Unlock Tekken 6 Secrets: Tips & Strategies

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Tekken 6 is a favorite in the fighting game world. It’s known for its intense martial arts battles. To help you master the game, we have tips and strategies. These will make your gameplay better. Let’s jump into the action and share our expert advice.

Key Takeaways:Tekken 6 Cheats for PlayStation 3Unlockable Characters and StagesUnlockable Comic Effect CustomizationChoose Your Victory PoseUnlock Medium and Hard Difficulty ModesMaster Weapon MovesAchieve the “No Key For Me” AchievementUnlock Comic Effect (English and Japanese)Tekken 6 Cheats for Xbox 3601. Select Win Poses2. Discover Secret Picture3. Unlock Achievements for Extra Points4. Unlock Characters and Stages5. Seek the Best Strategies6. Acquiring Wealth in Kazuya StageUnlockable Characters and Stages in Scenario Campaign ModeUnlocking CharactersUnlocking StagesDiscovering SecretsTekken 6 Basics: Defense and OffenseDefenseOffenseCharacter Movement TechniquesStrategies for Boss Battles in Scenario Campaign ModeHidden Moves and Special AttacksThe Evolution of Hidden MovesCharacter-Specific Hidden MovesUnlocking Hidden MovesTips for Playing Each Character in Tekken 61. Paul:2. Law:3. Nina:4. Kazuya:How to Perform Combos in Tekken 6Learning the BasicsExecuting CombosAdvanced Techniques and StrategiesCharacter Selection: Unleash Your PotentialA Balanced Character Roster: The Key to SuccessMaster the Art of DefenseJuggling: Unlocking Free DamageCharacter-Specific Strategies: Know Your OpponentsUtilize Online Resources and CommunitiesTekken 6 Walkthroughs, FAQs, and GuidesExplore our collection of Tekken 6 resources:ConclusionFAQHow can I unlock the secrets of Tekken 6?Are there any cheats available for Tekken 6 on PlayStation 3?Can I use cheats in Tekken 6 on Xbox 360?How can I unlock additional characters and stages in Scenario Campaign Mode?What are some basic strategies for Tekken 6?How can I defeat bosses in Scenario Campaign Mode?Are there any hidden moves and special attacks in Tekken 6?Do different characters in Tekken 6 have unique playstyles?How can I perform combos in Tekken 6?Are there any advanced techniques and strategies in Tekken 6?Where can I find additional help and information while playing Tekken 6?How can I become a Tekken 6 champion?

Key Takeaways:

  • Unlock trophies by completing challenges: Bronze (78%), Silver (22%), Gold (3%), Platinum (1%).
  • Explore various stages: Easy (40%), Medium (30%), Hard (30%).
  • Earn gamerscore with achievements: 15 points (60%), 20 points (25%), 30 points (10%), 50 points (5%).
  • Access helpful FAQs: Character FAQs (40%), General FAQs (30%), In-Depth FAQs (30%).
  • Master win poses with guides: PlayStation 3 (100%), Xbox 360 (50%).
  • Complete PlayStation Home rewards: Gloves (25%), Cabinet (25%), Tee-shirts (50%).
  • Ace different trophy categories: Combat skills (60%), Completion tasks (30%), Miscellaneous achievements (10%).
  • Progress with gamerscore distribution: Bronze (70%), Silver (20%), Gold (7%), Platinum (3%).
  • Unlock character-specific arenas and stages: Male (60%), Female (40%); Character-specific (70%), Stage-specific (30%).

Tekken 6 Cheats for PlayStation 3

Enhance your Tekken 6 experience on PlayStation 3 with cheats and unlockables. These tips will boost your martial arts game.

Unlockable Characters and Stages

By playing Scenario Campaign mode, you can unlock many characters and stages. To add more to your team, beat challenges and defeat foes in special areas.

You can recruit fighters like Anna, Asuka, and Bryan, each with unique skills.

Try out their moves to lead the competition.

Unlockable Comic Effect Customization

Finishing Scenario Campaign mode also opens up a fun customization feature. This feature allows you to add comic book style effects to your fights.

It makes your wins stand out and look cool.

Choose Your Victory Pose

Select unique victory poses to add your personal style to the game. Just use a combination of buttons before the end fight scene to show a special move.

It keeps your matches exciting and unpredictable.

Unlock Medium and Hard Difficulty Modes

To face tougher challenges, complete Azazel’s Temple, Central Corridor. This unlocks Medium and Hard difficulties. Now, test your game against fiercer foes.

Show your skill and rise as a true Tekken 6 champion.

Master Weapon Moves

Learn to use weapon moves that can change the fight’s direction. Each character has a set of these powerful attacks. Blend martial arts with weapon skills to surprise your enemies.

Achieve the “No Key For Me” Achievement

Looking for a different kind of challenge? Try not using Nancy in the Millennium Tower stage. This achievement tests your Tekken skills without a giant robot’s help.

It shows your ability to play the game independently.

Unlock Comic Effect (English and Japanese)

Complete Scenario Campaign mode to get the “Comic Effect (English).” It lets you see the game with fun English text.

By finishing this mode, you also unlock “Comic Effect (Japanese).” Choose your favorite language effects to make combats visually impressive.

-Unlock 33 bonus arena characters by completing specific tasks in Scenario Campaign mode.
-Unlock 5 bonus stages by completing tasks in Scenario Campaign mode.
-Beat the Scenario Campaign mode to unlock the Comic Effect customization option.
-Choose different victory poses by holding [Left Punch], [Right Punch], [Left Kick], or [Right Kick].
-Unlock Medium and Hard difficulty modes by completing Azazel’s Temple, Central Corridor in Scenario Campaign mode.
-Perform different weapon moves by pressing specific button combinations.
-Achieve the “No Key For Me” achievement by not using Nancy, the giant robot, in the Millennium Tower stage.
-Unlock the “Comic Effect (English)” by completing the Scenario Campaign mode.
-Unlock the “Comic Effect (Japanese)” by also completing the Scenario Campaign mode.
-Access the Kigan Island stage by defeating a character in Abyss Gate on Hard difficulty and grabbing their loot.
-Reach the Mishima Industries, Biotech Research Station Ruins stage by defeating a character in Seahorse Grand Hotel.
-Defeat specific characters in specific locations to unlock various arena characters such as Anna, Asuka, Baek, Bob, Bruce, Bryan, Christie, Devil Jin, Dragunov, Eddy, Feng, Ganryu, Hwoarang, Heihachi, Jack-6, Jin, Julia, Kazuya, King, Kuma or Panda, Law, Lee, Lei, Leo, Lili, Marduk, Miguel, Mokujin, Nina, Paul, Raven, Roger Jr., Steve, Wang, Xiaoyu, Yoshimitsu, and Zafina.

Tekken 6 Cheats for Xbox 360

Want to enhance your Tekken 6 game on Xbox 360? Here are the cheats and unlockables you need. These tips will boost your experience in Tekken’s thrilling battles.

1. Select Win Poses

Show off your style in Tekken 6 by picking unique win poses. Just win a match, then press and hold specific buttons for a cool win pose.

Example: Hold X and Y for a unique win pose.

2. Discover Secret Picture

Looking for a surprise? Go to the Xbox 360 dashboard and select Tekken 6. Press the Y button to see a hidden picture that will amaze you.

3. Unlock Achievements for Extra Points

Achievements let you earn extra points and display your gaming abilities in Tekken 6. There are 50 achievements to complete, offering a total of 1000 points.

Complete goals in Scenario Campaign Mode to earn between 10 and 45 points. Also, beating campaign stages grants points, with 20 to 45 points available.

Defeat tough enemies and aim for over 5,000,000 G to earn more points. Keep striving for achievements to improve your gaming score.

4. Unlock Characters and Stages

In Arena mode, unlock more characters and stages by defeating them. Beat them in their specific stages to play as them.

For instance, win against Anna in G Corporation to unlock her, or beat Devil Jin in Nightmare Train to play as him. Each character needs to be won over in their unique stage.

5. Seek the Best Strategies

To become a Tekken 6 master, use smart strategies. Go through stages, fight tough enemies, and aim for high-quality item drops.

Example: In Kigan Island, focus on Yoshimitsu’s henchmen to get better item drops. This strategy can improve your drop quality to between C and S ranks.

Using proven strategies, like pairing Alisa with Lars, can increase your in-game wealth quickly. Mastering such combinations is key to success.

6. Acquiring Wealth in Kazuya Stage

Looking to earn big in-game money? The Kazuya stage is your best bet. You can earn about 700,000 gold each play. It’s a great way to boost your funds.

With these cheats and strategies, you’re equipped to rule Tekken 6 on Xbox 360. Show off your skills, earn achievements, and climb the leaderboards. The arena is ready for your challenge!

Unlockable Characters and Stages in Scenario Campaign Mode

Tekken 6’s Scenario Campaign Mode is a thrilling story mode. It’s full of unlockable characters and stages. You get more and more to play with as you move forward, enhancing your game time.

Unlocking Characters

Finishing the mode once with Lars Alexandersson unlocks a great feature. From there, you can choose any character. You’ll also start with an extra unlocked character. Now you can enjoy many different fighting styles and powers. This makes your game richer and more fun.

In this mode, characters’ stories and dialogues change with each play. Starting with Lars adds a main story touch. But, each character has their own unique interactions, making each round interesting and immersive.

Unlocking Stages

The mode has a mix of main and secret stages. Each has its own boss and challenges. You have to beat each stage to open the next. This adds a layer of challenge to the game.

Boss battles vary in difficulty as you progress. Each offers a rewarding challenge. Winning unlocks Tekken 6 characters for you to play. The foes and challenges keep the game exciting and fun.

Discovering Secrets

Keep an eye out for special secrets and stages while playing. Hidden treasures like Kigan Island and Subterranean Pavilion await you. They offer unique challenges and rewards, making the game even better.

Look for power-up drinks and weapons on your journey. These items can really help you in battle. There are also customization items that help your stats and add damage. Eggs and chicks found can help your character’s health. All these add unexpected fun twists to the game.

Scenario Campaign Mode is more than just a story. It’s a pathway to getting more characters, stages, and power-ups. By diving deep into this mode, you make your Tekken 6 experience unique and truly yours.

Tekken 6 Basics: Defense and Offense

To shine in Tekken 6, you must master both defense and offense. By understanding the game’s fundamental strategies, you can outsmart your opponents. We’ll share tips to boost your skills and strategy in Tekken 6.


Surviving and countering your opponent relies on your defense. Here are key defensive strategies:

  1. Know the three types of guards in Tekken 6: Standing Guard, Crouching Guard, and Special Mids. Each has its use, and mastering them is critical.
  2. Effective blocking and fast recovery reduce the damage you take. Good timing helps to fight back quickly after being hit.
  3. Movement techniques like side stepping or dashing allow you to dodge attacks. These moves also help you create attack openings.

Defense involves more than just blocking. It means knowing how to keep your distance and predict your opponent’s moves.


A strong offense needs good knowledge and precise execution. Here are key offensive tactics to consider:

  1. Understand the basics of Tekken 6 moves: Highs, Mids, and Lows. Each type has a specific purpose in combat.
  2. Use launch attacks to start juggling combos. These combos are powerful and can turn the tide of the battle in your favor.
  3. Employ homing attacks to prevent enemy dodging. This forces your opponent to stay on their toes defensively.

Mastering character-specific moves and grabs adds variety to your offense. These can surprise your opponent and give you an edge. Practice to enhance your timing and execution of these techniques.

Blending strong defense with an effective offense makes you a tough opponent in Tekken 6. Keep practicing and learning advanced strategies to level up. “Level Up Your Game” on YouTube is a great resource for improving your Tekken play.

Character Movement Techniques

In Tekken 6, knowing how to move well is key to controlling the game. These are vital movement techniques:

Movement TechniqueDescription
Side Step (SS)A quick tap of the up or down direction, allowing you to sidestep your opponent’s attacks.
Backdash (BD)Use it to create space, by tapping back quickly to move away from your opponent.
Crouch Dash (CD)Perform this for mix-ups and to start powerful attacks. It’s a forward dash from a crouching position.
Back Sway (BS)Evade high and some mid attacks with this backward dodge movement.
Forward Dash (FD)This movement quickly closes the distance between you and your opponent, making it useful for offense.
SidewalkingIt allows you to move quickly in any direction by tapping up or down.
Backdash Canceling (BDc)Use it to chain moves or to block quickly after a backdash, for better defense.
WavedashA fast series of crouch dashes, often seen with Mishima characters for quick movement.
Electric Sidestep (eSS)This is a sidestep followed by an electric attack, used for quick and powerful punishes.

Learning and mastering these movements will give you better control and strategy in Tekken 6.

Strategies for Boss Battles in Scenario Campaign Mode

Boss battles in Scenario Campaign Mode are tough and need good plans to win. These strong enemies have helpers, which makes things harder. But, with the right moves, you can beat them and be the winner.

Here are three ways to win boss fights in Scenario Campaign Mode:

  1. 1. Prioritize your attacks: Concentrate your attacks on the boss. This takes down their health fast. It stops them from using powerful attacks or calling more helpers.
  2. 2. Utilize weapons: Use the weapons you find lying around. They boost how much damage you do. This gives you an edge against both the boss and their assistants.
  3. 3. Adapt to lackey respawns: In longer fights, the boss’s helpers may come back. Stay ready for this and change your plan if needed. Defeating the helpers fast helps you focus on the boss.

Not every boss in Scenario Campaign Mode is super hard. Some are pretty easy, especially on normal mode. But always be ready and have a good plan ready for any boss fight.

Tekken 6 also has two hidden stages: Kigan Island and Subterranean Pavilion. You must do special things, like beating a ninja on hard mode and finding a scroll, to unlock them.

Remember, practicing and not giving up is how you win boss battles. Each loss can teach you something, making your next try better. Be determined and use smart strategies to win in Scenario Campaign Mode.

Learning is FunClear the tutorial stage in Scenario Campaign Mode
Combo AmateurPerform a 10 chain combo in Scenario Campaign Mode
Give Your Fists a RestDefeat an enemy using a weapon in Scenario Campaign Mode
A Friend in NeedRescue your downed partner 3 times in Scenario Campaign Mode (single player)
What’s So Special About It?Obtain the Special Flag in Scenario Campaign Mode
Combo EnthusiastPerform a 30 chain combo in Scenario Campaign Mode
Friend or Foe?Reunite with your ally in Scenario Campaign Mode
Combo MasterPerform a 50 chain combo in Scenario Campaign Mode
King of the HillKnock 10 enemies into the water in Scenario Campaign Mode
Enemy Hunting AmateurDefeat 300 enemies in Scenario Campaign Mode

It’s good to finish the Scenario mode first before focusing on getting lots of items or money. When picking items, choose those that boost health first, then money, other items, and finally any special powers or defense.

If you want to earn a lot of money, try the Millennium Tower stage. It has bosses Anna & Kazuya and gives you around 1.7 million in money and at least 7 items each run on Hard difficulty.

For the best money-making setup, equip your character with items that boost money by 432%, health by 200%, and increase item drop and attack. This may not be the usual advice, but it helps make more money.

Also, remember that you can sell extra items for more cash. This is another way to get money for things like new hairstyles or Ki upgrades.

Hidden Moves and Special Attacks

In Tekken 6, mastering each character’s hidden moves and special attacks is key. These moves are powerful and can surprise your enemies. They help you win fights by using tactics your foes won’t expect.

New hidden moves get added with each game update. This makes every battle different and exciting.

The Evolution of Hidden Moves

The first FAQ version, 0.30, laid out Tekken 6’s hidden moves on January 31, 2010. It set a strong base for later updates.

On February 15, 2010, Version 0.31 came out. It brought new hidden moves for Asuka and Bob. These moves gave players new ways to play these characters.

Version 0.40, out on March 25, 2010, included more moves for Alisa, Lars, and Yoshimitsu. This made the game richer and more varied.

Finally, Version 0.41 arrived on May 2, 2010. It added moves for characters like Anna, Christie, and Yoshimitsu. These updates kept Tekken 6 fresh and full of surprises.

Character-Specific Hidden Moves

Each Tekken 6 character comes with their own secret moves. Let’s check out a few:

CharacterHidden Moves
Leof+3~d~BOK, f, f+3~d~BOK, 1, 2~b~KNK, b+3, 1~b~KNK
HwoarangLFF 1+2, 3+4, 3+4~f, f, LFF 1+2~d/b~RFF 3~4, RFS b+4
Lee3+4, 3, d/f+4, b+4, d+3, 2, 1, d+4, 4, 4, 4

These hidden moves make the game more interesting. They give players a chance to get creative with tactics.

Unlocking Hidden Moves

In Tekken 6, finding secret moves is about trying different button combos. While some are not shared by Namco, Command Training mode does reveal a few. It shows a basic set of character moves.

“Tekken 6 is not just about mastering the moves everyone knows. It’s about discovering the hidden moves and unleashing their power to surprise your opponents.” – Tekken Pro Player

Using hidden moves can surprise your opponent. It makes you a stronger Tekken 6 player. So, explore and unleash these special powers in your fights!

Tips for Playing Each Character in Tekken 6

In Tekken 6, every character offers a different way to play. We have tips and strategies. They will help you understand and use each character’s strengths. This will help you beat your friends and win matches.

1. Paul:

Paul is a great start for new players. His moves are quite simple. Try his powerful combos to win. Focus on the “Deathfist” move. It’s strong and can surprise your opponents.

2. Law:

Law is also good for beginners. His moves are clear. Use his “Dragon Sign Stance” for quick hits and to confuse your rivals.

3. Nina:

Nina is great at juggling hits. These are powerful and hard to stop. Learn her combos to really hurt your enemies in the game.

4. Kazuya:

Kazuya is about punishing mistakes. Use moves like “Electric Wind God Fist” to stay ahead. This way, you control the fight.

Start by picking one character to learn. Use practice mode a lot. And play against better Tekken gamers. This is how you learn to fight harder.

Want more tips for a specific character? Check out sites like iamtekken.com and Tekkenzaibatsu. They offer great advice and strategies. They will make you a better player.

To win at Tekken 6, you need to know how each character fights. Use our tips and become a master with your top pick. Good luck!

How to Perform Combos in Tekken 6

Combos are key in Tekken 6. They let you rain down big hits and beat your foes. It’s key to get good at combos, no matter if you’re just starting out or a seasoned player. We’ll show you how to do simple and tough combos for all fighters.

Learning the Basics

Start with the simple combos first. Learn 20-30 moves and a few 3-4 hit combos each time you practice. Using these in real fights helps a lot. It makes you better and shows you when to use these moves.

For more skilled players, mastering a character’s full array of moves is the goal. They should look up what moves are vital online or from pro videos. This research lets you find the best combos and tactics.

Executing Combos

Each fighter in Tekken 6 has lots of moves to pick from. With over 150 moves per character, there are combos waiting to be discovered. Here’s the lowdown on combo types:

ThrowsFind throws that do 15 to 60 in damage as part of your combos.
Backhand Slap ComboUse moves that you can’t escape, dealing 15 to 30 in damage.
Crab Hold ComboUse moves with little escape, causing damage from 15 to 35.
AttacksLearn different attacks that can deal 5 to 65 in damage. They can hit low, mid, or high.
10 Hit CombosMaster lengthy combos that hit for 86 to 98. They include high, mid, and low strikes.

When doing a juggle, you can only use one Bound move. Bound moves are special hits that bounce the opponent. Some strings of moves cause Bound too, like 3,4,3,4. And, some moves set up Bound hits if the last Bound attack failed.

Remember, not all lows can be blocked. For instance, Marduk’s “Knee Slicer” move can’t be blocked. Knowing your moves inside and out is important for combo success.

By getting good at combos, you’ll smash your opponents in Tekken 6. Buckle up for action by trying out lots of combos with your favorite fighter. Best of luck!

Advanced Techniques and Strategies

Now that you know the basics of Tekken 6, let’s move to advanced tricks. These will give you a leg up on your rivals. We’ll look at what it takes to be a Tekken 6 champion.

Character Selection: Unleash Your Potential

Picking the right character is the first step to being a Tekken 6 master. Paul and Law are good for starters, but the game has a big line-up. Play around with different characters to find your fit.

A Balanced Character Roster: The Key to Success

Tekken 6 is famed for having balanced characters. This means every fighter has their time to shine. Knowing each character well helps you beat them by using their weaknesses against them.

Master the Art of Defense

In any fighting game, defense is key. Learn to block right to avoid hits. Knowing how to block high, low, and mid attacks keeps you in the game.

Juggling: Unlocking Free Damage

Juggling in Tekken 6 lets you keep hits coming after launching someone in the air. Getting good at this means dealing big damage. So, practice timing and the right combos.

Character-Specific Strategies: Know Your Opponents

Each Tekken 6 character has unique moves. Knowing their weak points and punishable moves is a game changer. Study your opponents to get the upper hand.

Utilize Online Resources and Communities

For those looking to up their game, sites like iamtekken.com and Tekkenzaibatsu are great. They offer tips and let you connect with other players. This helps you learn new strategies and share ideas.

Advanced Techniques and Strategies

Being a master at Tekken 6 means lots of practice and knowing your character well. Focus on mastering the basic controls and combos. Know your character’s moves. This is crucial to beat your rivals.

Tekken 6 offers complex gameplay with 40 fighters and many moves. Knowing the details, like Normal and Counter Hits, is important to win.

Dive into combos in Tekken 6, where there are string and juggling combos. String Combos link attacks. Juggling Combos are for hitting opponents in the air. Mastering these helps you deal more damage.

To rise above in Tekken 6, use these tips. They will make you a strong competitor. Practice hard, and get ready to show your skills in the game.

Tekken 6 Walkthroughs, FAQs, and Guides

Need help in Tekken 6? We’ve got your back with our detailed walkthroughs, FAQs, and guides. Designed by expert players, they aim to help you master the game. Whether you’re facing a tough boss or want to learn advanced moves, we’re here to assist you.

Our step-by-step walkthroughs guide you through Tekken 6. They cover everything from basic stages to the game’s end. Whether you’re new or experienced, our tips and strategies will help improve your game.

Got questions about Tekken 6? Our FAQs answer common queries. They offer help on everything from understanding the game to unlocking secrets. They’re the quick info source you need.

Want to level up your game? Our detailed guides are essential reading. They focus on specific game elements like character strategies and combos. Written by pros, they provide deep insights and tips for enhancing your gameplay.

Armed with our walkthroughs, FAQs, and guides, you’ll be ready to ace Tekken 6. Whether you’re aiming for the top in the campaign or online, we’ve got the knowledge and strategies to help.

Explore our collection of Tekken 6 resources:

  • Tutorial stage
  • Scenario Campaign Mode
  • Arcade Mode
  • Survival Mode
  • Gameplay mechanics
  • Unlockable content
  • Trophy and achievement tips
  • Common issues and solutions
  • Character strategies
  • Combo techniques
  • Advanced gameplay tactics
  • Online multiplayer strategies

Our Tekken 6 resources welcome both new and skilled players. We’re here to help everyone improve and enjoy the game. Let’s work together towards your Tekken 6 success!


Congratulations! Now you have what it takes to master Tekken 6. With our advice, you are set to become a Tekken 6 star. This game, rated 9.0/10, has many characters. Each one plays differently.

Tekken 6 has lots of fun game modes. Choose story mode, arcade mode, time attack, survival, or ghost battles. Gain coins as you play. Use them to dress up your characters the way you want.

Tekken 6 looks amazing, with stunning arenas and cool effects. It sounds great too, with each character talking during fights. It’s easy for new players but has lots of depth for the pros. With 40 characters and unique game features, it’s a hit at tournaments.


How can I unlock the secrets of Tekken 6?

Master Tekken 6 by using our tips and strategies. They’re designed to help you unleash the game’s full potential.

Are there any cheats available for Tekken 6 on PlayStation 3?

Yes, you can find cheats and unlockables for Tekken 6 on the PlayStation 3. They offer things like new win poses, trophies, and achievements.

Can I use cheats in Tekken 6 on Xbox 360?

Definitely! Cheats and unlockables are also available for the Xbox 360. They include how to select win poses and find a secret picture.

How can I unlock additional characters and stages in Scenario Campaign Mode?

To get more characters and stages, defeat bosses and finish specific tasks in Scenario Campaign Mode.

What are some basic strategies for Tekken 6?

Knowing Tekken 6’s basics is key. You’ll discover how to defend and launch powerful attacks using our tips.

How can I defeat bosses in Scenario Campaign Mode?

Boss fights can be tough, but the right strategies can help. We’ll show you how to handle bosses and their helpers efficiently.

Are there any hidden moves and special attacks in Tekken 6?

Tekken 6 hides various special moves and attacks for every character. We’ll tell you how to do these awesome moves and surprise your friends.

Do different characters in Tekken 6 have unique playstyles?

Yes, each Tekken 6 character has a special way of fighting. We have tips to help you use each character effectively against your foes.

How can I perform combos in Tekken 6?

Combos are vital in Tekken 6. We’ll teach you basic and advanced combos for each character. This helps you do more damage and win fights.

Are there any advanced techniques and strategies in Tekken 6?

After mastering basics, explore advanced techniques. These include frame data and strategies to outsmart your opponents.

Where can I find additional help and information while playing Tekken 6?

Need more help or info? Check out our walkthroughs and guides, created by experienced players. They’re perfect for overcoming challenges and improving in the game.

How can I become a Tekken 6 champion?

You’re almost there! Use our tips and strategies to become a Tekken 6 champion. Show off your new skills in this classic game.

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