process lets you tailor your teams for success in Fevrith.

Renown RankHonors RequiredParty Size Expansion
E10Expand unit to 3 members
D10Unlock an extra unit
C50Expand unit to 4 members
A200Expand unit to 5 members
SUndisclosedExpand unit to 6 members

With proper management, you can grow a powerhouse Liberation Army. It will be ready to take back your kingdom in Fevrith.

Multiplayer Mode

Unicorn Overlord offers more than just the solo mission. It includes a multiplayer mode. Here, players can battle their AI teams against others. This feature becomes available later in the game. It adds strategy and fun, making the game more interesting.

In Unicorn Overlord’s multiplayer mode, players face each other in a PvP set-up. Up to two people can battle online. This lets friends challenge the teams they’ve built.

The game has a “Prize Exchange” with cool rewards. These could be items or looks that make multiplayer more exciting. The exact prizes aren’t known, but they sound fun.

Unlocking after the main story, the game’s multiplayer mode gives new challenges. Once the campaign is over, players can keep testing their tactics. They can fight with their top teams, enjoying fierce battles.

Visuals and Artistic Style

Unicorn Overlord shines with its beautiful 2D animation by Vanillaware. The fantasy world, characters, and settings impress with rich detail and color. This enhances the game’s story and strategy, pulling players into its immersive world.

Vanillaware’s Signature 2D Animation

Some say the characters in Unicorn Overlord look a bit too common. This is in contrast to the unique look of Aegis Rim. However, the game includes a big mix of about 60 characters. They bring variety and surprise to the game.

Although a few people think the maps and backgrounds are not the best, many appreciate the game’s stunning visuals. The game creates scenes that look like beautiful paintings. These, plus the clever use of light, make the game a feast for the eyes.

Music and Sound

The musical score for Unicorn Overlord is made by Basiscape, a famous music studio. It was founded by the well-known composer Hitoshi Sakimoto. This game’s music is designed to be big and orchestral. It will make the adventure feel even more epic and exciting. Players will find themselves drawn into the game with its stunning music.

Composed by Basiscape

Basiscape has worked on music for many top games. They create sound that fills the worlds of games with life. Their work on Unicorn Overlord is expected to bring the game to life in a whole new way, mixing beautifully with the game’s visuals and story.

Yet, some people think Unicorn Overlord’s music might not be as unique as the legendary teams of Sakimoto and Iwata. Opinions on the soundtrack vary. Some think it’s just okay, while others love the catchy tunes. Songs like “Heir to Dragonlands” stand out for their power.

The music in Unicorn Overlord matters a lot. It helps to pull players into the game’s world of Fevrith. The game’s experience will be shaped by the music, whether it’s seen as great or as just okay. This soundtrack will truly set the mood for the exciting adventure in this RPG.

Critical Reception

Unicorn Overlord has won critics over with its amazing battles and look. Reviewers love how you fight in real time and how you can grow your heroes differently. But some say it’s hard to figure out the story and details of the game’s design.

Praise for Gameplay and Visuals

Reviewers praise Unicorn Overlord for its battle strategy. They love how players can plan moves and build their hero teams in unique ways.

They also love the game’s look. The 2.5D art makes Fevrith’s world come alive with its vivid colors and detailed characters. It really draws players in.

Mixed Reactions to Story and Complexity

While many love the game’s action and looks, some are divided on its story and complexity. They find the story hard to follow and the game’s workings need a lot to learn and get right.

But, many players still enjoy the deep talks, tough choices, and the world of Fevrith. They say it’s worth it, even with some parts needing more focus.

Date of ReviewMarch 23, 2024
Total Comments2
Gameplay ModesTwo primary gameplay modes
Gameplay Time20 hours invested in the game
World Map ExplorationOnly seen half of the world map after 20 hours
Story ElementsNarrative elements buoyed by voice acting and writing, frequent but short cutscenes
Troop CustomizationTroops can grow from 2 to up to 5 (possibly 6) by accumulating Honor
Troop DeploymentBattle durations range from a few minutes to 30 minutes
ClassesMore than 60 characters and dozens of classes mentioned
SkillsSkill customization available for troops in combat
Valor PointsApplicable for specific buffs, debuffs, and out-of-combat actions
Character BondingRapport system unlocks character interactions and stat bonuses
Switch PerformancePraised for excellence
Art StyleNoted as one of the strengths of the developer
Expected Gameplay Hours to CompleteEstimated another 10-20 hours to finish the main story
Candidate for AwardsSpeculation on potential end-of-the-year accolades


Looking back at my time with Unicorn Overlord, I’m amazed by what ATLUS and Vanillaware achieved. The game’s vibrant and enchanting fantasy setting and deep and engaging gameplay really stand out. It’s made a big impact on me.

The story about freeing Fevrith and returning as a prince pulls you in. There are over 50 distinct characters to choose from. I loved planning out how to tackle each challenge with my chosen team.

Unicorn Overlord offers both a rich story mode and a fun multiplayer option. Its stunning visual presentation and captivating music pull you into its world. This made my experience with the game unforgettable.

Saying goodbye to Fevrith, I feel content and eager to come back to its story. I see Unicorn Overlord as a very special game. It shows Vanillaware’s dedication to great gaming adventures.


What is Unicorn Overlord?

Unicorn Overlord is a 2024 tactical role-playing game. It’s developed by Vanillaware and published by Atlus in Japan. Sega handles the worldwide release. It’s available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. Players join exiled prince Alain to free Fevrith from the Zenoiran Empire.

What is the gameplay like in Unicorn Overlord?

Players guide Alain and his army in big, real-time battles. They engage in combat across the game’s world. You can strategically place your units and use their special skills. Battles unfold based on your setup and the characters’ strengths.

What is the story of Unicorn Overlord?

Unicorn Overlord follows Alain’s quest. He’s an exiled prince who returns to challenge the Zenoiran Empire. Alain was raised hidden on Palevia, far from the Empire’s grip. He forms the Liberation Army to end their tyranny.

What is the character roster like in Unicorn Overlord?

The game offers more than 60 unique characters for your Army. You can recruit various beings, like humans, elves, and celestial angels. Each has its own skills and role to play in fighting the Empire.

How does the currency system work in Unicorn Overlord?

There’s a three-tiered currency system in the game. Gold buys items and gear. Honors help unlock more character slots and classes. Renown influences your choices with Honors.

Does Unicorn Overlord have a multiplayer mode?

Yes, a multiplayer mode lets players battle each other. Squads controlled by the AI face off. You can access this mode once you progress in the single-player story.

What are the critical reception and key features of Unicorn Overlord?

Critics have enjoyed Unicorn Overlord for its engaging gameplay and beautiful visuals. They also like the deep character development. Yet, some found the story and game design too complicated.

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