Warframe: Unleash the Tenno Warrior Within

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Warframe is an exciting game where you get to play as the Tenno, powerful warriors. You control Warframes, which are advanced suits. These warriors have incredible abilities and fight in an ever-changing world. The game is free to play and made by Digital Extremes.

Playing with friends, you can go on missions to defeat enemies or explore huge open worlds. Choose from many Warframes, each offering different skills. This lets you play the way you like and support your team in unique ways.

You can make your Warframe even cooler by adding weapons, mods, and skins. Make it yours, whether you want to sneak around, fight up close, or shoot from a distance. There’s something for everyone’s style.

In Warframe, you can join different factions and groups. Each group has its rewards and stories to explore. By picking sides, you add more layers to the game and get special missions or items.

The Railjack update adds a new element: spaceships. Now, you can pilot your spacecraft, fight in space, and venture across the universe. This update makes playing with friends even more exciting as you can team up for space adventures.

Join Warframe, become a powerful Tenno, and dive into a thrilling universe. There’s so much to discover and battle.

Key Takeaways:

  • Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative multiplayer sci-fi loot shooter developed by Digital Extremes.
  • Players control powerful Warframes, ancient warriors with unique abilities, in their quest to defend the universe.
  • The game offers a vast array of customization options, allowing players to personalize their Warframes with weapons, mods, and skins.
  • Joining factions and syndicates adds depth and immersion to the game’s narrative, providing access to exclusive items and missions.
  • The Railjack update introduces spaceship piloting and epic space battles, expanding the cooperative multiplayer experience.

The War Within: Uncover the Truth

Introduced in Update 19.0, The War Within is a main quest in Warframe that takes players on a thrilling journey. It uncovers the truth behind the Zariman Ten Zero incident and the origin of the Twin Queens. It builds on The Second Dream quest, expanding the game’s lore and revealing key universe insights.

Players have to meet specific requirements to start this journey. They need a Mastery Rank of at least 5 and to have finished The Second Dream quest. Also, they should have completed the Sedna Junction at Pluto. This ensures they’re ready for the quest’s challenges.

The War Within offers a range of tasks and missions, each adding more to the story. Players will visit the Reservoir on Lua and Carpo, Jupiter, to track Teshin. Then, they’ll chase him into the Asteroid Field on Naga, Sedna. They’ll face challenges like disarming security matrices, entering Grineer strongholds, and battling Kuva Grineer.

The heart of the quest showcases critical details about the Twin Queens, Teshin’s role as a double agent, and the Kuva Fortress’s dark truths. It also touches on the tragic Zariman Ten Zero incident and showcases Tenno’s manipulation of Void powers.

The War Within introduces an alignment mechanic that lets players make dialogue choices. These choices affect the game slightly. Yet, they stay fixed even if you replay the quest. This adds a layer of decision-making to the storyline.

The story advances through interactions with key characters. Teshin, the Twin Queens, and the Lotus play big parts in the unfolding narrative. Along the journey, players will collect rewards like the Broken Scepter, Orvius Blueprint, the Transference ability, and entry to organizations like The Quills, Vox Solaris, and Necraloid.

Offering an immersive and cinematic experience, The War Within is a standout in Warframe’s story. It lets players dive deeper into the universe and enjoy an adventure filled with twists and turns.

Starting the Journey: Vor’s Prize

Vor’s Prize is the first quest in Warframe. It was introduced in Update 14.0 on July 18, 2014. This quest introduces players to the game’s story and mechanics. You play as a Tenno, a strong warrior, and must escape from Captain Vor and his Grineer army. To do this, you’ll go on missions on Earth. You must retrieve ship parts and make the Ascaris Negator. This device helps you break free from Vor’s control.

Finishing Vor’s Prize is exciting and rewarding. You get 25,000 in-game credits. Credits are important for moving forward. You also get mods that make your Warframes and weapons better. Mods like Continuity, Intensify, Stretch, and Redirection boost your abilities and make you stronger.

The quest is packed with events on Earth and in space. These events are key points in the story. They help you repair your ship and face Captain Vor.

As you go through the quest, you unlock useful things. This includes starter Warframes like Excalibur, Volt, or Mag, and weapons. You also get ship parts. These things give you a strong start and let you choose how you want to play.

Key Rewards and Objectives:

Here’s a look at the important rewards, goals, and achievements in Vor’s Prize:

25,000 creditsRetrieve Orbiter Ship SegmentsUnlocking Starter Warframes
Various mods: Continuity, Intensify, Stretch, and RedirectionCraft the Ascaris NegatorRestoring the Mods segment
Starter WeaponsConfront Captain VorCompletion of Vor’s Prize quest

Vor’s Prize is a thrilling start to Warframe. By playing this quest, you learn about the Orokin Codex and unlock the solar system. It begins your adventure as a Tenno player. The game is full of cooperative, sci-fi challenges. It is a free game from Digital Extremes. Start your journey today and discover a universe of possibilities.

Unlocking the Archwing: The Balor Fomorian

The Archwing quest in Warframe is a thrilling journey through space and water. It was launched in Warframe Update 15.0 on October 24, 2014. In this quest, players must build an Archwing, Archgun, and Archmelee to fight the Grineer Balor Fomorian.

Players start a mission to collect blueprints from the Orokin archives on Venus. They do this through excavation missions on Venus and Earth. These missions offer chances to find Odonata component blueprints, which are needed to make the Odonata Archwing.

After finishing the quest, players gain access to more Archwing blueprints through Archwing nodes. They can also play in Empyrean mode. In Empyrean, players can fly their Railjack spaceship in huge space battles.

Although the Archwing quest has been fun, it has also faced bugs. Players experienced crashes and other problems. But, Digital Extremes has worked hard to fix these by updating the game. For example, they decreased the time needed to build Odonata from 10 minutes to 1 minute.

Archwing Modifications for Enhanced Performance

Players can boost their Archwings by adding special mods. Here are some mods that work well:

Efficient TransferralIncreases the duration of every ability by 30%.
System RerouteIncreases ability efficiency by up to 55%.
Energy AmplifierIncreases ability range by 60%.
Kinetic DiversionConverts 40% of damage to the Archwing’s health into energy.
Auxiliary PowerExtends the max energy pool by 90%.
Primed Morphic TransformerProvides a 55% increase in ability strength.
Hyperion ThrustersOffers a 27.5% flight speed boost.
Argon PlatingProvides a 90% boost to armor.
Superior DefensesIncreases Archwing shield recharge rate by up to 100%.
Enhanced DurabilityAdds 150% extra health to the Archwing.

Adding these mods lets players greatly improve their Archwings. This makes them stronger in fights.

The Archwing quest is a big part of Warframe, making it more exciting. Through its action, beautiful worlds, and engaging missions, it provides a unique gaming experience.

The Archwing

The Story Continues: The New Strange

In Warframe, Cephalon Simaris offers the New Strange quest. He sends players to Ceres to check out a strange thing. Players need to scan special targets and do some missions. These tasks help uncover why the Chroma Warframe is unique and powerful.

This adventure is a lesson in scanning and brings more depth to Warframe’s story. Cephalon Simaris is a mysterious being who loves gathering all knowledge. Along the way, players will talk with key figures like Cephalon Simaris, Lotus, and Ordis. They will learn a lot about Warframe’s universe.

Finishing ‘The New Strange’ gives players more than just the Chroma Warframe’s design. It opens the Sanctuary Onslaught, where players can tackle tough, fun challenges.

To start, players need to finish something on Jupiter. Then, they will go on missions to places like Ceres, Mars, and Europa.

Players must scan specific enemies on Mars. For this unique task, they use special tools from Cephalon Simaris. This feature enhances Warframe’s gameplay by saving scan data to study later.

After finishing ‘The New Strange,’ players also get a Scorched Beacon blueprint. This item is quite valuable in the Warframe world.

To make a Scorched Beacon, players need 5,000 credits and some materials. The Chroma Warframe requires these items too. Building those needs the same materials and credits.

To make Chroma, players need the Chroma Mark blueprint. It requires a Scorched Beacon and a Chroma Signal. This part is vital for crafting Chroma.

The New Strange quest is important in Warframe’s story. It’s made so players can come back and enjoy its story and gameplay over and over.

The New Strange Quest Overview

The First MissionRescue three Helios sentinelsGrineer Shipyard tileset
The Second MissionSpy mission with one data vaultGrineer Shipyard tileset
The Third MissionMobile Defense missionCorpus Ice Planet tileset

Uncovering Secrets: Stolen Dreams

In Warframe, the Stolen Dreams quest sends players on a thrilling adventure. Their mission is to catch the thief Maroo and get back the Arcane Codices. To start, they must beat the Phobos Junction and unlock the story.

The journey includes searching for powerful Arcane Codices. Maroo helps by giving hints and identifying six codices’ spots [Arcane Codices][Maroo].

Players need to excel in spy missions. They enter enemy bases, evade alarms, and solve puzzles. This is to acquire the crucial data [Spy Missions]. The codices are hidden in Unda, Pantheon, and Roche [Arcane Codices].

The Lotus gives players a task tied to the Arcane Codices. This leads to a suspenseful story. Maroo also joins forces after fleeing the Grineer and Corpus [The Lotus][Maroo].

Completing the quest rewards players with the Ether Daggers and Orokin Catalyst blueprints. These let players forge weapons and upgrade gear, making them stronger for battles [Ether Daggers Blueprint][Orokin Catalyst Blueprint].

A mysterious moment occurs during the quest. On Alator (Mars), a special Arcane Machine contains a message from the ancient Popol Vuh. This adds an interesting layer to the story [Arcane Machine][Popol Vuh].

The Rewards of Stolen Dreams

Finishing the Stolen Dreams quest gives essential blueprints and more. It includes the chance for a Weekly Ayatan Treasure Hunt. Players look for Ayatan Sculptures that can be traded for helpful Endo [Weekly Ayatan Treasure Hunt].

Overall, the Stolen Dreams quest is quite the adventure. Players face spy missions and work to recover the lost Arcane Codices. The rewards include blueprints and a fun repeatable task. So, Tenno, get ready to dive into the mystery of Stolen Dreams.

Ether Daggers BlueprintA blueprint to craft the Ether Daggers, a powerful dual dagger weapon for close-quarters combat
Orokin Catalyst BlueprintA blueprint to craft an Orokin Catalyst, an item used to increase the mod capacity of weapons
Weekly Ayatan Treasure HuntAn activity that allows players to hunt for valuable Ayatan Sculptures, which can be traded for Endo

The Origin Revealed: Natah

In the story quest, ‘Natah,’ you dive into a gripping tale. You uncover the start of the Sentients. They are a powerful foe in the Warframe world. The adventure takes you through Uranus’s stunning but mysterious scenery. Here, you meet Natah, a special Sentient who once guided the Titan warriors across distant worlds.

The story starts at an eerie place, the Tomb on Uranus. Here, Hunhow, a feared world destroyer, demands Natah’s presence. As you go further, you learn Natah’s true purpose. She lost her ability to give life in a risky travel through the Void. So, she took up a maternal role for the Tenno, caring for them.

You’ll take on different challenges. You’ll find Lotus’ helmet and understand her goals with help from Ordis. Plus, you’ll get the powerful Paracesis sword. It’s meant to cut down Sentients and prepare you for the coming battle.

You discover how Natah was too kind to the Tenno at first. This was against her programming by the Orokin. She now sees the Tenno as foes, partly blaming Ballas for creating them to fight the Sentients.

The unraveling adventure includes many tasks. You’ll investigate strange drones and scan sites on Earth. You’ll also work with Teshin on Saturn’s Cassini, meet Sergeant Scur on Uranus’s Sycorax, and stop Tyl Regor from disturbing an ancient tomb on Ariel. Eventually, you’ll help seal a vital tomb on Desdemona, facing intense enemy waves in a dramatic finale.

You find out that the Lotus is actually Natah, a Sentient designed to wipe out the Tenno. But, her love for the Tenno and her role as a mother figure stopped her. This choice changed the course of the Origin System’s war forever.

‘Natah’ is an exciting quest with great action and deep lore. It explores the history of the Orokin, Sentients, and the Tenno. This moment in Warframe’s story is critical. It gives players a clearer look at the game’s intricate plot.

To start the ‘Natah’ quest, players need to reach the Uranus Junction. It’s a mid-game adventure in the Warframe journey. Finishing ‘Natah’ gives players an Exilus Warframe Adapter. This is a powerful upgrade for Warframes.

Join the thrilling ‘Natah’ quest. Explore the secrets of the Sentients and dive deeper into the Warframe world.

The Road Ahead: Expanding the Warframe Universe

Warframe is always growing, with new updates to its universe. The team at Digital Extremes works hard to bring fresh experiences. They add new weapons, Warframes, and quests for players to enjoy.

The game is known for its many weapons. Players get to choose from laser rifles to melee weapons. And with every update, more weapons come, giving players new strategies.

New Warframes are also on the way. These suits offer special powers, changing how players can fight. Each Warframe means players can approach the game in a new way.

Quests are another big attraction in Warframe. They tell captivating stories and lead to thrilling missions. Each update brings new quests, adding to the world’s lore and fun challenges.

The game’s open-world areas are vast. There are wastelands, jungles, and more to explore. These areas constantly grow in size, giving players new adventures.

Events keep the game lively. They feature boss battles and special missions. Some events celebrate holidays or the game’s anniversary. They bring players together with exclusive rewards and challenges.

Player feedback is crucial to Warframe’s development. Digital Extremes listens and acts on what players say. This helps keep the game exciting and up-to-date. Players can help shape its future through their ideas.

New UpdatesWeaponsWarframesQuestsOpen WorldEvents
New content, features, and improvementsExpanded arsenal for diverse playstylesPowerful suits of armor with unique abilitiesCompelling narratives and thrilling gameplayVast and immersive landscapes to exploreLimited-time activities and unique rewards
Regularly released to keep the game freshFresh options and strategies to experiment withNew ways to approach missions and challengesRich storytelling and immersive experiencesHundreds of square kilometers to discoverExciting challenges for the community
Community-driven development processDirect impact on the game’s futurePlayer feedback and engagementOpen communication channelsPlayer-shaped experienceCollaborative shaping of the game

Warframe’s universe is always expanding. Players find something new with each update. Come join in, celebrate the tenth Warframe anniversary. It’s an adventure you won’t forget!


Warframe, made by Digital Extremes, is more than a game. It plunges you into a universe full of excitement and chances. Players love its fast, team-based action and amazing graphics. You become a powerful Tenno warrior battling foes in acrobatic style.

But Warframe is not just about action. It has rich lore in its quests and cinematic stories. You can also customize your Tenno and gear a lot. This lets you play in a way that’s totally yours.

What’s really cool is how free the game is. It’s not about spending money to get ahead. Everything you need, you can earn just by playing. The team at Digital Extremes cares a lot. They keep adding new content and talk with players.

If you’re new or a long-time fan, Warframe will fascinate you. There are lots of weapons and unique game features to discover. Join the fight as a Tenno. The galaxy needs you to make a difference in Warframe’s living story.


What is Warframe?

Warframe is a free-to-play sci-fi game by Digital Extremes. It’s a multiplayer shooter where you, a Tenno, fight with awesome Warframes.

How do I customize my Warframe?

You can customize your Warframe a lot. This includes adding different weapons, mods, and skins.

Can I play Warframe with friends?

Yes, you can team up with friends in Warframe. Together, you complete missions, fight foes, and discover the game’s vast world.

What are Syndicates in Warframe?

Syndicates are special groups in Warframe. They offer unique rewards and perks to players who join.

What is Railjack in Warframe?

Railjack brings space battles to Warframe. You can now fly your own spaceship and fight epic battles.

What is The War Within quest?

This quest dives deep into the game’s lore. It explores the story of the Twin Queens, Teshin, and the Zariman Ten Zero incident.

Players learn a lot about the game’s story and its characters.

How does alignment work in The War Within quest?

In The War Within, you make choices that impact the game. These choices affect your overall alignment in the story.

What is Vor’s Prize quest?

Vor’s Prize is the first quest in Warframe. It introduces the game’s basics and story. You’ll need to escape from Captain Vor, get ship parts, and build the Ascaris Negator.

What is the Archwing quest?

The Archwing quest introduces space and underwater missions. It’s your chance to build the Odonata Archwing, Imperator Archwing Rifle, and Veritux Archwing Melee Weapon.

What is The New Strange quest?

The New Strange asks you to check out a weird thing on Ceres. You’ll scan special targets and learn about Chroma, a Warframe with cool elemental powers.

What is Stolen Dreams quest?

In Stolen Dreams, you chase a thief named Maroo. You do spy missions to get back stolen items and earn great rewards.

What is Natah quest?

Natah is a quest that uncovers the story of the Sentients. These are a big mystery in the game. You’ll explore Uranus and learn more about Warframe‘s universe.

How does Warframe continue to expand?

A: Warframe grows with many updates and new content frequently. This includes more weapons, warframes, quests, and big open-world areas.

There are also fun events that offer special rewards and challenges.

Can I shape the future of Warframe?

Yes, your feedback helps the game improve. The community plays a big part in deciding what happens next in Warframe.

What is the concept of the Tenno in Warframe?

The Tenno are ancient warriors that control Warframes. As a player, you are one of these powerful Tenno.

Is Warframe a free-to-play game?

Yes, it’s totally free to play. You can enjoy the game without spending money. But, there are cool things to buy if you want.

Who developed Warframe?

A: Digital Extremes created the awesome game called Warframe.

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