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The Avatar: Elements event is here in Fortnite, bringing Aang, Toph, and more to the game. Dive into their world as they join Fortnite.

Now’s your chance to dress up as these iconic characters with their own outfits. Each outfit is 2,000 v-bucks. You can also buy special accessories to make your avatar unique.

Want both Zuko and Katara? There’s a special bundle for 3,200 v-bucks. It gives you more variety for your in-game look.

There’s an Air Flurry emote too, for 500 v-bucks. It lets your character do Aang’s famous airbending move. Show off your avatar’s skills in a fun way.

To get extra rewards and the Aang skin and Lego style sooner, consider the Premium Reward Track. It costs 1,000 v-bucks but offers exclusive unlocks for your Fortnite experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Unlock the Avatar characters like Aang, Toph, Zuko, and Katara by purchasing their outfits for 2,000 v-bucks each.
  • Get both Zuko and Katara in the bundle for a total of 3,200 v-bucks.
  • Add the Air Flurry emote, showcasing Aang’s airbending trick, to your collection for 500 v-bucks.
  • Upgrade to the Premium Reward Track for 1,000 v-bucks to unlock exclusive rewards and immediate access to the Aang skin and Lego style.

Join the fun quests in the Avatar event to earn Chi, important for unlocking pass rewards. Completing Water Chakra needs four quests and gives you 350 Chi each time. You must do four out of six quests for Earth, Fire, Air, Sound, and Light Chakras to advance.

By completing the six Chakras, you can get the special Appa glider. It’s a sign of mastery that sets you apart in the game.

So, don’t wait to explore the Avatar: Elements event in Fortnite. Use the elements, earn Chi, get cool items, and be a true Avatar master. This Fortnite and Avatar: The Last Airbender team-up is a must-see. Be part of the action today and enjoy the best of both worlds!

Avatar Skins in the Fortnite Shop

The Fortnite shop now has Avatar: The Last Airbender inspired skins. This includes favorites like Toph, Zuko, and Katara. Now, fans can fight in Fortnite’s famous battlegrounds looking like their heroes.

Each skin has its own backbling, pickaxe, and a unique Fortnite Lego style. Players can customize their look to match their bending element. There’s something for everyone, whether you prefer earth, fire, or water.

A special Zuko and Katara bundle is also available. For 3,200 V-Bucks, players can wield the power of fire and water together. It’s a great deal for fans of both characters.

Don’t miss out on the chance to become an ultimate Avatar in Fortnite with these incredible skins. Choose your favorite character, master the elements, and dominate the game!

For a complete Avatar experience, an Avatar-themed emote is available. This emote allows players to stylishly show off their bending skills. It’s priced at 500 V-Bucks.

Avatar skins in Fortnite are bought with V-Bucks. The price for 1,000 V-Bucks is £6.99/$8.99. Individual skin packs cost 2,000 V-Bucks each. Bundles for characters like Katara and Zuko are also 2,000 V-Bucks. The Zuko and Katara bundle is 3,200 V-Bucks.

Make sure to visit the Fortnite shop soon. The Avatar skins will be there until at least May. Don’t miss the chance to add them to your collection and make your Fortnite story epic.

Get ready to bend your way through Fortnite with these Avatar skins. Show your power, defeat your enemies, and stand out as the best Avatar. It’s time for an unforgettable adventure!

Obtaining Aang’s Skin

To dive into the Fortnite and Avatar: The Last Airbender world, getting Aang’s skin is key. It’s a top priority for series fans. So, how do you get Aang’s skin in Fortnite? Let’s dive in.

The Premium Reward Track

The Avatar: Elements Premium Reward Track has Aang’s skin waiting. By finishing challenges and gathering Chi, you move closer to getting the skin. To join this track, you must pay 1,000 V-Bucks.

When you unlock the Premium Reward Track, Aang’s skin and the Aang Lego Style await you. The Lego Style gives Aang a new look, which can make you more noticeable in battles.

The Alternative Option

Not ready to spend on the Premium Track? There’s another way. Aang’s skin may show up in the Fortnite shop as a stand-alone buy. It might take a while to appear, but it’s a chance to get Aang’s look without the track’s cost.

Choose any path to get Aang’s skin. Whether through the Premium Track or later in the shop, it’s your chance to be like the Avatar in Fortnite. Aang’s skin is both a fan’s dream and a cool part of your skins collection.

The Avatar: Elements event ends on May 3rd, so grab your chance before it’s gone. Don’t miss checking out the other Avatar skins, like Zuko, Katara, and Toph. You can find them in the Fortnite shop or by completing Korra Quests in the Battle Pass.

Fortnite Avatar Event Reward Track

In the Avatar: Elements event in Fortnite, players can unlock many cool rewards. You do this by completing quests and earning Chi. This lets you move up the reward track and get great in-game items. Now, let’s explore how it all works!

Earning Chi and Unlocking Rewards

Completing quests in the Avatar: Elements event earns you Chi. This Chi is crucial for getting rewards. You get Chi for tasks in the Water, Fire, Sound, and Light Chakra sections. If you open all six Chakras, you get the awesome Appa glider.

– Water Chakra has tasks like hurting foes with waterbending for 350 Chi. And you also need to destroy cabbage carts.

– Fire Chakra rewards come from tasks like defeating opponents and using firebending.

– For the Sound Chakra, you need to attack enemies in specific ways and travel certain distances. Plus, carry Bending Scrolls.

– Finally, the Light Chakra tasks involve visiting Elemental Shrines and hitting enemies with melee weapons.

The Premium Reward Track

For extra rewards and instant Aang skin access, there’s a premium track. You can buy this for 1,000 v-bucks. It gives you back bling, pickaxes, and Aang’s Lego-style skin.

Buying this track gets you the Aang skin right away. It’s perfect for Avatar series fans.

Reward TrackCostImmediate AccessAdditional Rewards
Premium Reward Track1,000 v-bucksAang SkinBack bling, Pickaxes, Lego style

The standard and premium tracks help you earn Chi and unlock items. Each reward tier has a different Chi goal. This makes progressing through the event fun and rewarding.

Complete Elements Quests to open and collect Chakras. This is a free way to get the Appa glider. Don’t forget about this option.

Explore the Avatar: Elements event and its reward track. Don’t wait. Begin your adventure now and max out your avatar’s potential in Fortnite!

Fortnite Avatar: Elements Chakra Quests

The Avatar: Elements event in Fortnite brings six Chakra quests. Each quest offers unique tasks. Players need to complete these tasks to get rewards. These quests follow a specific order, making progress exciting.

In this event, players find eight shrines across the map. These shrines represent the elements. Visiting them is crucial to unlock Chakra power. Exploring the map is a must as players search for these special places.

Chakra quests challenge players with varied bending skills. A task might be using Firebending and Earthbending in one match. This shows how well players can fight and strategize.

A special challenge involves using the Air Wheel attack on foes. Players aim to deal damage within 30 seconds. It tests their quick thinking and timing during battles.

Waterbending skills are also put to the test. Players need to launch opponents with the Rock Wall. They should also heal in water, all in the same match. This shows players’ adaptability during intense moments.

Quests also focus on exploration and skill. Players aim to cover 1,000 units using the Air Wheel or by swimming with Waterbending. This helps them get to know the Fortnite world better.

Players must carry different Bending Scrolls in their inventory. This challenges players to make smart choices and collect scrolls. This way, they can learn new bending moves.

Finishing Chakra quests earns players Chi, vital for the event’s progress and unlocking rewards. Ultimately, completing all six Chakras lets players win the Appa glider. This shows a player’s effort and skill in the event.

Don’t forget, the Fortnite Avatar: Elements event ends on Friday, May 3, at 2 a.m. EDT. So, dive into the Chakra quests, explore the shrines, and enjoy the Avatar-inspired adventure.

Water ChakraComplete 4 out of 6 quests
Earth ChakraComplete 4 out of 6 quests
Fire ChakraComplete 4 out of 6 quests
Air ChakraComplete 4 out of 6 quests
Sound ChakraComplete 4 out of 6 quests
Light ChakraComplete 4 out of 6 quests

How to Get the Elements Pass in Fortnite

Want to grab all the cool stuff from the Elements Pass in Fortnite? Here’s how. You can unlock exclusive rewards by following these steps.

First, launch Fortnite and click on the Avatar tab. Look for the Elements Pass there. It has two reward tracks you can choose from: the Standard or the Premium Reward Tracks.

The Standard track is open to everyone. As you move up, you’ll get cool stuff like the Elemental Cycle spray and the Four Elements Banner back bling. You’ll also earn a Level Up token and more.

If you want even better rewards, consider the Premium track. It costs 1,000 V-Bucks, but the extras make it a great pick.

With the Premium track, you get the Aang skin right away. This lets you dress up like the Avatar. Plus, you’ll unlock special things like the Baffle Aang emoticon and Aang’s Air Sphere emote.

Looking to score the Appa Glider without paying? You can, during the Elements Pass event. Join the Elements Quests and earn Chakras. Doing well in these quests gets you Chakras. They’re your key to freebies, including the Appa Glider.

Remember, you need to finish at least four quests out of six to get a Chakra. Play these quests smartly to grab as many Chakras as you can.

Lastly, the Elements Pass event is only on until Friday, May 3, at 2 a.m. EDT. Make sure you get in there, unlock the pass, and enjoy the Avatar world in Fortnite.

Unlocking Elements Pass Tiers

To unlock Elements Pass tiers and get all the cool rewards, players must finish the Elements Chakra Quests. These quests are crucial in the Avatar: Elements event in Fortnite. They make the game more fun and add a sense of progress.

The Elements Chakra Quests are split into six parts, each linked to a Chakra from the Avatar series. Players earn Chi by completing tasks in these phases. Chi helps unlock new tiers on the Elements Pass.

It’s important to know that Chakra quests come out slowly during the event. This lets players dive deeper into the Avatar world. The final Chakra quests will be out until May 3 at 9 AM Eastern Time.

By working through these quests, you’ll gather Chi. This lets you move up through the Pass tiers. And then, you can enjoy lots of rewards in the free and premium tracks.

ElementRequired Chi
Elemental Cycle Spray1,000 Chi
Four Elements Banner Back Bling2,000 Chi
Battle Pass Level Up3,000 Chi
The Four Elements Loading Screen4,000 Chi
Battle Pass Level Up5,000 Chi
Dramyin Guitar6,000 Chi
Battle Pass Level Up7,000 Chi
My Cabbages! Emote8,000 Chi
Laughing Toph Emoji9,000 Chi
Battle Pass Level Up10,000 Chi
Sokka’s Space Sword Pickaxe11,000 Chi

Among the rewards are lots of fun cosmetic items. You can get things like emoticons, back bling, and pickaxes. There’s even outfits to earn. All these items help show off your progress in Fortnite. You can get them in the free version or by buying the premium with 1,000 V-Bucks.

The Elements Pass lets you fully enjoy the Avatar: Elements event. So, don’t miss out on the Chakra quests. They’re your way to earn Chi and grab the incredible rewards in store!

All Avatar Elements Pass Rewards in Fortnite

In Fortnite’s Avatar: Elements event, you can get cool rewards. Progress through the Elements Pass to unlock items like outfits and pickaxes. You need Chi to claim these rewards.

Here’s what you can get in the Elements Pass:

Standard Reward Track:

Elemental Cycle sprayCustomize your surroundings with this stylish spray.
Four Elements BannerShow off your allegiance to the elements with this banner.
Level Up tokenBoost your progress in the game with this handy token.
The Four Elements loading screenImmerse yourself in the world of Avatar with this epic loading screen.
Dramyin guitarStrum your way to victory with this musical pickaxe.
My Cabbages! emoteBring some humor to the battlefield with this hilarious emote.
Laughing Toph emoticonExpress your joy with this iconic emoticon featuring Toph.
Sokka’s Space Sword pickaxeUnleash Sokka’s sword for some stylish eliminations.

Premium Reward Track:

Baffle Aang emoticonShow your puzzlement with this emoticon featuring Aang.
Aang bannerClaim your personal banner featuring the Avatar himself.
Level Up tokenAccelerate your progression with this valuable token.
Aang’s Air Sphere emoteCommand the air and demonstrate your mastery with this breathtaking emote.
Momo Messenger back blingCarry Momo on your back and let him keep you company.
Avatar Aang sprayLeave your mark on the battlefield with this legendary spray.
Air Nomad Staff pickaxeWield the staff of an Air Nomad and feel their power.
Avatar State alternative for the Aang skinTap into the Avatar State and unleash your true potential.
Appa GliderSoar through the skies with Appa, the iconic flying bison.

The Elements Pass has even more rewards not listed here. By unlocking these items, your avatar will get stronger. This shows your commitment to the Avatar: Elements event.

Don’t forget to grab these fantastic rewards. Join the event, do quests, and collect enough Chi to enjoy all the pass’s cosmetics.

avatar elements pass rewards

Don’t miss out on these incredible rewards! Make sure to participate in the event, complete quests, and earn enough Chi to unlock all the amazing cosmetics in the Elements Pass.

Fortnite x Avatar Elements Event Start and End Date

The Fortnite x Avatar Elements event started on April 12, 2024. It will end on May 3 at 2 AM ET. This event merges the Avatar: The Last Airbender world into Fortnite. Players can join this special event and experience an amazing crossover.

During the event, gamers can go on thrilling adventures. They will discover Elemental Shrines and earn new Mythic items. Also, they can find three new Mythic items, Elemental Shrines, and more. There’s even a free rewards pass for everyone to enjoy.

Timeline of Chakra Quests:

As the event goes on, new Chakra quests are being released. This gives players a unique journey. Here’s the release schedule for each Chakra quest:

ChakraStart Date
Water ChakraApril 12
Earth ChakraApril 15
Fire ChakraApril 18
Air ChakraApril 22
Sound ChakraApril 25
Light ChakraApril 25

To succeed in this event, players need to complete quests for each Chakra.

Earn Chi Points and Unlock Rewards:

Through the Elements quests, players earn Chi points. These Chi points can unlock cool new cosmetic items. Each quest gives between 350 and 400 Chi points based on its difficulty.

Also, there’s an XP system to level up your game. By completing tasks on Created Made Islands, you can earn XP. The XP targets for each phase range from 65,000 to 325,000 XP.

If you love either Fortnite or Avatar: The Last Airbender, or both, this event is perfect for you. Explore the unique world, find the hidden Elemental Shrines, and win awesome rewards as you go.


Get ready for the ultimate Fortnite experience with the Avatar: Elements event. By unlocking Aang’s skin, dive into exciting Chakra quests for special rewards. This is perfect for Avatar fans or those seeking fresh adventures in Fortnite.

On the Avatar: Elements Premium Reward Track, grab Aang’s skin and many more exclusive prizes. Watch for Avatar skins in the Fortnite shop, like Toph, Zuko, and Katara. You can buy them solo or get the Zuko and Katara bundle for a full set.

Step into the Avatar universe with the Avatar Elements battle pass. Finish the Elements Chakra Quests to open tiers and get cool looks like the Momo Messenger Back Bling and Sokka’s Space Sword Pickaxe. Also, try to win the top prize – the Appa Glider, by finishing at least four Chakra series quests.

The Avatar: Elements event is ending, leaving us eager for what’s ahead. Could a sequel, featuring Mythic bending, be on the horizon one day? One can only wait and see. Meanwhile, enjoy the Avatar event and set off on a brilliant adventure in Fortnite.


What is the Avatar: Elements event in Fortnite?

A special event in Fortnite is happening. It combines the game with Avatar: The Last Airbender. You can get outfits of Aang and other characters. Plus, you’ll find unique quests and rewards.

Can I purchase Avatar skins in the Fortnite shop?

Yes, you can now buy Avatar skins in the Fortnite shop. This includes Toph, Zuko, and Katara. Each skin comes with its own style. You can also get Zuko and Katara together in a bundle.

How can I obtain Aang’s skin in Fortnite?

To get Aang’s skin, climb to the top on the Premium Reward Track. Spend 1,000 v-bucks to unlock this track. Aang’s outfit might also show up for direct purchase later on.

What is the Avatar: Elements event reward track?

The event has a reward track where you earn Chi from quests. More Chi means you get better rewards. Finish all six Chakras and quests to get the Appa glider. Buy the premium track to immediately get the Aang skin and extra rewards.

What are the Chakra quests in the Avatar: Elements event?

The event has six Chakra quests. You must complete these to get cool prizes. Each Chakra has its own tasks. You need to do things like visit elemental shrines and use special abilities. Remember, these quests have to be done in order.

The event ends on May 3 at 2 a.m. EDT.

How can I get the Elements Pass in Fortnite?

Just head to the Avatar tab in Fortnite to find the Elements Pass. There are two types of tracks: one with free stuff and the other for paying users. The premium track costs 1,000 v-bucks.

How do I unlock tiers in the Elements Pass?

To move up tiers, complete the Chakra Quests. Each Chakra has a set of quests. Finishing these earns you Chi. This Chi lets you unlock more tiers. Remember, all quests must be done by May 3 at 9 AM ET.

What rewards can I unlock in the Elements Pass?

You can get lots of goodies from the Elements Pass. These include outfits, sprays, emoticons, and more. Each reward corresponds to a pass tier. Get the required Chi to claim your rewards.

When does the Avatar: Elements event start and end in Fortnite?

The Avatar: Elements event started on April 12, 2024. It ends on May 3 at 2 AM ET. During this time, there’s a lot to do. Complete quests, find mythic items, visit shrines, and collect Chi to get more rewards.

How can I experience the ultimate Fortnite avatar collaboration?

Play the Avatar: Elements event for a unique Fortnite experience. Get Aang’s skin, complete Chakra quests, and unlock cool rewards. Dive into the collaboration between Avatar and Fortnite. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

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