WWE 2K24: Your Guide to the Ultimate Wrestling Game

wwe 2k24

Welcome to our guide for WWE 2K24, the top wrestling game out there. It lets you feel all the WWE excitement. This game is for both long-term fans and new wrestling enthusiasts. WWE 2K24 has a lot to offer, including modes, features, and a huge roster of your favorite Superstars.

There are many game editions to pick from, like the Standard, Deluxe, Forty Years of WrestleMania, and Cross-Gen Digital editions. You can choose based on what you like and your gaming platform. Each edition has something special, making your gaming experience unique.

The MyGM mode is a must-try in WWE 2K24. You get to be a General Manager, making all the big decisions. This includes putting together a roster, managing money, signing players, and scheduling matches. Your goal is to lead the best brand by WrestleMania and get into the Hall of Fame by earning Hall of Fame trophies.

MyGM mode also lets you trade Superstars, manage their contracts, and hire scouts. There’s even a feature called Superstar Journey that makes the game more real. You can play MyGM mode with friends, up to 4 players in co-op mode, for even more fun.

To win at MyGM mode, making the right picks during the draft is crucial. There are 9 rounds where GMs choose Superstars turn by turn. It’s smart to choose a mix of types, like “Fan Favorites” and “Rule Breakers.” This makes your brand more interesting and competitive.

In MyGM mode, each brand can hold up to 5 titles. This includes main Championships for Men and Women, a Mid-Card title, and Tag Team Championships. These titles create intense matches and rivalries, keeping the fans entertained.

With WWE 2K24, you’re in charge of your shows. Depending on the difficulty, you can decide the number of matches and promos for each week’s show. This ranges from 3 matches and 2 promos on Easy to 4 matches and 3 promos on Normal/Hard. It lets you craft storylines that keep the audience glued to the screen.

Key Takeaways:

  • WWE 2K24 offers multiple editions, including the Standard, Deluxe, Forty Years of WrestleMania, and Cross-Gen Digital editions.
  • MyGM mode allows players to draft a roster, manage budgets, sign free agents, book matches and rivalries, and aim to have the best brand by WrestleMania.
  • The ultimate goal of MyGM mode is to be inducted into the Hall of Fame by earning 10 Hall of Fame trophies through completing Seasonal Challenges.
  • MyGM mode allows for up to 4 players in co-op mode, adding a multiplayer dimension to the game.
  • Strategic drafting is essential in MyGM mode, with 9 rounds of drafting and the need to create a mix of “Fan Favorites” and “Rule Breakers” to ensure higher-rated matches.

WWE 2K24 Editions and Cover Superstars

WWE 2K24 has several editions, each with their own unique features and bonuses. These editions include special content and highlight different Superstars on their covers.

Game Editions

Players can choose from four different editions of WWE 2K24. Each one varies in price and what it offers.

EditionPriceEarly AccessExclusive Content
Standard Edition$69.99NoNo
Deluxe Edition$99.993 daysNightmare Family Pack, Deluxe Edition Content
Forty Years of WrestleMania Edition$119.99NoForty Years of WrestleMania Pack

The Standard Edition is the basic one, costing $69.99 without early access or extra content. The Deluxe Edition is priced at $99.99 and includes early access starting March 5, 2024, the Nightmare Family Pack, and Deluxe Edition Content. For a top-notch WWE experience, there’s the Forty Years of WrestleMania Edition at $119.99, featuring the exclusive Forty Years of WrestleMania Pack.

Cover Superstars

The cover of the Deluxe Edition features Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley. It’s a big deal because it’s the first time two women have been on the game’s cover. Both are strong athletes and loved by fans, showing the game’s dedication to celebrating WWE’s history and current stars.

Choosing from the Standard, Deluxe, or Forty Years of WrestleMania editions, with Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley on the cover, promises a great time for WWE fans all over the globe.

WWE 2K24 Modes and Features

Get ready to dive into the WWE universe with WWE 2K24. This game is filled with modes and features that will hook you for hours. You can recreate epic matches, craft your own wrestling superstar, or lead as a general manager. WWE 2K24 has endless fun for all.

2K Showcase of the Immortals

In the 2K Showcase of the Immortals, you can experience and change wrestlemania’s top fights like Cena vs. The Rock. There are 21 matches to choose from. This is your chance to control the greatest WWE Superstars and make history your own.

MyRISE Career Mode

Start your journey to the top in the MyRISE career mode. Play through two different stories and shape your wrestling future. Every choice you make counts. Collect MyFACTION cards, make smart moves, and become a WWE champion.


Ready to create the strongest team? In MyFACTION mode, gather and improve WWE Superstars to compete online. Join forces with the best and take on the challenge in Faction Wars 2.0 and more.

MyGM Mode

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a wrestling boss? In MyGM mode, you’re in charge. Trade Superstars, pick a GM like Paul Heyman, and steer your wrestling brand to victory. You get to control every aspect of your brand’s success.

New Match Types and Gameplay Upgrades

WWE 2K24 comes with new matches like the Ambulance Match and exciting features. Enjoy the Trading Blows mini-game, Super Finishers, and new graphics. Get set for a more real and engaging WWE experience.

New Match TypesReturning Match Types
Ambulance MatchNormal Matches
Special Guest RefereeRoyal Rumble
Casket MatchElimination Chamber
Gauntlet MatchExtreme Rules
Hell in a Cell
War Games
Steel Cage
Iron Man
Falls Count Anywhere
Last Man Standing
No Holds Barred
Battle Royal
Gauntlet Matches
Handicap Matches

With a big roster, immersive gameplay, and new features, WWE fans are in for a surprise. Whether you want to be part of wrestlemania’s excitement, grow your superstar, or manage your brand, WWE 2K24 is perfect for every fan.

WWE 2K24 Roster and DLC Packs

WWE 2K24 brings together top WWE Superstars of today and legends from the past. It boasts a total of 296 wrestlers. This gives players a huge selection for their dream fights and storylines.

Breakdown by brands:

  • Raw roster: 59 Superstars
  • SmackDown roster: 62 Superstars
  • NXT roster: 40 Superstars
  • Women’s division: 22 Superstars

The game features well-known favorites and new stars. You’ll find Becky Lynch, John Cena, and The Rock. Also, up-and-comers like Bronson Reed and Isla Dawn are part of the excitement.

Returning Legends:

  • Ken Shamrock
  • The Fiend Bray Wyatt
  • George Steele
  • 3 Faces of Foley

There’s also DLC content to look forward to. Five DLC packs will be released, adding even more wrestlers to your roster. This includes both Superstars and Legends, as well as NXT newcomers.

DLC Pack Release Dates:

  1. The WWE 2K24 DLC #1 (ECW Punk Pack) – May 15, 2024
  2. The WWE 2K24 DLC #2 (Post Malone & Friends Pack) – June 26, 2024
  3. The WWE 2K24 DLC #3 (Pat McAfee Pack) – July 24, 2024
  4. The WWE 2K24 DLC #4 (Global Superstars Pack) – September 20, 2024
  5. The WWE 2K24 DLC #5 (WCW Pack) – November 13, 2024

Get ready for the DLC packs’ big names. CM Punk, Post Malone, and Nia Jax are just a few. They let you mix wrestlers from all eras for dream matches.

The Season Pass for WWE 2K24 is also available. For $39.99, you get all the DLC packs plus more. This includes the MyRISE Mega-Boost and the SuperCharger pack with WWE Legends.

WWE Legends featured in the SuperCharger Pack:

Andre The Giant, Batista, Bret Hart, Chyna, Macho Man Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior

With its talented roster and exciting DLC packs, WWE 2K24 offers endless fun. It’s a game that will keep wrestling fans from every era happy.

WWE 2K24 MyRise Mode Overview

In WWE 2K24’s MyRise mode, your goal is to become the top Champion. You’ll dive into thrilling matches, tackle challenging targets, and chase enticing rewards. Each story chapter is filled with unique hurdles and chances to shine as you battle your way to the top.

You’ll meet a wide range of opponents in the ring, each with their own skills. Matches vary from high-flying duels to ground-and-pound fights. Will you win with aerial moves or ground-based submissions? Every decision affects your journey to becoming a wrestling superstar.

MyRise mode is more than just fighting. It includes over 6 hours of dialogue, voiced by wrestling stars like Roman Reigns. The unique story and voice acting make you feel like a real part of the WWE Universe.

This mode has branching stories where your choices matter. For example, you can join forces with SmackDown GM The Miz. Each choice offers a different path, with surprises and exclusive rewards along the way. You truly shape your character and story direction.

Expect lots of unlockables, like new arenas and championship belts, to enhance your game. You can even customize your items, including unique MyFACTION cards for well-known characters. There are 80 items waiting to be claimed.

MyRise mode lets you play as different wrestling characters, from brutal heels to Hollywood stars. This adds variety and depth to your experience. Discover the unique traits of each type and find the one that suits you best.

Pick between Undisputed (male) and Unleashed (female) storylines, or import your own superstar. Allocate attributes based on your chosen style to make your wrestler stand out. You have the power to shape them into a real fighting force.

Every chapter in MyRise mode offers different match types with special goals. From showing your skills in Challenge Matches to unfolding stories in Story Matches, there’s something for everyone. Completing them earns you gear and points, helping you in the journey.

The game also prioritizes customization. With numerous options, you can build your Superstar just the way you want. Your character’s look and personality are entirely up to you.

So, dive into WWE 2K24’s MyRise mode, take on the challenges, and become a legend. The game offers an exciting path to the Championship, and it’s all waiting for you to claim the top spot.

WWE 2K24 MyRise Mode Matches and Objectives

WWE 2K24’s MyRise mode is packed with exciting matches and tough goals. It’s all part of the Undisputed Story. Each match is different, testing our strategies and skills to win.

There are several match types in the MyRise mode. You’ll fight in Pinfall, Submission, Chairs Match, and more. Each one has unique opponents and challenges, like the intense Elimination Chamber.

Winning matches isn’t just about beating others. We also have to meet specific objectives. These include using cool combos, strong moves, and weapons. Achieving these goals helps us move forward and get cool rewards.

MyRise mode rewards us in many ways. We earn Upgrade Points to make our Superstars better. We also get new clothes, letting us style our characters the way we want.

There are also different story paths where we face new opponents and challenges. This makes the MyRise mode more interesting and fun to replay. We can create our own path to wrestling victory.

The game even includes social media elements. This makes the MyRise mode feel more real by using storylines from online posts. It’s a creative feature that adds fun and authenticity to the game.

In the end, WWE 2K24’s MyRise mode is about exciting and challenging gameplay. We need to think, adapt, and perform to win. This mode lets us experience what it takes to be the Champion.

WWE 2K24 MyRise Mode Rewards and Story Branches

In WWE 2K24’s MyRise mode, the path to the top is full of exciting rewards and critical decisions. Players will earn Upgrade Points and clothing for their Superstars as they advance. These rewards help your character grow and stand out.

By finishing tasks like “Imposter Syndrome,” you’ll get +22 Upgrade Points. This makes your Superstar stronger and more skilled in fights. The game rewards you with these points for completing various chapters.

Chapters like “A Must-See Champion” and “Championship Celebration” offer Upgrade Points too. They range from +16 to +22. These points are a big help and show your progress in the mode.

Also, players can dress their Superstars in unique outfits. For instance, “Monsters Among Men” chapter gives Men’s Superstars Roman Movie Set attire. This lets you make your Superstar look how you want, adding fun to your game.

What’s really cool in MyRise mode are its story branches. Here, you can make choices that affect your career. Your decisions influence the story, leading to different outcomes. This makes the game exciting to play again, each time with a new story.

Your choices can lead to new friends, rivals, or even surprises. The story branches make your character’s journey yours to shape. Try different choices to see how they affect your path to success.

With lots of rewards and story paths, WWE 2K24’s MyRise mode is both engaging and varied. You’ll enjoy watching your Superstar grow and seeing how your decisions alter the story.

WWE 2K24 Updates and Rumors

At WWE 2K24, we aim to give our players the best gaming experience. We update the game frequently to fix bugs and add new content. The latest update, version 1.06, improves leaderboards and the gameplay overall.

This update makes the game more stable on different platforms. It varies in size for each console. For example, Xbox Series X|S needs 1.8 GB, and PlayStation 5 needs 2.7 GB for the update.

There have been talks about who will appear in the game. Some say 14 wrestlers might not make the cut. However, we’re always adding new exciting content. The first DLC will feature CM Punk and ECW stars on May 15. Four more DLC packs will follow between June and November 2024.

Rave Reviews and Continued Improvement

WWE 2K24 has received great reviews since its launch. People love the big roster and the realistic gameplay. We’re committed to making the gameplay as real and fun as possible.

Behind WWE 2K24 is Visual Concepts. They’re dedicated to making the game even better. Updates for 2024 will make the game more realistic. Players can look forward to many improvements and new features.

Patch 1.05: Improvements and Fixes

Before the latest update, we rolled out Patch 1.05. It made significant improvements to the game. The Super Finisher moves now look even cooler and add excitement to the game.

The game is now harder for those who’ve mastered it. The AI and difficulty levels have been upgraded. They’ll make the game more challenging and fun. The AI plays smarter, making the matches more intense.

A new feature, the Special Guest Referee, is now in the game. It makes the gameplay even more interesting by adding new rivalries. Players can now create unique stories and drama in the ring.

Improved Visuals and Bug Fixes

The WrestleMania arena has been updated for WrestleMania 39. This update makes the game look and feel more like the real event. Create-a-Superstars now progress more fairly. And double title entrances make championship matches more exciting.

We’ve fixed a lot of bugs. These include shadow display issues and problems with multiplayer. The game is now smoother and more fun to play thanks to these fixes.

Multiplayer Stability and Additional Enhancements

Stable multiplayer is key to a great gaming experience. We’ve made big strides in this area. Now, players can enjoy playing with others smoothly, no matter where they are in the world.

We also improved the Faction Wars matches. The email responses you get are now easier to read. And you can tweak the game settings more to fit your preferences.

These changes give players more control over their game. This way, they can make the game suit their own playing style better.

WWE 2K24 Updates and Rumors


Then, WWE 2K24 stands out as the top wrestling game. It brings players deep into the wrestling world. Its huge roster, fun game modes, and cool features make it exciting.

In the Showcase Mode, you can explore 40 years of WrestleMania. This mode lets you play through legendary matches and moments. Career modes for both men and women wrestlers tell new stories.

WWE 2K24 includes new moves, like sparring matches and using weapons. It also features intense match types such as Casket and Ambulance matches. Plus, there are Special Guest Referees to make the game more fun.

The game is all about great game modes and smart mechanics. Whether you love the action, making custom characters, or creating a team, WWE 2K24 has something you’ll enjoy.


What are the different editions of WWE 2K24?

There are several WWE 2K24 editions. These include Standard, Deluxe, Forty Years of WrestleMania, and Cross-Gen Digital editions.

Who are the cover Superstars for WWE 2K24?

The cover Superstars are “American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes, Bianca Belair, and Rhea Ripley for WWE 2K24.

What modes and features does WWE 2K24 have?

WWE 2K24 has many exciting modes like 2K Showcase of the Immortals and MyRISE. It also includes MyFACTION, MyGM, as well as new match types.

What is the roster for WWE 2K24?

WWE 2K24 has an impressive roster of talented Superstars. This includes the base game’s Superstars and more from the Season Pass and DLC packs.

What is the MyRise mode in WWE 2K24?

In MyRise mode, players strive to become the ultimate Champion. They face various matches, objectives, and story developments along the way.

What kind of matches and objectives are in the MyRise mode of WWE 2K24?

In MyRise mode, players take on different match challenges. They must defeat specific opponents and accomplish varied objectives. These require both skill and strategic thinking.

What rewards can players earn in the MyRise mode of WWE 2K24?

By completing matches and objectives in MyRise mode, players get rewards. This includes Upgrade Points and attire for their created Superstars.

Are there updates and rumors for WWE 2K24?

WWE 2K24 receives regular updates to fix bugs and add new content. Keep an eye out for game developer news. This includes updates on features and upcoming DLC packs.

There may be rumors about game changes, so checking reliable sources is important.

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